Competition #1 Interpreting statistics

15 December 2022

Winners announced!

Well done for your entries to our first competition and congratulations to fiery_raisin of Boutcher CofE Primary A and efficient_moment of Shouka Prep Girls School, who are the winners this week!

Every week winners are awarded 3 stars for their winning entries!

Winning comments!

  • efficient_moment | Shouka Prep Girls School | Palestine 01 Nov 2022

    I think the statistics is 95% of teenagers spend most of their time on social media because today's generation is totally connected to social media. Nowadays teenagers talk to each other on social media instead of meeting each other face to face, and if they are not talking with one another, they will probably be watching something a friend recommended or watching the stories of other friends on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc ... Only few teenagers might not spend most of their time on social media, those teenagers are probably living in rural areas where the internet connection is bad. Finally we can't deny the impact of social media on our lives. It has become a must nowadays.

  • fiery_raisin | Boutcher CofE Primary A 2022 | United Kingdom 03 Nov 2022

    I think the statistic 95% is how many teenagers across the world actually use social media because there is a huge amount of teenagers that have access to social media. I also think the statistic 36% means how much of an average day an average teenager is on social media for, because most of the time teenagers have lots of friends who use social media and then they talk to them online for 36% of the day.

The news is full of numbers and statistics, so for this week’s competition, we’re asking you to think creatively about them.

First think about the headline: "Teenagers spend too much time on social media". Then look at the numbers below it. What might "a fifth", "36%" or "95%" stand for in this news story?

Your job is to pick one of the numbers, say what you think it represents for this news story and explain why. Your ideas must be linked to the news story about teenagers and social media.


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  • I say one fifth because I have a friend that has a phone and barely uses it.

    1. I agree because...
      There are some educated parents who can put screen timer on their children's phone whereby the phone locks itself as soon as the given time is done and it needs a password that the parent put in to unlock itself so there is no way a chil can use it more and this can help restrict children from using their phones often.

  • i do agree but parents make it out to be them spending too much time on their phone its like 50 percent of the time on the phones

  • Personally, I think that the number "95%" stands for how much time in the day that teenagers are on their electronic devices. I'm often on tiktok and spend most of my day on it after school. I also feel that this is not healthy but I will continue to be on my device because it entertains me.

    1. Yes, it amuses us all, but it has more harm than benefits, which causes weakness, distraction, introversion and depression, so do not overdo it by sitting on the phone

  • I think 95% represents the teens who spend too much time on social media and the 35% are the other teens who do not spend that much time on social media, and a fifth represents the teens who use social media fairly amount of time.

  • I choose 95%. I think that stands for how many kids do not agree with this statement. Me personally I don't agree with this statement because it depends which child it is and how they act that depends on should they have technology

  • I think the statistic is 95% because millions of people around the world use different social media platforms every day like tiktok, twitter,and instagram and more.

  • In my opinion i think a fifth of teenagers are addicted to social media.

  • I think that the 95% statistic is the percentage of parents' belief that the reason for the decline in the levels of their teenage children is social media because it has established in the parents' mind that it is not useful and that it is a waste of time and a distortion of the mind. Unusual, because at this stage hormones rise and they have increased cases of depression, sadness and stress, because at this stage the mind dispenses with the body, so the body does what it wants, but when this stage is controlled and taken care of by the parents, you look at the impressive change because of the attention and love that Parents presented it to their teenage children in the most difficult stage of their lives, which is the stage of adolescence, so social media is not always the cause of children’s rebellion.

  • I believe that 95% could be referring to how many people think that teenagers spend too much time on social media, because most of the adults think that their teenagers spend too much time on their phones.

  • I think the statistic is 95% of teenagers that know that they are spending too much time on their phone because they have the knowledge of how much time they spend on their phone. Most teenagers are told that they spend too much time on their phone everyday by their parents.

  • I think that 95% of teenagers would admit that they are spending too much time on their phones but like 36% of them do something about that am reduce their screen time

  • I believe that 36% could refer to parents’ opinions on their children’s time spent on social media. Most parents are busy nowadays with work or they don’t enjoy being a big part of their child’s life, so they aren’t familiar with their opinions on life and their choices. They can just be neutral and not say anything about it.

  • I think the 95% of parents think that we are spending a lot of time on phone but thats not true in my experience i stay on phone a lot and my dad is telling me of but he doesn’t come or see me when i do homework or studying or doing things that are good for our future.

  • I think the statistics is a 95% of teenagers spend too much time online because some of them don’t have real friends or they aren’t sure about them and online helps them by encouraging them(by following them or like their posts and comment ),maybe some people are just anxious and social media make them feel in their own world.

  • I think that, 95% could be reffering to the teenagers that have a phone and mostly use it for social media apps. Those are so distracting and addicting that make teens forget about what they actually have to do and stay on their phones scrolling on the media. The other 5% might be determinated by the teenagers that have a phone but use it only for keeping in touch, like calls or messages.

  • I think that 95% represents the number of teenagers who spend too much time on their phones. I can see a lot of people on their devices on the street, while walking, in stores, on busses, and so on.

  • I think 95% means the teenagers who spend too much time on devices. My sister is only 7 and she is addicted to the phone, she watches YouTube all the time, and my mom doesn't know how to handle this.

  • I think 36% may refer to the percentage of teenagers that spend too much time on social media because according to, "there are 1.3 billion adolescents in the world today" and according to, "35% of teens are using at least one of the social media almost constantly". Using maths, 35% of 1,300,000,000 is 455,000,000 and if we are to find the percentage of 455,000,000 teenagers out of 1,300,000,000 it would be 35% which is closest to 36%.

    1. Great use of statistics to support your answer here amazing_computer! I like that you also included the reference of where you got this information from to support your reasoning.

  • 36% of teenagers say that they spend too much time on social media.

  • I feel one of the reason the world is facing is because of conflict mainly because conflict is the biggest driver of hunger in the world. And also during the Ukraine's war they blocked the supply of food in the world because Russia exports were blocked and Ukraine's planting system were also blocked and it is causing low and poor income in the world because most countries depend on import. And food is becoming very expensive and also the low rate of import is rising the cost of food.
    Weather is also a factor of the global world crisis because there is natural disasters in some countries causing lack of food eg hurricane and drought causing shrinking harvests and adding food prices meaning when there is no harvest there is no food. My suggestion is that leaders should put more attention on the global crisis and their causing factors and try to prevent it.

  • I think the 95% the people that agree with the fact that teenagers do spent to much time on social media.

  • I think the statistic is that 36% of students think that their parents spend more time on social media than them.

  • I think the figure of 95 is how much teenagers use the Internet because a lot of teenagers around the world use the Internet as a way to eradicate boredom, but there are parents who are hard on their children not to use the Internet because adolescence is a sensitive phase in human beings.

