Who inspires you?


It has been very difficult to choose between all of your suggestions for new discussions about Earth Day and climate change, but this question from eager_atmosphere of Shri Natesan Vidyasala Mhss B in India really caught our attention!

They asked…

Who inspires you to look after the environment?

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  • Who inspires me to protect the planet is: Mindy Lauper, who are women who work in a non-profit organization, help protect the environment by using documented data to show investors the use of clean energy in their businesses, I like that she represents women around the world in helping them and putting their mark in helping the planet, and I like that she She works as a volunteer, meaning she does not get paid for helping to preserve the planet

    1. It's great to see that you are inspired by Mindy Lauper and her work in protecting the environment. Non-profit organizations and volunteers play a critical role in advocating for sustainable practices and raising awareness about the importance of protecting our planet.

      Mindy's use of data to show the benefits of clean energy to investors is also crucial in driving positive change. By demonstrating the economic benefits of sustainable practices, we can encourage more businesses to adopt environmentally friendly approaches, which can have a significant impact on reducing our carbon footprint.

      Furthermore, it's inspiring to see women like Mindy taking a leadership role in environmental protection, especially given the disproportionate impact that climate change has on women around the world. Empowering women to take action and lead in sustainability efforts can lead to more innovative solutions and greater impact in protecting our planet.

      Overall, Mindy's work is a great example of how individuals and organizations can make a meaningful difference in addressing the urgent issue of climate change. Let us continue to be inspired by her work and take action towards a more sustainable future.

      1. I do agree with your sentiment. Mindy Lauper's work is an inspiring example of how individuals can take action towards a more sustainable future. Encouraging more businesses to adopt sustainable practices is crucial in mitigating the impacts of climate change, and empowering women to lead in sustainability efforts can lead to more innovative solutions and greater impact in protecting our planet. It is important for us to continue to learn from and be inspired by the work of environmental advocates like Mindy Lauper.

    2. I agree because I think she is very bold to be able to do such I have observed these days that women often undermine Themselves, they fell they will not be able to do some things because they think only men can do those things and in present day that kind of mindset is killing women's confidence. I hope young women and women, females generally get inspired by Mindy Lauper. I strongly believe that if young women adopt her kind of mind set of doing things it will go a long way in improving different things like leadership.

    3. I agree because...
      Of course, women have a hand in everything, so I agree with you.

    4. Its a great that you have a wonderful educated role model to preserve the environment . Its a rare thing it's kind that they create a non_profit organization to maintain cleanliness .
      I hope it gives you more inspiration so that we can reach a planet free from environmental damage and i wish all the women of the world to their best to obtain a safe environment because this is considered a religious and patriotic duty.

    5. It is nice that the protection of the environment stems from man and that it is free of charge. We feel it is our responsibility and our duty. The environment is like the house we live in and we want to see it beautiful and we can't bear to see the house dirty. Likewise, the environment belongs to all of us. Living in a clean environment and preserving our environment is the duty of every individual.

  • My inspiration was my teacher and my colleagues, where we ran a competition a while ago talking about protecting the planet-earth, and it was really a fun competition and it made me aware of the dangers facing the planet-earth and the seriousness of that small thing that we might do without being alert to a risk such as smoking or frying a lot or ordering Prepared food daily all that little thingsBut it may affect the planet's environment

    1. I have your same situation because in some of our classes our teachers explain to us how we should treat the environment since every single thing we do, no matter how small it is, can cause damage to our world and we look for ways to solve that. we also do activities in group looking for information and then talking about it and discussing it so we know more about this situation and we can help to the environment.

  • I can say that there are many individuals who inspire me to do this.
    Some of these individuals are environmentalists, scientists, and educators who tirelessly advocate for sustainable practices and raise awareness about the impacts of climate change on our ecosystem.
    And What's inspires me most is seeing people come together across all backgrounds and cultures to fight for the common good of our planet .
    Whether it be through reducing carbon emissions or conserving natural resources, every action we take can make a difference in protecting our environment for present and future generations.

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for sharing what inspires you to take action for the environment. It is great to hear that you are inspired by environmentalists, scientists, and educators who are dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and raising awareness about climate change.

      It is also inspiring to see people from all walks of life coming together to take action for the planet. The global nature of the environmental challenges we face requires collective effort and collaboration from individuals, communities, and governments all around the world.

      As you mentioned, every action we take, no matter how small, can make a difference in protecting our environment. By being mindful of our daily choices and taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint, we can all contribute to creating a more sustainable future for ourselves and for generations to come.

      Thank you for your comment.

    2. That's great to hear! It's inspiring to see individuals from all walks of life coming together to take action on environmental issues. Addressing climate change and protecting our planet is a collective effort that requires everyone to do their part, from individuals to governments and businesses.

      By reducing our carbon footprint, conserving resources, and supporting sustainable practices, we can help to mitigate the impacts of climate change and protect our planet for future generations. It's important to continue raising awareness and advocating for sustainable practices, as well as supporting policies and initiatives that promote a healthy and sustainable planet.

      Thank you for being inspired and taking action! Every small action can make a big difference in protecting our planet.

    3. I agree with you, but the Individual that inspired me the most is the environmental scientist. The environmental scientists inspired me by the way they use their knowledge of the natural sciences to protect the environment and also our planet. Environmental scientists are people that their primary responsibilities are to understand, protect and preserve our environment.
      The way they are so devoted to their work made me want to help them in any possible way I can. And my teachers also inspired me to protect the environment because of the damages the climate change is causing to the environment.

  • Well, it's hard to pick just one person who inspires me to protect the planet, because let's face it, the entire planet is kind of a big deal.
    But if I had to narrow it down, I'd say my environmental heroes are Jane Goodall and Greta Thunberg.
    And especially Greta Thunberg 💗, both women possess a relentless passion and drive to make a difference in the world, and they don't allow anyone to stand in their way.
    Both have shown me that even as individuals we have the power to make a difference - whether that's by reducing our carbon footprint, speaking up for environmental issues or starting our own actions.
    I find Greta's courage and dedication truly admirable.
    At such a young age, she's already had a huge impact on environmental activism around the world.
    Her unwavering commitment to spreading awareness about climate change and holding world leaders accountable for their actions is truly admirable. Her passion for creating a sustainable future for all of us is infectious.
    Despite being ridiculed and criticized by some individuals, she continued to speak out and demand action from those in power.
    "I think we can all learn something from her resilience and compassion for our planet "

    1. Wow! I like Greta she is only 20 years. For around five years now, Greta has been recognised as one of the most effective advocates for urgent action on climate change!
      She works for the environment . Her message is one of hope and resilience. She inpires me too. They laughed at her first, then they followed her steps!

