Weekly Competition #10

16 November 2018

busy_song and honorable_penguin

We were blown away by your creative entries this week and the range of suggestions. Well done! We chose an exceptional winner from Michael Faraday School who had thought through what we thought was a viable business plan. We loved the emphasis on community cohesion. Our secondary school winner was from Portobello High; they considered the market, making a profit, celebrity endorsements and job opportunities, which we thought showed great business acumen!

A big thank you to honorable_conclusion too, who used their scepticism skill to remind us that, ‘As much as it is a nice and moral idea to give to charity, the business would need to earn money otherwise it would have to shut down.’

You can read the winning entries in the orange boxes below.

If you had £100,000 to invest in a business, what kind of business would you chose and why?

You can choose something that already exists, or you might like to create something totally new. We’d like to read good reasons for answer, so make sure you explain why you think your money would be well spent on that cause!

Good luck! Winners will be announced on Friday.

Comments (146)

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  • If I could choose a business to invest 100,000 pounds on I would invest it on a new healthy restaurant.
    This would be so if someone was on a diet, they wouldn't feel left out on meals

    Here is an example - Janny is on a diet. She wants to go to a restaurant with her friend Bobby. He took her to Mcdonalds. She wanted to carry on with her diet so she ordered nothing accept water. She felt left out as she was watching Bobby scoffing his food.

    In this example it says how Janny feels left out because she is trying to eat healthy but if we had a healthy reasturant Janny could eat there with Bobby!

    1. There are many restaurants like this. There is an organic restaurant called Daylesford, which is amazing. And McDonalds is one of the fast food restaurants.

  • I would build a charity because I want to help people and make people happy I think a charity is the best way to help people and make them feel happy

    1. How does charity make people happy? It definitely helps people, but how does it make them happy?

      1. I can understand where you are coming from ; however, psychological tests prove that if someone has physical welfare they have mental welfare as well.

    2. I really like your idea however, you would be losing money so why not invest in a business so you could make more profit from that business of your choice.

    3. I believe while this would be a good and just thing to do it would not put any money back into the economy and could cause more problems.

  • If I had 100 thousand pounds to invest into a business I would invest into saving the planet because even though I may not get an income of money or even get the money back I would play a crucial part in helping to save our planet. The particular foundation that I would choose to invest in is called Plastic Oceans. I am sure everybody is aware that plastic is everywhere, especially in the sea. I would like to hope that everybody is concerned about this problem and Plastic oceans is a dedicated charity which helps in may aspects to this problem.

    On their website it says : The Plastic Ocean Foundation UK is the founding organisation and a United Kingdom Registered Charity, registration number 1139843.What sets us apart as an organisation is that we have a global view of the issue and have worked with scientists for 8 years, out on the ocean and in the laboratories. They also help to educate children and adults on this ongoing problem.

    They seem like they are a very reliable charity and would spend my money wisely and on helping to save the planet. I would just like to point out that there is no point investing in other businesses if the world is going to be ruined by plastic in 30 years.

  • I would invest my money on what I would call the Sickle Cell campaign. I am a victim of sickle cell disease. In my body I have red blood cells like anybody else but mine are kind of crescent-shaped. This makes it harder for the blood cells to move blood around my body because my blood cells don't have enough space to carry the blood. If some blood doesn't get round to some of my body I start to get crisis's. I mostly get a chest crisis, but it can happen anywhere in your body. I have to be taken to hospital and this leads to missing a lot of days off school. I am missing my education and things that will benefit me in the future. Also, I want to be an actress when I'm older and my sickle cell disease kind of limits me to do what I want to do. My disease means that I cannot overwork and I can not get dehydrated. I'm in a lot of plays and things so that makes it really hard not to overwork. Sometimes I am so busy that I forget about drinking my water. Sometimes I even forget to take my pills that try to keep the crisis's at bay.
    I understand what the people with sickle cell disease are going through, that is why I want to support them.
    With the 100,000 I would go to different hospitals and pay for a station that will take place in a big room/area. It will be a place where children and adults can reach their full potentials. In this room they can be who they want to be. They can sing, dance, act and educate themselves in whatever they want. It will also be a place where they can all go and chill and support and comfort each other. We will be a community, we will be a family.