  • The discovery of space has many benefits for humans, such as economic, cultural and scientific benefits. Therefore, space is worth spending time and money on to create a positive human future. This led to very important technical and scientific inventions and achievements. And when they overcame this challenge, they were able to develop technologies and make them amazing for humans to benefit from on Earth.

  • I think that the figure of 95% represents the amount of teenagers who spend their time on electronic devices because most of us are teenagers and we see this and use addictive games such as PUBG, Fortnite and Free Fire. And also many applications such as YouTube, Tik Tok and social media sites. Parents should take care of them and take them out of the electronic world

    1. Interesting points here honest_cat. Can you explain more on why you think parents should 'remove their children from the electronic world'?

  • I think the stat is 36% because:
    I am not saying that teenagers do not spend a lot of time on social media, but some of them are not inclined to it. That: In Gaza, many teenagers work in search of a livelihood, and some of them encounter obstacles and tend to cause problems to overcome them.

  • It could be 36, because most of the teenagers, from my point of view, are busy with things far from the sites, because they are in a large group from my point of view. Social networking sites are sometimes necessary for teenagers, but in a very small percentage and in a short time because they can present their hobby and be encouraged

  • I think Census 95 is the statistic that accounts for teens' use on social media, and many teens use Tik Tok and Instagram.
    While we know that adolescence starts from the age of 11-18. In addition, many things change for boys and girls, including morally, psychologically, and physically, and you know that at this point a lot of teenagers make a lot of mistakes at this point.
    Some may not accept adolescence in the same way. He may be happy with the changes that have occurred in him and prepare for the changes that have challenged him and prepare for adulthood. There are many teens who feel ashamed, afraid or embarrassed of them.
    I am a child at this point. I want to advise some teenagers that adolescence is beautiful and there is no need to be shy, afraid or embarrassed about it.
    Because everyone goes through this stage.
    I hope you will listen to my advice, and I wish you all the best

  • I think that 95% of teenagers own smartphones and spend most of their time on social media platforms because of the lack of consideration by their parents.
    And 35% of the workers, employees and students to complete their tasks only
    And 5% of children spend their time playing on smartphones rather than benefiting from reading and learning.

    1. I'm not sure about this because not all of the people use smart devices for playing and watching some of them use smart devices for learning, studying and improving their skill and if all the smart devices were removed from the world that might be one of the biggest disadvantages because if there's and emergency or news that are supposed to be delivered at a certain time this will be a problem even there are mails and letters but they take ages to be delivered and in my opinion not only 35% of the people work and study, I think 60% will be enough

  • Famine: It is the lack of food in the world or its availability, and this affects the increase in the number of deaths in the world. There are regions and countries where famine is widespread, namely Somalia, Yemen and Sudan. There are reasons for famine: wars, drought, the spread of agricultural pests, and the failure of agricultural seasons. This problem can be solved through the eradication of poverty in any form, continuous cultivation, and the provision of food to obtain it in times of need.

    1. Do you think it will be easy to "eradicate poverty" cultured_gazelle?

  • I think that 95% of teenagers use their electronic phones continuously at the present time. Most of the groups of people are the ones who share their daily lives on social media. Other than that, in Western countries they use smartphones in schools and educational institutions. This is a result of the technological development that suddenly appeared in addition to To the social relationships that have become happening on the Internet, this may be bad on the one hand, and it may be good on the other

  • I think that the statistic is 95% of teenagers who use the Internet and the media because the Internet provides entertainment and entertainment for teenagers. Where they find that the Internet facilitates and allows communication with their colleagues and teachers in school and the development of their skills, and that the Internet has been used a lot at the time of the spread of the Corona virus (I mean distance learning and quarantine)

  • I think 95% represents the teenagers who spend too much time on social media and the 35% are the other teens who do not spend much time because their social media time is monitored by their parents and guidance or their school schedule is so tight that they cannot squeeze in time for social media and a fifth represents the teens who do not have phones or any gadget that will enable them have access to social media or they are yet to get exposed to social media. In my country the amount of time teenagers spend on social media if invest their grades in school will get better and the rate of which teenagers use medicated glasses will drop.

  • From my point of view, the percentage of adolescents using social networking sites is 95%, most parents are providing phones to their children from very young ages, and this affected them and their communication, as Internet sites have become more prevalent, and every day a different application is downloaded from the other, this indicates the spread of sites and Teenagers are the first usersBecause of global problems, they give their opinion through the Internet and social networking sites and suggest solutions to these problems. Social sites have begun to affect many adolescents because of the length of time we sit on, whether it is for learning or communication, it affects the subconscious mind and its beliefs and every society publishes cross cultureInternet sites, from many societies, I learned information from other societies such as religion, beliefs, and the way of dress. I see that the communication sites made it easier for us to do many things, and we learned about ideas and beliefs other than our thoughts and beliefs

  • I think that "95%" is the time that most teenagers spend at this age, and I am one of those people and one of the most used programs for me is Instagram, and maybe some Tik Tok knows these behaviors are negative. I hope that teenagers reduce the use of phones

  • I think that the statistic is 95% of the percentage of adolescents spending on social media. Increased use of social media can worsen symptoms of depression. Adolescents with this typically show an increase in loneliness and a decrease in social activities
    Another component is anxiety and stress, posting perfect pictures, waiting to receive a lot of likes, as well as bullying and other offensive behaviors online.

  • I want to say at the outset that social media has made the world a small village. 95% of people, especially teenagers, use social media. In our time, social media has become indispensable. 60% of teens use it to waste time on Tik Tok, which in my opinion is a trivial thing. I do not use it and 35% of them use it to do scientific research, read novels and books and talk to people from other countries. The remaining 5% of people who do not use social media is possible because they do not have smart phones or because they do not have time. In the end, I would say that social media Double edged weapon and you choose what you want

  • I think 95٪Teenagers use phones on social networking sites because it is entertaining and spend their time on it greatly. They think that he is a friend to them, but on the contrary, not all the time, because it is not excellent for the eye, but for sites Social media is beautiful, yes, I agree, but it makes them addicted to it, and this is not healthy for them, it makes them isolate from others, and they think that everyone is starting to leave them, but they are wrong because he is the one who distanced them from the communication sites social media, but also as it harms them, but it also has benefits, for example: they can communicate with countries abroad if they have a family member who is an expatriate, and they can also search through social networking sites and more using social sites Communication is definitely teenagers because they always think that they are alone and they are having fun with social networking sites on phones.

  • I think that 95% of the most important problems are the exposure of adolescents to depression due to social networking sites. Research has indicated that the increased use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram increases the likelihood of adolescents experiencing severe depressive symptoms because they will often feel lonely and have a reduced ability to deal with those around them, for example. Adolescents who post their pictures on social media, especially if they are perfect, are waiting to receive positive comments, but they are shocked by sarcastic and negative comments and are subjected to bullying, which causes them frustration and then depression, and it is normal for them to think of harming themselves.

