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09 February 2024

Making connections

Welcome to this week’s competition! Every Monday we’ll open a new competition and the winners will be announced on Fridays. If you win, you’ll get three stars and your entries will be pinned to the top of the discussion!

The Festival has now been going for three weeks and you’ve had a chance to look at several Topical Talk topics.

Journalists at The Economist believe that, although it’s great to have expertise in one topic, people should try to say how each news story links to the bigger picture to get a better idea of what’s happening in the world.

For example, AI is a big news story – but how might it link to eco-anxiety or business? And the situation in Ecuador might seem like it’s a more local news story, but how might it link to other issues because of its themes, such as “justice" or “human rights”?

  • accurate_outcome | Uckfield College | United Kingdom 05 Feb 2024

    The topics that I think link together are 'Eco - Anxiety' and 'Business'. This is because businesses have a significant impact on the way that people view the environment.

    There are large companies who are making changes to help with the effects of climate change. Lets take Microsoft as an example, they have committed to being carbon zero by the year 2030 no matter the financial burden. Things like this may help decrease people's eco - anxiety because it helps them realise that it isn't only individual people trying to help prevent furthering our climate crisis but large chain companies aswell.

    Often, consumers have begun to only purchase from businesses that are eco - friendly. This has lead to producers and companies trying to become environmentally friendly to regain the consumers that they may have lost previously because they weren't originally trying to help the environment. Even if the companies weren't doing it to try and help the environment, but to get their customers back they are still having a positive effect on the environment.

    So in conclusion, I have concluded that out of the current topics 'Eco - Anxiety' and 'Business' are the ones that are most synonymous and link together in the most sectors, compared to the other Topical Talk topics.

  • gutsy_starfish | Kali Gandaki Academy A | Nepal 07 Feb 2024

    I think that the topics "AI" and "Eco-anxiety" link . We know that AI has now become one of the most important and used thing in almost every field of human lives . As it is being used in most of the fields it obviously has some effects on the environment. I think that these topics link and have some connections as AI can cause both positive and negative effects on the topic "eco -anxiety". AI is widely used in the industrial field or even in daily uses but sometimes it causes pollution which may lead to worse condition of environment and increase eco -anxiety among people.But in the positive effects, it also helps in makingg the environment better. Like it can also help in making people aware, recycling and so on.
    Thank you

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  • Hello.
    I think that "AI education and the future of work" and "Eco-anxiety" link because the advancements in the AI and technology have the potential to impact the environment, both positively and negatively and these two topics address the changing landscape of the world and the impact on the individuals..
    One one hand, AI can be used to develop solutions for climate change, such as improving energy efficiency and predicting environmental changes. On the other hand, the production and disposal of technology can also contribute to environmental issues, such as energy consumption and electronic waste..
    Moreover, the future of work in the AI era may also have involvement in the environment, as industries adapt to AI and automation, there might be shifts in employment opportunities, potentially impacting sectors related to renewable energy and environment conservation. Also, as the world transitions to a more technology-driven economy, there might be a greater need for skilled workers in environmental science and green technology to address the challenges of climate change..
    Generally speaking , "AI education and the future of work" link to "Eco-anxiety", as they both navigate the junction of societies, technologies and the environment..

    1. I agree because "AI education and the future of work" and "Eco-anxiety" they both can have a positive and negative reaction to the earth it is just how we use them. And also I like how you showed the things AI can do to stop pollution to the earth and how AI can pollute the earth by humans throwing technology away.

      1. Incredibly worded, I agree for the same reason!

    2. I agree because AI has been around for a long period of time. While AI is also thought of as a new technology, the concept has been around since the 1950s. Early AI systems were used to perform tasks such as helping with plans generating thoughts, ideas and more. AI can help reduce energy consumption. AI can be used to optimise energy consumption in buildings, leading to reduced energy costs.

  • Hello !

    I find this week’s competition interesting and perfect to understand how different ideas are connected.Let's dive into the connections between two Festival topics: "AI" and "Eco-Anxiety."

    From my perspective, I think that Eco-Anxiety and AI are related due to their effects on the environment and the whole social setup. Technologies that are artificial intelligence-related act as a great help in fighting against environmental issues. For one, automation technologies, such as AI, can help not only to minimize energy use while acting in favor of resource management but also to increase the performance of green projects. Through adoption of AI in renewable energy systems or climate modeling, we have an opportunity to alleviate the impacts of climate change.

    Contrastingly, the emergence of AI and automation has brought fear for job loss and economic restructuring, making eco-anxiety a highly prevalent matter. An individual who is eager to have a particular type of livelihood that supposedly begins before the sounds of technological advancements may be afraid of losing his or her livelihood and facing the uncertainties in the economy. In such a case the future becomes a major source of anxiety to such an individual.

    The relationship between these topics allows to conclude that the development of AI not only influences environmental sustainability but also has social and economic aspects. Acknowledging these interdependencies, we can develop a more comprehensive view of the way in which technological advances construct our reality. By combining the debate of AI with eco-anxiety we can highlight an engagement that addresses not only the opportunities but also the challenges of the technological innovation undertaken while having in mind the larger good of society as a whole.

    1. This really stands out to from the way you worded this passage and I think it's amazing how you put so much information and I really love this comment.

    2. AI helps in enlightening us more on the climate change around us, its effects and how we can avoid or eradicate these effects. AI can analyze data on pollution and waste management and generate new and better ways to manage waste. AI therefore helps in Eco anxiety.
      AI can also help in businesses, especially in the aspects of accounting. AI is more trustworthy and accurate compared to the human brain. It can also be used to make attractive ads. It can perform monotony more efficiently than humans. AI is also used by politicians to campaign and attract supporters.
      AI is the future right? Does this include the police profession? AI is used to analyze data, identify patterns and criminal behavior making police work easier and more efficient. Does this mean that if there were AI police, there will be a lower rate of crime. Does this mean that if Ecuador used AI more efficiently, Fito wouldn't have escaped?

  • I think AI and business is linked because of several reason. AI enables businesses to automate repetitive tasks and this save the costing. AI can handle data entry, customer support and inventory management. AI algorithms can analyze vast amount of data quickly. AI can help on market research, customer segmentation etc. This helps businesses to gain valuable insights and make data driven decisions. Chatbots can give instant response to customers questions. AI can suggest them relevant products. It helps to understand customers behaviour and preferences. AI can analyze historical data to predict future trends. It will help businesses to gain knowledge about that trend. AI enables businesses to develop innovative products and services. AI also plays a crucial role in emerging technology like robotics. It open up new possibilities for businesses.

  • There are many connections between AI and Eco-anxiety. Technology increases the amount of energy that we use globally which also increases the amount of fossil fuels being burned. AI is a form of technology that is used almost everywhere even in places we least expect. The AI that has been making appearances on the news are more recent forms of AI some even being physical robots that we can touch and see rather than strings of code on a computer. With new AI technology being available for the general public to use it can lead to more people using technology and consuming energy. The production of physical robots can also cause more pollutants to be released into the atmosphere as the materials for the robots will be in higher demand causing more factories to produce these products and cause more pollution.

