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On Red Nose Day, one school raised £630.72p. It was a similar amount Weekly Competition #27 25/3/19
The most important one is the drug that relives cancer because millions of people are dying from... Weekly Competition #18 21/1/19
If I had £100,000 I would make a charity to save people with no food, dirty water and no... Weekly Competition #10 13/11/18
We could trade with rocks. If it is rare like a diamond, you could buy a lot. Rocks on the beach... Weekly Competition #9 09/11/18
If not, trade. That way you and the person you are trading with are both satisfied with what you have. Weekly Competition #9 09/11/18
I agree. That is my third option Weekly Competition #9 09/11/18
My fourth option is buttons. Each colour stands for a different price. Same thing for the size... Weekly Competition #9 09/11/18
Oh yeah, that is a really awesome idea. If I was a teacher and I was part of the BNC, I would... Weekly Competition #9 08/11/18
Good idea Weekly Competition #9 08/11/18
We should trade items so that way, you and the person you’re trading with are both satisfied. Weekly Competition #9 05/11/18
This is my first day. What about you? Weekly Competition #5 08/10/18
Hey, you read the ice palace didn’t you inquisitive dog? Weekly Competition #5 08/10/18
They say that curiosity is dangerous and rumours say that one year ago, a boy fled the village,... Weekly Competition #5 08/10/18