Weekly Competition #18

28 January 2019

affable_weaver and communicative_bird

Well done to everyone who used their scepticism skill in this week’s competition. Our winners gave very good explanations about why they were sceptical and we can learn a lot from them. Affable_weaver reminded us to be sceptical about the newspaper’s intention. Are they printing exaggerated headlines to make you buy papers, and therefore make lots of money? Watch out! Communicative_bird reminded us to be sceptical of our news sources and check our facts before believing what we read.

Two very important lessons. Well done!


It's time to flex your scepticism muscle!

In this Issue, we've been asking you to challenge the headlines you hear about crime. It's important to be sceptical if you hear something that sounds like a bold, sweeping statement. We should check the facts, find out whether the statistics support the statement and read the article before we make a judgement or come to a conclusion.

This week, have a go at finding a headline that you're sceptical about and explaining why you're unsure about it. For example, you might have been sceptical about the headline you saw in the session which said, 'BLOODBATH BRITAIN'. You don't have to choose one that is related to the current Issue.

Good luck! Winners will be announced next Friday.

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  • I think that “brexit” is a worrying headline because it reduces one of the most important decisions in British history as a cheap advertising slogan.

  • 'HATE CRIME.' Why do we call crime this? Some people who have committed a crime did it because they thought it was the right thing to do.
    Think about 9/11. The pilots of the two planes were worshippers of Allah. They thought that their god told them to crash the planes that they were flying. They thought that Allah told them that if they crashed their planes they both and all the passengers and the people in the building would be saved of their sins and would go to heaven.
    Those pilots sacrificed themselves and all the other people because they thought they would all be saved of their sins. It was a terrible crime but they did it out of consideration.
    In conclusion, some crime is not full of hate.

  • I think that the headline 'Britain on its last hinges' is something to be scepticak about. Upon further inspection, the article claims that Britain is getting less safe each coming year. It also goes on to say that Brexit will spark protests(this itself is no unusual) and it will mean that Britain will begin to break down after this(this is unusual).
    There are many flaws in its argument. For example, it does nit once have evidence and even says that this is not proven.
    I feel that many news agencies are taking advatage of Brexit to sell their papers and to strike fear into thr hearts of its readers so that they will buy more of the newspapers to see the situation. After all, although the news agency is here to tell the news, it is also a business, and the aim of a business is to make money.

  • Brexit is definitely worrying because they can't decide whether we are going to leave or stay some people want a vote again but what if this time staying wins and then others want best out of three, it costs lots of money to have a vote, we can't have 3 votes for the same thing. That is why I think Brexit is the most important headline.

  • I think that crime is a worrying headline because it is very serious like Brexit and the world.also crime can be very violent because people get killed.

  • Does the headline have to be real?

  • I believe the headline 'kill the racist` is a worrying newspaper headline because people who are racist will be terrified. They would think they are gonna die soon. Also people who aren't racist and know someone who is racist will be scared for their racist friend or relative.

  • The one I think is most important is a new drug which relieves cancer because a lot of people are struggling with cancer

  • To begin with, I believe that any type of crime that you see on the news is very upsetting and terrible. Crime has a lot of aspects to it and I am sceptical about most of it. Earlier in one of our lessons, we watched this video about crime and police data vs survey data. Survey data is when you get a group of people and you see their response to something whereas police data is what the police witnesses after arresting someone. So, some of the articles that we read on the news are from different viewpoints so some people may doubt most of the things we read about crime. I am sceptical about most headlines as they may either be from the point of a police officer or from data. Some people would argue that, survey data may be more reliable whereas police data is more useful. For example, the police data may be along the lines of ‘’Police warning, over ‘violent thugs.’’- BBC News. (This may most likely be from the point of the police.) However, ‘The survey for England and Wales suggests that there was an 8% increase in theft.’ would be survey data. In particular, I am quite cynical about the headline, ‘Boy stabbed after having no affiliation with gangs’, family says.’’ Now this made me wonder, how did he get stabbed? Apparently, police have no idea why and his family are oblivious to what happened, so it made me wonder if something else was happening. Overall, I am unsure about most headlines as you must consider the perspective and everything that happened. (Witnesses and the statistics etc.) Furthermore, some companies may over-exaggerate to draw your attention, but it might not be true. To conclude, in order to be dubious about something you must remember that information is collected in different ways.

