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  • The development we have reached is insane. People nowadays face problems in forming social relationships due to lack of communication and their preference for websites. It's great with the technology, but I think the idea of ​​the Matverse will add to the previous problem and may lead to other problems, so we have to be careful, because we don't want the (I,Robot )movie to come true.

    1. What steps should be taken to prevent other problems from arising regarding the development of the Metaverse?

      1. 1. Parents daily monitoring of their children.
        2. Set rules for users.
        3. Each person has one account under one name.
        4. International monitoring by governments.
        5. Setting a specific time during which programs can be opened.
        6. Delete programs that may cause harm to children.
        7. Each program determines the appropriate category for it.

        1. These are very good ideas outstanding_raisin. Restrictions such as the ones you have mentioned are always a hot topic for debate. Do you think adding restrictions on media can impact users' experiences in negative ways too?

          1. It can be negative, such as that some programs monitor their users, but these programs are private, such as that the user stores his pictures and personal data that no one should see this information, pictures and conversations, but those responsible for the program saw it .

        2. i like your ideas because deleting programsof course harm to children

      2. It's really interesting to answer the questions of the experts, they are really very meaningful questions and it's an honor for me that you read my comment and ask me about it. Now about the question, it's really amazing. I really don't know what to do but as a fan of sci-fi movies I think we should give the metaverse a boundary. It's more like a comment. There are three comments for each day. This is what I think of and I really want to hear your opinion and answer. Now I will ask you the question. In your opinion, does the world need more development? And why not be content with what they have achieved so far? And are those reasons sufficient?

        1. Thank you for your question glad_apricot. As someone who works in tech, I would definitely argue that we need more development. There are always improvements that can be made to make our lives easier, equal and safer. I think the key is to make sure that we are focusing on valuable and ethical development. I believe that development and ethics can be achieved side-by-side if we do things the right way ie. create ethics laws before we gain the discoveries and developments, and ensuring education and enforcement behind these ethics laws.
          What are your thoughts on the current developments in the world and their use within our everyday lives?

          1. I like your assertiveness, but I'm not an easy person to argue with. I liked your response, and I will not object to the fact that education and moral development are the basis, and we must pay attention to them, but with the passage of time and the preoccupation of the main element in education (the parents), the children will not find anyone to teach them these values. I know you said we should make laws, we don't always deal with the outward appearance, but with the essence of a person. The children of tomorrow will not find anyone to tell them this, and who knows. Perhaps parents will leave their children's education to robotics. Isn't the danger here? Regarding your question, what I'm going to answer with might seem strange as a technology expert. You know that all this development is for the sake of an easy life for people and providing for their needs, and it is done.Why might we need further development as long as the goal is being implemented? What I see now is that all this development is nothing but fun for humans, how?! In our time, we see that smartphones are developing, but tell me what is the difference between the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the 13 Pro Max, it makes no difference that it is only a matter of storage space or just simple features that companies deceive people with. Minds and deluding them of the need to buy their phones, otherwise they will be a mockery of others. What is happening now is that a person is distinguished by his mind and thinking. It does not need the latest phone to stand out. If it is a matter of storage space, he can buy a memory card to increase. I don't have my own phone, but that doesn't make me any less than others, because I can see, hear, smell, and other things. A person will not feel complete as long as they feel inferior to others.

            1. Thank you for your response. I understand your concern about the potential for parents to rely on robotics for their children's education, and I agree that it is important for parents to play an active role in their children's moral and intellectual development. However, I also believe that technology can be a powerful tool for education when used appropriately.

              As for your question about the need for further technological development, I believe that innovation and progress are essential for human advancement and improving quality of life. While it may be true that some technological advancements are primarily for entertainment purposes, many others have the potential to revolutionize industries and solve pressing societal issues.

              Regarding your thoughts on smartphones and consumerism, I agree that material possessions should not be the sole measure of a person's worth. However, for some individuals, having the latest technology may be important for their work or personal needs. Ultimately, it is up to each person to decide what they value and how they want to allocate their resources.

              In conclusion, while there are valid concerns about the potential negative consequences of technological advancement, I believe that technology can also bring about positive change when used thoughtfully and responsibly. It is important for individuals and society as a whole to carefully consider the implications of new technologies and strive to use them for the betterment of humanity.

