Who could change the world?


Which character from a book or film could change the world?

Over the last 20 years Marvel has released over 50 superhero films. This got us thinking about fictional superheroes. Why are they so popular? And does a character have to be an actual superhero to be someone’s hero?

We want you to tell us about your fictional heroes! Explain which characters from books or films you think are brilliant and why. They don’t have to be superheroes like Batman or Wonder Woman – they just need to be someone (or something!) who could have a positive impact on our world.

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  • I personally would go with iron man. he has technology to protect the earth from space invasions and coordinates all the other heroes in the avengers. I would describe him as Brave, Bold, Believer

    1. I too like iron man, But in Age of ultran his robot has turned again him. So its not more adanced yet always technology can protect earth?

    2. On my personal sympathy , iron is the character than could change the world because the structural body of iron man is about programmed stuff that shed light about the technology . Technology is the only thing that may change the world in the future its just want some mind . I can inspire them to It improves these characters and they are more realistic than fantasy . An evolving future is a thriving imagination

    3. I disagree because tony is dead he can't really change the world i that's why i don't agree wit your opinion😃.

      1. Although the Marvel universe in now exploring the multiverse so versions of Tony will exist in these different multiverses!

      2. I disagree because he has inspired a lot of people in this world, even though he is dead their is still a lot of people that still look up to him and i am one of them.

    4. What inspires you about this character?!
      What qualities do you like about this character?
      What are the shortcomings of this character?

    5. I disagree because the man with iron heart can't beat at the natural frequency.😊
      The Iron is the element which is alien brought from outer space. We want a hero from our earth. I don't like the idea of the savior of this world being imported from outside.

    6. I agree because not only is he brave but he is also very smart and a good leader. If i would want to be any hero it is going to be him and he does not give up on people just like he did not give up on spider man in one of his movies. And if their are more people like him the world will be a better place.

  • Mr. Beast is a character from a book and known worldwide for his generosity towards mankind like he donates money, assets, cars and more to the needy. What I find inspiring about him is that he donates to charity big amounts for money which are even more than enough for them and he puts a smile on a person's face.
    He is Rich, Generous and kind

    1. I agree that he is a very generous person. However, he is a YouTuber not a character from a film or book.

      1. I agree because he is a YouTuber not a person from a book or a film and he is the youtuber with the most subs.

    2. I agree but i dont think Mr.Beast is a character from a film or book hes a youtuber with over 111m subs

    3. I agree because...Mr beast is very kind person and very generous but he is a you tuber not a character from a book

  • I feel like Harry Potter in the book from the book of Harry Potter written by British author J.K. Rowling would change the world because however much he kept on loosing people who loved him the most protected him the most which are his mum, dad and Dumbledore he still didn't give up he kept on fighting till he finally won Lord Voldemort which inspires me to always not hide away from my problems or fears however much its too stressing and hard but just keep fighting them till I gain victory. My hero Harry Potter.

    1. I like the story of Harry Potter and the character as well. However, please bear in mind that he did not win Lord Voldemort alone. Without the support from his teammates, such as his best friend Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, he might not be able to win the last fight. Therefore, I would say Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger are the hero as well, do you agree?

      1. Ya he I never said he won him alone but tho they helped it was his determination and him having a heart of not giving up that also gave his best friends the spirit to continue fighting

  • I'd say the character who could change the world would be Rick Sanchez from the show ( Rick and Morty). Why you ask, well Rick is a scientist who managed to create portal travel and other creative inventions that helped ease life for him if we had the Rick as a real scientist he would first make portal travel available to everyone so that would cut off on the use of vehicles like cars, planes and boats which cause greenhouse gases which cause issues like global warming. He would also create a new alternative source of energy to power things like planes and cars but without polluting the environment.

    What inspires me about Rick the most is that even when in tough situations and where it looks like science isn't applicable he always finds a solution to the problem in one way or the other. Like when he turned himself into a pickle and he was thrown into the sewer he thought that he was going to die there but when he found a dead cockroach he used his tongue to touch the cockroaches brain and was able to make the cockroaches body parts to move.

    To sum them up I would say;
    1. Smart
    2.Cool headed
    3.Can work in under pressure

    1. Hi @idealistic_song - I also agree that Rick is a brilliant character! Can you think of any real life scientists or innovators that are similar to Rick that you think could be a hero? And what one of Rick's inventions do you think would be most beneficial to the planet?

    2. I see were you coming from but rick is a very horrible person and will do what ever he can to get his way and has only shown love to Morty and Beth so I don't agree that he would be a good hero but rick and morty is a great show

  • I think batman could change the world because batman is misunderstood and he's very powerful compared to other book characters. Also, batman is smart because he doesn't necessarily kill the bad characters in book stories but he just teaches them a lesson not to do something bad again. I find how batman is kinda similar to me in some ways like staying to himself and only having one partner to help. Three words that can sum them up is misunderstood, strong, and independent.