  • Brexit is a headline that I am worried about because it is one of the biggest things to happen to the UK in British history. Also, we would have to find other ways to trade goods as we are separate from the group of countries that is the EU.

  • I would like to think that Brexit is a very worrying headline due to the risk we are taking and its very worrying if it goes wrong and we are in a situation where we cant get back in and some people would like to stay but some people don't and I personally think they should call it off so we are playing the safe route

  • I think that the most important headline on the news is ...................................CRIME . I think it is crime because I always have a lot of questions to ask . Questions like will the person who committed the action ,will there be the same crime by the same person near my home ? So that is why I think it is the most important headline in the news so far.

  • I think crime is important because there are always lots of things to ask

  • Just to say,I think that the crimes are very important to take care of because tons of people die every year not just because of old age and diseases but also because of people being killed so we need to stop more people from deing so that we have more population.How would you feel if someone stabbed you in the back?

  • Crime is a worrying headline to listen to. Mainly because people may feel insecure because they might hear about the news then think that it is likely for it to happen to them and some might possibly have a nervous breakdown about being a victim in any crime.Crime is dangerous.Crime is unreasonable.

  • Crime is a headline that makes me worried because I don’t feel safe anymore; meaning I have to look at my surroundings when I go out by myself. For example when school finally finishes I walk home by myself so I need to be careful.

  • In this case, any crime is heartbreaking and scary. It could make you weak and unsure. So for instance Brexit could be making people feel unsure and nervous about the stakes of the country you’re in and when you hear about things going on in places like London, you could really feel petrified and ask yourself questions like: could this ever happen to me? Or: is my country or town safe anymore?

  • “Thereasa May Set To Reveal Plan B For Brexit”: this headline made me feel sceptical and doubtful because after the general election, many people had second thoughts on Thereasa May’s plan( A) on the country leaving the EU. Furthermore, after May survived the confidence vote with a majority of 83, many people had second thoughts on the current primeminister’s plan for leaving the European Union. Therefore, I am sceptical for the second plan because if people vote against it, and we don’t have a plan when we leave the EU, we will not have a plan and possibly won’t be able to trade with European Union countries.

  • i am sceptical on a news article were it lies about a celebrity and it makes a scandal which could ruin his career and also break his fans hearts and as a fan my self its sad people are trying to pull him and his band down its so common and horrible to hear and watch people spread fake news

  • I am most sceptical about the headline that says things about the Plan B for Brexit. I am sceptical about this as most of the MP's rejected her first plan. Her colleagues did not have faith in her this meant that her Brexit plan went downhill as not many of her peers wanted it. Fortunately she won the confidence vote, but many people might not be on the same page as May and it might lead to a no deal Brexit. This makes me feel unconvinced as people might not like May's second Brexit deal. If they don't like it, there might be a no-deal Brexit or no Brexit at all. This means people's businesses/well-known shops may not be able to trade the other European countries. The talk about Brexit has made me dubious about what will happen in the future.

  • 'No news is good news'
    I am sceptical about this quote because I think some news is good.The news mostly shows bad news for example;killings,medical failures or natural disasters.They are just some of the things they talk about on the news.Although, occasionally they will talk about good news such as;animals being rescued from predators/hunters,a new medical cure or even a famous star meeting their number one fan.These are also a few of the things in the news.