      3. The steps that should be taken to prevent other problems from arising regarding the development of the Metaverse is to create more rules regarding to the security and safety of the metaverse.

      4. People becoming more aware of the dangers and threats in metaverse is the simplest solution to the problem

      5. I think that the steps to be taken should be very cautious because since social media is rising more and more nowadays it's like social media is our universe. Also since even kids are being so influenced by social media that it shows mentally and physically in their apperence. So we should have warnings on what this could do to the brain to keep people very safe from the metaverse just because it doesn't seem harmful now doesn't mean it isn't at all.

    2. It's true that advancements in technology have revolutionized the way we communicate and interact with each other. While technology has certainly brought many benefits, such as making communication faster and more accessible, it has also created new challenges, such as the potential for social isolation and disconnection
      As with any new technology, it's important to carefully consider the potential consequences and take steps to mitigate any negative impacts. For example, it may be necessary to establish clear guidelines and regulations to ensure that users are able to interact in a safe and healthy way. Additionally, efforts could be made to ensure that the Mataverse does not replace or supplant real-world social interactions and relationships.

      Overall, while the Mataverse has the potential to be a powerful tool for social connection and collaboration, it's important to approach its development with caution and consideration for its potential impacts on society as a whole. By doing so, we can help ensure that this technology is used in a way that benefits everyone and doesn't lead to negative consequences.

    3. I agree with you because the Metaverse is a risky online world that can cause many issues. People nowadays are addicted to social media, it would be strange if one was not, but this generation is slowly changing due to social media, some may notice it but it changes people from the inside and the outside.

    4. I agree because the amount of time people spend on social media is impacting their real world experiences. People may have less chances with building relationships because they are too used to speaking online. I think that there should be a limit on the amount of time spent on social media to increase the amount of real world interactions. This could help with mental health, as well as physical health.

      1. Can people build meaningful relationships online though?

        1. It is possible that people could build meaningful relationships online, but this would still cause them to miss out on real world opportunities. Online relationships help people talk to each other much easier than in the real world. With this in mind, physical or real world relationships are much more meaningful than online relationships. It reduces the chances of their relationships being awkward and can help with their physical appearance.

        2. For many people, the relations they form online are just as strong as the ones they form face to face. Not long ago, people may have looked skeptically at some who met their significant either through a dating website or app, but today around forty percent relationships begin online

    5. As you, I have mixed feelings on this topic. I think it's a great innovation, where we're going to be able to experience a somewhat idyllic world for yourself, a new world, but I'm worried that this could develop so much that you end up losing skin-to-skin contact. Like everything, new innovations and more technologies have a great attraction that draws the attention of many people, especially adolescents and children. Seeing that they can be who they want to be thanks to avatars, they can get hooked and become addicted, lose social skills by spending more time in the metaverse than interacting with people in the real world, for these reasons I don't really like the metaverse, and I think we have to anticipate before this creates a big problem in our society

      1. You are right and I like your linking the subject of Metaverse with artificial intelligence and now from what you said teenagers will spend more time in Metaverse and lose contact with the outside world and now can you tell me why you use the phone or even why this topic is on the Internet or do your parents get annoyed when you hold the phone of course This happens to everyone, but when they see that you use this phone to educate yourself to share issues from around the world, what do they realize? Developers care about people's opinions about metaverses in order to know the negatives and address them before it's too late. As for your saying that teenagers choose the best avatar, this is foolish talk because they know that it is a false appearance. The essence of a person and that beauty is the beauty of the soul, not the appearance, so let me tell you that what you see as bad will be positive for others, so do not look negatively and be optimistic, because life is beautiful.

  • I think there is no single to access the metaverse.Unlike the internet,where you have access through your chosen browser,each metaverse must be accessed separated through virtual reality.

    1. Why then should there be separate metaverses . I feel a single global platform should be created. This has many advantages like countries can come together and brain storm on different global challenges.

      1. Maybe you could ask our expert Matthew Ball about the difficulties of bringing small "areas" of the metaverse together into one platform!