      1. Yeah , she's an inspiration and a true force for change in the fight against climate change.
        Despite facing criticism and even hatred from some corners but love her or hate her – you simply can't ignore her! , Greta remains steadfast in her mission to protect our planet and secure a sustainable future for generations to come.
        She has inspired countless young people to get involved in the fight against climate change, and her impact will be felt for years to come. I can't wait to see what Greta accomplishes next – the sky's the limit

  • My science teacher always tell us to do good things for the environment . She likes nature and she likes to see her students follow her steps. She always shows us the importance of perserving the environment for our survival and the survival of ogher species on the planet. She desires to protect biodiversity and ecosystems, maintain a healthy planet for future genrations, reduce pollution and waste. She has a big heart that is wide enough to love us as her students and the whole world.

    1. Wow, Good for you.
      I'm so impressed by the citizens of Nigeria as a nation which I'm also a citizen of this nation.
      Not other countries but my own country inspires me.
      We try to pull out and minimize pollution. In my country many a times people do three things to their wastes which is so preferable. They Reuse, Redo and Recycle waste so as to minimize the effects of these pollutant.
      Our polythene bag used for packing sachet of pure water, some people use it in packing folded cloth and place it in their wardrobe. In my country, your plastic bottle and polythene bags maybe your shoe some other days which prevents land and water pollution that can obstruct free passage of water in gutters and septic tanks. The smoke from industries and factories are converted to another type of energy. According to the 1st law of thermodynamics, which states that energy can neither be destroyed nor created, but can be converted to another form.
      So the inspiration comes from My motherland

  • Many times I heard people and teachers at school say about tge environment but I didn't really care because I haven't ever thought of the consequences of my activities. But when I bacame a part of the topical talk members I learnt about climate change and my English teachers shows us some facts that shocked me. And after search on the internet I found people who work tirelessly to protect the planet. So this motivated me to have personal experience in protecting the planet and raise a sense of responsibility to do my part as I realized that taking care of the environment us a collective effort that requires the cooperation of people, governments and organizations. And It is imprtant to recognize the value of nature and take action to protect it for our well being and that of future generations. Thank you topical talk for letting us discuss this topic.

  • Very interesting question...
    But I have an answer that shakes souls and ignites hearts because you are the solution and you do not know ....yourself the solution while you are ignorant of that. How is that?!
    Well.. my answer is: whoever inspires me to protect the environment and the planet is (myself).
    You may be surprised, but it is you who inspire you to protect the planet. When you see a beautiful landscape, you feel obligated to keep it as clean, pristine, and serene as possible. I will set an example for myself (since childhood, I did not get used to eating chocolate or potatoes, for example, and throwing an envelope on the ground, but rather put it in my bag until I come home and throw it in a basket, or put it in my jacket pocket until I find a basket and throw it in..)
    As they say (start with yourself)... You seem to have a good side that takes care of all kinds of people around you.
    This is how you take care of yourself first, then those around you, then your community and the atmosphere around you until you reach the protection of the planet.... The best beginnings begin with us.. You yourself command yourself!! It's amazing

    1. Hi, your kind words have affected me a lot. It made me think it was time to start changing our habits and think about the future of this planet as individuals.
      The main motive that drives me to commit is the damages and negative impacts on the planet and my unwillingness to cause such damages.
      I really don't want to see wildfires burning out of control, I don't want to suffocate in the air around me, I don't want a world of drought or any of the torrents and floods.
      So I decided to start with myself, change my habits, and work hard to protect the planet as a member of society.
      And I promised myself to abide by the climate laws for the sake of change.
      Why don't we pledge ourselves and abide by the climate laws?
      together for a pollution free environment.

  • Rabbi Ilias Szczechniki, one of the people working for the "Religion for Peace Foundation", is one of the people involved in raising awareness of the preservation of the planet. If the climate crisis continues at the current rate, he went on to say, we have no land to protect and no mosques to build. We have no common ground to achieve peace and no haven to ever shelter. "This is one person who was proud to be the inspiration to preserve this environment

  • Honestly, everyone contributes to that, but I think it is "Heba Al-Farra." That girl believed since her childhood in her role in preserving the environment and was keen to contribute to protecting the planet and the environment through many activities in schools, summer camps, or conferences to support her passion for preserving the environment, so she specialized in studying Environmental engineering After that, she traveled to Kuwait in 2012, and by following her page of the United States of America to preserve the environment, she found an advertisement on that page about a competition to urge young people to take part in preserving the environment and reducing pollution. She entered that competition to be the representative of West Asia, and she was the first Palestinian to obtain this title in 2018

  • Women have a great and prominent role in society. Without women, the building of the earth 🌎 and its reform would not have been completed.
    I am greatly inspired by my environmental hero Greta Thunberg. You have scored a great championship in protecting the planet and the environment. She walks her path, certain that she will protect the big planet. Despite the sarcasm and violence that this heroine suffers from by members of her community, she is steadfast and strong in the face of difficulties and tribulations. This heroine has confidence in herself....
    I don't think she gets paid to help save the planet, she volunteers. The comfort of its people and the cleanliness of its environment are more valuable to it than money. She is kind to her planet. She loves her planet and her environment...
    Women are the most beauties of the world
    Women want them to be tired and they do not want others to do so
    These are great women...
    Let's be like them..

  • In fact, there are more than one person who encourages me to do so. I will start with my mother, who urges me to clean and rationalize the use of electricity and water at home.
    Likewise, the Science Club, managed by the science teacher and school principal in my former primary school, carried out activities on this topic, including planting seedlings and making a treaty entitled My family and I love the land.My family and I signed it to commit to 3 things that reduce environmental pollution.
    In addition, a play was made in the English language club at the school, with the aim of conserving water.
    Our religion also urges us to be clean and to remove harm from the road.

  • There are many individuals in India who are doing inspiring work to protect the planet. One person who comes to mind is Sunita Narain.

    Sunita Narain is an environmentalist and the Director General of the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), a non-profit organization based in New Delhi that works on environmental and sustainable development issues. She has been at the forefront of the environmental movement in India for several decades and has made significant contributions to environmental policy and advocacy.

    Narain is particularly known for her work on air pollution, water management, and climate change. She has led campaigns to promote cleaner technologies and policies, and has worked closely with government agencies and civil society organizations to raise awareness about environmental issues and drive change.