  • Well, I'm going to talk about Todoroki Shoto. He's a superhero in the anime "Bokuno Hero Academia."
    A cold personality and stems from a harsh environment
    He can be calm throughout the battle and despite the fact that he is tough in the battle, but he adheres to heroic morals. Shoto still has a distant attitude but has become sociable with those around him and sometimes smiles and has a sense of humor
    Also, Shoto hates the power of fire because it indicates the power of evil and reminds him of the power of his father, which he used against Shoto's mother to make her a tool to win over the Might, but during his fight with Faragi, he told the Narrows that he used it against Shoto's mother.
    In addition to possessing speed and agility, he has quick reactions and is able to create ice walls in a fraction of a second. He can change the world for me, he has two powers, fire and ice, and these two forces we need in life, fire we can cook on and warm in it and skin we can freeze food with and a lot of things we can do with it. I also find him inspiring, since he has these two powers, he is very intelligent and also has a very fast speed

    1. I don't agree with you because all he does is freeze people or set them ablaze. Thats not gonna change the world in the slightest.

      1. This thing depends on his personality, if his personality is good or evil, then if it is evil, his power can affect humanity in negative ways, as you mentioned, but if it is good, it will help humanity. Whatever it is, he is a good character in the anime, so he will affect humanity in positive ways.

  • 'Romeo And Juliet'

    We may not blame William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet for the way we think about ideal relationships, but we can also blame them for the high divorce rates!

    Many young people seek to connect on the basis of love, passion, and romance according to the feelings they feel after watching or reading this unique artwork, so that these characters give many examples of love and adoration even though they never lived in this world, but She lived through books.

  • Everyone knows the story of Cinderella who suffers from a problem that suffers from her father, the tragedy she lives and the cruel treatment she receives, the good witch who appears to her and presents her with the dress and the magic carriage, the magic deadline that ends at midnight, the shoes she left during the period of judgment, the magic begins, the prince's search About her through the shoe and his marriage to her. A poignant story par excellence, but it bears a romantic character only, but also carries with it another human being.

    That image also represents hope for the victory of the oppressed, and for saving her from the cruelty and suffering she went through!

    1. That is a very interesting perspective calm_deer, what three words would you use to sum up Cinderella?

      1. In my opinion, if it were me, I would choose to describe Cinderella in such lines as her

        1_ Kindness: because she cared for others and forgave them, such as: despite her stepmother's cruel treatment of her and her sister, she forgave them and also loved and cared for them, and as a result of that, animals, and I hope that everyone will follow her example.

        2_ Patience: Because despite what her stepmother and her two daughters suffered from injustice, suffering and cruelty, she remained patient and did not give in to despair. As a result, she got help from the kind fortune-tellers and animals, and she was able to meet the prince. And I hope everyone likes it.

        3_ Honesty: Because she remained honest with the prince, and she was also honest with her stepmother, and thanks to her honesty, she was helped and overcame what faced her. And I hope everyone likes it.

    2. How can Cinderella change the world?!
      Cinderella's character was suffering, and thanks to the witch her life changed, so how does the character save this world?!

      1. Each word you choose to describe Cinderella with, could change the world and make an impact. Also if her life changed, you could think of the ways she could make a change to the world based on her experiences and her new position?

  • Scheherazade is one of the most influential figures in the hearts of readers, writers and artists

    The brave and savior Scheherazade, who told King "Shahriar" 1001 tales, to save herself and women from certain death, and he who marries a woman every day to kill her in the morning. She is a model of a well read woman, glorified in poetry, a student of philosophy, science, and the arts. Because of her culture and wisdom, she was able to protect all women, and attract the reader before Shahryar with her interconnected and
    interesting stories.

    1. This is a great choice glorious_lake, what three words would you use to sum up Scheherazade?

  • Big Brother is the character I admired the most and had a strong influence on the world. The big brother is the mysterious ruler of the state of Oceana. Only his look with which he looks at you through his banners hanging on the walls and walls can penetrate the depths of your thinking with one terrifying look through which he knows everything and watches everything.

    In the current era, the word "big brother" has become synonymous with dictatorial and arbitrary regimes that try to abuse power in proportion to the lack of respect for the rights of citizens.

    The older brother was able to be a source of influence on many presidents and rulers who enjoy the instrument of dictatorship; Which makes his name worthy of being alive in our heart and mind.

    1. This is very interesting shy_lake, especially with big brother having multiple meanings in the current era. Can you think of three words that would sum up the Big Brother character for you?

  • Stephen Hillenberg: The man who made the sponge of the most famous cartoon character in the world, the character of SpongeBob, the famous cartoon character that gained wide fame around the world, as the first episode of it was shown in 1999, and the series has not stopped since then, and Hillenburg is considered the creator and director of the series Which became one of the longest-running American television series, having been translated into more than 60 languages ​​around the world, the series achieved high rates of viewership, and in 2015 the movie SpongeBob SquarePants, The Sponge Out of Water, was released, The release of the SpongeBob movie is one of the coolest things Hillenberg said: "I hope that after watching SpongeBob, you'll pay attention and conserve the ocean."

