Weekly Competition #11

23 November 2018

balanced_singer and optimistic_moon

This was a really fun week for creative entries. There was a huge variety of different ideas and some truly unique storytelling. Thanks for the time and effort that went into them, we thought they were fantastic! Our secondary school winner was the first to mention a fishing net, a perfectly practical and very valuable item, nicely told. Our primary school winner kept things simple with fresh water, but did so vividly; we were thirsty just reading it! Well done everybody!

You can read the winning entries in the orange boxes below.


This week, we’d like you to imagine that you’re shipwrecked on a desert island.

What’s the most valuable item that could wash up on the shore?

You might want to think twice about the word 'valuable' in this question! We’d like to see creative ideas in your entry; perhaps you would like to write as if you're on the island and have just found the item? Although storytelling is important here, we really want you to be telling the story of WHY that item is valuable...so get thinking!

Good luck! Winners will be announced on Friday.

Comments (200)

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  • On this dusty dry island is nothing but sand endless sand but all of a sudden I trip over this glass bottle and now I’ve found a map 🗺 with a destination of treasure

    1. Yes, but how would it actually help you get out of the shore? Because if you find treasure, such as money or diamonds, that won't help you exit the desert island.

    2. I don't think that would be very useful because treasure won't keep you alive on the island and I don't think that will be the most important thing to worry about.

  • well personly i thinkthe most vALUABLE ITEM that could wash up on the shore is money in a bottle ithought of this because we are learning about the financil crisis

    1. Money would be a useful thing to have if you had somewhere to spend it. If there were a few shops around you could easily buy all the things you would need to survive.

      1. If it is deserted there wont be any people selling things. Remember it is deserted (nobody lives there).

        1. Polite independence ,
          that was my reply to someone else's comment .
          It wasn't my entry.

  • money or old things from a long time ago. I think this because all old things from along time ago has to be good

  • I think that if I was stuck on a desert island I would want a few coconut tree seeds to wash a shore. This could count as a valuable because I could plant them and if I ever got hungry or thirsty I could get some vines, make a rope, clime the tree and get some coconuts and eat or drink the inside.

    1. I have given this comment a star for your great reasoning! You have thought about what would be most useful to help you survive on the desert island, as by planting the coconut seeds to grow a coconut tree, you'd have access to food and drink when it was fully grown. Great forward-thinking!

  • maybe a really old pirate map in a bottle

    1. Why would you want an old pirate map? It won’t help you and if you’re trying to go home it won’t help!!!

    1. that mite be washed up on the beach that is really good

    2. How will a sharks tooth be helpful or are you taking the mic.

      1. Yes but maybe it could unlock something ?

        1. rather than it opening up to something, it directly has a chemical reaction with the biochemistry. thus meaning that the lithium hydroxide will then diffuse towards the multitudes of the electric current. according to Peter Heimelstone, "one must understand the voltage to become one with the chemical powers which physically combine through the power of science and maths".

  • i wake up and feel like going to the beach for no particular reason.I arrive at the beach and I stand on the sand and the sand feels like a wooden chest then i realise it is a real CHEST. I sprint home in search of a shovel.I grabbed my shovel and ran to the beach.Hoping for the best I opened the chest and boom I see a skeleton from 7,000 years ago

  • through the golden sands deep in the sky above, i was walking around the beach and was collecting seashells with my friends and suddenly out of the blue washed up on the sand was a pearl and a gold coin from deep under the sea. I think this because pearls are found in clams and they are found in the sea so it happens .I believe that you can find a gold coin because someone could have dropped somthing or it could be one of the lost treasures of pirates.

  • the best thing you could find is a pearl a pearl because you could sell it and help people in need.

  • I was strolling across the dusty cold sand at midnight in search for my lost dog when all of a sudden out of the blue salty waters a mysterious sparkle shone bright . Curiously, I ran over to find out that the shimmering glow was actually a magical dimond .

  • shore Treasure !!!!!!! I was on my way to the beach and i saw somthing glinting in the white Hawiian sand from were i was standing ...it looked liked gold! i ran down picked it up and it was bangal 24 carrat gold !i looked around the floor in search of some more . Though i wasn,t goanna push my luck i didnt find any more ...but next time i am definetly bringing my gold detector to the beach

  • The most valuable item that could wash up on shore would be a treasure chest with gems and jewels that were stolen by pirates. Lying on my sunbed on a deserted,secret beach,when i here a woosh and a bang. It was a gleaming golden TREASURE CHEST that wasn't as glamorous as it probably used to be, since it had seaweed all over it.I cleaned it off and saw that there were words written on it. "This treasure is the possession of the man who once tried to stop the world being destroyed by plastic. Ever since then i have taken up the mission of stopping plastic.