    What is particularly inspiring about Narain is her commitment to combining research, advocacy, and activism. She has published several books and reports on environmental issues, and has also been actively involved in grassroots initiatives and campaigns. Her work has had a significant impact on environmental policy in India, and has helped to shape the national and international debate on sustainability and development.

    Overall, Sunita Narain is a role model for anyone who is passionate about protecting the planet. Her work demonstrates the power of research, advocacy, and activism to drive positive change, and her commitment to environmental justice and sustainability is an inspiration to us all.

    Sunita Narain's work has had a significant impact on environmental policy and advocacy in India. Some of her notable achievements include:

    Contributing to the development of India's first-ever National Environment Policy in 2006, which provided a framework for environmental management and sustainable development in the country.

    Advocating for the introduction of cleaner fuel and vehicle standards in Delhi, which led to a significant reduction in air pollution levels in the city.

    Leading campaigns to promote sustainable water management practices in India, including rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge.

    Advocating for the inclusion of environmental considerations in India's development policies and plans, and working to ensure that development is carried out in a sustainable and equitable manner.

  • Hello!
    Well, the person or in my opinion in people who inspire me took care of my planet are my teachers and my parents. Well, it has actually become a lifestyle for me to take care of my planet due to the constant pressure and encouragement and the consequences of not taking care of the planet.
    In school my teachers continually tell us to clean our classroom and pick up the trash in my environment, we went on an excursion for earth day to our community park where we where taught some valuable lessons by our teachers, and we did some environmental sanitation while at home we planted some trees and tried to reduce our electricity usage. All in all, look up to my parents and teachers whenever I want to do something that may affect the environment and I think of the consequences.
    All in all, I think my parents and teachers have made me a better person and taught me various lessons about the earth and how to take care of the earth.

    1. I'm curious to know more about how your teachers and parents have inspired you to take care of the planet. Can you explain how their encouragement has impacted your lifestyle choices? And what do you mean by the consequences of not taking care of the planet?

  • great question. “Who inspires me to protect the environment?” I think the one who inspires me is the cleaner (the beauty maker). I always see him doing his best to protect the environment. He is a decent man who respects the environment. He and the environment are friends. Some may think that this profession is insulting, but I am completely the opposite. I appreciate the cleaner I also appreciate the doctor..I may have some thought to express our thanks to the cleaning worker, such as (I think we should talk about the issue on school radios or by publishing it on social media... Also, I think I said this phrase previously. The inspiration starts from myself, then I see him in (The Beauty Maker), I hope he hears us talking about him and praising him... What do you think of this.. Thanks

  • Since I live in a neighborhood where sustainability is valued highly, it is difficult for me to  name one person who motivates me to protect the environment. But if I had to pick one person, it would have to be my father. He has taught me so much about the simple steps we can all take to lessen our ecological impact. He is tremendously concerned about environmental problems. Observing how committed he is in his own life—from biking everywhere instead of driving  to composting at home—inspires me to make deliberate decisions that benefit the environment. He also frequently shares intriguing content on social media, which keeps me informed and motivated.

  • The person who inspires me the most by protecting the environment is undoubtedly my grandma. When she was little, in the olden days, her family would have to make fire to cook. Whenever, her mum did not smother the fire, every single night, no matter how tired she was, she would go out, grab a bucket of water and extinguish the flames to prevent forest fires and more Co2 polluting the air. Additionally, every single day, my grandma would go out on a 15 minute walk both back and forth to nourish the cattle. She would be the only one out of the seven sisters to do this because she believed that animals should be fed and treated just as humans do. Being the youngest girl in the family, she decided she wanted to go to school rather than tend to housework duties like her elder sisters did. Although her mum told her that they could not afford a car, she decided to simply walk. The school was 5km away so , in total, she had to do 10 km from her journey to and back. But, she loved talking to the nature on the way and she even also told me that she would do her homework perched upon a tree because nature gave her inspirational ideas. When she told me these stories, she became an icon to me and she always will be.

  • Sir David Attenborough: Sir David Attenborough is a naturalist and broadcaster who has spent his career documenting the wonders of the natural world. Through his documentaries and speeches, he has inspired many to care for and protect the planet's biodiversity and ecosystems. His efforts to bring drastic change to earth just motivate me to do the same. I also feel that saving the Earth means living in a more sustainable way. This involves reducing our use of non-renewable resources, reducing waste and pollution, and preserving natural habitats. By living sustainably, we can ensure that future generations have the resources they need to thrive.
    Personal well-being: Caring for the Earth can have positive impacts on your own well-being. Spending time in nature has been shown to reduce stress and improve mental health. By living in a more sustainable way, you can also reduce your exposure to toxins and pollutants, which can have negative impacts on your health.
    Economic benefits: Saving the Earth can also have economic benefits. For example, investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency can create jobs and stimulate economic growth. Preserving natural habitats can also support industries like tourism and recreation.
    Ethical responsibility: Finally, saving the Earth is simply the right thing to do. As inhabitants of this planet, we have a responsibility to care for it and leave it in a better state than we found it. By taking action to save the Earth, we can live up to this responsibility and ensure a better future for ourselves and for future generations.

    1. Can you share why you personally find David Attenborough inspiring?

      1. One personal reason why I might find Sir David Attenborough inspiring is his lifelong dedication to environmental conservation and raising awareness about the natural world. He has spent decades traveling to remote corners of the globe, documenting rare and endangered species, and bringing attention to the urgent need to protect our planet's delicate ecosystems.

        Attenborough's passion and enthusiasm for the natural world are contagious, and his documentaries and TV programs have educated and inspired millions of people around the world including me to take action to preserve our planet's biodiversity. I think whether you're an avid nature lover or simply interested in learning more about the world around you, Attenborough's work is sure to leave a lasting impact on your perspective and appreciation of the natural world as it has me.

  • THE person who inspires me to protect the planet is Greta Thunberg, a Swedish environmental activist who worked to address the problems of climate change. At the age of 15 Greta led school strikes every Friday in her home Sweden. She spoke to the world to world leaders at the UN about people suffering and dying, ecosystems collapsing, the beginning of mass extinction and the grave to stop climate change. Her confidence and devotion to stopping climate change has motivated me to save marine creatures.

  • Many people have inspired me to protect the environment, but first of all my mom and dad. They taught me not to litter the floor, but to the trash can, and not to pick flowers. Education plays an important role in protecting the environment. As for my second source of inspiration, it's my school. In my school, we plant trees so the oxygen can come out so we can breathe fresh air. My third source of inspiration is the scientists who build machines to protect the environment, such as artificial intelligence, by monitoring air pollution and climate changes. Finally, after all this inspiration, I might be an inspiration to someone in the future, and I really hope I am.