    1. Stephen Hillenberg is actually a hero, his work has influenced the behaviours of so many children across the world and it has also taught children about the importance of being hardworking and friendly. The animated series also portrays the different personalities we have in the society. The relationship between Spongebob and Patrick teaches us how to relate with our friends. It also shows us that we can never be satisfied with money(Mr Crabs). One very important lesson I have learnt is that evil can never prevail; as I saw how Plankton tried to steal the "Krabby Patty" secret formula which always landed him in trouble.

    2. SpongeBob Square Pant series this is the series I have been watching since I was a little kid and I have also learnt a lot of things from SpongeBob the character himself. In regards to what Hillenberg said I will do every thing in my power to pay attention and conserve the ocean and also talk my family members and people living in my community about it. Another thing I have learnt about conserving water is that when am brushing I should turn the tap off and if I do and I get my friends to do it and they get their friends to do it, it will make a lot of fishes happy and save a lot of water.

      1. Can you explain the link between turning taps off and keeping fish happy?

  • Oprah Winfrey: A feminist who dazzled the world, for his perseverance and determination, one of the most famous announcers in the world, her story is one of the most famous stories ever, from a poor family, she took a radio and television test and it was rejected, and her talent was underestimated, and there are those who said that she is not fit to appear, but she Struggling to show her talent, slowly climbing the ladder, she became the number one broadcaster in the world, the first dark-skinned millionaire, making her story the most famous of all time.

    1. Hi involved_mood - beautiful choice! Can you think of three words that would sum up Oprah Winfrey up?

    2. I agree because...A person must persevere in order to obtain a better life, and I liked this story.

    3. I agree because... She is the best model of success.She has made her name without any sport from the outsider. She was brave and determined to achieve hel targets though all the obstacles she faces.

  • Despite Hillenberg's death, his works still remind us of him and his love for the seas, and they have already succeeded in making future generations, young and old, love the ocean and its amazing creatures.

    1. Hi beloved_panet, great choice, can you think of three words to sum Hillenberg up?

  • Indiana Jones: Considered one of the most important fictional characters in cinema, this character has influenced popular culture and has been adapted from many video games, leading to more archeology courses, and more students at universities teaching archeology.

    1. Lovely reasoning here. Which three words would you use to sum up Indiana Jones, blissful_fruit?

  • Barbie is one of the most loved characters, but unfortunately in our world, girls'obsession with "Barbie" turns them into big dolls.
    More than one girl around the world has resorted to plastic surgery to look like the famous doll.
    The world of childhood may not be left by some girls easily and their clinging to the Barbie game sometimes becomes an obsession that turns them into a lively Barbie through makeup and fashion, and same of them spend thousands on plastic surgery to resemble the beautiful dol and impersonate Barbie.

    1. Do you think people who create characters like Barbie have a responsibility to think about their impact on others, like the girls you mentioned? Why or why not?

    2. Hi free_seal, great insight. In recent times Mattel have been making Barbie dolls based on influential female figures e.g. Dr Jane Goodall and Maya Angelou, as well as change the traditional doll to represent a more diverse group of women. Do you think this series of dolls is enough to change the negative perception of what Barbie represents, or do you think they have more work to do?

  • Forest Gump:. For me, the character of Forest Gump is an inspiring and motivating person for every person who wanted to reach his dream and could not because of obstacles and difficulties. Put your dream in front of your eyes Never give up on it, no matter the circumstances and obstacles that prevent you from achieving it. This is your dream, you struggled and struggled and moved forward and strived to achieve it Break down all those barriers you may encounter on your way Never despair of failure, there is no success without failure.✨

  • Gon from the sniper series
    First ot all, he has a very strong and energetic personality

    Honestly, many lessons I learned from this boy

    The most important of rhem, and this is what distinguishes him, is his intelliigence and his ability to work his mind under
    psychological and physical pressures

    Also the kindness of the heart spontaneity and purity of the soul make his enemies his friends and lovers

    His sincere love for his companions and always encouraging them to reach their goals

    be positive

  • A hero that inspires me is The Karate Kid because he didn't give up. He is an example for all of us. If you can't do something from the first try you don't have to give up you you have to try again. He could change by his example of don't giving up in any situation. The Karate Kid is brave, ambitious and self-sufficient.

  • I think superman could change the world because he is very powerful and wants to raise good people, which means he would help Ukraine win the war. He will also make building buildings way easier because he could move bricks and after building materials very fast from one place another. I find Superman's kindness is inspiring because he helps people he doesn't even know. The three words I could think of are kindness, strength and potential.

  • One of my favourite film characters is Elona Holmes. Why? Well, first of all if she was an actual real life person we would have no cases unsolved. What I find inspiring about her is how she can balance her own life with her adventures. It's funny how her mother disappeared but she was so calm. She knows how to keep her cool. I think I'd describe her as a creative, inquisitive, smart person.