  • i think this because some things may have come from treasure chests at the bottom of the ocean.

    1. Why would you want treasure? Are you going to use it to get back home or something?

  • Through a dark cave, seeing a spot of light i saw a beach with an ocean blue river. Walking on that beach as i saw a metal detector, A torist must have been here i took the metal dectecor i took it and heard an instant beep gold yes gold was beating in my head. I dug ,dug ,dug until i saw a shiny red ruby.

  • As I was walking through the golden sand,I looked on the sand and saw sea shells.Washing up on the sand was a a glass bottle.Inside it was a letter from.......

  • I was on the mistecol island lookeng at the purly shels wen somthing blue came swiming up to me it was a biue dimend

  • In my opinion a bottle full of money would be great but I think that a small raft and some coconut seeds would be enough for me because with coconut seeds I would be able to grow them and eat and drink them.
    Then I could take my raft and sail away.

    1. Excellent open-mindedness!

  • i just got washed on a desert island and i have got no food or water . i was just walking around exploring the island and i tripped over something . it was a message in the bottle and it said , there is treasure hidden within the island ,i could not wait to find it!

  • Well, if you think about it, you're stuck on an island with no help, no phone, no food, no water, no everyday essentials and no home, then i would wish for my bottle to contain a phone, this could count as a call for help

    1. If the island was deserted, would there be Wi-Fi to call someone?

  • i think if i was stuck on an island by the sea and something washed up by the sea it would be a clam with a purl inside i would sell it to bye a new house and shere the rest of it with my mum becuse we are scint

    1. Your comment does not make sense,to help you in the future please re-read your comment before posting it and I would also advise you to do your comment and then post.I’am not here to criticise but to help

    2. Do you have a laptop with you or something to buy the house ... no!!!!

  • DAY 145
    The day I finally found a way to escape this island ,this was the day when I escaped this island.
    Suddenly, in dead of night I heard a sloshing like something was floating in the water it was a safe jacket it was important like a life to me i put it on and escaped.

  • I went to sleep one night and a unfamiliar dream poped up in my head it was when it was a sunny mysterious day and only i was on the beach i strolled past and immediately i heard a torrent of wind and trembled past was a clam i desided to open it as my family loves sea food .Howerver without me knowing there was a pile of shiny gold i desided o donate this to some poor people.

  • There are some odd suggestions here! Why would gold, diamonds or treasure be valuable if you're marooned on a desert island? They might be useful at home BUT if you're alone, there's no one else there and you have no hope of getting home...what good would it be? Maybe start to think about some practical island materials!

  • I think that if I was stuck on a island i think the best thing to be washed up on shore would be melon seeds because then you can eat them and not starve!

    1. I'm curious... do you think melons would provide enough nutrients?

  • I was strolling across the dusty cold sand at midnight in search for my lost dog when all of a sudden out of the blue salty waters a mysterious sparkle shone bright . Curiously, I ran over to find out that the shimmering glow was actually a magical dimond .

  • in my opinion money would be great but there is no use of money while being marooned on an island. However some food e.g. : seeds, apple, pineapple, orange, coconut and pear. Also it would be helpful if I could receive string because I could use the broken branches scattered along the floor and build a raft using that material. I could also get extra branches from the floor and use them as canoeing sticks then canoe my way over to civilization.

  • I am on this island ,how did I get here?,all alone, cold and ravenous.It is dark and the moon is shining and reflecting on the shore.I can't see much, but I feel a heavy thing hit my foot as I stand in the wet water.I pick it up,what is it?I'll wait until dawn when the sun is out and discover what it is.3 hours later I realise what it is, a book, all covered in soggy seaweed .I read that book,full of meaning and the story just enchants me about a girl that's stranded on an island.Just like me!She builds a raft out of things she finds and uses sticks as oars and finds her way home.That book gave me an idea,I'll do the same thing as the girl!I found some bits of a wood that had fallen of a tree,some leaves for the padding and some long sticks as well from that same branch.It took a while to build but eventually it was ready,I tried it out and it worked I was ready for the journey.I took that book with me and found my way home and from that day I still have that book,I read it every night,every time bringing memories back of that special night.
    Thank you for reading my comment ,I think a single book is the most valuable thing you could find washed up on the shore.