    1. I do agree and support for your statements. I do so, for you had stated that demand of more physical AI causes the production of more physical AI that uses more factories and industries to be made. The use of more factories and industries causes more pollution. From this, the climate might change and people may have eco-anxiety due to continuous changes of climates.

  • from my point of view, Exploring the realms of AI innovation and eco-anxiety intertwines technological progress with environmental consciousness. The allure of AI breakthroughs comes with an environmental cost, evidenced by the energy demands and electronic waste it generates. This juxtaposition underscores the crucial need to harmonize technological advancement with sustainability, prompting a reflection on the profound impact of our innovation on the planet's well-being.

    Shifting focus to Ecuador, seemingly localized issues reverberate globally through the lenses of "justice" and "human rights." The intricate situation in Ecuador becomes a microcosm of universal struggles, serving as a poignant reminder of shared human experiences marked by resilience and the collective pursuit of dignity.

    Linking the narratives of AI and eco-anxiety, and Ecuador's challenges with justice and human rights, unveils a tapestry of interconnected stories. This holistic perspective not only enriches our understanding of individual topics but also encourages a nuanced appreciation of the intricate global dynamics at play. It beckons us to adopt a more empathetic and comprehensive outlook, recognizing the delicate balance needed to navigate the complex interplay between technological progress, environmental stewardship, and universal aspirations for justice and human rights.

  • "I think that the Festival topics on AI and eco-anxiety link because the advancement of artificial intelligence has significant implications for the environment. As AI technologies continue to evolve, they play a crucial role in addressing environmental challenges and sustainability. For instance, AI can be utilized in climate modeling, resource optimization, and developing innovative solutions for eco-friendly practices. Understanding this connection helps me to get a bigger picture of what's happening in the world by highlighting the intersection of technological progress and environmental concerns, emphasizing the need for responsible AI development to address broader global issues."

    "I also believe that the Festival topics on the situation in Ecuador and human rights link because the events in Ecuador provide a lens through which we can examine the broader context of human rights. Issues such as justice and human rights are central themes in the Ecuador situation, reflecting larger global challenges. By exploring the intricacies of the situation, we gain insights into the complexities of justice systems, the protection of human rights, and the socio-political landscape. This linkage helps me to get a bigger picture of what's happening in the world by illustrating the interconnectedness of local events with universal principles, emphasizing the importance of addressing human rights concerns on a global scale."

  • In my view,'Ai','local news' and 'eco anxiety' is interrelated as eco anxiety is literally stress related to environment .So it works like the local news is gained and with the help of AI the news spreads all over the world while the news can also be related negative/positive side of environment which effects the thought of people regrading the environment.
    Next,I think 'Prison in Eucador' and 'Local News' 'AI' and 'Business' are related.Since in Eucador there has been an incident which is a news where an prisoner escaped from prison this couldn't be spread around the world without the help of AI while we all know that business and news are already related.As businesses rely on the news to stay informed about market changes, regulations, and competitors.So for the stronger security system with the help of AI the business can produce new materials.

  • Hi, I think the news about what's happening near you and the emergency in Ecuador is important. The recent riot in Ecuador has become a big issue affecting everyone in the country. Now, Ecuador is under lockdown, and there's a curfew from 11 pm to 5 am, which means people can't go out of their houses during those hours. This restriction on movement is affecting the freedom of citizens.
    Learning about this emergency in Ecuador made me realize that there are significant problems in the world. Before, I didn't know about these issues, but now I understand that there are bigger problems happening globally. This newfound awareness motivates me to do my best to help solve these problems and make a positive impact on the world.

  • Hi
    I think that Ai: The future of education and work , and Eco Anxiety are two interesting topics to talk about. Now I believe that AI is very capable of making the world advance quicker but i also believe that it doesn't have experience with certain problems. I know this sounds somewhat confusing but let me explain.

    I believe that if scientists were to use AI to solve problems there are tons of problems they can't solve but Eco Anxiety is not one of them. I believe this because if scientists were to announce they can use advanced AI to help with problems like pollution or even global warming millions of people who have put their trust in AI would be anxiety free.

    "But what about everyone else?" Well, when/if scientists ever do advance the future of AI to solve these problems they would need tons of proof, and what better way to prove something to someone than to show it to them! Exactly! Scientists would have to prove to people what the future of AI can do! This would wipe Eco Anxiety off the map!

    This is why I found these topics interesting and slightly related. If you would like to share your opinion feel free to add a comment, Thank you for your time!😀

  • Hello!
    I believe that the topic of AI and eco-anxiety are linked because Artificial Intelligence is mainly concerned with how technology has been developing over time which has made provisions for things such as AI to be created and programmed. This has provided many benefits to us and also has many disadvantages.
    Likewise, the developments in technology have also affected climate change greatly. Keep in mind that eco- anxiety and climate change work hand in hand eco anxiety develops as a result of climate change. This has resulted in a lot of advantages and also disadvantages.
    To sum it up, the adaptation of technology has provided room for positive development in both AI and Climate change. But this also comes with some demerits.
    The advantages of AI include:
    1. Time saving.
    2. Performs Repetitive Jobs.
    3. Digital Assistance.
    4. It is very accurate.
    5. Better analysis of data,etc.

    While the disadvantages of AI include:
    1. Encourages laziness.
    2. Unemployment/lack of jobs
    3. People become machine minded rather than using their own creative thinking.
    4. Lack of emotions.
    5. Dependence on technology,etc.

    Advantages of technology in climate change include:
    1. Some technologies have been able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions eg solar power.
    2. Reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.
    3. Renewable energy production,etc.

    The disadvantages include:
    1. Destruction of ecosystems.
    2. Depletion of Natural resources.
    3. Deforestation.
    4. Loss of habitats,etc.
    This knowledge has helped me to look at the bigger picture of what's happening in the world that technology affects virtually every aspect of our life whether good or bad. The way the world is going it seems like technology is the next biggest thing.

    I would like to share my point of view of the link between topics which is AI EDUCATION AND THE FUTURE OF WORK and PRISONS: EMERGENCY IN ECUADOR. I see this kind of unusual link we do not see in everyday life which is because prisoners can use AI to commit crime. I say this because, let us take this scenario: A wealthy prisoner can easily get a bot that can mimic the voice of someone and capture their face and every type of normal features, gestures, tone and expression they use. For example: they can use the bot in place of the person shifting the blame from those prisoners to the bot( person being mimicked by a bot ) by acting as if it is a confession that is wanted to be made. The real human might not be currently aware of the situation and might get arrested in release of the real prisoners. In this case, the innocent person will be put in blame whiles the criminal is free of charge and they might even use this opportunity to leave the country and find a hiding spot to be not recognized or their citizen's ID can be changed to stay hidden. I would like to use this scenario to describe the link that I see between these two topics. And even, prisons can use Ai TO FUNCTION TO MAKE THINGS EASIER. For example using an Ai application like singlecue to make everything AI based and it can help in chores like connecting to materials to help them function without direct command from the user. AI can play a very significant role and also a negative role as explained. The negative role is how I gave a scenario of using AI for crime and the significant role is helping everything fast and easier using devices like singlecue. THANK YOU AND PLEASE DONT FORGET TO SHARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT MY POINTS!!