  • I think it's 95% because many teenagers watch social media sites a lot and without organizing time, and this causes low academic achievement and many family problems. Therefore, social media sites must be used in a useful way, such as organizing time to sit on them, for academic research, or watching realistic or religious films.

  • I think stat 95 is the percentage of parents who think this thing is losing their kids' passion, and that this thing called social media is accessible and fun.
    It is one of the simpler daily chores that young people resort to at this age when their hormones are out of balance and because they suffer from pressures, duties and things that pass at a crazy speed ، Many of them think that time in the outside world is silly because there is something to make up for it.

  • I think that the percentage is 36%, as a teenager has responsibilities, even if they are few, so he has to study to secure a future or to please his parents, and he has to participate in household chores and meet family and friends, and some teenagers have jobs or jobs because of the financial situation of the family, they do not find enough time and that Parents always forbid their children or prevent them from the phone and social networking sites if they spend excessive time with them for fear that they will suffer psychological diseases such as violence, autism, addiction, and sometimes physical diseases such as poor eyesight or brain electrolyte imbalance and they order them to do useful work And they enumerate that they were doing more difficult work at the same age and forget that they are not at the same time and that the needs of the teenager change with the change of time, so I think that they do not spend that big time except for some of them.

  • I think statics is 36% of teenagers especially on my hometown have spend too much time on social media especially on tiktok and Instagram I think this because almost of all teenagers nowadays (after the pandemic) have social media accounts and I said 36% of the teenagers are busy studying and parents here are strict about the number of hours their children spend on the phone.

  • I think the static is a 95% of teenagers are addicted to social media reason being that everyone has access to the internet and most social media apps allow people from the ages of 13 to join their platform, on apps like Tiktok and Instagram we young people spend literally the whole day on it getting fascinated by the creative contents and bling lives of celebrities. When we see all this we tend to put pressure on ourselves wanting to keep up with the trends and forcing ourselves to do unnecessary things leading to depression, anxiety, stress and other emotional troubles we normally are not meant to experience.

  • Every person goes through the stage of adolescence and during adolescence it appears regardless of changes thanks to the maturation of a number of endocrine glands; Signs of puberty appear in boys and girls, and notice the increase in the individual’s self-confidence and interest in his external appearance, from his hair styling to the way he dresses and the type of clothes he wears

  • I think that the number 95% is the most appropriate for what adolescents spend on social networking sites. Communication sites were not limited to entertainment, but they became the first and main source, whether social through calls or political in exchange for zoom during quarantine or economic through the circulation of digital currency, so we conclude that communication sites The social became for the teenager like water that quenches his thirst for life and a beacon that lights his life.

  • In my opinion,this has a large negative effect on every country because all teenagers do these days are just sitting on their electronic smart phones, computers or Laptops and keep swiping without any benefits for 95% for a day in their daily life on medias such as Tiktok,Instagram,Twitter, YouTube ect ... . Teenagers are the future of every country and its source to evolve.Not all social media are bad of course like WhatsApp or messenger ect... For connecting with family and friends.

  • I think the statistics is 95% of teenagers spend most of their time on social media because today's generation is totally connected to social media. Nowadays teenagers talk to each other on social media instead of meeting each other face to face, and if they are not talking with one another, they will probably be watching something a friend recommended or watching the stories of other friends on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc ... Only few teenagers might not spend most of their time on social media, those teenagers are probably living in rural areas where the internet connection is bad. Finally we can't deny the impact of social media on our lives. It has become a must nowadays.

  • My choice will be that the statistics indicate that the fifth indicates the time during which adolescents are supposed to use social networking sites, so that the amount of what we sit on these sites will be moderate and reasonable for us as teenagers, as we should have the opportunity to learn about these sites and we should not be deprived of them because they are Useful for us and at the same time it must be under a specific time to know what is really useful to us.

  • When I am sad, I go to the Internet, when I am happy, I go to the Internet, and when I am angry, I go to the Internet, and when learning and researching, I go to the Internet, when I am bored, I go to the Internet. Therefore, I think that 95% of teenagers resort to the Internet at all times, because the teenage period is a sensitive period, and everyone tries to overcome it, but this is not true. Instead of the teenager going to someone to live with him and ask him what he wants, he resorts to the Internet, And not only like that, for example, when a person agrees with someone to go out with him, it spoils, and instead of going out, they talk through social media what they want, so the means of communication have positives and negatives, and this is only one example of its negatives.

    And I think games are more dangerous than social media, as games confuse children and adolescents a lot, and make them united, and all because of their preoccupation with electronic games.

  • Some countries of the world suffer from a health food crisis so healthy food is not a available in their countries , wich leads to the occurrence of diseases in the people of the country , and some die and some survive . In ordar for the taste to avoid this proplem , they must provied healthy food and import food from other countries, and countries that suffer from this proplem : Afghanstan , the united states of America , Somalia , sudan , and Mexico

  • I think that the statistic is 36% because it indicates the percentage of teenagers who have more than one account on some social networking sites and abuse them, so they use it to bully and rebel against others, which makes teenagers hateful. They have a bully and unwanted personality in society

  • For me I think the stat is 95% referring to the amount of time teenagers spend on their phones on social media platforms (I am a teen and I use it by 95%) and all over the world a lot of teenagers spend their time on social media platforms to eliminate boredom
    Some teenagers are introverted and isolated from those around them, so they find that sitting on their phones is the best way and among the applications that attract teenagers (Tik Tok, Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, Twitter, ....)
    And games (PUBG, Free Fire, Subway, ....)

  • I think the stat is 36%.
    The first reason: Some parents do not agree that the son should carry a phone before the age of youth.
    Reason 2: Lots of other teens who don't spend much time on social media; Because of their studies in order to pursue their dreams, and in the Gaza Strip, many teenagers work in search of a source of livelihood. That is, they are busy with things away from social networking sites. Some of them use them in scientific research and talk to people from other countries, at a rate of 36%.
    The third and important reason: is that some applications do not accept anyone under the age of 18.
    I would like to say in the end that social media is a “double-edged sword”

  • I think 95% is the percentage of teenagers spending on social media.
    We all agree that the means of communication are beautiful and entertaining, but recently the percentage of teenagers spending on phones has increased to seven hours a day, and this has made some teenagers suffer from depression, loneliness and isolation from society, and this has led to their violence in dealing with others.
    I think that 36% is the percentage of their correct use of the social networking site. The means of communication have benefits, for example: they can increase their culture about other countries, communicate with other countries, or help students in studying.