      2. Many countries wouldnt agree and it would turn out like the un with many countries not desing to show up and what language would it be in, would it be managed by the government or would it be run by a company and if it was a singular company running it we are promoting monopolistic practises

      3. I'm not sure about this because... if there should be separated metaverses people will have less profit because people might not buy them instead they will only buy one so this will cause a lot of lost to the editor of the game.

    2. I disagree because... To access the metaverse you only need a computer and a good internet connection...
      It may not be stated yet due to the fact that metaverse haven't be brought out to the open meaning that most individuals don't have an idea of it and it's advantages to the society.

    3. I agree with you as you would have to search for the world you would like to join, like in popular VR game, VR Chat.

    4. I disagree with you. Metaverse should be accessed separately? I will answer this question. No Metaverse shouldn't be separated. Because it is a platform where countries meet together. They are able to discuss with same minded people. For example, If you have a have a friend in abroad we can able to know about that country like culture, food, etc..
      Through metaverse we can able to know about different countries and their way of living.
      If metaverse is separated for each country, this is of no use to anyone around the world. Because interaction will be less.

      1. I thought carefully about the matter and found that there must be two forms of metaverses, as there must be separate worlds as individual states, so that each member of the state must join, i. Its services and the preservation of its data and account, and there must also be a collective Metaverse for all the world that everyone can participate in, and through it we exchange cultures, exchange knowledge and experiences, and it is under the management of a large company that has branches in all countries of the world to verify the security of everyone

    5. bold_moose do you think that it is a good idea to have a VR headset which can be used to access every game in the metaverse just like the internet ?

  • Last week our teacher discussed this topic with us and it was so amazing.
    We talked about how dangerously the climate change can affect on our planet.
    Also we talked about every one' responsibility to save it, in addition to the governments all over the world which have to enact strong laws to prevent pollution.

    1. How might people react to the "strong laws" you mentioned? And what might those laws be? I'm interested to hear more about this!

      1. People are obligated to follow the strong laws to protect our planet, they have no Choices, THEY HAVE TO
        The laws are many, but I 'll mention some of them
        *No more factories
        *Less transports.... what about walking?
        *Wearing clever clothes......less shopping
        *Eating vegetables and fruits.... reducing meats which needs fuels to be cooked.
        *Let's plant our own gardens.
        And more,and more
        Actually governments all over the world can easily controll this process,but they don't want!!!!!!!!!

      2. I mean by strong laws, the very strict laws that we should follow. An example of this, we are not allowed to build tall buildings in the villages. We have to increase the cultivated areas not reduce them for the sake of buildings. If anyone rejects this law, he'll be punished by the municipality by paying a lot of money.

      3. I agree because... I personally think that in order to fulfill our main goal which is to reduce climate change and find eco-friendly laws that are people-friendly. People might react differently to these "strong laws", Some people might find them understandable due to the intensity of the law whiles others might not understand them at all. In my opinion, the main priority should be; Laws we can make that are people-friendly as well as eco-friendly and don't distance us from the real world and push us toward the metaverse.

  • Yes,we had a lesson about Metaversa.Our teacher had explained how the metaversa can change people' lives .
    Yes internet now control our minds, how we think,eat ,wear, talk , behave,even how we walk .So sadly the metaversa took over us.

    1. Can you explain a bit more about what you mean by "the internet now controls our minds"? This is a very interesting point.

      1. I think internet controls our life in every aspect education,science , medicine, trade and tourism,even communicating with each other!
        There is not emotions, no feeling, not even humanity between people .
        It dominated everything in our life until kids..they count it as a basic in life .
        Thats my point of view.

      2. In old days, parents had a strong effect on their children who were imitating them in every thing.But now parent'role nearly is absent.
        Children like us are holding their mobile phones all the time,so it's naturally their minds are being controlled by the internet.So they will imitate the persons who they communicate.That is exactly I want to say.
        Do you agree with me miss Katie?

      3. The Internet has dominated our lives largely in all aspects respects, robbing minds and low intelligence, as people these days do not read books to find information and educate, but search on Google and find answers with all laziness and lethargy, and through trade, medicine, education and the field of electronic games that appear every once in a while and rob minds , Unfortunately
        this is my point of view .

