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I engaged in discussions on many topics upon this platform. For me, the two topics which connect... Competition #4 Connecting topics 21/11/22
To be very honest about my opinion, I would like younger individuals to lead the world. Many... Older or younger lawmakers? 21/11/22
I would love to agree with what you said, however better for the enviornment it is online mode... Are COP events sustainable? 15/11/22
Well the only significant consequence i see is maybe lack of effectiveness, you see in such case... Are COP events sustainable? 15/11/22
I definately think this can be a wonderfull option as locallly held meetings would allow people... Are COP events sustainable? 14/11/22
In my opinion, One major initiative organisers can to make the COP events more sustainable and... Are COP events sustainable? 07/11/22
I believe, stating that 95% of teens spend excessive time on social media would be a bit of an... Competition #1 Interpreting statistics 03/11/22