  • I think 36% could stand for the amount of people who have more than one device but do not use it for social media. I chose this because, if teenagers spend to much time on social media, they might spend all their time on it with one device ao they can have another to do other things

  • In actuality, youths especially teenagers tend to be more interested in social media and its benefits while sometimes ignoring its disadvantages which gives reason to the concerns raised in the issue of the usage of social media. However, we cannot ignore the percentage of teenagers who choose to balance their social media life with their real ones. If I'm being logical, I would say that 36% of teenagers spend more time away from their Instagram and Tiktok in the second statistic while 95% find it hard to do without checking their profiles and feed in the third one. with so much media software and ways to use them, I can't say a balance between the two is at all realistic in any case. My estimates can be inaccurate or erroneous, but it is just in my perspective.

  • I think that the statistic 36% represents the percentage of adolescents for whom the means of communication had the greatest negative impact on them and their psychological and mental health, which led to this percentage of depression and thoughts of suicide..

  • I think that teenagers use (five) on Twitter, as Twitter is mostly for discussions and exchange of theories, or for example, statements by heads of state or some celebrities, We see little interest in it by teenagers because they do not have these interests and Twitter is a platform for news more than others, so we find greater use of it by the elderly and young people (personal experience and observations from the surrounding environment)

  • I think the statistic is 36% because parents believe that their children are affected by the phone or that the phone affects them negatively, but their belief is wrong because sitting on the phone is a double-edged sword. It is from America to talk via the Internet with a person from France and also spread cultures among the world. It helped in acquaintance between countries and phones helped in many things that cannot be counted. In my opinion, when the time is organized by sitting on the phone, it will not affect us negatively, but will increase its positives

  • I think the five represents teens being monitored by their parents through monitoring apps, which makes teens use social media better and act wisely with them.

  • I think that 95% because my sister is a teenager and never looks up from her phone.

  • I think 36% as I have seen loads of teenagers on social media but I think 95% is a bit too much and one fifth is a bit too little.

  • I believe that having access to the Internet is a right for every person who is able to use it well, positively and safely.

  • I choose 95%. I think that stands for how many kids do not agree with this statement. Me personally I don't agree with this statement because it depends which child it is and how they act that depends on should they have technology

  • 95% that adolescents who use social networking applications and sites are doubly exposed to danger and harm through cyberbullying, anxiety, depression, isolation, violence, threats to the Internet, loss of sleep, and affects the mental health of adolescents and affects the decline in the academic level. Social networking sites must have advantages, including communication with Friends and relatives.

  • I think all ages use the phone and not only teenagers, so it could be 36%
    It is the minute for teenagers, but 95% for the rest, not children, because they are attached to the phone, but one fifth is possible for the elderly

  • In my opinion I think that teenagers use their phones 99.5% from their time and that’s unfortunately from the social media,but for me I usually never go on my phone because I’m not interested in social media that much, but i think that talking and communicating with people in real life is much more better than on the internet .

  • I believe that 95% respectively stands for the the amount of teenagers who are on their phone most oftenly. Furthermore, I predict that the rest 36% stands for the amount of teens who do not use their phone on a day to day basis. Moreover, according to my thoughts, I believe that the 1/5 stands for how many teenagers do not use social media at all.

  • I think that the statistic is 95%, which is the percentage of parents' belief that the reason for the decline in the level of their teenage children is the Internet because they confirmed that the Internet was a waste of time and is not useful, but for me it is useful because some children use it to explain lessons to them

  • yes teens do spend to much time on elecronics and might forget somthing or even worse

    1. Hi industrious_sealion, can you explain what you mean by teens may 'forget something' through spending too much time on electronics?

  • I think that the five statistics refer to teenagers who use social media incorrectly. If you look at its users, you will see that 95% are benefiting from it well, whether it is education or work for them, and 36% of them make up the category that uses it to entertain themselves in their spare time 👍🏽

  • I think that 95% of people who use social media think that it is good and that it is entertaining, but they do not know that it is a waste of time
    For me, I think it is good to communicate with friends, but we must be aware of how to use it in the least possible time so that we can save our time

  • Mobile weapon is useful for those who use it well and not just wasting time and indulging in social networking sites. Mobile is very useful when we use it for cultural and social learning and development.  We can use applications that help us learn other languages ​​or important things that benefit us, so it is very useful when we make it help us in development.

  • I think that 95% of teenagers spend their time on social media such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter etc..
    In this modern world social media plays a vital role in the teenagers life . Teenagers are addicted to the Mobiles and other electronic devices . Some people are misusing the social media but there are people who had a lot of benefits from it. Teenagers finds it as a platform to express their opinions and comment.

  • I think 95% because social media is the most abundant today. Especially among teenagers, there is no one without a social media account. Overall even i am an example for this talk cause I am also using this great platform to convey my thoughts and communicate with people across the globe

  • When it comes to the percentage of teens using social media, it may vary in different countries but i think in average 95% of the teens use social media to entertain themselves, 36% teens are using it for entertainment, interactions as well as to gain knowledge and a fifth of the teens use it only for good and useful proposes such as learning, posting their ideas and talents, etc,. We have to be aware that not only teens are getting addicted to this but also tweens and kids.

  • I think the statistics is 95% of teenagers because the amount of time spent on tiktok is around 5 hours a day making 35 hours a week. I think it is extremely unhealthy because some teenager become depressed because of hate from their followers and some only go to school because they have to. To help with the addiction, I think parents should encourage their child to enjoy school and spend less time on such devices. In effect, this may help boost enjoyment of school and they may gain some new friends. Overall, social media is a great platform to make friends globally but with such comes danger. It would be better if apps have set screen time for us depending on our age. If this works, people will see the benefits of living on our earth and climate change will be held bay a few years.

    Thanks for reading :)

  • I believe that 50% of parents place a parental lock on their devices so that their children do not have access to material which is unsafe for them. This is something I believe more sources should offer.

  • I believe 95% because teenagers love being online and always want something to talk about even though they don't know what it might be about, teenagers also love using phones for good reasons like texting people in their family and texting their friends.

    1. I like that you also mentioned some of the positive reasons teenagers may use their phones generous_physics!

  • Students that have their own mobile,computer or laptop they spend half of their time in using their device but students who don,t have their mobile,computer or laptop they spend their 5% to 10% in using their parents or someone else devices.

  • I think nowadays 95% of the teenagers spend their time on social medias. They are wasting their precious time in social media. Social media is distracting the teenagers. Nowadays 36% of the teenagers became adict to it. Parents are trying to convey this but they are not respecting their words.Teenagers 24/7 they are in online , playing games, seeing reels, typing stories etc. So let's be responsible about our future. Let's see new things apart from these social media.. let's try to avoid social media..

  • I think that the percentage is 95% because most adolescents tend to be introverted and some of them use phone as a reason for isolation and five them do not sit on the phone so much but This does not prevent adolescents from mixing with society, although they use devices a lot, but this does not prevent them from communicating with the outside society through it.