  • I would use £100,000 on books because I would like to find out more specially in non fiction books but also I would like to read fiction books because then I can get ideas and write my own story to publish when I grow up.

    1. Or perhaps you could build a library for this type of books?

  • If i have 100000 i will give quater to charity and another quater to my whole family and the third quater i will spend it for a mansion or estate , if its over a quater and if i still got like under a quater the leftover money i put it in my wallet or inside my secret chamber , i don't want to store it at the bank because when you store it at the bank you lend them 270pounds , now that very expensive and i don't want the bank to make more money because the more they make , the less vaulable money is because there lots of them.

  • Personally, I’d like to invest £100,000 pounds into Something that has already been invented but with extra funding could expand further and widen the possibility’s for many young minds even the same age as me! And all of us!

    I would invest in childline which is know world wide and helps to strength both mental and future of young children suffering and in need of help. With the extra money it could expand further and help even more children going through a hard time in there lives and searching for: a friend, somone to talk to, advice and even just a confidence booster to listen during struggles.
    It states that you’d have to invest in something but to invest in something you: put (money) into financial schemes, shares, property, or a commercial venture with the expectation of achieving a profit. The profit doesn’t state it *only* being money so by investing in childline you’d be investing in the children’s future sparking their imagination and igniting their hope and creativity to make a difference in the world they live in even after struggling or having difficulties.
    Overall, investing in childline would bennifit the children, the adults/elders and the world we live in making it a happier place and shorting the sadness and bringing back the hope lost during a bad time. Although we may not get back the money, we get the pride of knowing we can make more children want to make a difference and all following generations to come. I hope this idea is different and thank you for your time.

  • I would lend my money to a company ( I'm making one up) that uses recycled plastics and materials to create renewable or alternative to plastics. Companies are under pressure to reduce the amount of plastics they are using and they would by off the company I had invested in. Some of the traditional plastic products like...
    LEGO bricks,
    plastic bags,
    plastic rappers and packaging.
    If I did this I would receive a lot of money for my company's (hopefully) succession and save one of the world's most terrible environment problems.
    I got my information and inspiration from these sights.
    These are both really good sites to look at and gave me lots of ideas for how we can reduce plastic but also get a lot of money in return. I haven't used much reasoning yet so these are my reasons...
    One: companies are under pressure to reduce the amount of plastic they use,
    Two: My company would earn a lot of money and I would get lots back,
    Three: This would help the environment too.
    Thank you for reading!!!!

  • If I had 100,000 pounds I would spend it in a football club , because if I win matches I can earn my money back.Whereas if I spent it in a game or something similar it might bring my money back , but it will take quite a long while .What made me think about this is that some people don't have the opportunities to spend it in a business probably they need medical equipment that costs a certain amount of money to keep them healthy or some people need shelter and they need even more than 100,000 pounds.People are not all the same some people can afford different things than others, thats why there are charities that help those kinds of people .Other people have different prospectives than others.When you see a homeless person on the street or a person in need that can't afford a special treatment ,some people just walk by and some stop and help.This can also be a cause of racism !

  • I think I would invest £100,00 for a homeless leisure centre so the homeless can come together or I would make a phone company.

  • I would start a buisness for children who want to play a sport but can't because of an injury or illness. I would do this because lots of kids are being held back from doing everyday things and sports because of being ill or injured. They start to have to dream about doing sports because they're stuck in a hospital bed for who knows how long, and might not be able to do sports ever again. And this SHOULDN'T happen. Just becuse somthing went wrong in everyday life and got you stuck in a hospital, dosn't mean you can't do somthing you love and get active, fit and happy.

  • Personally, I would spend it on medical cause. Investigating curable medican for something that the world is suffering.
    .all kind of cancer(especially for young victims)
    .any other which is effecting youngsters
    .And others which are not curable (that can cause death) in countries around the world.

    With that 100,000 pounds It would be either just right or not enough because we need :
    .medical experts who we can rely on to create such things
    .Objects, machines and others wich would help the investigation to be quicker and safer
    .a human body to investigate
    .And all the items that the experts would need in order for this be successful.

    Of course, this will result in many lives on this Earth which can be useful for this Earth. Also, that proudness and the name of saving the world will belong to me and the people behind this success.