      4. The internet now controls our minds.

        The sentence is very deep, as, for example, a child uses the Internet to watch video clips, and we know that the child has a nature that he imitates and learns everything he sees unconsciously and does not distinguish between right and wrong.

        Every family and every father and mother must be careful about what their children do on the Internet.

      5. We have constant access to the internet and we get slowly addicted to it. It impacts what we wear, places we shop, what we like, our opinions on world problems and other things. We’re always thinking about it, for example you could be in class and thinking about a video you saw, when you go somewhere nice instead of looking around you might be posting pictures of where you are, or you might be sitting at home looking at what someone else posted and wishing your life was like that, or a picture someone posted of themselves that’s been edited and wishing you looked like that. My point is the internet’s always on your mind and it’s very damaging to your mental health

    2. I agree because... The metaverse changes our live so easily, but if they was enough rules for the metaverse we might not have reached to this stage.
      warm mulberry do you think there should be rules like the specific time to visit the metaverse ?

    3. I agree because with over time the meatverse has been doing everything for us the change that they gave us and the virtual things that they give people can change everything when they actually go to the real world. The people are still also trying to go and get into the metaverse which wouldn't be that helpful because who knows what it can do to everyone.

    4. I kind of agree with you as the internet took over our lives, but the Metaverse is only a twin to the internet, and the Metaverse might not take over our lives as the internet did.

    5. I agree because l really think the metaverse took over us because instead of attending to the real world people will always be attending to the metaverse.

    6. I agree because l really think the metaverse took over us because instead of attending to the real world people will always be attending to the metaverse.

  • Metaverse, the Internet and Virtual world.A place where every human has been to these days . Talk to people and have fun .
    A Lot of people say it's really useful but others say it's not.
    Do you think a metaverse is to sided? Why?
    Children now a days play a lot of online games like Pubg and Freefire .what do you think of that? Is it useful?
    Is the internet causing a lack of humanity, emotions and human socialism. If yes what are the solutions?
    We would like to hear your opinions.

  • We had a discussion in class about Metaverse with my teacher. Very interesting questions were asked but there was a question which made us concerned about the future. I decided to bring it here to hear other people’s view. What happens to the world if all the people decides to live in Metaverse ? Will the world continue to exist?

    1. This is a great question!! I look forward to seeing what other people think!

      1. In my opinion, the *metaverse* or virtual headsets have positives and negatives as well. Some of their positives are: self-entertainment, and so on. As for its negatives: children, if they use them, may be exposed to danger, such as kidnapping, for example, as they make it easier for the kidnapper to reach the victim.
        In the end, this is my point of view that others may not understand. I hope you understood what I meant by this..

    2. Hi, that is the same question I have been thinking of but I think it is impossible ,because it is not everyone that has the technology needed and it is not everyone that knows about metaverse that is my own opinion .

      1. I agree because... not everyone has the technology and its everyone that knows about metaverse

    3. Proponents argue that, done right, the virtual worlds of the metaverse will increase teleworker camaraderie, improve collaboration, speed up training, reduce the need for office space and make work a happier place in general.
      For now, the metaverse is a great way to interact with people and experience things that you would not be able to experience in real life. However, it is still too early to tell if the metaverse can truly replace real life. Only time will tell.
      Two technologies considered important to the development and growth of the metaverse are virtual reality and augmented reality: Virtual reality is a simulated 3D environment that enables users to interact with a virtual surrounding in a way that approximates reality as perceived through our senses.
      And from my research, Tim Cook Says "The Metaverse Isn't The Future Because People Don't Understand It – They Might Not Have To."

    4. If all the people decides to live in the metaverse the world will exist for a short period of time, because it inhabitant (human beings) are not trying to help it stay alive, although i don't wishing for this but the world might not exist anymore.

    5. I think we can get a certificate through the Metaverse because it can be e-learning through online applications, online classes and courses.

      As for the job, there are some companies that accept electronic certificates and others do not, but if we looked into the matter, we would find that Metaverse is considered one of the jobs where it is possible for a person to open a YouTube channel and bring profits from it, but this method is not guaranteed.