  • I think that AI: future of work and education and Eco-anxiety link because the rapid technological advancements contributing to AI's rise also play a role in environmental changes, and the consequences of technological progress, such as increased energy consumption for AI systems, can contribute to climate concerns and subsequently fuel eco-anxiety. This helps me to get a bigger picture of what’s happening in the world because I gain valuable insights into the complex web of societal changes, technological advancements, and environmental considerations.

  • I think that 'AI' and 'business' link because AI is used in businesses to promote workflow and productivity. The AI can complete functions that a human being can. AI can actually replace humans but only in certain positions, which are jobs that don't require multiple decision making or deep thinking other than in mathematics like psychological jobs (Therapists).

    AI can calculate profits, productivity rates, income rates etc.
    According to Wharton University of Pennsylvania, AI boosts efficiency through process automation, it improves speed and consistency of service and helps in customer care. So there can even be a discussion of AI and non AI outcomes of business

  • Hi there
    I think "AI education and the future of work" and "Eco Anxiety" are linked because when we think about it a lot of things related to eco anxiety are work-related because every time we work and do other things, we release carbon dioxide, which can be solved by AI education since we can create a future of work that is zero carbon emissions. AI can solve all of the problems we see in Eco anxiety if we put our brains together and come up with solutions. As a result, some new kinds of jobs may be created. It is possible to have someone who sees things others don't, which causes pollution and creates climate change, and for someone in the technology sector to develop an AI designed specifically for this purpose.

    For example, someone in a community might be able to see things that a normal person doesn't, so this person might get hired by a big company or even the government, and then someone else who is very talented with AI and coding could come up with the solution. As well as saving the earth, this is a surefire way to discover the hidden skills of other people who aren't heard.

    Thank you

  • I think that News Near You and Prisons in Ecuador link because local news stories can spotlight specific instances of human rights violations, providing tangible examples such as inadequate healthcare and instances of abuse, and fostering public awareness and empathy. Moreover, statistical data exposes inefficiencies in the justice system, revealing prolonged legal proceedings that leave individuals awaiting trial for extended periods, a reality that local news can vividly portray. Examining crime rates before and after incarceration offers valuable insights into the societal impacts of the prison system. News features can present personal narratives from community members affected by the challenges of reintegration, illustrating the real-world consequences of systemic issues. Comparative statistics from other countries can enrich the discourse, offering potential models for improvement and inspiring reform efforts. As calls for change reverberate, local news can gauge public sentiment through statistical measures, providing a barometer for the community's appetite for reform. For example:
    Human rights concerns:
    According to recent reports, Ecuador's prisons face challenges like overcrowding, with a current occupancy rate exceeding capacity by X%. News stories can highlight specific instances of human rights violations, such as inadequate healthcare for inmates or instances of abuse, providing tangible examples for public understanding.
    Justice System Challenges:
    Data reveals that the average duration of legal proceedings in Ecuador's justice system is Y months, contributing to concerns about delays and inefficiencies. Local news can even share stories of individuals awaiting trial for extended periods, showcasing the real-world impact of systemic challenges. In conclusion, features on volunteer programs, educational campaigns, and advocacy efforts showcase the proactive engagement of citizens. Statistical data tracking community participation in these discussions offers insights into the level of civic involvement and the potential for collective action. Lastly, this helped me get a better picture of a broader perspective on societal issues, human rights, and justice.

  • I feel as though the topics business and politics and AI clearly resonate with one another. It allows me to see the world differently, as not just individual parts but building blocks that work together to form a fully functional system. The venturing of businesses into politics is not that different from the innovations being introduced to us through artificial intelligence. The world is evolving at a rapid pace because of AI and this is also being implemented in terms of the world of business as well as politics. AI is helping us learn more about the most relevant and substantial methods to use to improve products and to reduce the number of conflicts that are had politically. Basically AI has become a tool of great importance in business and politics.

  • Hey!
    I think that the topics Business and politics and AI are linked because AI has proved itself very useful in most business industries such as the production, agriculture, entertainment, news and of course the technology industry. AI has benefitted businesses by improving their speed and accuracy massively, I believe AI has found itself most useful in businesses. While on the talk of politics, The government has to create policies and restrictions in several things including AI as well, so most of the time, researches and developments on AI needs the governments approval to proceed. Do you think these two topics link in other ways i didn't mention? Let me know what you think. Have a good day!

  • The topics that I think link together are 'Eco - Anxiety' and 'Business'. This is because businesses have a significant impact on the way that people view the environment.

    There are large companies who are making changes to help with the effects of climate change. Lets take Microsoft as an example, they have committed to being carbon zero by the year 2030 no matter the financial burden. Things like this may help decrease people's eco - anxiety because it helps them realise that it isn't only individual people trying to help prevent furthering our climate crisis but large chain companies aswell.

    Often, consumers have begun to only purchase from businesses that are eco - friendly. This has lead to producers and companies trying to become environmentally friendly to regain the consumers that they may have lost previously because they weren't originally trying to help the environment. Even if the companies weren't doing it to try and help the environment, but to get their customers back they are still having a positive effect on the environment.

    So in conclusion, I have concluded that out of the current topics 'Eco - Anxiety' and 'Business' are the ones that are most synonymous and link together in the most sectors, compared to the other Topical Talk topics.

  • I think AI and eco anxiety link because AI has the potential to revolutionize various industries, including sustainability and environmental conservation. By harnessing the power of AI, we can develop innovative solutions for tackling climate change, resource management, and renewable energy. At the same time, the rapid development of AI raises concerns about its environmental impact, such as the energy consumption of data centers. Exploring the link between AI and eco-anxiety helps us understand the complex relationship between technological advancements and our planet's well-being. It's fascinating to see how these topics intersect and shape our world. This helps me get a bigger picture of what's happening in the world because it allows us to see how different topics are interconnected and how they influence each other. By exploring the connections between Festival topics AI and eco-anxiety, we can gain a more holistic understanding of the challenges and opportunities we face in today's world. It also helps us stay informed and engaged with important global issues.

  • With the topics I have already explored with my classmates, I find good connections within these. The topics we have spoken about are AI, Eco-Anxiety, and recently, the Ecuador prison issue.

    AI contributes to Eco-Anxiety. AI is a way to clean areas over and over again without breaks. AI may also provide less pollution to the area around us. But some machines may release smoke when broken down. So, people should make AI that creates less pollution.