  • Black Panther could change the world because he has a different skin colour and he shows that diverse people can be good people and they be heroes too not just white people. He can save the world! 3 words that can describe him: different, inspiring, fantastic

  • The movie which fascinate me and change the world is coco it teaches that family is everything friends will come and go but a family will be there forever , so you should treat them with respect and most importantly , never forget them . Coco's entire demeanor tells us that we should treasure our family members not only when they are here with us , but when they pass as well .

  • Well, there are many inspiring characters like Harry Potter or Enola Holmes that could actually change the world if they exist. They all have different storys, but what brings them together is theyre bravery. By bravery, I dont mean that theyre not afraid. They are more than just not afraid. But they show how being brave isnt about not getting scared, but about being scared and still doing the right thing.

    1. Great comment @memorable_cookie you've showed a deep understanding of what bravery really is. What other two words would you use to sum up Harry Potter and Enola Holmes?

      1. Other two ideas to sum up Harry Potter and Enola Holmes would be their intelligence and their ability to think and care about others. They are both incredibly smart solving some problems not many people would be able to solve. But they are also very kind and caring with other people. This is what makes them heroes. No hero can be just smart. A hero is remembered for helping people and someone who is not caring can't actually be a hero. So in order to be like Enola Holmes or Harry Potter you need to be brave, intelligent and caring.

    2. I agree with you memorable cookie because for a person to be found inspiring and captivating he or she must have good characters like bravery or courage, integrity, trustworthiness and loyalty. Getting inspired by someone with a character like bravery is good because a brave person when doing the right thing is willing to face all possible outcomes and be ready to lay down their life for his or her people and also bravery is a good inspiring character because bravery is not the absence of fear but being able to manage and overcome all fears so that it does not stop him or her from taking action.

    3. Nawi from Woman king also exhibited bravery. She was a brave character she did not mind jumping from the high obstacle in order to win, she also was brave to stay back after the other girls left Nanisca to go to the river. She was a selfless character also, when they were capture she was willing to let her friend go not minding what will happen to her. If a character like Nawi, selfless and brave existed he or she can change the world.

  • Dr Stephen Strange is super cool , analytical,intelligent and a leader .In the movie he is also a surgeon so it clearly shows that he is critical thinker after his accident he didn't gave up and till the end he kept trying to learn the magic techniques.
    I don't know whenever i see him i feel like could be a great leader. He is quiet but he also has a soft heart .all of these qualities fit perfectly in the criteria of a leader.So if he was a leader he would be world changing one .

  • My favourite book is "Crime and punishment " its a Russian novel written about a very introverted young lad"Raskolnikov" who is depressed by his economic instability and he also fears that he wouldn't be able to protect his mother and young sister from the ruthless world at last due mental instability he murdered an old pawnbroker. In this whole story he had a friend "Dimitri Razumikhin" he was also in poor state and rags but he was always so optimistic and he was also very charming person when raskolnikov was ill he even fed him with his hands .he said
    ●//lying can be forgiven as it leads to truth but the thing that risks me is that they lie and then worship there own lies///
    The world needs people like Razumihkin who selfless and devoted friends.He wouldn't be able to change the world for no one can do so but he is the person who make your life a bit more bright.

  • Two of my favorite fictional characters who had a positive impact on me were black widow and Obi wan Kenobi.
    Black widow was a great character, she did not have any superpower just a strong heart and will . She taught me that your past doesn't define you . She was someone who had made many mistakes in her life and had lost so much but she proved that you can change yourself and the first step of change is acceptance. You can't run from your past you need to face it , accept it and change your future . She showed me that women aren't less stronger then men and it's never to late to do the right thing.
    Obi wan Kenobi taught me to never lose hope and always fight back and being angry doesn't mean that you are strong instead controlling your rage shows your true strength. He was someone who lost everyone he had ever loved ,his family his master and apprentice but accepted it didn't lose hope and carried on doing what was right.

  • Mickey mouse.
    Many people wonder what makes this character so popular. Despite the popularity of more recent characters, it is Mickey, who is the most beloved. He is the official mascot of the Walt Disney Company because he represents everything that Walt Disney wants to portray. Things such as happiness, fun, dreams, and the ability to bring families together. He is the world's most recognizable character, Micky mouse features in 23 films and has been mentioned in over 10 million posts on Instagram. Can you imagine? Well, his popularity is largely due to the fact that he has a charming smile, a can-do attitude, and that special wide-eyed innocence he is so famous for. He's one of the biggest reasons the Disney name has the warm and friendly message it strives for, and people simply can't get enough of it.

    I think the character mickey mouse can change the world because in a time where there is a lot of negativity we need positivity to rid ourselves of all the toxins that we have accumulated due to happening in the world. There was the case of the covid-19 pandemic, then came the war between Ukraine and Russia which is affecting a lot of people, there are also cases of hunger, internal insurrections and terrorism in different countries and incidents like this just make people want to turn back and think of the careefree and happy days.

    This character brings a lot of positivity and there is a beautiful and eye-tearing message behind its existence. We are one big global family and when times tough we have to stand up together and face the storm because we are stronger together.