  • I think the statistic is a 95 because most of my friends and my siblings used to spend their whole time in social platforms like Instagram. Nowadays the youngsters are very much talented in various fields. So in order to explore and showcase their talents these social media platforms are really a crucial one.

  • I think the statistic one-fifth represents the teenagers who use social media for education purposes. For example, clarifying a doubt related to a subject, to get a clear idea about a topic, exploring more about a subject/topic and mainly for online classes.

  • A pencil can write till a certain extent only. Once completely used up , it would not allow one to write until sharpened again .Similarly overusing is what makes social media a problem. When adolescents spend more than three hours per day on social media, they put themselves at risk of depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. They are at the borders of their loss of concentration,hard work and mental health, impacting the entire body system. This hampers both the mental and physical health

  • A 2018 research center survey of nearly 750 13-17 year olds found that 45% are online almost constantly and 95% use social media platform,such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. Survey suggests that over 95% of teenagers use social media and that approximately 75% have at least one active social media profile by age 17.
    It is easy to conclude on a 95% users who spend a lot of time on social media, since 95% comes more closely to the declared 75%

  • In my class,we are just 75 students whose age range from 15-17
    70 of us have access to mobile phones which is close to 95%. We operate on our social media account such as Facebook and WhatsApp frequently especially because we join our afternoon class, engage in what is trending and chat with friends out of the city
    Yes, 95% are most frequent on social media

    1. I really like how you have done some research into the data yourself in your own school group.

  • Social media has given teens the ability to instantly connect with others and share their lives through photos,videos and status updates. We describe these platforms as a key for connecting and maintaining relationships,being creative and learning more about the world. So, I agree with the 95% statistic.

  • In my own opinion 95℅ of teens have a smartphone.In my circle of friends i.e school community and my neighbourhood, i found out that YouTube, Tiktok, Snapchat are the most popular online platforms that teens spend too much time on.
    I love to dance and the best platform to express myself is on tiktok as do many to my friends.

  • Many teenagers, myself inclusive, know social media is a place to interact with new people,learn about trending acts,issue such as new songs,dance routines and so on and that why I think it is 95%.

  • According to UNICEF ( we have up to 1.3 billion adolescents which makes up to 16% of the world population and this statistics was taken in the month of April 2022. In the world today, 95% of teens have access to a mobile phone and have access to social media apps like Facebook , WhatsApp, Instagram , tiktok and so on. Each teen spend up to 9 hours on social media. With this statistics above ,it is known that teens have access to mobile phones which rounds up 95%

  • According to my view,I think 95% of teenagers spend too much time on social media. In this 21st century, a generation dominated by technology, statistics have shown that 8 out of 10 teenagers spend most of their time on social media. This, they say, has resulted to addiction of teenagers to social media,cyber bullying, online fraud just to mention a few.

  • 35 students out of a total 45 students in my class are all connected through social media which in include WhatsApp, Facebook,Titok, widely used by teenagers in my class especially for class subject researches, chats, adverts, class continuous assessments among others.

    The above number brings us to 77%, which is closer to 95% of tennagers in my class, who use the social media, especially for fun, researches and personal development.

    I therefore go with the 95% proposed percentage of teenagers who spend so much time on the social media.

  • In my own perspective, I think 95℅ of teenagers age 13-17 use social networks like Facebook, to make new friends and find the public who share common interests and they interact through their computers rather than face to face.
    In this 95℅, i know some of my friends who have thousands of friends that are active on Facebook. These friends engage with one another for long periods of time chatting.

  • In our current situation in Nigeria, I think 95% of teenagers spend more time on social media than their books. Teenagers are mostly on social media in order to make and maintain friendship and share interests.
    My best friends and I are always on social media (mostly when at home) and so do other students. Our interests are on apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp,Instagram,Snapchat e.t.c than our books.
    This makes me agree with 95% teenage social media users.

  • I think 95% of teens spend much time on social media. In my extra class, virtually 80 teenagers overpowers the 10 that do not have a social media accounts or apps. Some teenagers uses theirs for creative things like poem on Instagram which i know of,while some for teens business like selling art and craft. So a whole lot of teens use social media accounts actively irrespective of their various occupations on it

  • I think "95%" of teenagers spend too much time on social media. Today, most of the teenagers keep scrolling these platforms for more than 1.5 hours averagely. Students find social media more interesting than reading books because the content on social media is present in the form of videos and pictures plus they are about their interests and their social circle. It is not the fault of students because the social media platforms are designed to be addictive so that the company could collect more data from their users and use that data to feature them with suitable advertisements according to their content consuming behaviour on the platform. Teenagers feel more socially included while using these platforms as it is a vital part of their lives at this age.

  • I think 95% of teenagers spend more time on social media than ever before. This is because, out of the 75 students in my class 70 of us have access to one social media account or another. We teenagers prefer to be on social media for more than 8 hours than engaging in physical activities because on social media we can witness multiple live events all at ones.

  • There are approximately 300 teenagers that I come in contact with in my environment weekly and everyone of them have a device that is connected to whatsapp,Facebook,Instagram and other networking sites where they spend most of their time. For instance,using my friends and I as final year students in secondary school as an example. We are following university groups to make enquiries on admission requirement and possibly to win scholarship by next year.
    So this simply means that since every teenager I come across especially in the ages of 12 to 16 spend too much time on these sites,we could aggregate this to the nearest proposed figure which is 95% including my friends and I.

  • There are 6 children in my family and we have at least 2 social Media accounts and log in to it everyday. This is not peculiar to me alone. I'm either friends with or following teenagers in my school, my churches on at least one of these apps.
    So I agree that 95% of teenagers spend too much time on social media

  • 95% of teenagers are constantly on social media and while the remaining 5% are those who have no access to smart phone. I think they spend time on social media because it is the fastest means of accessing information.
    YouTube for example has helped me a lot of time to better understand some topics previously taught by my teachers.

  • Recently, my class teacher addressed a class of 50 students who had been passive or totally absent from the social media sites, about the enormous benefits of using the social media to improve knowledge of school subjects and other trends. Surprisingly in a space of two to three weeks, over 45 of them were already chatting and surfing the net and discussing assignment questions via group chats on WhatsApp. The growing awareness of the blessedness and fun offered by social media has plunged the total users of social media to 90% of this teenagers, which makes me agree with 95%.

  • Using of social media is one of the aftermath of the pandemic. Our lives have become predominantly online. The juveniles spend too much time scrolling on different social platforms. However they can't be blamed because pretty pictures, the life updates from friends, the pop culture gossip it’s all so alluring and fascinating. Just the trick is balancing. We the teens need to balance and evaluate what is important for us and what is not and how much time we need to invest on surfing the web. Their is a need to be cautious and alert while using it as it is captivating and absorbing. Moreover in adolescence it is difficult to bifurcate between the unwanted stuff, which is inapt and indecorous. In conclusion, social networking websites has certainly integrated the society, but not all of the outcomes of this have been positive and are even harmful.