    Eco-Anxiety connects to the Ecuador prison issue. How? Well, I've thought about this in a different way. The damaged environment may make a person worry and just give up on the world. They may think it's the end and there is a possibility they may create destruction because they think Earth is already done, leading to them going into prison. But they may become scared because they are vulnerable and they will try to escape however they can. Even if it means just connecting with people with stronger power.

  • According to my own understanding and opinion, i will agree wuth tge statement that states AI has a link with the eco_anxiety because, the AI machines has minimized the use of carbon monoxide from gaseous vehicles through the use of electric rechargable cars. Secondly, AI machines has also helped in some companies like the oil companies, heavy chemical industrues, rubber and plastic industries etc.
    Additionally, AI mavhines gas enhanced the hydro and gaseous power generators that releases bad smokes into the atmosphere whivh deplicts the ozone layer, it has brought solar power generstirs into existence.
    In conclusion, i think the AI system us good good the eco_system so in that case, AI gas a strong bond or link with gge eco_anxiety.
    Thank You.

  • I think AI is linked to Eco- Anxiety because of the fact that if machines were not there, there would not be many effects of climate change. There are many activities that include using machines that can destroy the earth like:
    Plastic production.
    I now think this is the exact reason why climate change is increasing as the world is evolving and more machines are being created. I think the more the years come by,the more effects of climate change and the more effects of climate change, the higher Eco anxiety becomes.


    The occurrence of a state of emergency and curfew in Ecuador, restricting freedom, especially for those needing medical check-ups, reveals a connection to AI. Advances in healthcare technology, facilitated by AI, have significantly improved diagnosis, treatment, and patient care. Technologies like telemedicine have expanded healthcare access, particularly in remote areas, promoting overall well-being. Consequently, AI assistance allows curfews to be implemented efficiently for everyone's protection, as health monitoring machines can address the needs of the sick during emergencies, reducing the necessity for them to venture out for medical check-ups.

    I would love to share my opinion on the link of the two topics which are AI education and the future of work and Prisons emergency in Ecuador. I say this with the reason being that criminals can use AI for illegal purposes. A scenario _ A criminal is in prison, and they want to shift the blame to someone so in this case, they can get an AI bot by mimicking the face of the person, gestures, tone and voice they want to blame. The y might programme the bot to make a fake confession as if the real human said it. The person might not know what happened but will be still imprisoned and the real criminals will be set free. AI can be used for positive things like making things easier and faster for example connecting devices to an AI application like single cue to make everything smart and function without receiving direct command from the user and the single Cue can be even used in prison instead of using it for negative purposes.

  • Hello!
    I personally think that the durability of
    “AI education” is not the greatest and that is humans would be much more capable of understanding it and more likely to learn from it. For example of an AI were to work at let’s say McDonald’s then there are many ways it could end tragically e.g; if the AI is carrying a tray full of drinks if someone was in a rush and crashed into them not only would the human be injured, but the Artificial Intelligence may have malfunctioned as the drinks could have poured all over them leading it to massive damage and failure. I rest my case. Goodbye!

  • I believe every discussion in the hub is connected through an invisible web, linking everything together, conversation is inherently connected, even if those connections aren’t immediately obvious. An invisible thread of interconnectedness weaves each theme together, suggesting that each topic, no matter how distinct it may seem, is part of a larger web of discourse. For example, advances in artificial intelligence may exacerbate feelings of eco-anxiety, thus tying together the themes of “artificial intelligence” and “eco-anxiety.” Furthermore, businesses often influence political decisions, which in turn influence the prison system, thus linking “business and politics” to “prison.” Also businesses play a role in eco-anxiety, thus once again linking “business and politics” to “eco-anxiety”. The topic of" AI and prison " is also connected with because AI technology has the potential to impact various aspects of the prison system, including inmate management. Therefore I think it's fair to say that every single conversation in the hub is related with each other. Some may be more obvious than others, but they are all interconnected

  • Hello Topical Talk! This week's competition is a really great way to broaden our understandings and really show our creativity right? But anyways, I think that 'Business and Politics' and 'Eco-anxiety' are linked together because businesses can advocate for climate-awareness with special products or advertisements which can raise or lower eco-anxiety. And politicians can advocate for new laws that fight against climate change and even form some type of 'eco-anger.' Knowing this helps me get a bigger picture of what's happening in the world because I know that the fellow people behind the brands, and the fellow human politicians are affected by eco-anxiety too, and it's not just a few people fighting against climate change, and that everyone doing something, whether they're doing a little or a lot, to preserve the planet.

  • I believe there is a correlation between the two discussions "AI in the classroom" and "Eco-Anxiety" because they are both crucial issues that will continue to affect our world. "AI in the classroom" will affect the students who are learning how to interact with others and how to adapt to changes in their lives, and these students will be the adults who run the world in the future. "Eco-Anxiety" ties into this because when these students become adults they will have to learn how to deal with the way climate change and eco-anxiety will affect them in the future. But instead of waiting for these students to get older and learn how to help climate change and deal with eco-anxiety, schools, and programs can teach it to them now, with AI.

  • I would like to thank you first for this interesting competition topic because as students while we are commenting on the given topics , a link between the topics comes to our minds and this helps us to get a bigger picture as you mentioned.
    I think green skills and women's rights .I would say that generally learning skills that are connected to renewable energy , sustainable practices and conservation is so crucial because that's the future is going to . Second, it makes me sad that there are girls and women in some countries and villages who don't have the right to be even educated. Training young women on green skills will make them reach their real potential and enhance their skills as women play central role in the household and community decision making . I know that changes have been made and families are now more open to girls' education but still there are social and cultural barriers that prevent girls and women from joining the workforce.
    Also , I can see a strong link between AI, green skills, climate change and eco anxiety. High temperatures, sea levels rising, global warming, increasing in green house gases emission. In light of our needs reverse climate changes, green and digital skills have to be a part of the solution. As I mentioned above that green skills is about technical knowledge and abilities that enable using of green technologies such as using clean energy, renewable resources and we can use artificial intelligence to collect and analyze data in a faster way , to predict weather or to recycle more waste. I think governments should take measures now for interesting educational resources for teaching green and digital skills in the curriculums, this will lead to graduated students generation who know to take the advantages of digital technologies plus green skills to try to reverse the effects of climate change. With all these efforts, eco anxiety levels will be reduced as people will be witness, positive changes and this may motivate them to help to reduce climate change.
    Thank you

  • I think that "Renewable Energy" and "Sustainable Agriculture" link because both focus on creating a more environmentally friendly and resilient future. Renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, can be integrated into sustainable agricultural practices to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and minimize environmental impact. This integration helps to create a more holistic approach to addressing environmental challenges and contributes to building a greener and more sustainable world. Understanding the connection between these topics gives me a bigger picture of how interconnected our efforts toward sustainability are across different sectors, ultimately leading to a more sustainable and balanced planet.