  • Pinocchio: He is a cartoon character who caused great controversy and influenced the minds of children, as he gained great fame. The date of the film's release was February 7, 1940 AD. It was produced by Walt Disney by writer Carlo Collodi. The summary of the story of this film involves a wooden doll brought to life by a mermaid. Zarqa, who tells him that he can become alive if he proves that he is brave, honest and unselfish, and thus begins the adventures of the doll to become a real boy, which involves many group of unpleasant characters and the most beautiful thing in the movie is that if he lies his nose lengthens. That's why I liked to write about Pinocchio because it teaches children to start adventures, stick to goals, and finally not lie.

  • To be honest i believe the character she hulk would change the world, yes it seems illogical but i find it inspiring because she is breaking boundaries and gives this sense of light and joy. To sum it up she hulk in three words is BREAKING THE BIAS.

  • The character that inspires me the most is Shuri from black panther, she has an innovative and creative mind. She really inspires and captivates me with all her inventions in Wakanda that has solved a lot of problems. In our world today creative and innovative minds are needed because creative minds can come up with a viable solution to solve problems. In our world creativity allows us to view and solve problems more openly and with innovation. Creativity opens the mind our minds to bright ideas. Innovation, creativity and bravery can make a positive impact that change our world.

  • Dr. Temperance Brennen is a character from the series Bones. she is someone who is always looking for ways to solve problems, even when she fails she is not discouraged . I wish we had more people like her in the world, that way a lot of problems in the world would be solved . the three characters I would give her would be she is brilliant, fearless and has integrity.

  • Barbie: Barbie has long gone beyond the boundaries of being just a doll. Over the years, the game has transformed from a shape that girls love to a symbol of a body image and imaginary facial features. Beautiful, slender and elegant girl who wears high heels and definitely has the most beautiful clothes and jewelry. The sad truth is that millions of women today are striving to be a version of the doll "Barbie", and there is even a special medical condition called "Barbie syndrome" which is specific to this doll obsessed and who try to imitate her.

  • I think the Samwise Gamgee like character the friend of Frodo in The Lord of the Rings could be the savior and have power to change the world by his loyalty, honesty and selfless support through challenges.
    The characters inspired me that a companion value more then a friend. Friend is someone you like but a companion is someone you need. A companion establishes a sense of belonging in you and keep you mentally and emotionally active.
    Three words to summarize are ;

    1. I completely agree @attentive_phsyics. I think what is great about Samwise is that he is not the main character, however, represents many good qualities that make a hero. What other famous companions can you think of that represent the qualities of a hero?

      1. There are many like Buzz in toy story, Hermione in Harry Potter, and Donkey (Eddie Murphy) in Shrek my favorite.

  • Throughout history, cinema has presented a legendary character that left a great impact on me and viewers , and what made this character more beautiful is the performance of the actors for it, as it remains after decades. For example: V: a disguised fictional character who appeared in the film against revenge, a riotous character, who seeks organized murder in a society controlled by corruption, in the future in Britain, where the events of the film take place in a fictional society or the so-called corrupt city literature, and the events of The film, in turn, is adapted from the graphic novel of the same name by writer Olin Moore, where she is a prominent figure in the world of cinema, which is considered a symbol of liberation and the elimination of authoritarianism and racism, V masks are often seen in many anti-regime revolutions around the world.

  • I personally think the character Phineas Taylor also known as P.T. Barnum could change the world. He always wanted to change the world for his love but ended up changing his community. He made an environment for people who were laughed at and scorned by the society because of their disability, race, color or other reasons he harnessed their talents and gifts turning them into famous people who people came to watch. He motivated them and gave them hope when it looked like all was lost and celebrated with them when they were recognized and they helped him get his family back after it almost fell apart, new friendships where formed and others found love.
    If we had more people like Him the world would be a better place and the issue of diversity and discrimination would not be rampant.

  • I think that being a hero isn't about wearing a cape or having amazing super abilities because it is not what we have that saves people but what we can do. A hero, in my perspective, is someone that only does good for people no matter what, sometimes even sacrificing something really dear to them. I can't really name any superhero characters because I don't really watch any Marvel or DC. However, what I can say is this, we shouldn't wish for heroes out of comic books or movies, we all can be everyday heroes and not necessarily be somebody who everyone wishes to be like because we are so benevolent or powerful. Superhero or just a hero, what makes them different from other people is their willingness and ability to do something for someone else to help them cause they can or are trying to regardless of themselves, with or without supernatural abilities. we all can be heroes, we just have to take the extra mile for good. That's what makes us super. If there was a fictional character like that, he or she would be the one I'd pick, even without any powers. I'd say that a true hero is really just a person willing to make difference no matter how small it is. If we can be heroes like this, then let's be heroes. Powerful or not, we are super in our own way because we all can change the world, one way at a time.

    1. Great comment thank you terrific_acorn

    2. I agree because Your way of thinking is unique and your comment inspires hope in the reader and makes him motivated to try hard to be a good person.