    I can not find any defeating point to say no to this bussiness because according to me and many others, a human heart is important and valuable than other bussinessess ( especially the ones that will only result with money only to one person)

    1. I strongly agree with you because if there was no medical treatment people would be suffering and loved ones dying everyday

  • Well i would like to choose a scientist because i want to diacover new things like different bacteria , how atoms connect together i guess ; find a new cure for cancer , fixs gems body ; make new materials , that why i want to be a scientist !

  • If i had 100,ooopounds i would have a business that donates to charity because i want to help people around the world and if i did the people who are unfortunet would have
    water food and money

  • I would also use this money on my family because they gave me so much so I think I should give them something back.

  • After reasoning my options, i've decided that i would invest this money on a charity for people who need treatments, or suffer a disease and need help.

    I think investing it on that would be smart, because there are a lot of people who need treatment and help, but can't afford it, and end up getting worse or maybe dying. I think I should do that because these people who are sick have done nothing wrong, they just can't afford living, and i can't think of a better thing to invest the money on.

    In the beggining i thought maybe, i should invest it on homeless as they are also at risk of dying, and no one seems to be doing much about it. But that money could be spent wrongly for example for alcohol or drugs. I think if i were to help homeless I'd give them food or supplies but not money.

    I also thought on investing it on a company like Amazon, as that would privilege me in the future. But then I thought that the company might not be as great in a few years, and if so it would benefit more to spend it on a good cause. I also discarded this option because there have been rumours of Amazon employees being treated badly.

    In conclusion, I think spending the money on sick people would be the best option, as they need our help to survive, and are going through a very bad time. I think they deserve as much help as possible.

    - neat_kiwifruit :D

  • I would spend my £100,000 on a business that would help all charities. It would have a website where you could make an account and it would give you activities to fundraise for different charities. After you have done it (and maybe sent in some pictures of your fundraising) the business will take the money you raised and give three quarters of it to the charity you were fundraising for. The rest would be a profit for the business. In return for your work, you would get a small reward which would get bigger as you completed bigger and harder tasks. For example, for your first task, you might just have to sell people passing glasses of drink to keep them hydrated or have an odd socks day and get people to donate. As a reward, you might get something like a t-shirt. For bigger tasks such as a 5k fun-run you might get a box of chocolates.

    I would do this because it would help out charities which are in need of some money to do what they do. If they get the proceeds of the fundraising, that would give them money to spend on their help of cancer research or refugees. It would give the business a profit (even if not by much) but still help out people in need (like people who need a cure for illnesses and diseases.)

    1. If I had 100,000 pounds i probably use for medical causes for people around the world,
      -Heart Disease
      I think this would be smart because people who are ill need more love from people and they need more treatment from the doctors and i think they need a lot more of them in the world.

      Company's like Children In Need(which is happening on Friday) they help and sort out people in need.

      -ME :D

  • I think I might choose to be a bankers boss because when the financial crisis happened there was not that much money left in the bank and because I have spent part of my money on my new business I would like to give bankers strict rules of how the money is saved and how it is given to the public. In addition why I would like to be an bankers boss is because when I spend part of my money on my new business I will keep some of the money in case there is another financial crisis that takes place.

  • i would choose a company that gives hostels to the homeless and cleans up the city to make it pristine and tidy.

  • I would create a new VR system so if you wanted to play football or other outside activities on a rainy day you would not have to go outside. It could help video game lovers be more active and want to go outside more.

  • I would invest in a second-hand-selling business because I could ask for 20% of the business and would get 1/5 of all the money they make. Even though I might be acting as the savvy businesswoman, it allows me to achieve the ultimate goal in finance; to make money.

  • I think a multi million business because of you would get more and more money using your own money by being smart about what you do with it and you could make the company an billion air company by beingsmart with your money to make you a success 😁

    1. How would you get more money though?

    2. £100000 is too much money but if I was that rich I would become a doctor and help people all around the world

  • Or make a company which is just like Olivia 's and her friends company , and it should be called schools clubs ; it should be every school thats what i use all of my money for this perfect club for school

  • I would invest in the NHS because then they could look more deeply in cancer

  • I would spend £50,000 for the cancer department in a hospital,to cure all types of cancer.The other £50,000 I would make a office or a business centre and that way I can earn more money and the extra money I get I would gift it to homeless men and women in need for help.