  • In my opinion the three topics "AI: education and future of the work", "Business", and "eco-anxiety" are interrelated and can be linked with each other. First of all Business is the process of producing quality goods and sell it into the market where the buyers buy it from where we earn money. Simply to put it is the process of buying and selling of goods where to produce products there is done establishment of various industries. All of the popular food industries are also run by business person for business purpose. And in the process of producing and manufacturing food products there's creation of pollution in the environment. Smokes from various factories and industries run by business organization are one of the responsible ones for the reduction of quality of environment. Same like like there are many AI technology making business organization for the future of mankind as it is said. And those AI technologies are useful to broad our knowledge about business and think creatively to start our own business too. AI can be the important tool for learning about the structure of business, it's process, from where it is produced to where it can be sold, etc. And importantly, in the development of AI there is also creation of environmental problems due to the use of energy to manufacture parts of AI and so on. And then if we sum up the thing that I have said due to creation of pollution and environmental problems it cause eco-anxiety; worry of environmental changes and problems. So, this is how I think business, AI and eco-anxiety are interrelated and can be linked with each other

  • I think that"Jobs of the future" and "will schools exist in the future?" link because surely AI will have a huge effect on schools and it may be the end of schools actually, as in my perspective it would be much better if everyone got to study at home due to sickness and such, and AI can help with that,so actually I think schools wouldn't exist in the future due to AI,since due AI schools wouldn't be needed any more and AI can teach any one anytime through digital networks and organised apps on the internet.In terms of"jobs of the future"I think AI will be responsible of teaching as a whole and schools will become extinct.

  • Hello all !
    This weeks topic "AI" and "Business and Politics" link as we see in the aspect of business AI helps in the advertising, marketing and ensuring smooth functionality of the business . AI is helping ventures both big and small in scaling , many businesses are now seeing AI as a new market of investment . AI can help in various tasks such as providing customer care, customer profiling and giving feedbacks on the predictions which help the companies to boost their sales. The AI comes in handy in various ways but it has many disadvantages as well , business are seen as the generator of employment if one is using AI it reduces human interference and would crush innumerable job opportunities which leads in the increase of unemployment among the youth.

    In the aspect of politics as we see it has greatly helped politicians to increase their influence on people through social media applications, it has also helped various leaders across the world to have a glimpse of the problems going on in their country and across the globe and get quick solutions for the same . In politics AI has proven to be an effective tool to change and influence people. Seeing, several deep Fake cases across the world AI has proven to be harmful in such fields as some controversial , realistic posts have been going viral harming not only politicians but a country's reputation too . As it is said that " Every coin has two sides" one should not entirely be dependent on AI but think about the pros and cons of the action.

  • I think AI and the future of jobs and prisons in ecuador link as they both touch up on human rights. They both talk about different jobs and how certain events can affect human rights. This helped me get a bigger picture of what's happening in the world as they opened my eyes on how prisons and AI can affect citizen's human rights.

  • Hi! I think that the ecosystem and that the animals link and that we humans destroy nature because, as from time from the beginning to what is now happening today. I see that the animals along the way from prehistoric time to here most died out because, from time went on, the animals from a long time earlier had been dangerous if they were to hunt for a animal in the wild. As from animal extinction, think about this: If however an animal is extinct, you know that their bones still live on right? So as the extinct animal bones live on, they are hard to find because, the animal itself is scattered at a place. From time on, birds migrate in the winter to go to the summer right? So then if the ecosystem itself and the animals link, they link together because the animal needs the nutrients from the ecosystem, and that then the ecosystem needs the animal. So they both need each other. And now that i've mentioned, we humans created most animals to extinction. In what I know about what I am speaking, reading, and analysing the passage. Remember one thing that we were created for,"life."
    As time went on, we did much bad stuff to us and to the animals with the ecosystem, we started much bad stuff even for today. But tomorrow, do more, live more, grow more, help more, love more, do the best you can now when it is right before the time comes. When it comes, do not worry, take care now before it worsens. And if we do more destruction to our Nature, we do it to ourselves because the animals are part of our family, our brother and sisters, our kind, our same blood of which they suffered. And if you are hurting Nature, you hurt yourself for what you did to it. The pain will come back to you and that no matter what happens, in God's sake, help Nature for its health, is who you really are. Thank you for hearing me for reading, thank you for taking time and God bless you!

  • The topic I would like to suggest is :

    Tribes. What are tribes? tribes are a horde of people who follow the same type of culture, language etc are called a tribe. These people who are peacefully living in the woodlands and not harming any other inhabitants are severely maltreated by deforestation.For them I feel very bad as they are only helping us by protecting the plants and animals who cohabit them which is really important for the eco - system. So let's save trees and care about the tribes who play an important role in the eco system.
    Thank you

  • I think that AI and business are linked to each other for many reasons. To start, AI can take jobs and do them perfectly, therefore, the job is being done more efficiently and is, additionally, successful. These things help me get a picture of what AI can do for us in the future. Another thing about their connection is that AI can help with money, transfers, organize some of the businesses economic production of goods or services, and many more. In the end, AI and businesses can thrive together because of what AI does for the business. Though replacing some human jobs, the business use AI to be successful and the business is good.

  • I think that Eco-anxiety and artificial intelligence are linked because AI can help combat climate change and environmental issues, but its impact on employment opportunities and gainful systems is a concern. fast technological change can also make it difficult to adapt. However, AI processes can match energy usage, identify pollution, and predict natural disasters. By using AI responsibly, we can create a better world for future generations.

  • flowing_moose I think " AI education and the future of work and Eco-anxiety. Technology increases the amount of energy that we use globally which also increases the amount of fuels being burned. AI is a form of technology that is used almost everywhere even in school. Ai has been on the news a couple of times. Alan Turing is the person who made AI. The reason for him making Ai is to help others with anything. Eco-Anxiety is an extreme worry about a current and future harm to the environment. Glenn Albrecht is the person who said the term eco-anxiety

  • First of all l learned a lot from eco-anxiety, and l want to tell u some about it so let's dive into information

    Climate change worry, eco-anxietym and ecological grief are concepts that have emerged in the media , public discourse, and research in recent year.
    However, there is not much literature examing sammurizing the ways in which this emotions are express, to what processes they are related, and how they are distributed. This narrative review aims to 《A》sammarize research about the relationships between, on the one hand, negative emotions in relation to climate
    change and other environmental problems and, on the other hand, mental well-being among people in different parts of the world and 《B》examine studies that have explored the potentially constructive role of worry-for example, in the form of providing moti-vation yo act it. Is clear from this review the negative emotions regarding environmental problems are normal, and often constructive responses.