  • I think it's 95% because I have lots of brothers and sisters who's eyes are litteraly glued to their phones and i have also seen a lot of videos of teenagers and their phones.

  • I think that 95% stands for the amount of teenagers that use social media apps. For instance I and a good number of my friends are always on TikTok, Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat whenever we are given the chance. And we spend a good amount of time on these platforms. Another cause of the high percentage would be that almost every teenager has access to a gadget and internet.

  • I think the 36% represents the time teenagers that can access internet and gadget but do not have fulltime access to them for example either they access it like thrice a week or have a busy school schedule that prohibits them to spend most of their time on the internet like here in Uganda teenagers that go to school are not allowed to go with gadgets so they fall under this category, even teenagers that are under tight supervision of their parents fall under this category.

  • In my view,95% of teenagers' time is spent on social media platforms since they are entertained by them, mostly due to addiction on porn sites, online games, netflix ,tiktok, online live football, instagram, twitter, telegram and snapchat. This is also brought about by unemployment of teenagers enabling them to have too much free time . Other teenagers are social media influencers hence they are pressured to continuous posting. Therefore i conclude that teenagers spend 95% of their time on social media.

  • I believe that 95% of teenagers in the UK have a smartphone. The UK is a developed country therefore most families can afford buying mobiles. As parents renew their phones with more recent models, even low income families have spare older models for the teenagers in the household. Smartphones allow continuous access to internet hence social media . Therefore, a high percentage of these teenagers have a social media account.

  • For me i would say it is actually 95% I myself can testify because I study in a school whereby almost everyone has a phone and whenever we go home for holidays all we reach on our phones and when we get them we immediately open up our social media sites that is to say Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and so on and for me I will be honest I am always on social media up to 5am and if am only 15 imagine what time the teenagers older than me will sleep? And all the teenagers in house i stay in do the same thing.

  • I think that 36% people use social media websites to interact and talk to new people to make new friends. As per my understanding I also use the social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook etc. to socialize with as many people as i can because i love to make new friends and talk to new people all around the world. Some people in this percentage in addition collaborate with students and study along with them online. Social media platforms are somewhat helpful in one or the other way.

  • I think the statistic is 35% and this is because personally I have just received my first phone when I was about to make 15 years of age. And I can't just say that a whole 95% of teenagers are always on social media because maybe just most of my friends are on it instead I would say 35% because not only are there millions of children in my continent who do not even know what social media is or barely have any information on it. So technically I would suggest that there should be a provision of 50%. And my answer would be technically that it depends on where they come from cause I speak from personal experience when I say it is some parents who unknowingly give their children devices at an early age and after receiving this they are prone to influence from peers. For example kids whose parents open for them social media platforms can make groups whereby to associate with them you have to first be on some platforms. But according to the improving generation whereby technology is advanced, one can restrict their children from using social media by using user friendly parental control apps or platforms.

  • I believe that 36% is the amount of teenagers who do not spend a lot of time on social media.I think this as I know a lot of nice teens who don’t spend loads of time on their phones.

  • 36%as most teenagers I know don’t really spend complete amounts of time on technology but an average amount

  • From my point of view that the figure of 95 % stands for how much time in the day that teenagers are in their electronic devices. They spend most of their time on Tic Tok or YouTube and this is not healthy for their eye and sometimes the videos might be something bad not helping anyone I accept when they are watching something nice . And also parents must help with this. They must put limit for watching or playing on electronic devices. And I think if parents works in this the percentage can be 35 %

  • I feel like 95% is the correct number for the percentage of teenagers who use social media, because as said, they tend to overuse mobile phones to connect to the Internet and use different social media platforms, like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and others.
    But honestly, 36% seem to be the suitable percentage for the other age groups, not just teenagers but all other age groups.
    For the 5%, it would be reasonable to think that this number reflects the percentage of elderly people who use social media, perhaps because these platforms emerged at a late stage in their lives and they couldn't cope with it the same way the younger generations did.

  • I think that the statistic is 95% because many people around the world use the means of communication, and of them I can almost say that teenagers have the largest share of this percentage.
    Teenagers owning smartphones and racing to keep pace with development has made using phones a life for them.

  • Adolescents spend most of their time on social media and do not enjoy the rest of their time and make use of the time. At least 36% daily watch it and almost weekly or monthly 95% watch it, and for some people it has become an addiction that they cannot leave and they keep watching and do not know that it harms them.

  • Teenagers spend to much time on social media.The world is beautiful and there is so much joy to have in nature!

  • I think 95% that most teenagers sit on electronic devices, and because many teenagers around the world use electronic devices in games, cooking school and PUBG and use applications such as YouTube and Instagram. For teenagers, electronic devices are entertainment and spend boredom, enjoyment and happiness, but there is another side that can organize their time by sitting On electronic devices and benefit from it through education and skills development from applications such as drawing application

  • For adolescents at this time, 95% is the time they sit on social networking sites on the phone, such as: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and the rest of the sites. If 95% is the time they sit on social networking sites, then 5% is the time they sit with their families or sleep in The majority, therefore, in my opinion, parents should pay attention to the times their children sit on the phone.
    It is true that communicating with people and sharing what is inside you with them is good and relaxes the soul, but they should know that there are specific times for everything. There are times: for study, time for worship, time for play, and time for sitting with the family, so life is not all. On the phone and social networking sites. As for 36%, I hope it will be the time for teens to sit on social media after they realize the importance of time. I hope teenagers know theTime and organization in the near future

  • I think that for adolescents in these years, 95% of the time they sit on social networking sites in the mobile, such as WhatsApp and social media, and parents believe that the reason for the decline in the levels of their teenage children is the phone because it is an implant in the parents’ mind.Not focusing on exams and studying, and they only rub social media , teenagers get depressed and parents start filling in information for this tired child. I think that adolescence can be the most psychological stage in which teenagers experience psychological changes.

  • I believe, stating that 95% of teens spend excessive time on social media would be a bit of an overstatement and 36% would be an appropriate percentage. Still, a large teens number of teens around the world are essentially addicted to social media showcasing their lives to the online world

  • In my area, I found out that out of six blocks, we have 24 teenager and 21 teenager out of 24 have access to social media and also want to belong to social media sites like Snapchat, TikTok,YouTube.
    My submission is that since 91% of the teenager in my block are always online being my friends, it is safe to agree with the proposed 95% of teenagers who spend so much time on social media.

  • Almost all my friends use different social media handles. Most of my friends love entertainment, we spend much time watching videos on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, everyone have different game of their choice which could make them busy online.

    About the education aspect, it make education easier and faster for everyone, working on our smart phone every Friday at school for educational institutions to make connections and information which allows students to read,watch or hear information multiple times in different contexts over time .