  • I read a headline that said 'Adolescents who self-harm are more likely to commit violent crime ' and it was published by a newsagent SciTech Europa however that is not a trusted newsagent and if they are harming their selves then why would they want to harm other as well and the reasons for doing those two things are hugely different so I am sceptical about that. I also read another report that read 'London Tube violent crime rises by 43% in three years' but I am not sceptical about that because it was published by BBC News which is a trusted newsagent and before it was near nothing when it came to train violent crime and now it has risen a lot.

  • Murder breaks Britain

    I thought of this headline myself because it is one where you are sceptical. Personally I would definitely challenge this headline because it doesn't sound like it would happen.

    1. Because if murder broke britain than everyone would be affected but my town is not affected so that wouldn't be true.

    2. Because it doesn't sound like a headline that would be in Britain.

    3. Because that sort of headline would be in a different country such as: Brazil because lots of their policeman went on strike last year meaning that my headline would be appropriate for this country. In addition to this, our police force is a very strong police force so murder will not break Britain any time soon so we don't need to worry about anything that is happening in our country. Finally, if murder breaks Britain it won't be for long thanks to the police force so we know this point isn't true.

  • "Bloodbath Britain" is very worrying because it shows that Britain has had a lot of murders. It could affect me or my family soon or deeper into the future.

  • I am sceptical about the headline 'BLOODBATH BRITAIN' because I think Britain is very safe place to live in. Also, I think Britain is safe due to police. Police keep our country safe and without the police i would definitely not be sceptical about this headline. In fact, I am pretty sure that this could never happen in this safe country.

  • I think that the headline Kate the crusader! Duchess wows in a £550 green belted dress by ethical fashion label Beulah I'm sceptical because I think this new is pointless and people don't need to show off the cloths and the price. Moreover, it isn't relevant and it doesn't affect the words.

  • I am skeptical about Ronaldo´s taxes in which in The Guardian says he payed 19million to the Spanish state to avoid going to prison, however in the BBC News it is written that he payed 18.8 million.Should everyone not be skeptical?

  • i ti“Thereasa May Set To Reveal Plan B For Brexit”: this headline made me feel sceptical and doubtful because after the general election, many people had second thoughts on Thereasa May’s plan( A) on the country leaving the EU. Furthermore, after May survived the confidence vote with a majority of 83, many people had second thoughts on the current primeminister’s plan for leaving the European Union. Therefore, I am sceptical for the second plan because if people vote against it, and we don’t have a plan when we leave the EU, we will not have a plan and possibly won’t be able to trade with European Union countries.

  • I`m sceptical about the headline "Rescuers drill a tunnel to save spanish toddler who fell into a 300-foot well". I`m sceptical about this headline because I don`t think that the toddler has fallen into the well. I think this because they have found a plug of earth but not the child. This means that either the toddler magically went through the plug or that he hasn`t fallen at all.

  • i am sceptical about the headline https://elpais.com/internacional/2019/01/22/mundo_global/1548111711_405178.html?autoplay=1 becaus ei think it looks fake

  • I am sceptical about the headline 'Ronaldo signs his sentence to two years in prison for tax fraud' because I have read three different articles and none of them agree. One says he is paying 19 million euros, another one says that he is going to pay 18.8 million euros and the last one, says he does not even pay and he is going into jail. Therefore, as i do, people won't be able to know the truth and won't know which article they should believe.

  • I think this shouldn't be a thing as it may cause problems as too much attention is focused on a point


  • I'm sceptical that the 2 year old Julien fell down a well in Malaga because they said that the well was very small and he couldn't go through. Furthermore every person they talk to says a different version. I think Julien has been kidnapped and there is no evidence that he is down the well. Finally, there was a little bag near the well, and his father said that it was Julien's but we don't know if it's true.

  • i found this article in el pais (english)"80% of men and 55% of women in Spain will be overweight by 2030" i feel sceptical about this head line because there in no evidence about this and it is not possible to know what will happen in 11 years, the things could suddenly change so this might not be true

  • Julien, a boy of 2 years falls into a hole in the ground of 70 meters deep. This happened in Malaga, Spain 1 week ago. Engineering say that they are doing another hole which goes directly were the little boy is. I am sceptical because nobody is actually see him fall.