      As for the money that the person won from the Metaverse, he can convert it into real money that can be used in or he can buy and shop from his money that he collected in the Metaverse .

    6. I think everyone will live in his own world . No one will communicate with the other . So , relationships among people will disappear . People will suffer of isolation , emotional deprivation and hostility .

    7. What would happen to the world if people decided to live in the Metaverse? I think the world will lose its privacy due to the presence of censors. In addition, we will lose smartphones because they are based on two dimensions, while metavers are based on three dimensions, and many things will change. We will lose our life as it is now. We will miss the beauty of these days when similar programs take over. For metaavers, this will lead to people getting addicted and losing their lives

    8. This question is very inspiring and brings other questions into the equation. In my class discussion we were questioning the effect it will have on the human population. Will it decrease the population because of the lack of actual communication in the real world? A few questions about economies were also brought up. Reading your question made me look deeper into the problem.

    9. In my opinion the metaverse would have many pros and cons to it, like many doctors use it during surgery and kids could use it to entertain themselves. But the idea of all people in the entire world being inside of the metaverse is impossible, there are people in countries with no advanced technology and if we are in the metaverse for the rest of time, what are those people in those countries going to do? I feel like the world would still exist but not in the way we know it now.

    10. Your question is very striking and draws my attention. From my point of view, If all of humanity were to live in the metaverse I think the world would still exist but the world would be deteriorating. I think that this would happen because the environment would not be taken care of. For example, If there are no farmers to tend to cows there would be no milk available therefore the cheese we eat in food would not be made.

    11. In my perspective Not all the people can decide to live in metaverse because of money 💰, poor peoples can't buy the Vr gadget which is expensive to buy. With that gadget only we can join in metaverse so not all people can join in metaverse but many can join in this world , so it brings a change in real world . When we play 📟, interact with everyone always in metaverse world , we will forgot the real world.

    12. In the world of metaverse, virtual objects will emerge from the screen to surround us in the real world through virtual reality glasses and augmented reality

    13. That’s a great question I believe that
      The world will continue to exist because people will have to come out of the meta verse for their physiological needs like, the use the of toilet or to eat food or drink water. They also need to shower! What if their head gear gets spoilt who will repair it for them since everyone is busy in the meta verse. That said there will be a reduction in the air pollution and thereby people will be saved from the effects of air pollution since they will travel less. Working virtually will help people work together where ever they are living and will help shy people to communicate easily. There are lots of things that could happen if everyone moves to the meta verse his are just my thoughts

  • One of the discussions we had in class on Metaverse which we couldn’t have a specific answer to was do you think people fall ill and die in Metaverse? If yes what happens to their body in the real world? I can’t wait to hear what you people think on this question.

  • Metaverse was really an interesting topic discussed by our teacher in class. After looking at all the positive impact it will have on us. It is said that one can go to school in Metaverse and be certified. Do you think we can get a job in real life with the certificate we have from the Metaverse ? Can we also use the money we earned for the Metaverse in the real world ? What do you people think ?

    1. Interesting!

    2. Indeed, it was a very interesting topic where we looked at the positive and negative effect on us and our daily lives, how we can be in control. However, in a virtual space that operates the same way the real world does the danger and pitfalls are also very real. Now the big question is how can we stay safe in this new world

    3. I think we can get a certificate through the Metaverse because it can be e-learning through online applications, online classes and courses.

      As for the job, there are some companies that accept electronic certificates and others do not, but if we looked into the matter, we would find that Metaverse is considered one of the jobs where it is possible for a person to open a YouTube channel and bring profits from it, but this method is not guaranteed.

      As for the money that the person won from the Metaverse, he can convert it into real money that can be used in or he can buy and shop from his money that he collected in the Metaverse .

    4. I think it can be possible to use the money earned in the metaverse in the real world, for example when playing games their are some game companies that can offer you the money you earned in the real world through some circumstances like when the game required much data and also their is a Mobile Page which can enable you withdraw the money in real life.

  • Uses of metaverse technology in education
    Information and communication technology is important in the educational process, especially after the crises the world has gone through, such as Covid-19
    Metaverse, virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence can be used to support student learning and improve communication between the parties to the educational process, including a teacher, student, and parent.