  • I must say,young teenagers are mostly on Facebook,Whatsapp and Instagram because they want to know what is going on in the world and around them.
    I think 95% of teenagers spend most of their time on social media because we can see around us today that most of our teenagers in the community today are likely to spend their time on their phone,i can use my area as an example,young ones are always busy with their smartphones.

  • In our world of advance technology; 95% of teenagers spend more time on social media, infact it is also a big part of teenagers life today.

    I discovered that a lot of teenagers today have internet service smart phone, which engage them into social media; in my class about 30 students, it has been to my notice that 27 of them who have phones get into social media constantly.

    I also discovered that in any society today, a lot of teenagers still have access to social media without having a phone, they use their parents or friends phone.

  • According to my perspective, 95% of teenagers spend more time on social media in order to maintain friendship to interact and share opinions
    Teenagers do benefit from it because it is a big part of social and originative life for teenagers

  • YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are the most popular online platforms among teens.
    Fully 95 percent of teenagers have access to a smartphone and 45 percent say they are online almost constantly, and they also use this platform everyday .
    I discovered 95 percent of teenagers have access to the social media without a phone, they use their parents or friends phone.

    1. yes i do agree what you are talking about but also in the text it also describes how they use it every day i don't agree that everybody uses their phone every day so i think that some students/or people would use other devices or would do a good puzzle or garden there's more thing to life than sitting in the house and being on your devices and i still have yet to learn that i am ## years old and still have not learned that there are more to life that phone's but everybody loves to play on there phone when it come's to social media.

  • I view this to be 36% true, considering the fact that even in my community;there exist out of 100% teenagers,20% teenagers who has access to mobile phones that is able to access the social media platforms.Some of the teenagers that even has a mobile phone are not even allowed to spend too much time on social media platforms, because they are being monitored by their parents or guardians
    Not even only within my community,I am sure this implies to other communities in the world as well

  • Iran has tightened and reduced the use of the Internet so that it does not become an issue of public opinion.This violation against human rights leads to and result in a violation of human rights, which leads to the issuance of a United Nations resolution to take measures against Iran .
    In my point of view
    the thing that What Iran did is considered a crime because it has no right to restrict the Internet in a case that is considered a public opinion issue. In my opinion, other countries should bear full responsibility in covering the case instead of Iran and revealing the facts to prevent disasters and protests and to prevent the recurrence of events.

  • In my own opinion,I agree that 95 of teenagers spend their time on social media for communication and new discoveries.This social media apps are Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok e.t.c .
    But some time this apps are addictive but then,are many good time with this apps. 8 out of 10 teens have access to this apps.

    Since technology has advanced and taken over the world, why then will the teenagers not be engrossed in their devices?
    Teenagers of today are everyday creating accounts, subscribing to different sites and logging in to the media for interaction and information about the societies they belong to.
    Apart from communcating with others there is also the educational aspect.
    Teenagers nowadays spend time on the phone and laptops educating themselves on specific subjects and general knowledge, they also entertain themselves with online games that excrcise their brains and help them think faster and Smarter.

    Everyone wants a smartphone to operate to feel a sense of belonging in the society of bloggers and subscriber so they won't feel left out of any discussion of people who visit the media always.

  • Yes , teenagers spend way too much time on social media . Phones can be boon and bane both . I think 95% of teenagers waste their time on social media and do not focus on its benefits while 36% of teenagers utilise their time by creating business accounts , following their passion and experiencing how to run business and earn profits . They take advantage of the majority of people wasting their time on social media . And in my opinion a fifth people rarely use social media and mainly use phones for emergencies and communication .

  • The rate of teenagers that spend much time on social media is about 95%. Teenagers are on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, telegram and other media with the use of phone.
    I use social media to develop relationship with my families, to have fun ,make and mentain friendship.

    Social media is an academic institution that develop the skills of loving and reading , social media also make improvement in my life through online lesson like hearing, reading and watching videos in different method to gain more understanding

  • 95% because most teenagers are mostly on their phones.

  • I don’t think that they spend that much time. I would say they spend a tenth of their time on their phone

  • Well I think it depends who you are it might be that you love to be on you phone or you love to be outside so it could be 95% it could be a fifth

  • 95% teenagers use a specific social media platform and ⅕ of them are addicted to it. 36% of them believe that they are spending just the right amount of time on social media.

  • From my point of view, the number "95%" represents the time that teenagers spend on social media, mostly on the phone, and I think the number "36%" represents the number of people who use phones, and the fifth represents the number of some parents who let their children use phones٠

  • just 95% on social media is outrageous, a lot of teenagers actually do something productive with their time(less than you think btw) a lot of kids in my class use their parents' phones, and that too just to access the class group or get help with their assignment but overall I believe that 95 is incorrect and the real percentage is somewhere close to 80%.
    P.S: After a quick google search ...i take it all back

  • I would say 36 percent as i think it is the average time spent by teenagers on social media but the time spent by teenagers on social media varies from individual to individual. Some can be extremely extroverted whereas some can be introverted or some can be liberal.

  • I believe that 36% might be somewhat close to how much time we teenagers spend on social media in general. I'm still in doubt about my choice because I don't have a personal mobile phone as of now so I don't get to spend so much time on social media. But what my friends expend is more than 36% but way lesser than 90%. Indian parents are really serious about their kids' careers. So they do keep a check on us all the time to ensure limited exposure to any sort of distractions. What teenagers feel about being on it is that it's just a source of entertainment. At times it does become something to be proud of, like the number of followers or likes etc. but it still is not more necessary than our academy and stuff.

  • I believe that the statistic of one fifth is how many teenagers have joined social media in the past year. The statistic of 36% is how many teenagers are addicted to social media. Meanwhile, 95% of parents believe that their children are addicted to social media and it has a negative effect on them.

  • in my opinion one fifth is correct because just beacuse teenagers have phone does not mean that they use and that they use social media the probabilty of it being 95% very low to the point occams razor means that it cant be 95 % but social media is on the rise but compared to the population of teenager it is very unlikely

  • I think the statistic is a fifth because much teenagers love connecting socially, it is very difficult for them to spend most of their time doing one activity. Some teenagers do not have gadgets to enable them use social media and the others know how to constructively use it

  • For me, it is enough for me to talk about the environment around me.. I can see around me a huge number of teenagers, and you can see that on the Tik Tok website, where you see most of the users are teenagers.
    On Instagram too.. My school is an example.. you find that most of the school owns Accounts on Instagram do not forget their families one by one, but.. you may find a small group that does not have accounts..or even do not have phones! But the category that owns phones is much larger than those that do not have...
    YouTube... Who among us does not turn to YouTube when he wants to spend his movie with some Snacks... My brothers are teenagers whom you find spending most of their time on.. My friends... Friends of friends... Even me!
    Therefore, you find evidence before our eyes.. Social media has become an integral part of our lives, so yes, 95 percent.