  • I can say that those who inspire me are those in charge of the Topical Talk project, and they are you. You made me benefit from a lot of information to preserve the planet and how to reduce carbon dioxide to preserve it. Planet Earth is what we live on, and the proportion of water in it is 73% and the percentage of land is 27%. And I learned from this project how to keep ourselves from getting fully involved in the Metaverse, and this is also considered to protect the planet. If everyone gets fully involved in the Metaverse, then the real world will become an empty world and they will dive in the world of dreams that is far away from reality.

  • Good!
    There is no person who inspired me, but what made me keep my environment clean is my culture, because culture plays a fundamental role in enhancing environmental awareness among individuals in order to crystallize positive environmental behavior and correct negative behaviors to reduce waste of natural resources and ensure environmental sustainability, because protecting and caring for the environment is one of the dimensions Sustainable development is a task closely linked to human awareness and environmental culture, and this is based on the premise that culture is the means of change and development in any society.
    From our culture, a sense of responsibility and a sense of citizenship are considered among the basic pillars in the culture of the environment, preserving it, and dealing with it, and obtaining a clean environment is summarized in achieving cleanliness from the location of the individual and his private environment, which in turn flows into the scope of the general environment
    waste recycling.

  • There are many people in India who are working hard to save our environment. The one who inspired me is M.S. Swaminathan.
    M.S. Swaminathan, commonly known as 'Father of Green Revolution' is an agronomist, plant geneticist and humanitarian. He along with Norman Borlaug, leading a mass movement with farmers which was supported by public policies which saved India and Pakistan from scarcity of food in the early 1960. He is named as 'Father of Economic Ecology' by United Nations Environment Programme. M.S. Swaminathan Reasearch Foundation ( MSSRF ) focus to hasten the use of modern science for sustainable agriculture and rural development.
    Green revolution was a phase during mid 1960s. During this period food production has increased all over the world but India faced scarcity of food. This revolution introduced high yielding and disease resistance varieties of mexican wheat in India. This high yielding varieties of crops adapted to local environmental conditions and were resistance to pests and diseases. This helped to remove the use of dangerous fertilizers and pesticides. Thus, it helped in sustainable growth in my country.
    This had a very good impact on food production through means of:
    1. Elevated region for farming
    2. Double cropping
    For example, following the harvest of rice growing after wheat, maize after groundnuts, etc..
    3. Use of inorganic fertilizers
    4. Improved irrigation facilities
    5. Increased cereal production
    6. Reduction in import of food grains and we are in a position to export
    7. Industrial growth has increased.
    Achievements of Swaminathan:
    His efforts in agriculture increased the productivity of foods like rice, wheat, maize, etc..
    Rudy Rabbinge described his report on neutron radiation in agriculture which was given at an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) meeting in the United States as “epoch making”.
    He and his colleagues study was notable to food irradiation.
    His work on green revolution impressed me a lot and he is one of my best environmentalists.

  • actually many people inspire me to protect the world ,
    Climate Change is one of the most alarming issues threatening the quality of life of the human civilization. From the renowned actor like Leonardo DiCaprio to the young influential activist like Greta Thunberg, celebrities from all around the world are inspiring people globally to intensify their awareness level and act upon the climate actions to combat the ill consequences of Climate Change. Celebrity activism is one of the most powerful way to engage the public in the environment conservation effort and promote sustainability. From funding environmental organizations, to drawing the attention of the political leaders to effectively act towards the urgency of the climate actions, celebrity activists are taking part in the conservation efforts.

  • In my community there are many people who inspire me to take care of me. In my community there are many educated people, but the harsh conditions, poor material conditions, and the lack of reasons to deal well with the environment, but they always advise good handling and recycling of waste, but most of the people who inspired me and expanded my thinking to me Far in climate and environment are two schools: the English language school, whose favor I cannot deny. By meeting new ideas and open minds, and also the technology language teacher, who was really impressed by the amount of information that she has, and also impressed by the way she simplified it for us and communicated it in a way that we can employ technology in helping the environment and thinking creative thinking, and also I do not deny the merit of all teachers, because every teacher taught me something Well, it is not science, but morality, interest, and order, and this is what I like to have in schools. School is not only a place for learning, but rather a place for exchanging experiences and inspiring and useful life experiences, and a place for learning morals and the method of building in society

  • Adenike Oladosu is a Nigerian environmental activist who inspires me to Protect the planet. She started her movement at a very young age when she realized that there was lack of knowledge about climate change in the continent. She one of the young women in the world advocating for the restoration of lake chad and youth involvement in climate justice through education. Her movement has gone around the world through rural communities creating awareness about climate change.

  • Someone that inspires me is my cat, Nugget. Every time I hear something on the news about how climate change is getting worse and how pollution isn't stopping, I remember that this is the world that she's going to live in and how it could be harming her. Honestly, all animals inspire me to look after the environment, some of my favorite animals are goats, frogs, snakes, and sharks. When most people think of things that may affect animals they think of pollution, oil spills, overfishing, and more. though, almost everything we do has an effect on the environment and the animals in them, from eating from the wrong brand to choosing a cheaper one at the grocery store. Many of these things aren't our fault and fall on the companies' and businesses' shoulders, even though they say they're 'trying their best'. My reason for looking after the environment may be different than yours, but I think I can say for all of us that many things need to be done to stop our world from dying. Also, we shouldn't be the only ones trying to stop it when we're not even the biggest issue.

  • I am very inspired by Wangare Mathai from Kenya. She was a very hard working environmentalist. Just watching her plant trees really motivated me to keep planting trees. I learnt how to plant trees at the age of two. I like her because she really stood up for women. Wangare Maathai would make sure the planet is clean,beautiful and full of trees. She would often remind people to plant more trees. I like that she does not look after the planet for money. I would one day like to be an advocate of climate change like Wangare Maathei

  • I believe that we do not need anyone to inspire us because our environment are the things around us.For example,Wangari Maathai was just inspired by a a perceived connection between environmental degradation and poverty and conflict.