    1. Fantastic storytelling and a useful item indeed. Well done!

  • If I was stuck on a deserted island, I believe that the most valuable thing that can wash up on the shore is company.

    Although it is really vital to have food and water to survive, I think that company is the most valuable thing to have. I think this because you can find food and water on the island because there will always be fruit such as: coconuts and bananas. Furthermore, if I was stranded on a deserted island, I will definitely feel lonely and possibly even frightened. I would feel better if someone was with me and I will definitely feel safer. Also, if I had company, we could talk together and find a solution to get off the island.

  • I personally think that if you're on a desert the most valuable thing that could wash up is coconuts because when you think of it the only thing thats usually there are coconuts so thats really key

  • I would want a knife to wash up because I think it could be very useful. This is because I can use a knife to cut branches from trees which I could use to build shelter and eventually a raft. This could provide me with a way home. Although in the meantime I will need some food. With a knife I could easily hunt or cut food from trees. I would also need warmth to help my survive the night. Most knives are made of metal so i could use it to reflect the sun off of the blade and onto some wood and make a fire. Finally I will need protection from predators like tigers and snakes where I could use the knife to defend myself.

    1. Ingenious thinking - well done for thinking open-mindedly about the knife and its uses.

  • In conclusion, the best thing that could wash up on shore is water if you are in a desert it is bound to be burning hot so if you have water you can stay hydrated which helps with survival and you can stay on the island and stay alive.

  • What exactly is the definition of valuable to me?
    Valuable to me means two things. Firstly closest for example at first I was going to bring my whole family because they mean the most to me. My family is my whole life and if I did not have them then I would not know what I would do.
    The other item that I would bring would be a farm full of animals. I would set the whole farm up so that the pairs of animals would mate and then I would have a decent food supply.

    Overall I think that the decision would be between my family and my surval. I think that I would choose my survival because if my family where there then they might not survive and I would never want that.

    1. That's a great answer, but the competition asks about what would be the most valuable thing to wash up on the shore, rather than something you choose to take along with you. Can you have a rethink about the item that would be valuable if it drifted over to you?

  • i think i would want some coconuts seeds that are in a bottle to wash up on shore because then i could plant a coconut tree so whenever i'm thirsty or hungry then i could just get some coconuts and eat it or drink it.

  • I would want a satellite phone to wash up so that I could contact help from local countries
    so that they could help me with getting rescued and supplying survival tips.

  • I would want a coconut to wash up on shore. This is because cocunts are actually seeds which means if you plant one, a tree will grow. Coconuts are very useful because they contain coconut oil and coconut oil has many many different uses. It can actually protect your skin from the sun because it blocks around 20% of the sun's rays. which will help prevent sun burn which is a big problem that you may face on a desert island. Also, did you know, coconut oil can also be used as toothpaste? This would be a very big help because toothache can cause headaches, very bad pains and swollen gums which would be very bad on a desert island.

    Also, you could eat the coconut, drink and drink it's milk. Not to mention that you could use the wood from the tree for fires, shelter and a raft to get you home.

    1. Nice creative thinking! Great reasoning shown.

    2. Being sceptical about your comment, I believe that coconuts take a long period of time (6-10 years for the first fruit production and 15-20 years for its peak production) in order for it to turn into another palm tree; to produce more coconuts. Talking about this, since the desert island has no fertile soil, it will take even longer for the next palm trees to produce fruit. As well as coconuts, what other valuable item will you survive the next 6-10 years of your life when they are still growing?

      I also believe that if you had a coconut, you can drink coconut water and eat the coconut. However, after that, you cannot reproduce it but even if you plant it, you would have to wait for 6-10 years until it reproduces fruit. In both ways of using the coconut, you would not survive in the desert island and you would not be able to eat.

      My links:

  • I think a torch is a useful thig to have because if you have a torch you can shine the SOS signal at a helicopter or plane
    imagine if the place is dangerous.
    I it also might be deserted.

  • The desert island

    Last week you won't believe what happend.I was on a desert island . It was a miracle to be alive ; however , I had no supplies. All my matches were wet from the ship wreck. With no way to stay alive , I was doomed. Only the moon and stars were there to give me company.
    The next morning I woke up on my bed of leaves. I ran towards the shore hoping to see someone who came to save me. Not a single ship in sight . I hung my head with disappointment. And then I saw it some thing that would help me survive. It was a FISHING NET !
    The next few days I managed to survive using my trusty fishing net. I used it to catch some fish , and cooked them on a large rock burning in the sun.
    Two more days had passed and I was beginning to get fed up with fish.
    A helicopter. A helicopter was in the sky! I began to madly wave my hands in the air . They didn't see me . I was beginning to loose hope but I remembered the net.
    As well as a great for catching fish they are also very good hamoks.
    Another day had passed.
    Suddenly in the distance I saw a ship. It was coming towards the island . I was saved and back home I went . This just goes to show that fishing nets are very very useful.