  • I think the statistic is "a sixth/95% of teenages who use the internet because they spend almost a half day on different gadgets which affects them and teens get addicted. So, parents should make sure that the teens are given enough time to use their gadgets which can help them live in a healthy way

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  • So in my perception, 95% closely associates with social media screen time for teenagers. However, it a generalised theory. A lot of teenagers spend their time being productive as well. Nonetheless, it is their sole choice to choose the right option. Although, psychology does say that spending too much time on social media deteriorates our physical and mental health and thus cause further diseases.
    Here’s my story: In 2020, I was a phone addict and squandered my precious time sitting idle scrolling through tiktok and social media. Ultimately, the consequence was worst and it impacted my mental and physical health deleteriously. Presently, I spend my time being productive and gaining knowledge. Conclusively, it is the sole choice of people to choose the correct amount screen time for them in order to keep balance in their life.

  • I think that 95% of adults think that teenagers only use their electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops only for social media platforms and games and they have got addicted to these but nowadays everything has come online to do studies or to make a career you have to use your electronic devices and to do research on it.

  • In my opinion, I think each percentage is representing how often a specific social media platform is used by teenagers for example TikTok is a really popular app and is used by many school children from all of the world so this may be shown as the 95%. Instagram - to me - can be matched with the 35% as i know many people who has Instagram but TikTok is more common. The rest of the apps like Snapchat, Facebook e.t.c can be representing the one fifth.

  • I think it’s 95% of teenagers because it’s very popular and teenagers meet up with their friends.

  • The use of the Internet is a right for every human being, as it makes the world a small village. Communication between people, searching for information, knowing the news, and even online shopping becomes easier with the presence of the Internet, so it is not fair to prevent any person from his right to use the Internet because this will lead to the spread of ignorance and restriction Freedoms and silencing mouths.

  • I think 95% because when go to school I have to walk buy a high school and there is a bunch teenagers and all of them are on there phone not one is not on there phone

  • I think the statistic 95% is how many teenagers across the world actually use social media because there is a huge amount of teenagers that have access to social media. I also think the statistic 36% means how much of an average day an average teenager is on social media for, because most of the time teenagers have lots of friends who use social media and then they talk to them online for 36% of the day.

  • I thnk fourth because I have a friend that has a Pc and he barely uses it

  • I think the fifth generation ( 5G) of communication will affect 95% of teenagers and 36% of parents will aware of the bad effect on their teenagers. this is my first comment after long journey of getting the acount, really iam very happy to be with you to participate in this competition

  • There are 95% people sitting on social meadia enormously . and They use social meadia in a bad manner " like Iinstgram , Telegram , Facebook and YouTube .

  • I think that the 36% statistic represents teenagers' awareness of the dangers of social media
    Because recently, all teenagers are using social media excessively and do not know its dangers

    1. An interesting point here glorious_politics, well done! Can you find online articles that may support your point?

  • 95% of teenagers are using social media,which makes them more introverted,unintegrated into the real society around them,and prefers the virtual community.

  • I think about 95%of teens really spent most of their time on the internet especially because there are a lot of games that have made them addicted to, like beagle and virtual contact with other people when they are playing,and a lot of them spend most of their time on YouTube and Tik Tok and Twitter and so on. Parents most be strict and insist that they stick to acertain time to sit down, use the internet for their own benefit. Use the internet as a double edged sword. All appropriate means must be taken to keep our children from this technolgical invasion.

  • 36% of teenagers who use social media contribte to helping people with disabilities or chronic diseases by continuing their education electronically or through their constant communication with their loved ones and also contribute to the search for new information and educational means to help them in their studies and increase their culture

  • Welcome. I think that the statistic is 36%, the number of teenagers who do not realize how dangerous social media is. There are many teenagers who spend hours on social media, and parents do not realize how dangerous this is, so I advise publishing information about the danger of social media.

  • I think .Its despite the great tendency to use these platforms . By teenagers .in all areas of life .but that percentage is 36 percent based on awareness by adolescents of the importance of time and how to use it and controls by parents .For example. in my city the father and mother determine the appropriate time for his children to sit on the mobile and roam between these platfroms

  • Which part of the world has there not be technology advancement ?I will say every part ,who will not want to participate in a virtual world where you can experience mindless fun by taking part in social activities ,I agree that 95% of teenagers spend too much time on social media ,who will not have the urge ,to such an amazing experience that can build up brilliant ideas in all area of life . social media plays a major part in teenagers life today ,every teenager want to be in trend , know that new fashion, dance step , song etc . 90% of teenagers have social media handle which they visit regularly while they visit regularly while the other 5% have access to social which sums up to be 95% at a scale of 100%,95% is far much than normal .

  • I think 95% of teenagers spend too much time on social media as almost everyone is either on Instagram or on Facebook. And whenever I go online I see all of my friends also online.

  • At the end of the fifth century, the emergence of social media began and its damage began. Teenagers spend 36% of their time on social media and 95% of teenagers lives are social media, so parents should educate them and organize their time on social media.

  • 95%of parents give their teenagers the freedom to use the social media sites ,but 36% don't direct their teenagers in the best way

  • In this generation, there are many teenagers who use social media, some of them use properly, and about 36% use it for education to read or to open profitable projects .

  • I think the statistic is 95 percent because I know that most of the teenage population spends their time on social media.

  • In the fifth century, there was no progress, so that teenagers didn't know about social media. 36% of teenagers depend in their shopping mostly on social media. 95%of the world countries depend mostly on social media to contact with each other.

  • I am now in teenagers and I believe that I am one of the 36% of teenagers who made social media a starting point for their future by researching and getting to know the world and others so that I can learn about human experiences through these means to deal with the coming future..and I can benefit my community from it..

  • I chose the measure of 95% due to it being the most accurate to modern day. Nowadays teenagers have succumb to the corporate greed of the apps they use in their everyday lives. Apps such as; Tiktok and Youtube. Other types of apps use bait to capture the minds of teenagers. An example of said apps are; Instagram and Snapchat. They all share a same common goal make profit and have the false hope of popularity.

  • i say 95% because everyone that i know uses social media.

  • I choose 95 percent because teenagers spend too much time on social media. Social Media makes teenagers stay inside more often and they have eye problems from looking at screens for a certain amount of time not only looking at the phone damage the eyes it also can be a distractions from work getting finished just only get notifications of a video from your friend and that is why teenagers spend 95 percent on there phone.

  • I think that the statistic is 95 percent, the number of teenagers who use social media incorrectly and frequently and they are addicted, so I advise giving them advice so that they realize the amount of this mistake. Thank you

  • I would say 36% because I have five cousins that are teenager and they use their phones but not as much like the 95% of teenagers that so social apps for too long and that 95% of teenager that use social media for 3 hours+ may have red eyes for staring at a bright screen for looking at the screen for too long.