  • La madre de Pogba humilla a un troll de su ¿sobrevalorado? hijo
    Premier League Pogba propicia un cara a cara de su madre con uno de sus críticos en internet
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    22/01/2019 10:45 CET
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    La madre de Pogba humilla a un troll de su ¿sobrevalorado? hijo
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    El peor corte, y el más sangriento, visto en años en un ring de boxeo

    Wanda Nara le dedica una canción al Inter en italiano

    La sumisión de la Kournikova UFC que deja tocada a 'Wonder Woman'

    Espectacular anuncio de adidas en el que Paul Pogba enfrenta a uno de los trolls que le critican en las redes sociales con su madre. El resultado es demoledor.
    Im sceptical because as this is an advert maybe it is all planed to be funny so more visits are done making more money. Therefore it is hard to know what to believe.

  • BBC said that Cristiano Ronaldo is only going to pay 18 million but in sports España said that he is going to pay 19 million and 23 months of jail so im aseptically because I dont know who belive.

  • The famous futbol player, Cristiano Ronaldo accepts €18.8m deal over tax evasion
    2 hours ago although on others news papers the amount of money keeps changing so we should not trust some news.

  • i think not everyone should be sceptical because for example, in the article of ´´Emiliano Sala`` we can see how Marca (a spanish news web) says his own father assures he is dead and ´´devastated``. Although, BBC assures he has gone missing but doesn´t say if he could even be on a holiday. i think it very difficult to believe if he is dead or alive. What a problem!!!

  • “Teenager accused of beating 4 year old to death and after she spilt juice on his xbox” this makes me sceptical because why would someone beat a little girl to death just for spilling juice on an Xbox you can get a new one or fix it not kill someone this is how addicted teens and a lot more people are to the internet I think this is horrific.

  • Hate crime is a bad title because not all crime is due to hate, for some people they have no choice but to do crime.

  • I think the headline Brexit is important because if plan A didnt work and they got a plan B and if that doesnt work its going the ruin the whole brithish history and crime is an important because if there is a lot of crime giong on and the goverment dont do anything to stop all of the beautiful young people are gone

  • im sceptical about Brexit because i mostly don't understand the EU but im aware of what brexit is about and it gets me thinking about what happens if we ACTUALLY LEAVE THE EU. What will happen? i dont know.

  • I am sceptical about the headline Hate Crime because the news papers are just assuming that the crime was due to hate whereas not all crime is caused by hate

  • I think that calling something hate crime is bad because all crime has a little element of hate. Maybe not for that particular person but for life or something in their life

  • in a lot of news paper the saying the EU £350 million a week for the NHS if we leave the EU and they havent promised that. This is has been misleading in serval news paper

  • The headline I am sceptical about is 'TITANIC SINKING; NO LIVES LOST' because I know that around 1,500 people lost their lives due to this and that it probably wouldn't be as famous as it is currently if nobody had died when it sank.

  • im most scepical about 'coldly mechanical collage of 768 tragic deaths' because a collage has kids at 21 to 24 and they should know better. and if it was a explosion, they should of had a supervisor or something

  • hillery clinton has adopted alien baby! this is fake because aliens are not real.

  • I am sceptical about the headline "farmer shoots 23-lb grasshopper" because 23 pounds is the same as 10 kilograms and that is a lot for a grasshopper to weigh. Also, I saw a huge grasshopper then I would let it live because it is one of a kind and I am extremely surprised that the farmer would kill it instead of trying to capture it and give it to a zoo or something. I fell that this headline is fake and that if it was real then the farmer would be very stupid to kill such a marvellous animal/creature.