  • A water proof phone with data. This is because it has a torch and I can call someone and the SOS signal will be useful

    1. But if there is no service you can't do anything with the phone it will just be there for nothing

  • I think rocks would be a good thing. I think this because if you have rocks you could spell out SOS. This could be a good idea because if there is a helicopter flying over deserted islands they would know that someone has been there as it sais SOS. I also think this could be a good idea because if you had flint you could start a fire for warmth throughout the night. It would probably be dangerous without rocks because you may die from coldness from where it is.
    For example- Janny is on an island. All there is, is rocks and flint. She made a fire with the rocks and also an SOS sign. A few hours later, a helicopter comes and finds her. It takes her back to the nearest land with a hospital and lots of food
    Inspiration from polite_independence (Thank you)

    1. I think that you could actually NOT think of rocks because there would be plenty of rocks there anyway so you could think of so,thing like fruits and coconuts in general

  • If I were to be stranded on a desert island, then I would want a machete. I would want this because it would be useful to build a shelter as you could use it to cut branches from trees. Also, you could use the machete to tap water from a tree with a water source. In addition, the machete would be useful to start a fire. You could use it to shape one piece of wood to fit into another and make a fire. Also, you could use the machete to cut through the jungle. Also, the knife would be beneficial to fish as you could tie a branch to it. Or you could use it to kill a land animal by stabbing it ( if you are a carnivore)."Of all the kit’s little pieces, which two or three items are most crucial in real-world survival situations?
    Actually snare wire would be in there. Along with the knife." This is an interview with Bear Grylls which shows that a world famous survivalist thinks a machete is valuable.
    Information found at https://gearjunkie.com/gear-junkie-bear-grylls-interview.

  • Personally if I was on a deserted island the thing I would most want to wash up is a box ,a box that supplies me with comfort, food and a drink.
    I would need the comfort because if I wasn't able to find away home ,then I wouldn't want to be sitting there by my self. Even just something little, like a bird, anything that wouldn't make me fell deserted, isolated, alone .
    Also I would really need the food because other wise I could have a really big accident and that can happen through hunger and humans can only go 3 weeks but still that might seem a lot but you can become very hungry.When I say food I don't mean chicken and chips in mean things like coconuts .They can supply me with everything food a drink and comfort. The food I would need is a simple pack which includes bananas, coconuts, birds and fish and that is very simple.
    Then last but not least water. Here I would need just a lot of water because the human body can only last 4-5 days without drinking an water and those who are professionals that have trained them self to go many days without water. If you didn't then you would only last 3 days without water.Without water for this long can lead to dizziness and illusions hoping it is water but it is only your wishes.
    That is what I would need on a deserted island

  • I think a sat phone would be really useful. What is it? A sat phone is a type of phone that can call from anywhere in the world, as long as it has a direct line of connection to a satellite. This means that I don't need to rely on cell masts and wifi, neither of which will be on a desert island. With a sat phone, I could call for help so people could come and rescue me. Also, they are worth a lot of money so when I got home I could sell it. This way I would survive and earn some money. With the money, I would set up a charity to help prevent others losing their lives to being stranded on islands. The charity could provide money for building things like satphones and survival kits.

  • I would want friends to come for you dont know what these friends will have. They might have a helicopter. They might have a boat and with this me and the friend can come to safety.

  • or maybe an electronic microchip which i could reprogram to follow certain algorithms which interconnect with subcellular structures thus meaning that the biometric force would bind with metaconstitutional galactic powers. obviously, the hydrochloric acid would then link to Peter Heimlestone's relative theory of pyrochemical formulas.

  • I think the best thing that could wash up on the shore would be another person because they could help you and give you motivation.

  • I think I would want a raft handbook and some wood. I would use some of my clothes as a sail and I could sail away,

    On the other hand, if I couldn’t escape, I would want a few seeds (of something like melon or coconut), something to help make the water drinkable (like some medicine) and a bottle. I would grow the seeds to get myself food. Then, because salt water isn’t safe to drink, I would use the bottle and fill it up then put some of the medicine in and let it purify into drinkable water.

