Weekly Competition #14

14 December 2018

steadfast_moon and delightful_seagull

Well done to our competition winners! Steadfast_moon wrote:

Banks are protectors.
Not always loan rejecters.
And cash investors.

It was a super-impressive use of rhyme and used cleverly counted the syllables too. We loved delightful_seagull's entry too which crammed in the story of the financial crisis into just 17 syllables. Good work!

Banks risking money
People can't return their loans,
The crisis occurs...


Can you write a haiku about banking? A haiku is a poem with three lines that uses a certain number of syllables. Line one uses 5 syllables, the middle line uses 7 and the final line uses five. No more, no less!

Have a go. Winners will be announced next Friday!

Writing a poem,
All about banking. Uh oh!
This will be tricky...

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