  • 'Donald Trump uses money as toilet paper'. I am sceptical about this because if Terisa May doesn't why would he

  • Teenager chokes baby to death because never wanted to do its nappies. I am sceptical about this because it would take 2sec of your life or someone's life. Really

  • Where did the name crime come from because it means something bad has happened also it does not really sound like a British name because of the way you pronounce it or spell it . Crimes always occur in London which does not mean London is not safe. Fortunately, London is a great place to live and a wonderful place on our planet earth.

  • Why should be violent ?

  • This is also strange because it is said in 2008 that we are leaving the EU

  • Woman hit by police car in Walthamstow dies
    from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-46970831

    I had a conversation with another student and we were debating whether it was the woman's fault for stepping out, or the police's fault for going so fast. I think it wasn't anyone's fault, because the police had to go fast to get to an emergency, and it wasn't the women's fault, because she didn't see the police car. Lots of other people will be sceptical about this too because there will be a court case.

  • I think the headline 'Britain is becoming a less safe place to live ' is most certainly something to be sceptical about . We just assume that it is because of statistics , I mean yes the number is increasing ; however the statistics dont take into account the following thing... The British population is increasing ! The statistics do not show the also significantly ascending amount of people in Britain . Consequently when you take that into account Britain isn't really changing as substantially

  • "What is Theresa May's Brexit Plan B and when will Parliament vote on it?"

    This is an article from The Telegraph which I am extremely skeptical about. This is because of a couple of things. First, as I believe a few others have already mentioned, one of Britains most uncertain and largest decision is being reduced to a small and broadly scoped phrase. The term wasn't even derived just for this event, it was taken from Greece's similar exit.

    Another point I am dubious about is the use of a question in the headline. Using a question shows that a definitive answer may not be provided by reading the column or only that theories will be provided. Though this may entice many readers this is a prime example of where fake news may fester.

    The final point I am going to make is that many people only follow Great Britain leaving the European Union from headlines and snippets of information given to them through other media. This article implies that our government is running out of ideas and Theresa May has had to resort to a "Plan B". Many would not look at this and be skeptical but be drawn into a dangerous game of rumors and fake news because they are only given a small piece of most probably biased text designed to attract you to the article.

    Article: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/0/theresa-mays-brexit-plan-b-will-parliament-vote1/

  • The-Morley-logo-250x250.jpg The Morley Academy | United Kingdom 23 Jan 2019

    EU urges 'golden passports' crackdown concerns us because who exactly is the 'EU'? Is it just one member of the EU urging this or is it all of the EU and, if so, why are they reporting this to the British public today?

  • I am sceptical about the recent headline that has just been released that screen time doesn't do your eyes any harm. Lots of headlines in the past year have been saying things like 'Screen time makes blindness quicker' and other headlines similar to this. However, now, all of a sudden, the news is saying that it only does harm before you go to bed? I am sceptical about this because these two headlines are very contrasting statements to make. Which one is scientifically proven? Are none of them? What's the truth about this?

  • "Iceland still selling own-brand palm oil products despite pledge"

    I am sceptical of this headline because firstly when they refer to "Iceland" how many supermarkets are they referring to that sell products with palm oil. I am sure that most of you agree with me that palm oil is a major factor for deforestation in the world. But is right to blame all of "Iceland" when the newspaper might have tested products from 2 to 3 shops at most?

    Secondly the article headline is quite vague when it comes to pointing specific details. One such detail is who in "Iceland" signed the pledge? Was it the supermarket's pledge or the pledge of the government? I mean there could be a valid reason for the conditions of the pledge not being met.

    In conclusion I feel that this article headline was very vague when it comes to putting forth the facts of the "pledge". As a result I dought if there is any truth to the scale of which supermarkets are selling these products with palm oil as the media are known to exaggerate things.