  • Our country is full of many environmentalists who care and want our country to be clean, healthy and safe.
    but one of my favorite environmentalists who give me the courage and passion to keep the world safe is Roseline Konya she is a Nigerian environmentalist though she is not popular has made a great impact

  • I got inspired through Leonardo Dicarprio through his efforts to take care of the planets and environment, through his work and support from a nonprofit organization and projects that changes climate.wow! I really got inspired here when I conducted my research that even as a child he was aware of the problems the planets,he also had the knowledge of destruction of the rainforests. Though he was an actor but his efforts and dreams towards protecting the earth🌍 and finding solutions to them was never wasted.Nevertheless he never got paid,but he invested . Leonardo Dicarprio's work has greatly inspired me alot, he even enhanced the quality of life for our communities but he does it in a way that won't pollute the environment or planet as a whole.
    Leonardo Dicarprio is really a great inspiration to me.

  • The person who inspires me is my father. He is the boss of the Kenya Medical institute Research (KEMRI) in Kisumu ,Kenya . He researches on way how we can cure diseases such as Malaria and many more . Some of his colleagues go out to different homes in the villages to study and see what causes these diseases then my father aproves there researches and then meets with people all over the world to discuss how they can cure these diseases . That is why my father really inspires me and he is my hero. He protects people so that they can have a suitable future.

  • The person who inspires me to protect the planet is Malala Yousafzai was a brave woman a hero here is the story I found about her in the Internet Malala as a young girl defied the Taliban in Pakistan demanded that girls should be allowed to receive an education . She was shot by Taliban but she survived and went on to become an internationally acclaimed human rights and educational activist.

  • I am inspired to protect our planet by Sir David Attenborough, who is a true inspiration. Although I was not previously familiar with him, after viewing both the Our Planet series and his personal documentary on Netflix and YouTube, I feel as though I know the naturalist quite intimately. From the Forests of Borneo to the Rainforests of Papua New Guinea, I had a chance to see and know the gravity of the situation on our planet. Before, I didn't realize the innate beauty of the animals and trees that share our world, as well as the innovative measures that can truly make a difference in preserving our planet compared to the typical solutions everyone discusses. Through his work, he has brought attention to numerous animal and tree species from around the world that are seldom discussed in public, introducing them to millions of people. In today's world, there is a growing interest and awareness about extinct and endangered species that were once abundant. This increased awareness has been attributed to the insightful documentaries by Sir David Attenborough, which have educated many people.

  • The person who inspires me to protect the planet: Rachel Carson a writer who wrote the book of silent spring ,and silent spring was her most important contribution to the world since it launched the global environmental movement today . the mother of the environmental movement she worked to purge pesticides that were used across USA in agriculture everywhere.

    The foremost way to continue Carson 's legacy is to be transformed ourselves in our attitude towards the environment and learn to appreciate the environment more ,even to the extent to see the world as she did.

  • The person who inspires me is Wanjiru Mathai who decided to continue her mothers legacy Wangare Maathai . Wanjiru Mathai is a Kenyan environmentalist and activist. She is vice president and regional director of Africa at the World Resources Institute based in Nairobi, Kenya. In this role, she takes on global issues including deforestation and energy access. She was selected as one of the 100 most influenced Africans by News African Magazine in 2018 for her role serving as the senior advisor at the World Resources Institute as well as for her recent campaign to plant over 30 million trees through her work at the Green Bolt Movement.
    Let's plant more trees for a safer ,clean ,friendly and sustainable future.

  • One inspiring figure for me is Dr. M. Sanjayan, a Tamil Nadu-born conservation scientist and television host. He is the CEO of Conservation International, a global nonprofit organization that works to protect biodiversity and promote sustainable development around the world. Dr. Sanjayan has been recognized for his work on environmental issues, including his advocacy for ocean conservation and his efforts to promote the use of natural solutions to mitigate climate change. In addition to his work with Conservation International, he has hosted several television series, including "EARTH: A New Wild" and "NATURE NOW," which aim to educate the public about environmental issues and inspire action to protect the planet.

    Another inspiring figure for me is Arun Krishnamurthy, the founder of the Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI), a Chennai-based nonprofit organization that works to protect and conserve India's natural resources. Since its founding in 2007, EFI has organized over 2,000 volunteer-driven clean-up drives and restoration projects across the country. Under Arun's leadership, EFI has also launched several initiatives to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainable living practices.

    The person who inspired me the most is our school chairman, Dr. N. Ramasubramanyan. He has written a book called 'Environmental Issues,' from which I learned how concerning climate change is for the world and the need for a solution to it. I will highlight some of the important topics that inspired me the most:

    1. Environmental issues
    2. What is global warming? How serious is it?
    3. Indian national agenda on climate change
    4. Global weirding, not just global warming
    5. Green can save us all
    6. E-waste and corporate irresponsibility
    7. Population growth, urbanization, and climate chaos
    8. Carbon capture and storage technology
    9. Adopting veganism and avoiding carbon emissions (this helped in the discussion 'the law in your hands?' Law 2: Everyone must become vegan (not eat or use any products that come from animals).)
    10. Biodiversity and cruelty.

  • Professor Harrison is one of the world's best-known environmental scientists and is currently the Chairman of the Strategic Committee on Environment, Pollution and Health for the British Natural Environment Council. His research interests focus on air pollutants in the urban environment and personal exposure and their effects on human health and he has contributed to the development of air quality guidelines for the World Health Organization.

  • A person who inspires me to look after the planet is my science teacher. My science teacher constantly reminds us of the effects we have on the planet as individuals, and this inspires me to do better towards the planet.

  • Well, in fact the person who affected me in looking after the environment is my MOTHER.
    She is a person who come to this life to find her care about plants and growing.
    She likes to grow plants at our home, at the window balcony, at the garden of our house, the roof and even at bath.
    Really it is something wonderful and what makes me surprised with mum is that she inspires me not to throw anything we did not want it .for example , I can benefit from the empty bottles , empty cans , the cloths I did not want to wear.
    Really she makes everything round us beautiful and amazing.
    I adore much for your majesty mum and greeny house we live in.🥰
    The idea of recycling the unusable thing is something fascinating.

  • My mother inspires me to look after the environment as she is a house wife,also she studied science at university and now she is an active member in an environmental community which offers advice and suggestions to groups of young people to protect our planet.
    My mother applied all environmental laws with her own family and as a result we become familiar with those laws gradually.So alot of thanks to mum , the greatest person in my life who really is making a difference to all.

  • Generally what I consider as an inspiration are published articles, written works and discussions that includes the knowledge of experts . that are talking about the essence of caring for our environment and effects of not caring for it , this same hub had a discussion about climate change and it’s effects and how humans has a great impact in it. The discussion gave me a chance to express my opinion and has inspired me to care and do the little I can to help my environment and make it safe for both plants and animals.