    3. I agree with you, for a person is not with his words, but with his actions. People often say and do little. Everyone can do things, even if they are small. It may affect the lives of many, even if it was initially for their personal needs. Thomas Edison, when he invented the lamp, he invented it for his mother, but it affected me. He planted a seed for all of humanity, and scientists made it a tree. Although he did not possess supernatural abilities, he affected the world.

  • I think Enola Holmes will be able to change the world because when she was left all alone, she didnt become depressed or worried of what her tomorrow will be. She decided to take action and she had critical thinking that led her to discover magnificent clues. She chose the path she wanted in her life because she is responsible for what happens in it. She took chances that most of our leaders and youths are afraid to take. You have to make some noise to be heard and that is what gave her boldness. Enola encourages women to speak up for what they want. "Sometimes you have to dangle your feet in water to attract the sharks". This is simply encouraging us to take risks no matter the challenges we face.

  • I would have to go with Iron man. Iron man is really smart and though he is a fictional character, he was able to invent a lot of gadgets and other forms of technology that in our present day (if they existed) ,would easily be used to stop criminals all over the world. I admire him because hem was a very brave character who though being tough on the outside, loved his team on the inside. He sacrificed his life to save the world and that character shows that he was bold, he was responsible but still knew how to have fun. He advised people to follow their instincts and to always keep going, no matter what. He was a philanthropist, he was valiant and he was committed.

  • Which character from a book or film do you think could change the world? Why?
    What do you find inspiring about them?
    Can you think of three words to sum them up?
    I think Iron man would change the world, because of the technology Iron man has he is able to make amazing offensive weapons like one of his creations the Repulsors that are made of some sort of plasma heat blast. Since the repulsor rays can melt steel this can help with defence from any kind of unexpected danger or attacks. Iron man also has an invention called "Cosmic Iron Patriot armor" this armor can help him with stand and kind of radioactive blasts or if he comes in contact with radioactive substances, and with this technology still Iron man would make an armor big enough to cover the earth protecting us from asteroids that are likely to wipe out the human race meaning extinction.
    So i conclude saying Iron man would make the world a better place to live in because of his technology.

  • Avengers is a group of superheroes who save the world from danger, crimes and make sure that they do the right thing and if we had them in this universe the world would be free from hunger, crime, theft since the police cannot do their job well in most countries and they take long to reach the crime scene. Brave, Kind and Heroes.

  • Frankly, the avengers are a team that the world needs these days, as it is composed of the greatest heroes, such as the Iron Man, and the most prominent and most in need in our time is captain America, the leader of this wonderful team with an influential leadership personality who seeks to achieve peace, since he lived in a period of war and has been frozen until he reached our time and this is more of an advantage than a negative one for him. He did not live the development of hatred and treachery and the change of people in wars. Rather, he preserved his purity and the integrity of his soul from all these diseases that destroy the world today.

  • in this world there are many inspiring character to me star from star vs the force's of evil ,Star is extremely active and friendly. She loves having fun, and she usually has an optimistic outlook on life. Star loves to help others and whenever she sees that someone is upset, she does her best to cheer them up. Star is a bit reckless, enjoying fighting monsters and doing other wild things. She is also stubborn at times, as she often does things her own way and not listening to other people's rules or even take advice. To Star, strangers are just friends she has not met yet, and she feels bad if she hurts someone's feelings, whether intentionally or not. However, Star can be egocentric, wanting attention, and getting frustrated with things that bother her. Thus, she gets jealous very easily. Star has a happy-go-lucky attitude and always puts a smile on everyone's faces. She also works very hard towards her goals, so much that she will sometimes go sleep-deprived.
    loving, caring and friendly

  • I feel like The Flash would save the world.The Flash is really smart and is someone who would sacrifice a whole lot for the society he is responsible for.He is admired by his society and fights for thos ewho do not have a voice.In the movie he represents the paragon of love.I think that his most defining character is his positivity even at his lowest points.What gives him hope is his family,his family are his strength and the reason he faces every problem with a smile.When he was faced with a villain that defeated his future self,he still did not let that stop him,even when his source of power was almost gone he still went ahead to save people.He would do whatever it takes to save any life he can as long as he can because he believes that everyone deserves a life.

  • Luke Skywalker from StarWars
    The amateur farm boy with a fate to become a legend, Luke Skywalker's path through the original Star Wars trilogy (Episodes 4-6) is the quintessential hero’s journey, speaking to generations of young people trying to find their way in the world. He is like anyone else who looks over the horizon and hopes that there is something better out there, making entire generations believe in the power of the Force, he shows us how one person can change history and that our family history does not define our future (even with one hand).

    1. I love your comment and luke . And I agree luke was a different type of hero he believed that there was still good in his father and helped him turn to the light .( And yes he did all of that with one hand just like his father)

  • Which character from a book or film could change the world, well I would say Deadpool. Sure he may not be the smartest and or the strongest but the two things that he can do might just change the world. Deadpool is immortal so if we went around the world collecting information about illnesses like cancer and so on he would be able to eventually find the cure and help share it with the world and his sense of humor would help put the world at ease in case of a huge panic of crisis. To sum him up I'd say he's brave, free spirited and overall a good person.