    1. Can you explain a bit more about how this might work, wise_penguin?

      1. Metaverse helps teachers provide distinct learning opportunities and capabilities, such as interaction between the teacher, learners, and learners and each other, 3D image technology, and metaverse technology allows the teacher to create the classroom environment to suit his scientific subject
        Choosing an educational environment that attracts his students through the existing models within Metaverse, and overcomes the difficulties of distance learning through direct interaction with students in a way that simulates the natural educational environment. Also, Metaverse allows the possibility of presenting any scientific material in an interesting way that attracts students and develops their mental abilities.

  • The metaverse and it's carbon footprint.
    We learnt from the earth day discussion that we emit 1250kg of carbon dioxide when we use our mobile phones for one hour daily and 1.41 tonnes of carbon dioxide when we use a computer for 59hours a week. The metaverse is expected to used by over a billion users. I believe there will be alot of carbon emissions. One of the aspects that the developers of the metaverse need to tackle is making sure the technology is eco friendly. The use of the technology should be limited to a level where the energy required to drive the technology can be harnessed without harming the environment. The hardware should be made from recycleable materials.
    The metaverse maybe something new and exciting but can also contribute to harming the environment if the environment is not considered when developing the technology.

    1. What a fascinating idea, I actually didn't think about this. Carbon footprint is defined as the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air because of the energy we use. So, as we use the VR headset, phone and other technological advancement, it increases carbon footprint. Expert has predict that the metaverse is the next big stage of the internet and that because of this, in future it will be used be billions of people. Now imagine the carbon footprint that will happen in the new world. For safety reason, we have to find a way. Now the big question is, how are we going to reduce our carbon footprint in the new world?

    2. That is a brilliant point, and one which is often overlooked. The metaverse (and technology industry in general) is extremely energy-intensive. The higher the demand for it and its related technologies, the more power we use. How do you think we can raise awareness amongst metaverse users about the environmental impact of their online activities? Also, who do you think should be responsible for limiting the carbon footprint of the metaverse?

      1. Yes, even though the meta verse is virtual, it does have a impact on the environment. And we can raise awareness by on its negative impact by:
        1. Use various channels, such as social media, websites, blogs, and public events, to raise awareness and disseminate information about the environmental concerns associated with the metaverse.
        2. Collaborate with environmental organizations, advocacy groups, and academic institutions to raise awareness about the environmental impact of the metaverse.
        3. Engage with Developers and Companies to advocate for environmentally-friendly design and development practices, such as using renewable energy sources.
        4. Encourage responsible use of the metaverse among users and reusing and recycling digital assets.
        5. Advocate for Policies and Regulations: Engage with policymakers, legislators, and other stakeholders to promote environmentally-friendly practices.
        6. Raise Public Awareness: Use media campaigns, public events, and other public relations efforts to raise awareness among the general public about the environmental impact of the metaverse.
        7. Practice what you advocate: Set an example by practicing environmentally responsible behaviors in your own virtual activities.

        Remember that creating awareness is an ongoing effort, and it requires consistent messaging, outreach, and collaboration with various stakeholders.

        The policy makers and the metaverse developers and companies as well as civil society organisations can be in charge of limiting the carbon footprint of the metaverse

    3. You are right, considering the technological development, Metavirus is a great and very good thing, but considering its effects on the environment, it may be dangerous, and that is why your suggestions are beautiful regarding Metavirus, but can this also reduce excessive use in it? Excessive use or attachment to it is one of the biggest reasons to make Metavirus dangerous.

    4. I liked your way of thinking very much, as you linked 2Hub in one discussion, and you analyzed the two topics and deduced the connection between them, and their impact on society, present and in the future. Often we touch on the same issue in our thinking and forget its connection to other issues.

  • 1:I think there should be a Hub discussion post about what are the disadvantage and advantage of metaverse the effects, facts and more information.
    2: Yes ,Test your knowledge because it is just a quiz and give the reason why you said what you choose.
    3: My teacher explained metaverse to us and it was an exciting and exploring topic a little of what I learned is metaverse change how people live for example you can you be going to school,go anywhere you want and explore meet new friends and people create things online it helps you to treat your patient if you are a doctor.