  • So. I'm stuck on a desert island, and I'm thinking about what I should be hoping to wash up on the shore. Would it be a bottle of money💰? No, that wouldn't help me would it? It's not like there are any shops around! ( I WISH there was, but sadly no) Ummm... Maybe a bottle of purified water, but then again we do ALREADY have watee, salty or not. Maybe some coconut seeds, or any other type of seeds as I could just grow coconuts and eat and drink for a long time! I could also use some bits of wood, so that I could make a fire and shelter and eventually a raft so I could float off. Maybe also a torch so I could send SOS signals to passers by! But then again if it was floating in the water, the batteries will not work... Instead I could use some of the left over wood to draw a the letters SOS in the sand..
    That was my opinion! Thx for reading my comment!

  • If i was marooned, on an island alone... I would only think of food for a long time. If I could get a phone in a wrapper I'll be alright. I would then open it up and see if it could work properly I would be 100% FINE! All I would do is try to find any accessible service I'll try any emergency service (Police,Ambulance) to call them to to come and rescue me.

  • Sprawled on the silky sand, the crystal clear pools of water brushed against me. Dancing in the sunlight, a plethora of trees fanned me, a few leaves falling off the branches, caressing my feet. Just then, I was abruptly startled when I felt something else. Mesmerised, I stared at the gleaming box that sat before me.

  • Aimless. Hopeless. Desperate. I was foolishly wondering around the uninhabited island hoping for someone,anyone to come a rescue me from this unusual and lonely island. Time escaped my mind and slowed as I was hesitantly walked around seeking a glimpse of hope. My practicality wasn’t good in serious situations but now... now I was absolutely clueless on what to do. I was hoping to find something value along my stroll but all I seemed to do was be circulating the island in loops. Cautiously, I sat down ensuring I didn’t sit on some unknown substance.
    After 30 minutes of staring emotionlessly into the calm, clear waves. Then, something happened. My eyes widen. My heart stopped. I sprung up trying to reach this clear opportunity. Hope. Positivity. They washed through me as my eyes ventured onto it.
    I grasped it like a barbaric animal and realised I stood a fighting chance. It was a knife. A sharp. Slightly damaged. Knife. With this I could kill animals (food) carve wood or cut it and cut the strongly attached branches and leave for shelter!
    Overjoyed, excited, revived I knew that I could live longer or maybe to a good age until someone finds me. Hopefully soon!!

  • If i were stranded on a desert island the first thing that i would want to come to me in a bottle is food because it doesn't specify how long you are going to be on the island for. I i were on an island for 3 days and dint have any food but had a torch then i probably would not have the energy to use it . Although you might need specific equipment to use to survive, i think that keeping well energised and healthy is more important than equipment.

  • I woke up startled. I couldn't remember why, when or how I got here. I looked at my surroundings. All around me there was sand, seaweed, sand and more sand. I searched for thing I'd need all over the island but it was use luss I couldn't find anything. Suddenly, an idea flew into my mind. Kale! Luckily I pay attention when it comes to gardening so I looked for some kale. Thank god for my teachers! Kale is packed with vitamins A and calcium and it also can keep you full for a good amount of time. I ate my dinner ( leaves of kale) and started making my place to sleep . Next thing in the morning I will start planting more kale. ( I didn't think of building a raft because I don't have any thing to tell me the weather and I the seas are rough it would be hard to survive).

  • If I were on a desert item (I'm not thinking practical wise) I would hope it would be a watermelon because you can eat it, it stops you feeling thirsty and you can plant the seeds to get more. The shell you can use for things like sun hats and a bucket to water the seeds. I could open the shell with a sharp rock and I might be able to survive if I were lucky enough to find one. The outside of the watermelon I could also use to attract attention.

  • Really, I should still be trapped on that dessert island instead of holding a mug of hot-chocolate! With my luck I’m flabbergasted that I’m even alive as it has been three days since I’d been stranded on that island…
    I’d been on that island for two days before I was lucky enough to escape, I’d still be there if it wasn’t for something that washed up onto the island. I was starving and I was pretty bummed out that it wasn’t food. If I hadn’t recognised the object soon enough it would be at the bottom of Davy Jones’ Locker by now! I started rejoicing as the object was a flare! Flares are objects which ships send up into the sky as an SOS signal. I’d seen to ships at a distance the first day I’d been stranded but I had no way of catching their attention-now I did!
    I saw a ship later that evening and sent up the flare, now here I am! That flare was very valuable as it would have been a better signal than a fire as it was a lot bigger and louder. It was BETTER than food because food would run out eventually and I’d starve. It would be better than a torch which would only really be useful at night and you’re then less likely to see ships.