  • I would make a home for the homeless and the poor because I can't wait to see our streets not full of homeless and poor.

    1. Can you explain more why you want to make more homes please.

  • If I had the priveage to have 100.000 in a business I would spend 30.000 in a business of a hairdresser and I would spend 20.000 on charertes of differed cause and the rest I would give 10.000 to homless and 40.000 to the hairdresser.

    Always be possertive and give respect to overs

    1. In my opinion, making a hairdresser will be a waste of money. I agree with you helping the homeless, but you can help more people by using the money on the hairdresser for other thing.

    2. I like when you said you would give money to charity

  • I would choose a soap factory, because it would mean that more people could have soap to make sure that their are keeping healthy and make sure they’re clean in case they are feeling too well. It would be quite helpful, but it would course more pollution to the air for children and adults.

  • If I had a 100,000 I would make a “Vegan” restaurant so everybody can eat it it will healthy choices and unhealthy choices.The restaurant will serve breakfast,lunch and tea/dinner it will be free and upstairs there will be a free hotel for homeless people or people that have gone out for a drink at the pub.I don’t think it is fair for the homeless because they must have gone through something terrible.Remember if you ever see someone on the street don’t hurt them!

  • In my opinion, there is a lot of possibilities to use this large sum of money, 100,000 pounds. But I think starting to make electric cars would be a good thing that can stop global warming. As well as making the world a better place, we can get more money and the role will become wealthier!!!!!

  • I would use my 100,000 pounds on cancer research uk so they can have a brighter future and they won’t be stuck in a special hospital 🏥

  • Whith my 100,000 pounds I would donate to the nhs because thay take time out of there lives to save other people’s life’s and to give people a chance of living to stop illness and for more people to be born and join the world.

    1. yeah that good to help people and get docter to stop there illness and give them food

  • I would use the money to help refugees- such as Syrians- to become safer.

    I would do this by starting a campaign to make large homes around the world for homeless/refugees to be safe.
    I would use some of the money to by food for them and some to buy the homes.

    I will also use some of the money to make poster, bill boards and adverts to advertise our company so people can donate to help the homeless.

  • If I had £100,000 to invest in a business, I would build more houses to help people that have experience in the financial crisis. This way less people will be homeless and this way you could make a good profit.
    Also, I think that the less people homeless the better.
    Instead of spending it for useless things, you could not only help the people but the world.
    To make a profit, you could rent the houses to people instead of selling them.
    The homeless people could be offered a job within the interior! This would earn back even more of the spent money. So many people would be happy, which I also care about while spending the money.
    I think this is a sensible way to spend the £100,000.

  • In my opinion, I would use £10,000 to make a food bank business to support people who are homeless and have no money. Then I would build flats to help homeless people and encourage them to get a job so then they can pay back the business while they are earning money for themselves. This would then mean my business would get the money back they spent on flats and food. With the £40,000 left I would give to a charity where they would give to the countries in the world who are encountering war to bring children and adults so the children can get to school and are provided with food and housing. Then the adults would be able to go to work and have a house.

  • If I had £100,000 I would choose my own chocolate factory but instead of the flavours that everyone else knows . I would make mine up and it will be worldwide.

  • I would also buy clothes for the homeless people and the people from the countries encountering war.
    I would then make sure they all had enough food.

  • I would spend 60,000 on blueprints the rest for tons of pencils and a meter stick so I can start my architect job because you can earn lots of money and quickly get back to 100,000 so you can start saving money to buy more blueprints and also mabey clay so you can shape it into how you want it to look like then give it to the builders to build the house...It takes time to finish one build but it is really worth it and you can earn millions beacause of hard work and trying.This job,I hope I get this job,is a work of art and maths also knowledge and it can save us.

  • I’d invest my money in creating a hospital because I would really like to be a surgeon when I grow older so making a hospital would not only help me, but it would save other people’s lives. If I have any spare money i’d give it to charity to help people in other countries as well as England.

  • I would create a campaign to help children in need and i would give charity to schools so every one can have a good education and I would make peoples lives so easy that they would cry with joy.I would give charity to every one so they can accomplish their dream and reach their full potential in every field of their life

  • I would create a new charity to help innocent lives globally. I want to create more accommodations for unfortunate people who live in war zones, such as Syria, Iraq. I also want to make some cupcakes, flapjacks in schools and sell them and once the event is over count up the money and send it to the charity.

