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i agree with the long lasting items as the people who re in need of it will have to be rationed... Global food crisis 14/12/22
the future doctor report outlines how education and training might change to be better prepare... A prescription for your future 09/12/22
from a company poitn of view i can see why they are doing it however from a human rights point... Working conditions: what’s acceptable? 23/11/22
I believe that in modern society, we need to speak up and declare the need for more films... Why is it important to see diversity in films? 18/11/22
I concur with them because the manager underpays them for the amount of time, they spend... Who is responsible? 18/11/22
I concur with Jen because I believe that they should be paid for holidays like Halloween,... Working conditions: what’s acceptable? 18/11/22
I concur because...people work long hours without breaks in filthy settings for extremely meagre... Working conditions: what’s acceptable? 18/11/22