  • I went to seep one night when it was really dark around 11 o clock at night then woke up around 6am and had my favourite thing for breakfast walked over to the shore of the island in Hawaii and there ten centimetres away from my feet was a bottle not just a coke bottle not a plastic bottle but a glass bottle it wasn't empty it had a piece of paper in it and had a map written on it so I followed it and it lead me to a cave and I found a chest so I opened the chest and there was thousand of coins(gold cons)

    1. This is a good idea but if you were on a stranded island what would you do with the coins.

  • The best thing to wash up on the shore would be a knife some rope a compass a few large leaves and cress seeds . I would use dress seeds to grow cress because a coconut tree probably takes a few years to grow completely and you don't know if it is the right temperature for coconuts , cress grows in days and can be stored any were . The leaves can be used for shelter for you and the cress , use the knife to peel some bark of a tree and a fire can be made if the rope is rubbed against it . The water from the shore can be used for extinguishing the fire . A compass if some one rescuse you you can use it to guide yourself home .

  • Also in the box I would need 5 long pieces of wood so I can make a raft and try to get home. I could use the rope to make sure they stay in a line that I cod sit in and a another piece to paddle with.

  • Maybe but a boat would be more useful, or a jet ski?

    1. would it be fancy or not wouldn't you need food or water and some family?

      1. They could motivate you and instead of finding it a traumatic experience you could try and enjoy yourself.

    2. Despite being useful, a jet ski or a boat would be lucky to cross the Atlantic ocean.

    3. Yes that would be helpful but what would you eat if you were in your boat in the ocean far away from your home. This will mean that you will be hungry and will die of starvation. The boat is a good idea but I think food would be a nescesity.

  • Another person might have something useful like a boat or a plane but they might not.

  • Or just a person to be your friend.

  • If I was stranded on a desert island and one thing could wash up on it then I would like it to be some coconut seeds. The reason I would like these is because I could plant the seeds and eat the coconut and drink the milk . Also with the rest of the tree I could build a raft out of the wood and the leaves could be a small sail so I could steer it, and with luck I would be able to get home.

  • I think it would be pretty cool if Menkaure`s (Egyptian) tomb that was lost at sea in the 1830`s washed up as there would be some pretty cool things in there.

  • As the sun crept over the horizon, I absorbed the warmth like a lizard on a rock as I lay there thinking of the previous night. That endless night lay there not a sight of sleep seemed there. By then, it was pitch black and I was paralysed with fear, unmoving like a statue. Rustling in the distance moved closer and closer until finally disappeared as a result my eyes were blood shot by the morning. Reluctantly, I dragged myself to my feet, they were heavy like lead and hesitantly I greeted the horizon.
    Now the sun had risen, I surveyed my exotic surroundings. A vast expanse of sand covered the island and the sky was a vivid blue, not a cloud seemed in sight. Suddenly, stark reality hit me like a bus; no clouds no water. My heart was beating painfully fast now, banging against my ribs forcing them to rattle. This is not how I imagined I’d end my days. They say you can only last 3 days without water but in this heat it could be sooner. I began to wander around aimlessly praying that maybe somewhere in this desolate paradise water could be lurking. Is this even possible? Finally, my eyes came across a cluster of trees just upon the horizon. Where there is greenery there must be water. Immediately, my pace quickened anticipating at the thought of water.
    Soon, I found myself at the edge of the greenery, I crossed my fingers so tight that they began to cramp. I pushed through the shrubs my eyes peeled for any sign of water. Staggering around, I could hear the rushing of water rippling over the pebbles. My heart was overflowing with joy as I sunk to my knees lapping the water into my mouth. Before my mouth was parched but now was moist as the water trickled down my throat.
    I could SURVIVE!

  • It is dark. The only colour that is soaking my eyes right now is black.So I guess it is time to recognise that it's night. OUCH! Something made my skin upset.Now I'm bleeding. Oh I remember now, my ship got wrecked and the faint carried my memories away for few moments.When light arrives, I'll check what made my skin upset.

    It's the morning, am I carrying something heavy? , I can't move an inch.
    OH MY GOD! it's a huge wooden piece and what's this? a fiddly object my hand noticed.

    Wait a minute, I can make these items useful.This wooden piece will help me build boat with a little help from my wrecked ship.After hours, I am done but how am I going to find my way back home.I need to think quickly before something happens to my boat and I am really hungry as well.Oh wait where's the fiddly thing? It felt like a compass mmm. It's here!
    Lets find my way now.