    1. I agree because he could find the cure for illnesses but I also disagree because I don't think that by someone saying a joke would make the world go to ease.

      1. I agree on you about the joke part. I was a bit sceptical including it in the comment because it really wouldn't put the world at ease.

  • Well, there are many superhero characters in the world including: "Peter Parker" from Spiderman, Batman, Doctor Strange, Odin, Thanos, Superman, Henrietta Lacks, Maurice Hellman, Harry Potter, and others. They all have different stories that could really change the world if they existed, but what unites them is their courage.

  • Princess Leia Organa is a great character. She was an irreplaceable leader . She lost her biological mother when she was born . She become a senator at a very young age and fought the political battles with words. After losing her adopted parents and her whole planet she didn't lose hope she found her long lost brother and fought on the front line of the battle without fear and led a rebellion against a whole cruel empire. She was a princess that didn't need saving. Even when her son was seduced by the dark side and her husband was killed she had faith that things could be better for all the people.
    She was:
    ▶️Hope full
    She taught me that women aren't weak.

    1. Amazing insight! I think Leia was an inspirational princess, and the woman who played her, Carrie Fisher, also a domineering force for the representation of strong women in the film industry. Can you think of any other female characters (or real life people) who inspire you?

      1. yes I agree that Carrie Fisher was a strong woman she faced a lot of difficulties in her life she fought drug addiction and mental illness .
        i belong to a society where women are considered less powerful and less resourceful seeing any woman who has broken this stereotype and has accomplished something in her field is inspiring to me .
        some of the them are :
        Benazir Bhutto was the first female prime minister in Islamic world.
        Arfa Karim was extremely intelligent and was the youngest software engineer .
        Angelina Juli is also a big inspiration for me she always take part in charities and her movies are also very influential for all the girls.
        as for the fictional characters:
        Elizabeth Bennet a feminist character written in the 1800's also inspires me .
        being an artist i am influenced by Amy Jo she is someone who is maturing with time.

        1. Amazing examples! I had never heard of Arfa Karim before so thank you so much for educating me! I agree that all these women are amazing examples of strong and inspiring women.

  • I would pick Iron man because if you pay attention to his film, he is a person who will never give up until he finishes what he has started just like when the ten rings captured him, he worked on an invention until he finished it and finally saved his life. Iron man is a person who teaches people never to give up, be brave and always be courageous.
    So I think Iron man is a sedulous, brave and courageous man.

  • There are a lot of characters in Marvel movies that attract me like the green man, and hulk. But what fascinates me is Iron Man because he uses technology in his films. and solve its new problems.

  • In my opinion, the most important figure for me is Ibn Al-Nafis, who saved the whole world and benefited them with his knowledge. He was also a doctor and discoverer of the microcirculation (pulmonary circulation) and he also had a role in discovering the pulmonary capillaries.

    His discoveries also helped make many contributions to medicine and its development, and his theories have been relied upon by scientists so far.

  • A character from a book or movie that you think could change the world?
    I think it is the character of Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, which is a glaring example of the importance of self-confidence and perseverance
    He failed thousands of times in inventing a light bulb, but the failure was another step on the road to success. I find her an inspiring person because they know that success does not come easily until after several attempts

    1. I agree with you agreeable_dusk because having characters like self confidence and perseverance is really inspiring because perseverance helps people make progress even when things get tough which is important and key for future success. When working toward goals and dreams, there are obstacles and setbacks in the way. But a person who perseveres can make progress and learn a skill that will pay off in the end.
      Self confidence is also a good inspiring character because it helps one to feel ready for life's experiences and it also helps people to move forward in life not backward. When things don't work out at first, self confidence helps the individual to try again. I agree with you when you made mention that Thomas Edison was self confident and perseverant because without this inspiring character he had, he would have not thought of an innovative idea like the bulb.

  • On my side Matt Groening the creator of The Simpsons. The Simpsons has heavily influenced popular culture and other television series. The characters’ voices are widely recognized, and many of the characters’ neologisms and catchphrases (such as Homer’s “D’oh!”) have entered common currency. Simpsons really predicted the future of america and so it made the cartoon producers really get a lesp of real life and things that capture people's attention because the Simpsons according to google "they broadly represent contemporary American culture, and has been described as "a fun- house mirror reflection of the 'average' American family, as it still persists in our national imagination" (MacGregor 1999:27). The show reflects current events and everyday social interactions in a comedic narrative".

    1. Thanks for sharing! It's worth pointing out that The Simpsons has also been criticised for pushing stereotypes and having poor representation. For more information about representation, check out our Black Panther topic!