  • If i had £100000 I would give it to homeless and people that need help.

  • If i had £100,000 i would have spent on temples, mosques and churches because then homeless people when they enter the church they know that they are save and have food and someone to sleep since churches and mosques and temples make food for everyone and people are welcome to come in even if it is not their religion and it would show someone who has gone in there that the people in there are nice and peace is what they want so they would make peace with them! I think that is what i would so!
    Also i would spend it on blankets and wells and boxes and boxes and boxes of food and give i would give all that to charities so poor people have something and in poor countries and i would give them money to make them 10 or more wells so they could have some water!

  • If I had 100,000 pounds to invest a business I would have to have more library because if people are poor and their children can't go to school there might be a library they could go there and borrow books so they can learn from books.

  • If I had that much money then I would create a company that allows people to apply for jobs, ensure that people , who have lost their job they get it back.

  • I would invest my money in Mcdonald's because it is the most popular fast food restaurant and lots of people eat there. I think you could earn lots more money by investing here and by making more healthy food options for people to make the business even better.

  • I would split it in half so that one half can go to a building contractor so they could build houses for homeless people otherwise if they are living on the streets in the cold they could become ill and possibly die.The other half would go to the NHS because every day they are saving lives and treating people for illnesses and if they were not here, half of the people that are on the planet would not be here today so i believe they are worthy of a reward just like the building contracts that are working to provide shelter to those most in need.

  • i would give the chocolate business 50,000 and 50,000 to the tea business because if we didn't have tea i wouldn't know what to drink and a world with out chocolate is like the milky way with out a sun.

  • I would spend it on children who are homeless because with the money they would change their life and their future which is very important because if they have no money they could not save there future. I would help them to spend the money on useful things like education and housing which will improve their lives and make a big difference in their future rather than spending it on junk.

  • I would spend this substantial amount of money on a wealthy company such as Gucci because they would already have a proven track record of making a profit and therefore I would have more chance of gaining a return on my investment. From these profits, I could give 25% to my family, invest another 25%to the NHS, keep 25% for myself and finally donate the remaining 25% to charity.

  • If I had £100,000 I would invest money in sport because it helps people to keep fit and healthy but also players get paid lots of money. People also pay lots of money to watch successful sportsman and women play against each other around the world. Businesses can also invest money in sponsorship which means we can earn more money. Also it will benifet the players as they will get paid more for playing so they will want to play more making more profit

  • If I had $100,000 I would invest it in a business that makes littering stop and creates Pease . I would do this in order of all the fighting in this world would be put to a stop, also if littering stopped then we'll we would have a lot less animals dying without natural causes. This might all sound like a silly idea but I don't like the fights that can go on and if animals die they should die of natural causes.

  • Personally, I would halve this great amount of money, and invest £50,000 each to the NHS and education. I would spend this because currently the NHS is a little bit of a crisis with the finacial problems, and the NHS can put that money towards big issues, such as employing more nurses or buying specialist equipment. I would spend the other half on education because schools do not have the money at the moment for the appropriate equipment and teaching staff that is crucial to supports pupils' careers. Both the NHS and education are losing money so careful investment would be needed to ensure that the organisations make a profit and not a loss. Then the money from the profit could be reinvested and this would continue so they would continue to improve.

  • I would choose to invest in an online business like Amazon or a shop that could eventually become famous and rich. This is a good company to invest in because it is easy for people as the items get delivered to you. Then if it was a successful business I would deposit some money towards buying more supplies that could help support the world because with the rest of the money would go towards research that could eventually end cancer and could possibly help cure children in need and families on the street .

  • I would invest in the NHS because they need money to invest in cures for cancer and health for everyone and they save peoples lives every single day. My money would go into peoples health.

  • My opinion is I would spend £10,000 on school education as it is so crucial to students and takes a controversial part in society. Then I would take the rest of the £90,000 and put it towards something the world is hugely suffering from such as cancer no matter the age.

    £90,000 or even £100,000 will not be enough to cure these people but it will an effective change to those who need that change .