  • i agree that "AI education and the future of work" has positive and negative aspects lets start with the positive aspects like improving productivity enhancing creativity as well as not having to do much efficient through task and is advancening fast Developing new drugs and treatments for disease. the negative aspects of AI are Unemployment While AI brings automation and efficiency it also raises concerns about job as they are taking over our jobs like teaching ,sports ,telemarketeting ,sports and more

  • *Entry for competition 3*

    I think that ‘AI: Education and the future of work’ and
    ‘Business and politics: what could go wrong?’ link because-
    - AI and business are linked. For example a social media giant company utilises AI for pushing algorithms based content on the social media . The content is based on the inclination, research patterns of an individual . AI is helping social media generate revenue and get good business.
    - ⁠However the content seen by an individual on social media is showing only one particular standpoint to that individual as it is based on his researches and search patterns. It is not giving them the entire coherent perspective. For example, a volunteer of particular political party will see content praising his own party . He will not be aware to the agenda of different political parties. So in my view A.I. is shaping opinion and politics and is also creating business opportunities for companies.
    This has helped me get a bigger picture of how A.I., businesses and politics really work and how each of them have an agenda of their own.

  • The topic I would like to suggest is about the space junk or the space aircrafts which our polluting the space and even wasting our resources. It contrives a problem for humans as it obstructs the new space crafts which are being made and makes it difficult to track the movement of all the other materials present in the space. Not only this, it also interferes with the space infrastructure and is one of the biggest user of petroleum as it uses most energy to generate thrust from petroleum. Space junk creates space radiation which is harmful for human health and contrives malfunctioning in all the space crafts. This is an important topic to be discussed and new programs should be initiated reducing the space junk. Human race has polluted the Earth and continue to do so, but they also tend to pollute places beyond the globe.

  • I think AI is connected to eco-anxiety because when I hear AI and anything eco comes together in a sentence, it means many things for me it can be AI wiping out the whole ecosystem and AI helping the eco- system. AI is one in many reasons that Eco-anxiety is caused. If you do your research well you will notice that AI can develop well without the help of nature but it is through nature we survive.

  • I think "AI: education and the Future of Work" and "Prisons: emergency in Ecuador" are linked because the situation in Ecuador happened directly or indirectly due to the carelessness of humans. Fito has been found "missing" which means he escaped. Fito escaped from a maximum security prison which indicates the high probability of some guards helping him. However, I believe that in the future instead of human guards, robot guards should be present. Human guards can be involved in corruption and let the prisoners escape or if they don't let the prisoner escape the criminal might hurt them or threaten them. However, no such problem would arise with robot guards. Robots would not be involved in corruption because they do not need any materialistic things. Prisoners would also not be able to threaten them. Humans need to eat and sleep so they exchange shifts during the night but robots would be able to work 24/7. Robot guards would also be stronger than humans and would keep the prisoners in check without being partial. Hence, I think the topics AI and Prisons can be linked together.

  • i believe that ai and eco-anxiety are tightly linked as, as ai and technology grow and develop, they go from being something the average person can only see in sci-fi films and their imigination to being something which you can order online or even have in your pocket. this means they are not only very easily accessible but alsoeven easier for people to dispose, due to their in-expensiveness and their seemingly small, light significance. this then goes on to really contribute to pollution over time, as the more and more people access ai , the more people dispose of it.
    moreover, ai are being put to use in places like factories for the mass-manufacturing of products. this means producats are being produced much faster and therefore at a much higher rate. at surface level, this seems to be a good thing, however machinery, as we know, produces an abundance of greenhouse gasses, as, for convenience and reliability, many of them are fueled by fossil fuels: this then contributes heavily to global warming.

  • Hello there, Personally l think that the topic of prisons and that of the business and politics link because after a thorough research and analysis it is proven that about 88%of inmates are actually those people who are involved in business. On their way to make large profits, the business world targets to be associated with the most rich, dominant and noticed people in the world. This may seem good until one actually realises that there is less of equity in the business sector because the shark always wants to have the biggest share. Segregation is brought about in the business and there is now a demarcation of who is who ,who can contribute to the business and this brings about tension in the entire business and because everyone wants to be noticed one will be framed, one will be blamed and cases are raised in courts and then guess what! even the innocent are held guilty just for the love of money and who would really want to stay in prison for a crime they did not commit? This is the major reason why some inmates are actually attempting to escape from prisons and honestly being frank with each other, nobody wants to suffer for a crime they did not commit. This analysis has helped me to get a clear picture of what is happening in the world and l can conclude that corruption has taken lead and until measures to control it or even demolish it are set up ,the world is just going to be a home of crime and it shall be normalized serving no justice and not promoting tranquillity within it at all.

  • I think that AI and business link because AI(Artificial Intelligence)is a concept where it could be good or not.I think this as many people see AI a threat to Earth and people but I think it can't.It can't because currently AI hasn't caused any problems YET since 1950 to 2024.That's 74 years of AI and still no problems!This tells me that if humans be careful about AI and how they program it there is no harm in AI.

    Although people see AI as a threat to our population and could possibly take over the world,I see AI to fix all our Climate Change problems and can help to stop Global Warming.AI is a useful source,as it can affect our daily lives in all sorts of ways.For example,AI can be the perfect barber as AI can search what hairstyle you want and do it without making any mistakes!AI can be a 5 star chef as it can search the best recipes in the whole world and can cook it for.AI can be a banker as AI can do multiple of things,it and check everyone's bank in a few seconds,it can also see your transactions of what you spent.It can change our future businesses and generations.

  • " I think AI and Eco-anxiety are linked because of climate change, which is a big problem in the world. Eco-anxiety is when people feel worried or stressed about the environment getting worse. But now, people are using AI, which stands for artificial intelligence, to create special machines. This machines can do cool things like helping to reduce climate change. They can find better ways to use energy, like solar power or wind power. They can also help plants and animals by monitoring forests and oceans to keep them safe. So, AI it's like a superhero helping to save the planet for the climate change, and that's why it is connected to eco- anxiety"🌍

  • I think that AI and businesses and politics link because I think that in the future, AI will take over many jobs. By the time our generation will be at the working stage, there will be many jobs that a) do not exist at the moment and b) will be mainly on computers or looking at a screen. So, I think that AI will help to develop the way that jobs and business work.

    However, AI may be abusing the way that politics work. Members of government parties could, for example, use AI to generate false votes in elections.
    AI can be very useful but only if it isn't being abused.

  • The two topics I feel are linked are "Prisons" and "Business and politics" because of the morality. The sense of morality on how businesses operate in the world and how prisons are questioned (whether it is security or something else). This helps me paint a better picture on what is going on in the world by showing me how some people work in the face of accusations. There are battles going on in certain places where businesses have to question which side they wish to support and how they may do so. Meanwhile, prisons are constantly trying to reform past criminals into civilized people. This just shows me that violence will be everywhere in the world, even if people try to solve them in different ways.

