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Comments by students of Riverdale Middle School B | United States of America

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radical_clarinet I disagree. I think AI is not really helpful because teachers explain to you the work step by... Competition #6 winners 28/2/24
positive_lute It is wrong that students use ai to do their work it just goes to show that some kids don't pay... Competition #6 winners 28/2/24
poetic_road i agree that "AI education and the future of work" has positive and negative aspects lets... Competition #3 winners 07/2/24
quiet_moth flowing_moose I think " AI education and the future of work and Eco-anxiety. Technology... Competition #3 winners 07/2/24
easygoing_snake I scored a 10 of 15 while I didn't know much it taught me a lot more about prisons and the... Show what you know 01/2/24
easygoing_snake I agree that the owner should try to keep the staff safe but one person even if he is the CEO... AI accident: who is responsible? 01/2/24
brave_laboratory According to my class and what jolly heart from St Thomas' Catholic Primary A is saying I agree... Competition #2 winners 01/2/24
bustling_earth I agree with Poetic_road because it is true that people always burn things we need for our... Competition #2 winners 01/2/24
splendid_guitar I agree because AI was made to rethink decisions for humans and do the things that humans can... Competition #2 winners 01/2/24
poetic_road Hi I am Poetic_road and what you said I agree with you. People always burn decayed stuff like... Competition #2 winners 31/1/24
skillful_forest The student that made me different is flowing_moose they made me think differently about A.I... Competition #2 winners 31/1/24
quiet_moth The student that made me think differently is fantastic_plantain. They made me think differently... Competition #2 winners 31/1/24
caring_message A comment from another student on the student hub that changed my mindset about A.I. in the... Competition #2 winners 30/1/24