  • 'Bloodbath Britain' I'm skeptical of this, as it paints Britain as a violent place and that you are constantly under significant threat, as soon as you leave your house, which isn't true especially if you live outside of London. I'm also skeptical about it by the use of the word 'bloodbath', as it insinuates that multiple people a day are being killed which if true, more preventive actions would have been taken and would have been more publicised.

  • My headline would be Theresa May's plan B for Brexit. I am specticle about this headline because already by accesing plan A, May found a failing solution. Also many people very much feel specticle too. For example:
    .Jeremy Corbyn rose to respond to the prime minister's latest attempt to rescue her Brexit strategy.
    ."Nothing has changed," he said. "This really does feel a bit like Groundhog Day."
    .Theresa May was barely a minute into her Brexit statement when a female voice on the Labour backbenches called out: "No change."
    This actually suggests that many others are also doubting her actions to succeed.

  • I have heard this word alot "I hate crime and I will hurt you" my opinion is never keep a problem to your self tell a trusted adult because we are all people and know one can stop us to do something .I know that crime is increasing but all I can say right now is stay safe and report if you hear or if you get threatened ,see something.

  • I am sceptical 🤨 of the headline about kinder eggs. A few years ago I’ve seen headline’s saying ‘ kinder eggs are being made with ear wax!’. This made me think that maybe the company has been shut down but it wasn’t. Up until now they have been selling this product and there has been no problem at all.

  • Can anyone 'own' the Moon?

    Recently, China has landed on the dark side of the moon on a probe called Chang'e-4 and it managed to germinate a cotton seed in a biosphere on its surface planning to setting up a research base and they have discovered that there are elements you can find if you mine the moon such as:

    • Yttrium (which is used for electronics)
    • Gold (which is used in jewellery, medicine and aerospace)
    • Platinum (used in chemical processes and medical devices)
    • Water (used to fuel crafts that are travelling to further destinations)
    • Terbium (used in fuel cells and alloys for electronic devices and found in electronic screens),
    • Europium (used in optics to manufacture certain laser lenses)
    • Dysprosium (extremely rare element)
    • Neodymium (used in magnets)
    • Other extremely rare materials found on the Earth

    A Japanese company called iSpace is planning to setup an "Earth-Moon transportation platform" and carry out "polar water exploration" on the Moon together with Space Tourism.

    People now are wanting to claim the moon as their property and ‘own it’ in order for their personal wealth including the US, Russia, UK Japan India and China.

    I am sceptical about this headline ‘Can anyone ‘own’ the Moon?’ since I believe that the moon belongs to everyone in the world because it has a massive impact in where all of us live. It controls the tide -high and low- and it keeps the Earth from spiralling out of orbit so it has the right temperature for humans to live in. In addition, anyone could own the Moon if they had all of the technology, money and become powerful among the world; they also would be able to achieve the same as the US or the Soviet Union. The 1967 Outer Space Treaty (the Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies) was eventually ratified by 62 countries so if so many countries have agreed to the Outer Space treaty, how could anyone own the Moon?

    Another reason that I am sceptical about this headline is since this headline leads me to further questions:

    1) Will mining the Moon and bringing materials to Earth affect Earth’s orbit and will the Earth spiral out of orbit into an inhospitable area of space, away from the sun?

    2) On the other hand, will the Moon come closer to the Earth because of the increasing mass of the Earth and reducing the similar mass in on the Moon?


  • I am sceptical about *Brexit Plan B* because if the Members of Parliament do not vote in support of Theresa May's plans then this could result in either a no deal Brexit or a second referendum for the people to decide.

  • The title ‘Murder sometimes scares me because hearing about it on the news makes me want to find out more about the crime and see what people are trying to do to stop it.

  • I think that every news articel is scepticle ! yaaaaaay

  • In 2009 a girl called Marta del Castillo died in 2009 in Sevilla, a man called Carcaño ,that was his boyfriend for a short time, killed her and in this 9 years he had known what happened with her and how she was killed but in this years he didn´t confess it to her family. I am sceptical with this headline because maybe he was an obsess with her that when they broke maybe they didn´t broke in a good way and maybe he was very angry with her that she killed her ,but that is not a reason to kill someone so, why did you did it Carcaño?