    My valuable items are:
    the wooden piece- to build a boat
    the compass-to go back home

    1. Great storytelling!

  • If I was in an uninhabited, desolated island and a valuable thing would come to shore it would be a boat. With that boat I would get out of the sandy island and in the boat there would be some undiscovered amazing things and a lot of money.

  • Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months. I managed to survive on the island. I ate coconuts from the trees. I knew which wild plants were poisonous. I knew to steer clear from wild animals. I caught fish. But all of those things helped me to exist not to live. My life seemed to drag on until one humid afternoon
    . I was on my way to the sea. I walked through the sand, the never-ending sand. I was going fishing as always. I never ate any wild animals. I saw in the distance something lying on the sand close to the shore. Not something, but someone. Not even someone, but six people. I closed the gap between me and them. The people looked familiar.
    I remembered the day that I had fallen off the ship. Many other people had too. But the only people I remembered were me and my family. My family had disappeared under the water, I had been washed ashore.
    I looked closer at the people before me and it dawned on me. They were my family! As soon as the joy started it dissolved into sadness because I was sure they must have been dead by now. But NO it was a miracle. One by one they opened their eyes and saw me. They jumped for joy and hugged me. They smelled of the sea and fish, but I did not care. We were together again!
    From that day onwards, we never stopped being happy, We laughed and cried together, the cries were cries of joy. We continued to do the things that always seemed to be so boring for me. Now they seemed exciting and adventurous. I knew that was because I was not alone anymore.
    We were a family again and that was the most valuable thing that I could ever have.

    1. Great storytelling!

  • Long, long ago on a deserted island an ancient bottle washed up on the shore. What was it? Where did it come from? How did it get there? As I waited until enough trust filled my head I grabbed it and inside that bottle was something no one would have ever guessed and that was...


    I thought really hard as to why love in my opinion was and still is so valuable I thought this because imagine yourself stuck on a deserted island no life on that island nothing except you the sand and the clashes of the waves wouldn't you want someone to love or care for you at least.

    Without love - there's no hope
    Without love - no one would be here
    Without love - would the BNC really even exist?

  • It was a pitch-black night and I was alone. Alone on an island shore, waves lapping my feet. I was abandoned, isolated and an air of melancholy surrounded me. I had no hope of getting away from the fear lingering around this island- at least none for getting away alive. A howl in the distance immediately brought me back to my senses; knocking away any of the drowsiness that I had left inside of me. It reminded me of how lucky I was to still be alive. The wild animals had not yet found me and death had not yet claimed me as its own.

    All of a sudden, I felt a soft edge brush against my foot. It was a photo! A photo that had fallen out of my pocket years ago, when I was standing on the side of a yacht with my friends. A photo that had been taken when I was 12. Me and my friends having the time of our lives, thinking that nothing in the world could change our happiness… but of course we were wrong. I mean look at me now- a helpless girl standing on the shore of a beach, wanting to reach the safety of home, yet fearing she will never reach it.

    The photo let of a spark in my head; it gave me the courage I needed to carry on going, the courage I needed to fight for my life and the hope that I would eventually see my family and friends again. I would wait until day and immediately gather the materials I needed in order to make a raft, to get me back to the sanctuary of home and away from the threats of this island.

    After all, sometimes all you need is a little hope and courage to get you back on your feet...

    1. Great storytelling!

  • I would have a water filter wash up on the shore because i could filter the urine and drink it with out danger. Probably. If else i would have a basket of food for me to eat because you can last up to 3 weeks with just food. Or a fishing rod and a lighter. I could use the fishing rod to catch fish and the lighter for light and to start a fire.

  • If i was stuck on an island i would have an apple you might wonder why.
    The reason is if you had an apple you would eat it obviously but in that apple you would seeds inside so with those seed you could plant it and lost of apple trees so that is my reason

  • Thinking of being on an island i would want a some coconuts to wash up on shore becasue we're being realistic so its not like Sushi or fied chicken would how up on an island so talking in the sense of being stranded on an island i would want some coconuts to wash up on shore becasue you can use it for many things for example : coconut water or just it it in pieces. Inkow it won't get me of the island but it will make me survive on the island.

  • What I would like to wash up is something that will cost a lot; like a diamond or a emerald or a expensive watch. If I got something like that I would sell it and since it is expensive I will get about 200,000. That money could go to buying another ship.