  • I think that "AI Education and the Future of Work" and "Eco-Anxiety" links because eco anxiety is really about climate change distress and AI have tools that predict the future weather and also can alert us about any pollution throughout the word. These AI tools can both be positive and negative for example it can positively help with taking on another's job, but at the same time it can take the jobs and leave many without jobs. To add on eco-anxiety can lead to panic attacks and other bad things, but it can be positive by motivating people to take action to make changes in our world.

  • Hi there it's a interesting topic about the AI and eco anxiety.Let's see the connections between two Festival topics: "AI" and "Eco-Anxiety."

    From my perspective, I think that Even tech experts have been astonished by the recent, rapid growth of AI technology, able to hold human-like conversations in multiple languages, create music and pass medical exams. While the potential benefits of AI in fields such as healthcare are indeed inspiring, the pace of change is rapid, and there is still lots of uncertainty about the future.If you feel worried about how AI could affect your career, your privacy or your safety in the coming years, you might be experiencing AI-nxiety.

    This term, coined by a marketing agency and spreading on social media, describes the uneasy feeling about the effects of AI on human creativity and inventiveness.Anxiety disorders are often related to difficulty coping with uncertainty and ambiguity. People feel anxious not just about what exists, but what is unknown.Thank you

  • I think business and politics and news around me are related because they both speak about politics and what is happening politically, they both inform us about anything from elections to other country's wanting things and even stuff happening in other country's.

  • I think that why don't people change and age restriction links. I think that if there weren't so many age restrictions people would change. If the rules don't change why would people change. The rule to only be able to vote if your 18+ has been in the same context for over 50 years. This helps me to get a bigger picture of what’s happening in the world because I can now see if we want to see change we have to change what we can first.

  • I think that the topics "Artificial Intelligence" and "Business" are link because AI is a tool which are used get a perfect information easily also it is used in IT sector too, also it also give easy information for education, also in business AI robots can pack items and put the information of goods in the computer so in this way AI and Business are link and helps me to get a bigger picture of what's happening in the world because the AI could help in business for money transferring and many more also, it may replace human jobs but AI ,I could do good in the Business so in this way they are link to each other.

  • I think Ecuador and AI are connected
    of course I am not talking about a specific prison in Ecuador nor am I talking about the crime level there . Let me ask you a quick question , what will happen if AI would be able to take away our work ? That's right the poverty level will increase dramatically . And with poverty levels the crime level will increase . I think that most of the people commit crimes because :
    - they have poor means of living
    - they are mentally unstable
    - they take a grudge against a specific person or government
    most of the time people commit crimes because of the first statement .
    And by judging my pinpoints above I would like to assume that you understand mu statement

  • I think that AI and eco anxiety is
    linked because AI can easily generate propaganda news in seconds and spread false information, as well as reassuring people and helping people understand eco anxiety and how it can have a devastating impact on people's lives.

  • Hi there!
    I think that, "Eco anxiety" and "Business and politics: what could go wrong?" are related because they both deal with the interconnectedness of environmental issues, economic activities, and political decisions.In the world today, there is a growing awareness and concern about the environmental challenges we face, such as climate change, deforestation, pollution, and biodiversity loss. These issues can lead to eco anxiety, a psychological distress caused by the fear of environmental degradation and its consequences on the planet and future generations.On the other hand, business and political decisions often play a significant role in exacerbating or mitigating these environmental problems. For example, policies related to energy production, consumption, and regulation can have profound effects on the environment. Additionally, businesses' practices, such as resource extraction, manufacturing, and waste management, can impact ecosystems and contribute to environmental degradation.
    When business interests and political decisions prioritize short-term gains over long-term sustainability, it can lead to adverse environmental impacts, exacerbating eco anxiety among individuals and communities. This interplay highlights the importance of considering environmental concerns in business and political decision-making to address the root causes of eco anxiety and work towards a more sustainable future.

  • I think that Eco anxiety and Artificial Intelligence link because the ozone layer is been depicted because of the unavoidable use of machines that produce gases like Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that destroys the ozone layer.
    But with the use of these new machines that have some bits of artificial intelligence in them, Our planet is being saved little by little. And the use of machines that produce Chlorofluorocarbons are being reduced daily, Our planet is gradually being saved!.

  • I think that AI can generate facts in milliseconds because maybe actual humans know these stuff but then make AI say it faster so maybe a human can do it in 30 seconds but AI is sped up so it will take like 5 seconds

  • Hello,
    "AI and the future of work" and "Business and politics" seem interrelated. in our world today artificial intelligence is a topic of great concern cause it has caused revolutionary change in all aspects of world development for instance artificial intelligence has become a world-ranking player in the political arena e.g it has enabled e-voting through artificial intelligence people do not need to stand in a long line just to cast their vote all they need is a phone wifi in the comfort of theirs just by going to the voting website vote for the candidate of their choice and boom!! they're done and they can carry out other activities on that day rather than standing in line and waiting where they can spend the whole day. also, artificial intelligence has enabled a better campaign system where the candidates can send an ai generated video as a form of the campaign via social media apps because in the world today people spend a lot of time on their phones doing a campaign via video announcement can spread the news faster cause stuff regarding government go viral easily so e-campaign would be a sufficient means. now in the business world, artificial intelligence AI has been a topic in all tables cause artificial intelligence has helped in the automating of business processes most times doing jobs manually can cause a lot of errors costing in losses but business organisations are in constant competition with each other so adopting artificial intelligence has made it much easier for businessman causing an increase in productivity making them to get more raise in their stats

  • Greetings,
    I think that the topics "AI" and "Eco-anxiety" link . We know that AI has now become one of the most important and used thing in almost every field of human lives . As it is being used in most of the fields it obviously has some effects on the environment. I think that these topics link and have some connections as AI can cause both positive and negative effects on the topic "eco -anxiety". AI is widely used in the industrial field or even in daily uses but sometimes it causes pollution which may lead to worse condition of environment and increase eco -anxiety among people.But in the positive effects, it also helps in makingg the environment better. Like it can also help in making people aware, recycling and so on.
    Thank you

  • Hello guys 👋🏻
    I believe that AI and business relate to each other. Now you are going to know why.
    AI can improve decision-making by identifying new business opportunities,roadblocks and determine effective ways to personalize offerings based on customer data.
    And this how can AI be used in business intelligence
    AI is also used to help BI more insightful by identifying trends in data that would be impossible for humans to find by their own.
    To sum up AI is a powerful tool that can help businesses to improve their decision-making.