  • The Lorax is a tale about a person's responsibilities to the environment. This movie gives many lessons about life such as the responsibilities of a person towards the environment, cutting of trees and the habitat of animals because humans are the main reason for the destruction of environmental mechanisms. As the author of this tale, Dr Seuss said "it's not about what it is, it's about what it becomes " now it depends on us how we take care of our surroundings. Just like the environment is working for us providing us with breathtaking surroundings and a wonderful landscape. Now it's our responsibility to protect it this may improve many climatic conditions.
    "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot
    Nothing is going to get better, it's not". -Dr. Seuss

  • I would pick Iron Man as he has learned that with great power comes great responsibility multiple times and he could protect the world from all sorts of dangers including some things that are happening because of climate change.

  • King Jin of solo leveling fights the villains who are trying to take over the world by monsters from the world of hell fights them m the hero the king by his dark power and his loyal followers and his right armor was a swordsman with a sword from hell fire and his means of transportation was the dragon called blak The hero is the king of darkness, possessing A great army of his followers of darkness, coldness, strength, greatness, all fear him.

  • " If your life was a book, and you were the author, how would you want your story to happen? The answer to this question, through the story of the inspiring Amy Purdy "In 2005 she co-founded a non-profit organization for young people and young adults with physical disabilities so they could participate in sports, from there she had the opportunity to go to South Africa, where she helped put shoes on the feet of thousands of children so they could go to school, and in February of 2011 I won two awards: the World Cup and the Silver Medal. Amy Purdy is an inspiring, motivating, and poignant character, and she has touched me personally: because through her story, we learn that we must believe in possibilities, and that our imaginations can be used as tools with which to cross boundaries, because in our own minds, we can do anything, we can be anything, And facing our fears head on, that allows us to live our lives beyond our limits, and that limits are where the inevitable ends are.

  • When I heard Marvel, I immediately thought of Doctor Strange not just because he has the unique ability to travel between dimensions, but purely because of how he evolved throughout the movie. He starts off as a cocky neurosurgeon yet as he has a car-accident, he realises the peak of his career falls downhill. Although he is clever, he also believes he knows everything, until he learns how to move on from the past, and listen to what the future may bring him. Of coarse, at the end he saves the world and becomes even greater than he was before.

    This superhero stands out to me because you really get to see his background and therefore you understand more of why he takes this decision instead of the other. Additionally, when he actually starts to become an elite multi-traveller between dimensions, he realises that the only way he will fulfill his purpose in life is to finally give in. Sometimes in life, you need to surrender in order to find your greatest strengths. Sometimes in life, doing mistakes and learning from them is the key to success. Sometimes in life, it is perfectly fine to lose the battle, but win the war ( your purpose in life ).

  • I personally would go with Peter Parker A.K.A Spiderman. He was just an ordinary boy who happened to be given the responsibility to protect his neighborhood and later on the whole world, universe etc. I adore Peter Parker, because even without his superpowers he still tries his best to help any way he can. He taught me that you don't need powers to be a hero but if you get powers along the way then that's a sweet bonus.

    1. Why do you think it's important that Peter is 'an ordinary boy'?

      1. It's important because it shows you don't need to be "gifted or super talented" as long as you put your heart and soul into what you're doing.

  • Cinderella: Is there a boy or girl who hasn't heard of Cinderella's story? She is one of the most famous and charming fantasy characters in the world of children and embodies hope and achievement after suffering and cruel treatment.

    1. How would Cinderella change the world?

  • I feel as if Black Panther could change the world because of how he saved the people in the movie and also he maybe can help with black heritage, and the he would be a brave black man that saved the world and maybe more people can want to learn more about black heritage. I also say Black Panther should save the world because of how his character in the movie Waconda. In the movie he was calm he was consistent with his self and he always kept his head up and was not doubting himself he kept going and believes in himself even if he lost he got back up, he could teach the world to never give up even when challenges are to hard . Hope this was what you wanted to hear or read.

    1. This is an excellent summary of why Black Panther can change the world. You used several different reasons including modelling good characteristics and encouraging others to understand more about black heritage. Good job!

      Will you be seeing the new movie? We know that Chadwick Boseman sadly won't return to the role. Can others channel the spirit of such a big character do you think?

  • Sherlock Holmes: the man who changed the way many people think and judge things, a consulting investigator who led people intellectually and astonished them with every case he solves , the first time we know about him was in 1887 then many books wrote about him on Extensively and contributed to clearly influencing the entire humanity, and his books were translated into many languages ​​to demand of people, as people began to follow the methods of Holmes analysis in forensic medicine, analytical chemistry and in literature as well, In a novel, Holmes said, "One unconsciously begins to burn facts to fit theories, rather than the theories to fit the facts."
    This sentence changed the way many think and said this in their personal forums as well , In general, Holmes is a logical, ambitious and balanced personality.

  • I think that Chris Gardner's character from the movie The Pursuit of Happiness, which he represented by actor Will Smith, is one of the best characters, because despite the challenges and difficulties he faced, he remained determined and had the will to improve his world and his life, he and his son, who remained homeless, and urges us to Success in life does not come like this, but you must be tired and search and strive to find your life in what you love.