  • The most valuable things in life aren't all about money and sweets and electronics. they could be something like a little stone or a shell or a teddy. ✨things that you believe are to give you good luck. 👍.the thing i would like most is my lucky stone and my family💕 because they would guide me a long the way and we are stronger together. I know that most people hate facing things alone so i would definitely choose my faith andtrust and i would choose a boat that didn't have to be amazing. i would also choose some food and water. we could still havefun like go exploring without lots of gadgets.

    1. You can’t expect your family to wash up on the shore.

      1. Maybe not, but giving good reasons why that would be valuable is what we have asked for here!

  • In my opinion, a few coconut seeds would be enough. This is because:
    1) When the coconuts are planted and you're hungry, you can eat or drink from inside the coconut (to crack the coconut you could use a block from the coconut tree!).
    2) From the tree, you could build a raft.
    If you packed a few coconuts onto the raft, I think you could safely and without hunger reach the land!

  • Waking up I see the views of the ever-lasting sea. I know that something valuable is there, I can just feel it in the air. I walk up towards the tides. I see a bottle full with pages. I take it to my house. I look inside to see what looks like pages with strange writing. Upon closer inspection I find that they speak of a tomb, untouched for centuries.

    If I was at the sea-side the thing I would treasure most is an adventure. It doesn't have to be a tomb or a map to treasure, any adventure would be what I treasure.

  • The most valuable item you could find on an island 🌴 ,is probably a broken piece of a plate because when I go to the foreshore, I see pieces of them and once I nearly found all the matching ones. If I had found them all, then I’d fix it and try selling it for around £30 - only if it was a porcelain . It’s the cheapest amount for it as it has already been broken.


    1. This idea is good but how will you sell it if there is no human life around you except yourself. I don't agree with you because you would have to sail back to land. But you could use these broken plates to so show build a boat. To do this you would have to find some sort of material to put it together and find another material to make oars so you can sail to sell the rest of these broken plate pieces.

  • If I were on a desert island I would want one of the most valuble items that I could get-love. This could be physical in the form of a note from a reletive telling me to stay strong or it could be just a memory in my head. Love could help me think of a way to survive and get of the island.

  • The item I would want to wash up would probably be a radar transmitter since I may be able to contact and detect ships passing by but if there was no drinkable water and no edible food I would want I jug of water to be washed up on the shore

  • I would also have a magnifying glass because I could use it as a frying pan ( it depends on how big it is). You can also reflect the sun from it and make a fire.

  • i would say old gold silver bronze coins that were from the past

  • Dear diary,
    I have been stuck on an isolated island for the past 2 days now and I have not found any food and I’m starting to starve.
    Since the plane crash, I have only used a couple of logs to make a fire, and the fire is the only essential thing I have here. I have also tried fishing, but I have not come to any luck. And (although revolting) have eaten small crunchy bugs climbing on the few trees in the centre of the island.
    The tide has came closer and closer and I have started becoming scared of the water: I can not swim.
    As I snuggled around the left of the fire, I noticed something long floating towards the shore. Curious, I stepped towards the water. As my freezing feet touched the coldness of the water, a piece of long rope came towards me.
    I had a great idea. Suddenly I ran towards the fire, blew it out and grabbed the logs. I wrapped the rope around the logs and suddenly, a raft was made. As I jumped onto the raft, I picked up the last log and rowed away to the ocean.

  • I would find a bottle with a map because maybe from the old times the pirates would have dropped the bottle in the water and over the past few years it would wash away on the shore where I am.

  • I would like a coconut to wash up on shore. This is because coconuts are actually seeds and you can re-plant them to get more coconuts to eat and drink. Coconut oil is really good and is really useful. It protects you from sun rays and on a desert island I think that is really helpful in this case. As you can plant more, the bark from the tree is really useful too. You could use it for a fire to keep you warm, shelter, and a raft to travel back home.
    A bottle of money would be good, but it wouldn’t help you to survive or leave the desert island.

    1. I like you idea if you were stranded on a derset island no drink no food it would be great for that to appear however, if you were rich and was living in a luxrary hotel would you need that to appear

      1. Yes because I am stuck on an Island and I can’t access my luxury.

      2. Yes but the idea was you were stuck on an island not in a luxurious hotel.

    2. I agree that a coconut could be useful although you would not be able to survive off of a coconut so you would not be alive for that as you would only survive off of a coconut for a couple of days . In my opinion I would rather get a raft or some type of transporter so I could go home and see my family.

      1. As I have said before, I would re-plant the coconuts to get more.