Weekly Competition #5

12 October 2018

cultured_atom and neat_kiwifruit

Well done to all of the creative storytellers who entered this competition! There was a serious cat theme but there were some strikingly creative entries along the way too.

Cultured_atom used skillful storytelling and stuck strictly to the 30 word limit to tell the tale of a curious mind. We thought it was great! Introspective_bilberry was also a winner. They used a perfect poem to tell us about the journey that curiosity can you lead us on. It was brilliant!

You can read the winning entries in the orange boxes below.

A 30 word story about curiosity

This week, the competition's focus is on storytelling and curiosity. The challenge is quality rather than quantity. So, can you tell a story about curiosity in just 30 words? You can interpret that in any way you want and be as creative as you like! Here's my try:

They say that ‘curiosity killed the cat’, but they don’t know what really happened. I was lurking in the shadows last night, and saw the villain arrive, quiet as anything.

Have a go! A primary and secondary winner will be announced next Friday.

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