  • If we add skepticism to everything we are told lots of things we are told everyday by groups trying to lure people in, almost like cults, would be obliterated into oblivion by law suites. Companies whom are considered pyramid schemes by some would get sued to oblivion, take herbalife or young living's essential oils. It is extremely important to be skeptical to these companies because someone with a disease which they claim to cure, like autism, and spend thousands of euros/dollars in a product that just tastes good or smells good. Skepticism is good and you should be skeptical about everything, except vaccines, they just save your life.

  • The most skeptical news that I could find was about the taxis in Spain. They protest against UBER and CABIFY and the license and said that these types of drivers become agressed and taxis want stuff. i think they are taking the situations to the limits.

  • I am spectical about the article about the spanish boy who fell to a well because I don´t think he really fell. Maybe someone pushed him. There is no evidence that he even fell there so maybe he isn´t there at all.

  • Julen a 2 year old baby fell in a 70 m and a 25 cm width hole in Malaga and has been there more than a week and
    firefighters and police are trying there best butt..... was the kid thrown? or someone did it in porpuse?the kid is missing.... no one saw anything....

  • I feel extremely skeptical about this headline in El Mundo, it's called "Julen's rescue" this case has put everyone in spain on edge for the past week, a two-year-old-boy "fell" into a 75 meter deep well. I feel very suspicious about this because of various things.

    Firstly, I find a bit suspicious that they still haven't gotten him out, as there are many ways for that but still no one has succeeded yet. I honestly don't think everyone is trying their best to save him because there is a way for everything, for example digging a wider hole for someone to come through and take him out.

    Next, I feel very very skeptical about him falling. I think maybe someone for example the parents or the cousin might have pushed him in. Therefore, I think an investigation should be started as no one can be sure that he fell. I know his cousin and parents are saying he fell but...how exactly do we know what they are saying is true?? To be honest people can't let this pass. It is serious!

    thank you for reading,
    neat_kiwifruit *-* :D ;P :) c:

  • A poor boy of 4 years old fell in a well of 70 m!! they have been making a hole to find the boy, but do we now if he´s there???have they pushed him ??is he alive???

  • I think the articles of the missing boy, Julien, are biesed towards the people who are trying to get the boy out. The boy has been in the hole for nearly 2 weeks with no food or water . The people should have taken this seriously as there is a 2 an a 1/2 year old down there who probably dose´nt even know how to react. There is a possibility that he is alive but you die after 3 days with no water, and this is a baby! Also ther is no real evidence for Julien to be down the hole. The only people there were his parents and his cousin. And couinsidentely ther other child died a few years ago. The also found sweets from the boy ontop of some sweets ontop of him how is it possibel that there is sand ontop of the boy and his sweets are ontop of the sand?

  • Now, there are some countries, like for example Iraq, Asia, etc. That are not living in very good conditions, so how the children can´t have a very good education, adults have decided to make schools inside buses, this is very good because it can help the children grow and learn.

  • In Barcelona the Taxi drivers are on strike and they are breaking and messing up VTC cars like Ubers or Cabify . Also some Taxi drivers are hitting cars that they think are VTC but they are not.
    So they are news that say there are not going to more VTC and others say there are not going to be more Taxis.

  • ‘The Teen who Mocked Native American’.The boy looked very smug when he was facing the Native American who was drumming. All the boys who were with him were jeering and laughing. He later said that the Native American came up to him and just stopped in front of him and stared. He also said that he smiled and one point to show that ‘he didn’t mean any harm or aggression’. I am quite sceptical about this because the boy was clearly mocking him. He may of said that the Native American was in the wrong but I believe that the boy was. Personally I have taken to the Native Amercian’s side.