  • Who inspires me to protect the planet is former president of US, by name Richard Nixon, EPA was created on December 2, 1970, by President Richard Nixon to protect human health and the environment. The EPA organized a program to reduce the amount of harmful emission from transportation vehicles. It was known as the clean bus program, through this program EPA awarded 2,400 buses to schools all around the country, now this program is not only protecting the health of kids but also creating a zero-emission transportation future. They also invested about $1billion this year to start a cleanup project, to cleanup some of the lands most contaminated lands to reduce the amount of contamination the earth is being exposed to presently. EPA finalized the plan to cut smog pollution from power plants and industrial facilities, which will not only improve air quality, but save lives, keep people out of the hospital, and prevent asthma attacks. They are doing a lot to protect the earth. So we can now see why Richard Nixon and his organization are an inspiration to me.

  • What inspired me to protect the planet is the beauty of the planets and God created them. Their shape has an attractive charm. As we know, natural and human dangers may befall these planets. We must do everything we can to preserve and protect them. The disasters that occur in the planets, especially on our planet Earth, and that I have a fingerprint on it is beneficial and good for what helps us to preserve our planet continuously and to keep it safe from human and nature dangers and contribute to creating a more sustainable planet.

  • honestly
    I can't find a specific person from my environment who has inspired me directly.
    I think that the real inspiration for me is the Internet and sometimes books. I am one of the people who read a lot on the Internet, as it contains a lot of information in addition to different opinions that help you see things better and there are many free lessons and educational channels in it that contain good teachers with skills High .
    Therefore, I would really like to thank the Internet and everyone who tries to spread useful information in it. Without him, I would be an ignorant person in many subjects now.

  • The person that inspires me to take care of my environment is my grandfather. My grandfather passed away a while ago but when he was alive he would carefully plant things and go on strolls just to pick up trash. I never understood why he did it but knowing that he is gone makes me want to do the same actions to contribute to helping protect our planet Earth.

    1. He sounds like a very thoughtful person.

  • The person who inspired me is (Fatima Al-Zalzalah), a Kuwaiti girl who won the Champions of the Earth award because she established the (Eco Star) initiative, where she recycled garbage from homes, restaurants, schools and all over Kuwait. One of her achievements is that she recycled more than 3.5 tons of plastic and 10 tons Of paper and 20 tons of metal, after her success she said, “We can all take action and inspire others to take action on a wider system".

  • Who inspires me to protect the planet is the sky!? You may ask why heaven? The sky symbolizes serenity and purity. Whenever I wake up early, I love looking at the sky and the white clouds, because they give me comfort. I asked myself why we don’t make the earth clear without disturbance from pollutants, crises, etc. Why don’t we make it a symbol of vegetables, not pollutants or crises. I read a saying that clouds are always white because people don't touch them. Do you think this statement is correct and why?

  • I am inspired by people like chadwick boseman who support black diversity and culture

    1. Thanks for sharing idealistic_laboratory. Can you explain more why he inspires you?

  • Well, someone who inspires me to help the earth is Washington Carver. Dr. Carver established an agriculture extension in Alabama and founded an industrial research lab where he worked tirelessly on the development of hundreds of applications for new plants. Carver discovered more than 300 uses for peanuts and hundreds more uses for soybeans, pecans and sweet potatoes. He also helped black farmers as well.

  • I am inspired by people like rosa parks who inspire equality and bravery among black men and women.

    1. Rosa Parks is certainly inspiring, but can you think of someone who inspires you to protect the planet?

      1. he people who inspired me to look after the environment are Wangari maathai and jane Goodall, these two people inspired me a lot.

        Wangari Maathai: Wangari Maathai was a Kenyan environmental and political activist who founded the Green Belt Movement, an organization focused on environmental conservation and community development. She was the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for her work in promoting sustainable development, democracy, and peace.

        Sunderlal Bahuguna: Sunderlal Bahuguna is an Indian environmentalist and social activist who is best known for his work in the Chipko movement, a grassroots movement that began in the 1970s to protect forests from commercial logging. The movement inspired similar movements around the world and helped to raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation.

        Greatest Achievement of Wangari maathai

        Founding the Green Belt Movement: In 1977, Maathai founded the Green Belt Movement, an organization that aimed to empower rural women by teaching them about environmental conservation and planting trees. The organization has planted more than 50 million trees in Kenya and has expanded to other countries in Africa.

        Advocating for democracy and human rights: Maathai was a vocal advocate for democracy and human rights in Kenya. She was a founding member of the National Council of Women of Kenya and was active in several other human rights organizations.

        She was a remarkable woman who made significant contributions to environmental conservation, sustainable development, and human rights in Africa and around the world.

        Greatest achievement of Sunderlal Bahuguna

        Leading the Chipko movement: Bahuguna was one of the leaders of the Chipko movement, which began in the village of Mandal in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand. The movement was aimed at protecting the forests from commercial logging and involved people hugging trees to prevent them from being cut down. The movement gained widespread attention and helped to raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation.

  • I am inspired by people like martin luther king who can spread equality in a peaceful and nonviolent manner meaning words have power and that action isn't always violent.

    1. Martin Luther King is really inspiring, but can you think of someone who inspires you to protect the environment?

      1. In my opinion Greta Thunberg is the person who inspires me to protect the planet by challenging world leaders to take bold action on climate change. She reminds me that we all have a responsibility to fight for a sustainable future and that no one is too young or too small to make a difference

  • The one who inspires me most to protect and preserve the planet is my teacher, who enters me into many competitions that urge the preservation of the environment, and one of the most important of these competitions is the Earth Prize, which played a great role in inspiring me. And it made me interested in the environment through this competition that asks us students to search for a problem facing the environment, and after discovering this problem we hold a lot of meetings thanks to my teacher who always urged us to continue and always provided us with links to find a solution to this problem and this competition left a great impact on my life. It taught me how to look for problems and solve them, and made me care about the environment, and developed my higher-order thinking skills and finding solutions, and I will certainly participate again in this beautiful competition. This is my inspiration.

  • In a society like ours, there is no one who instills inspiration in our chests, and a person by nature cannot inspire himself from those who are outside or from those who are far from him because he thinks all the time that he will not succeed in the same way as the success that these people have achieved. The successful inspirational one is the one who can deliver a wonderful idea For the thinking of its society, in our society: I think that the greatest and first inspirations are the parents who instill in their son’s psyche what prompts them to behave properly،But my thinking is how do we create experts who can inspire us well?