  • i would give the burnet news £15,000 so they can keep going and not stop the burnet news club shutting down and i will give £85,000 to the primary school's around the world because kids could want to have more equipment so you
    can help them with there learning so that they are more focused on their work

  • If I received £100,000 I would invest it in the NHS because I believe that society would benefit drastically as the country is in desperate need for medical supplies.

    There are a lot of citizens that cannot afford medical bills,this would then result in them getting a lot worse or even dying,so the donation would be a great impact on England. The NHS needs more medical supplies, which would cost a great amount of money, so the £100,000 would hugely effect the situation and create a solution to the problem.

    The NHS would need more medical equipment and medicines that can cure incurable diseases and save many lives, which will be useful for the society.

    I understand that this isn't profitable, yet it would benefit the country extremely well.

  • If there was any money left over then I would spend it on people that have dislexia or have mental health issues. I know this sounds like to much but roughly 20% of the world is dyslexic this might not sound like much but it is quite a lot really, there are 450 million people in the world that have mental health issues.

  • I would invest £100,000 in a company that stops fly tipping because on my bus I go past a fridge or something every day in the middle of the countryside. It looks ugly and is lazy from the people doing it.

  • That would be eco - friendly and that is what we need on this earth because at the moment we are ruining a wonderful environment and a beautiful planet. I love the countryside (I have spent my entire life in the middle of nowhere) and it needs to be protected!!

  • If you spent £70,000 on a business that would get you loads of profit and spend the rest on a charity or other good cause then you could keep getting more money and donating it to charity and making profit yourself. Everybody would be happy!

  • I would spen my money on a charity called HOMELESS HOTEL where in different places around the globe buildings or camps would be ran , where homeless people could live comfortably , ( a roof over there head , three meals. A day ) and if the charity became more successful , start creating local buildings where they can grab a meal or a haircut or even a shower! And maybe even buy an enormous chunk of land and create it into a homeless hideaway sort of thing! Where people could place things they don’t want but can’t sell there and just generally give them things that they can’t have without the idea with no money .

  • If i have £100,000 i would spend it to make the world a better place.for example i would give some money to charities some to the homeless some to give to hospitals to pay for medical treatments money for schools aswell .

  • If I had £100,000 I would make a charity to save people with no food, dirty water and no schools and things that we have but they don’t. Also people are having wars for example Syria. People in poor countries could have illnesses or they could die because of how people are in bad conditions. If you made a charity, some lives could be saved, people would be in healthier conditions and some people could be saved from war and healed. The charity could provide food, clean water, shelter, medicine, education and give people a better life. That is why I believe I should make a charity. (I wanted to do a hospital as well except you’ll need more money.)

  • If I had a £100,000 I’d choose my job as a care center for old people and poor people because it’s helping people who don’t have any home which has an effect on all of us if they are because if they are homeless they can’t live anywhere so they just sit on the floor which spreads bacteria around them. When you try to help them you touch them which spreads their germ to you. This is why I want to help people from dieing from these little things.

    After that, once I got enough money to go to the moon and be an astronaut, I want to explore the wonderful and interesting world of space.

  • If I had £100,000 to invest in a business I would donate it to a charity (Oxfam is one of the many examples) that helps the poor. My reason for doing this is because they do not have enough money to spend and they are often going hungry, they have no/limited ways of getting water and they are often going cold at night- especially if they can not afford a house.

    Helping the poor can mean that you are also helping children and families in poorer countries and parts of the world. You can give families enough money to buy food, medicine and clothes over a long period of time. You can buy water filters to help them get to clean water, which reduces the chances of them getting ill, and you can supply them with enough medicine to help them get better when they are ill. As well as that with the raising amount of money the children will be able to go to school, instead of having to work long and dangerous hours to help their families.

    Oxfam is an international confederation of 19 organizations working together with partners and local communities in more than 90 countries. One person in three in the world lives in poverty. Oxfam is determined to change that by reducing the power that people have against poverty.

    Therefore I would donate it to Oxfam.

  • i would buy a airplane and make a buissnes of flying


  • jelou, if i had 100,000$ i would buy a present for my family, like a new fridge, or washing machine; i would also invite everyone to have brunch! The rest, i would donate it to a charity, thank you.

  • I would like to create my own business that consist in a voluntary attention to take care from the persons of the old aged pensioners. I would make money by ask for medicines and thing that could help them.