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Teenager chokes baby to death because never wanted to do its nappies. I am sceptical about this... Weekly Competition #18 23/1/19
'Donald Trump uses money as toilet paper'. I am sceptical about this because if Terisa May... Weekly Competition #18 22/1/19
i am a banker we love taking lots of risk we made the crisis Weekly Competition #14 12/12/18
Banks are businesses They loan and give you money There is also intrest Weekly Competition #14 07/12/18
banks are very nice sometimes they are not quite nice but they are still nice Weekly Competition #14 07/12/18
I am sceptical about a) because there is such thing as poor 18year olds. Some might live on the... Weekly Competition #12 26/11/18
I am sceptical about b) because trees come from nature but money is man made. These too things... Weekly Competition #12 26/11/18
rather than it opening up to something, it directly has a chemical reaction with the... Weekly Competition #11 23/11/18
or maybe an electronic microchip which i could reprogram to follow certain algorithms which... Weekly Competition #11 17/11/18
I would want friends to come for you dont know what these friends will have. They might have a... Weekly Competition #11 17/11/18
I meant thing Weekly Competition #11 16/11/18
A water proof phone with data. This is because it has a torch and I can call someone and the... Weekly Competition #11 16/11/18
If it is deserted there wont be any people selling things. Remember it is deserted (nobody lives there). Weekly Competition #11 16/11/18
How will a sharks tooth be helpful or are you taking the mic. Weekly Competition #11 16/11/18
I think a torch is a useful thig to have because if you have a torch you can shine the SOS... Weekly Competition #11 16/11/18