  • The person who inspires me to protect the planet is my teacher my teacher inspired me to always keep the school clean and always recycle he wonce made a carpet out of caprison and made a chair out of tires I was really impressed and inspired

  • In my opinion, each of us in life is an inspiration that stems from his actions and monitors his actions, whether on a personal level or a famous personality, so that his actions are a source of inspiration for us that pushes you to production and perseverance. As for me, I consider my father to be my first inspiration, and I will probably never forget his words when I described him as my constant source of inspiration in all my successes.
    Through his words and constant encouragement and his eagerness to be at the highest levels I made sure that he will always and forever remain my source of inspiration that provides me with energy from the entire universe so that I can complete my journey in life and know myself.

  • The most important manifestation of respect for opinions is the person's commitment to the etiquette of speech , avoiding fanaticism , mockery , ridicule or

    marginalization , and not caring about the opinions of others . Also , one of the most important manifestations of respect is that criticism is directed to the opinion ( the idea ) and not to the person speaking who presents the opinion so that the topic is not related to the personal side of the speaker .

    Often , the outcome of the dialogue is either to convince others of your opinion , or to end the discussion in an amicable and respectful manner ( difference in opinion does not spoil friendliness ) .

  • The first person who influenced me was the scientist Gajendar Kumar. He contributed to the care of the environment and did voluntary work by issuing global resolutions to reduce pollution. What I liked is that this works to reduce pollution, and this is voluntary work

  • The person who inspires me to protect the environment is my mom because sometimes when we're going on picnic , She says to us" You shouldn't keep the trash in the place where we sit, it should be in the trash can , and there are so many people that l see on social media collaborating and cleaning up their environment.
    This is a beautiful thing to encourage people to clean up their environment to make it more beautiful.

  • I am inspired to protect the planet by: Nnimmo Bassey who is a Nigerian architect, environmental activist, author and poet. In 2011, Nnimmo Bassey founded the Ecological think tank, the Health of Mother Earth Foundation promoting environmental climate justice and food sovereignty in Nigeria and Africa. He serves on the advisory board and is Director of the Health of Mother Earth Foundation, an environmental think tank and advocacy organization. I am proud and happy to say that he is one of many Nigerians paving the way for the Nigerian country.

  • Jane Goodall inspires me to protect the planet, not only for her groundbreaking research on chimpanzees but for her lifelong commitment to conservation and animal welfare. Her work reminds me that humans are not separate from nature but an integral part of it

  • Who inspire me to protect the planet is
    Bill Gates . He inspires me to protect the planet through his philanthropy and investment in sustainable technologies. His focus on innovation and entrepreneurship shows that tackling environmental challenges can lead to economic growth and social progress

  • Rachel Carson inspires me to protect the planet through her pioneering work on environmental health and pesticide regulation. Her writing and activism highlight the linkages between human health and the natural world and the need to adopt a precautionary approach to environmental risks

  • The only person who really inspires me is David Attenborough . His stunning documentaries that showcase the beauty and diversity of life on Earth. His storytelling and advocacy for conservation remind us of the urgent need to protect our natural heritage

  • My parents have always been my biggest source of inspiration when it comes to environmentalism. They have instilled in me a deep respect for nature and taught me the importance of taking care of the planet.

  • I am constantly inspired by the actions of ordinary people who take it upon themselves to make a positive difference. Whether it's picking up litter in their local park or planting trees, these individuals are proof that small actions can have big impacts

  • The incredible work of activists like Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough has also been incredibly inspiring to me. Their unwavering commitment to protecting the environment and raising awareness about the urgent need for action is truly remarkable.

  • The writings of environmentalists like Rachel Carson and Aldo Leopold have been deeply influential to me. Their impassioned arguments for the protection of the natural world have helped shaped my own worldview.

    The Indigenous Peoples of the world, and their deep connection to and stewardship of the earth, are another source of inspiration to me. Their traditional knowledge and practices offer valuable insights into sustainable living and the importance of respecting the natural world

    1. You raise interesting points mirthful_mode - can you share examples of traditional knowledge and practices of indigenous peoples?

      1. The Maya people of Guatemala have developed a sophisticated land-use system that incorporates knowledge of local ecosystems and promotes environmental conservation. The traditional swidden agricultural system, known as milpa, is a form of shifting cultivation that has been practiced for thousands of years. The system involves the periodic clearing of small areas of land, followed by the planting of crops. The land is then left fallow for several years, allowing the forest to regenerate. This cycle of cultivation and fallow is repeated over long periods,. The Maya also practice a form of community-based forest management, called k'iche', which involves collective decision-making and the protection of sacred forests

      2. The Maasai people have developed a unique system that involves migratory grazing across vast savannas, based on the knowledge of interdependence between animals, plants, and the environment. The Maasai promote the conservation of wildlife and the preservation of the savannah ecosystem through a cultural practice called enkang oo-nkiri, which involves the allocation of land to specific grazing areas for each clan. The Maasai believe that their livestock should only graze on the grass, which is shorter than the seed heads, and that the herdsmen should not cut the trees or shrubs that belong to the environment

  • If i had to pick one person in my opinion it'll probably be my art teacher.
    He always engages me into learning about various ways the earth can be harmed and how to make it a better place.

  • The incredible diversity of life on our planet is a constant source of inspiration to me. From the tiniest microbe to the largest mammal, every species has its own unique role to play in the web of life.

    The simple joy and wonder that comes from spending time in nature itself is perhaps the greatest source of inspiration for my environmentalism. There is nothing quite like the feeling of being surrounded by the beauty and majesty of the natural worl

  • The person who inspires me to protect the environment our head teacher he inspired us to organize a litter collection in some school days and we should stop littering our environment and i think that that helps in reducing climate change which is good for the environment.

  • 6. The work of conservation groups like the World Wildlife Fund and the Nature Conservancy has been a source of inspiration to me. These organizations are doing important work to protect endangered species and ecosystems around the world.

  • The most things can inspire me are The efforts being made by governments and businesses around the world to transition to renewable energy sources . These actions offer hope that we can build a more sustainable future for all.

  • The work of artists and filmmakers who use their platforms to raise awareness about environmental issues has also been influential to me. From nature documentaries to environmental art projects, these individuals are helping to bring attention to the urgent need for action.

