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In my point of view artificial intelligence will affect many professions in the future. For... Will artificial intelligence affect other professions? 09/5/23
I used to think that royals have absolute power but now I think that monarchies have lost most... Competition #4 Then and now 05/5/23
The Maya people of Guatemala have developed a sophisticated land-use system that incorporates... Who inspires you? 04/5/23
The writings of environmentalists like Rachel Carson and Aldo Leopold have been deeply... Who inspires you? 03/5/23
Who inspire me to protect the planet is Bill Gates . He inspires me to protect the planet... Who inspires you? 03/5/23
Choosing a monarchy without elections is a very bad thing , as the people who suffer from the... The role of royals 25/4/23
Yes there is . The Queen [2006] I think it is the best film about Royality. Large part of it... Are royals relevant? 25/4/23
If you interested to remove a workers right to strike , then they have to be given more... Lessons learned! 20/4/23
I remember very well when I asked the history teacher why tomorrow is a holiday and there are no... Lessons learned! 20/4/23
I believe the metaverse will create more jobs in ways that cannot even imagine now. I believe... Suggest a discussion! 20/4/23