    The innovative solutions being developed by companies in the green energy and sustainable living sectors are another source of inspiration to me. These individuals and organizations are showing that it's possible to live in harmony with the natural world while still meeting our needs

    1. I agree but can you give me examples about those artists and filmmakers who raise their platforms to raise awareness

      1. I still remember The Chinese Wang Youngchen environmental journalist and filmmaker has been a leading voice in promoting sustainability and environmental conservation in China. Her work focuses on environmental storytelling, eco-tourism, and environmental education

    2. Not only artists and filmmakers
      The environmental lawyers and policymakers is also incredibly inspiring to people . These individuals are working to create laws and policies that promote sustainability and protect the planet for future generations.

  • The global response to the COVID-19 pandemic is a source of inspiration in terms of environmentalism. The sudden reduction in air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions during lockdowns has shown us that it's possible to create a more sustainable world if we work together

  • After conducting discussion with our teacher . I asked my science teacher who inspire you and source of inspiration to you ? I distinctively remember when she said The discoveries being made by scientists about the interconnectedness of ecosystems and the impact of human activities . I learned that these insights are helping us to better understand the urgency of protecting the natural world.

    1. Can you think of an example of a scientist working in this field that inspires you?

      1. The Kenyan environmental and political activist was the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, for her efforts towards sustainable development, democracy, and peace. Her work focused on promoting tree planting, biodiversity conservation, and environmental sustainability.

  • Jamila Bargach: The Moroccan environmentalist and social activist has been a leading voice in promoting sustainability, women's rights, and social justice in North Africa and the Middle East. Her work emphasizes the links between social inequality, environmental degradation, and human rights.

  • 9 The former Vice President of the United States Al Gore , environmentalist, and author has been an influential voice in promoting climate awareness. His work has brought attention to the damaging effects of climate change and the need for sustainable solutions . So he inspired me

  • The individual that gives me inspiration to protect the planet is no other but:
    Nnimmo Bassey: He is a Nigerian environmental activist and author. He is the founder of the Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria, an advocacy group that campaigns against environmental degradation, oil pollution, and climate change. Bassey has also served as the chair of Friends of the Earth International, a global network of environmental organizations.

  • David Attenborough motivated me to secure the planet because he works with the BBC's Natural History Unit, including documentaries such as Life on Earth, the Living Planet, Our Planet and Our Blue Planet.
    He transposed the way we contemplate television and the natural world, but apart from leisure and pedagogy, Attenborough's final act is as an advocate for the safety and future of the world he has covered so much of, as it faces a intercontinental climate crisis. Sir David Attenborough has stimulated millions by bringing the natural world into our homes. But thanks to a life marked by a tenacious desire to explore, innovate and enlighten, his impact is even more astonishing than you might anticipate. We look back at some of the sensational ways Sir David has abetted shape our lives. One quote from him was, "It's surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth." This is why we need to listen to Attenborough so we can save the Earth.

  • The individual that inspires me to protect the plant is:
    Prince Olusegun Adeniyi, an art educator and STEAM expert . He has created numerous projects, artworks promoting this topic. Like the tree planting initiative through steam or the reusable and eco friendly lamp. He inspires stufents like me through he's teaching methods and eye catching projects. I also like that he helps student to take part in projects, so we can better understand the environment by taking action.

  • Hello, the two things that inspire me to protect the planet are the websites when I browse it, and the science school whose point of view has always been that if we preserve the environment we can protect the planet that was asking us to deliver information to our people: not throwing waste and not burning minerals near cities, and she said that the result Preserving the environment is the improvement and development of many areas in society such as the economy: lower costs of health care / society: through a decrease in the prevalence of diseases related to the circulatory system and lungs, I really thank my teacher for her dedication to her work really, thanks 🎗

  • On one of the school days, there was a lesson in protecting the environment. I noticed the name of an engineer from my country who contributed to the enthusiasm for the environment, and her name is: Heba Al-Farra... When I heard that there were volunteers and contributors to protecting the environment, I was very happy and realized that we can do more and more, and I also realized that it is possible for women Making history, protecting the environment is the duty of every individual and citizen in the state, regardless of gender or ethnicity, large or small. If we do not preserve the state, this will reflect negatively on us, but it makes us live in psychological happiness

  • My inspiration was my teacher Mr Adeniyi, he was my art teacher he thought me and my colleagues different things about how the earth is being polluted by different commodities and he made me understand that it is up to me and my colleague's generation to take action against pollution and carbon footprint

  • A person that inspires me the most to take care of my environment is Adenike Adebukola Akinsemolu. She is a young woman and a fellow citizen of my country, Nigeria. She is known as one of the country's leading experts on environmental sustainability.
    She is not only a lecturer, but an environmental Microbiologist and an author too. Akinsemolu is the founder of Green Campus Initiative, the first campus based environmental advocacy organisation in Nigeria.
    Although she is not well known, I admire her because she is a young woman helping the environment and making history for my country.

  • What inspires me to strive to save the planet is my school, as it conducts many awareness activities through associations that come to the school and carry out activities and entertainment for students to encourage them to preserve the environment For example, two days ago, an association came and the teacher taught us the concept of solid waste and how to reuse it for things that benefit us at home instead of throwing it in the waste, as this will increase the percentage of environmental pollution, and teachers usually give awareness lessons in the classroom to preserve the environment

  • My school inspires me to help the environment. This is because we have recycling bins all around the school and we reuse paper.Instead of printing out a sheets my maths teacher tells us to copy it out in our books.Another example is during Re,when you have half of a page left you underline underneath your work and continue.My geography teacher also inspires me to help the environment by educating my class and I, the negative effects of climate change around the world. All these little things can be a big help to helping to our environment!

  • Who inspires me to protect the planet? The person who has inspired me is Mrbeast and Mark Rober they inspired me because they set up a program to pick up garbage from the ocean. They also have built robots all across the country to support ocean cleaning not only did they help the ocean they also helped the planet. By planting over 1 million tresses and raised over 1 million cash meaning they plant over 10 million trees because they more people paid the more trees they planted. Plus with all his money he has been using the money he has for good like helping the environment and giving money out to the homeless in general I believe is a great person.

  • In the streets of Osogbo, Osun State, Jonathan Olanlokun is a superhero with no super-power except his determination to to make a difference in his community.In Nigeria, environmental waste poses a major challenge, especially in urban regions.
    Jonathan Olanlokun dresses in spider man out fit and goes litter picking on daily bases, the costume usually get him noticed and get people's attention to the problem of litter to the community and earth at large. What this man is doing shows us that you don't need power to try and change your community's ideology, nor need money, assistance from the government for you to perform what is right. He's also showing that you don't need powers to be a super hero that will help the society