  • Hello I think that both "bussines" and "eco anxiety" are linked with "ai or artificial intelligence" let me explain why we will start with "bussines" how is ai linked with bussines? AI can improve decision-making by helping to identify new business opportunities, flag operational roadblocks, ai can also connect with business in many different ways. automating business processes, gaining insight through data analysis, and engaging with customers and employees. But how does ai connect with climate change or eco anxiety? an AI system requires a great deal of computing power and electricity, and the resulting carbon dioxide emissions are one way AI affects the climate. AI can aid in biodiversity conservation Like environmental degradation, rapid digitalization is something because of humans What is the role of AI in climate action?AI can also contribute to more than just emissions reduction by helping to shape adaptation strategies that create resilience in the face of unavoidable climate impacts—and by supporting progress in climate economics, climate education, and fundamental research thank you

  • with the economy changing, some people lose their jobs (especially the lower paid ones), they will need to find new ways to get money. some might try to get new jobs with AI. i've read an article about data farms where people spend their day clicking on images to inform AI; but some might be forced to turn to crime, and join gangs.
    I've read another article from the Guardian where they said that drug traffickers buy lots of forests in South America and then clean their dirty money by cutting down trees to plant soy or other crops. this contributes to the climate crisis. with every change, there is a good and a bad side to it, and humans can make good or bad choices so that's why it's important to have good teachers.

  • Hello, fellow topical talkers!

    I really appreciate the opportunity to share my ideas on this week’s competition as it seems to be a very interesting topic.

    In my opinion, I believe the topics that link are 'AI: education and the future of work' and 'Business and politics: what could go wrong?' because companies have begun to take a look at AI through the lens of its capabilities involving business rather than just their technological use. In the field of digital marketing, AI also automates business processes and helps companies gain deeper insights through data analysis and engages with customers and employees on online websites.

    AI also helps improve decision-making as it can identify changes by analysing large sets of data and helps meet the needs of customers and improve customer experience. It paints a bigger picture of what is happening in the world because AI helps companies gain more understanding of what is happening around the world by using data analysis and predictions. AI also has skills that help companies gain a simple understanding of the world as it continues to evolve every day.

    The link between these two topics stands out to me because the impact that AI technology has on decision making can also determine the overall success of a company as businesses strive to improve efficiency and stay ahead in the digital age.

  • I think prison emergency in Ecuador and news near you are link together because many news stations information about crimes are gotten from prison security guards or police officers . So news stations share their information about crimes of the criminals for people to listen and follow security advice to prevent criminal aspects in society . So they work together to ensure people prevent their selves from criminals through listening to radios or reading new papers.

  • Hello
    I think the topic "AI and the future of work" Is linked to the topic of business and politics

    In business, AI is linked because AI can be used in jobs such as customer service, and also some companies are selling AI products or products which an AI such as smartphones 📱 and Alexa to adapt to the market-changing

    In politics, AI tools can help to analyze data and understand voter preferences. and also AI optimizes messages, detects misinformation, helps in policy discussions, and helps run countries

  • Hi,
    I have seen all those comments which is sent by student, teacher and other people. I will saw only that please donot show any personal information about yourself. Such us:
    1) your real name
    2) Address
    3) Email address
    4) Contact number etc.
    If anyone asks for any of this information. You donot tell or tell to your teacher. Always you use your username on the hub. And also best of luck for all those students and teachers who is in this Topical Talk Festival.

    😊Thank you 😊

  • Hello there,
    In the festival you have given many topics for us to present our ideas like: AI and the future of work, eco-anxiety, news near you, etc... And I think that "AI and the future of work" and "eco-anxiety" link because Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds profound importance across various demains, revolutionizing industries and reshaping the way we live, work, and interact with technology. AI facilitates breakthroughs in healthcare by accelerating medical research, diagnosing diseases, and personalizing treatment plans. AI plays a pivotal role in addressing societal challenges, from mitigating climate change through data analysis and optimization to fostering inclusive growth through automation and job creation. And eco-anxiety, a growing psychological phenomenon, underscores the pressing importance of environmental concerns in our collective consciousness. It encapsulates the emotional distress and anxiety individuals experience due to the existential threat posed by environmental degradation, climate change, and biodiversity loss. Ultimately, harnessing the power of eco-anxiety can inspire collective efforts to mitigate environmental challenges and pave the way for a more sustainable and resilient future.
    Thank you!

  • Hello
    In my view, I think that The Festival Topics AI : Education and the future of work and eco anxiety link in many ways

    First of all they both reflect the changes and the progress and regress including the challenges we face in the 21st Century. he evolving nature of education in the AI era intersects with eco-anxiety as well, as concerns about the environmental footprint of digital technologies and the need for sustainability education become increasingly prominent.

    AI and Eco-anxiety are also interrelated as AI driven technological advancements have the potential to both increase and mitigate environmental challenges. AI can be be used to optimize resource management, develop renewable energy solutions, and support environmental monitoring and conservation efforts. On the other hand, the rapid speed of technological change and the carbon footprint of digital technologies contribute to environment related concerns.

    This helps me to get a bigger picture of what's happening in the world because it highlights the relation between technological advancement, environmental sustainability, and human well-being, prompting us to consider solutions that address these complex issues together.

  • Hello,
    There are more than one thing that are linking together but I will talk about only one, you may ask me “what is it?”

    Well, it could be “AI education and the future of work” and “eco-anxiety.” You will say for me “how?”
    Ok, so AI could be dangerous one day because many people will use it and they will forget to use their minds that can lead on: disappearing there creativity, thinking and if he/she entered a test that’s not allowed to use AI they will absolutely fail in the test because they don’t use their minds.
    Now you know how dangerous “AI education and the future of work” is,
    I think eco-anxiety is nearly the same let’s see how it’s dangerous.
    So, eco-anxiety can cause a sensation of suffocation or even depression. Among the latter group, it is quite common for people to express a strong sense of guilt about the situation of the planet, which can be aggravated, among those who have children, when thinking about their future.

  • I think the topic "News Near you ", "Prisons: Emergency in Ecuador" and " Business and Politics: what could go wrong" are interlinked because those topics are based on present ongoing problem in the world. The three topics make us understand to always open our eyes and be active because there is a lot going on around us. We need to search for news not only in local base but also internationally we need to discuss about different issue. through the topics we learn the power of discussion and how to come up with new and innovative solutions. The topics are linked because it helped us to think about our future and what problems are we going to face. These topics make us to always stay updated and well informed about what's happening in different countries, in business or politics and in economy to be a responsible citizen. For this reason, I think those 3 topics are linked.

  • In my opinion the topic AI and news are both similar .The similarity between AI and the news around you is that both are vast in exploration and constantly evolving. The intersection of AI education and local news lies in the need for ongoing learning and adaptation. Technologies are being developed and refined, while news events are being reported daily. Additionally, both AI and the news around you can have a remarkable impact on society, influencing decision-making, shaping public opinion, and encouraging innovation. Furthermore, AI technologies are increasingly being utilized in the news industry for tasks such as content generation, editing personalized recommendations, fact-checking and highlighting. Just as AI is reshaping industries and creating new job roles similar news also spreads awareness about jobs and allows the jobless to get their job. We can say that AI and news are almost similar to each other.

  • I think AI could potentially be dangerous as it is all ready so smart and could greatly affect the next generation of education.I think AI is already smarter than humans because some people use chat GPT to help them with their work and that is a sign of AI becoming dangerous because that person is no longer learning new things because they are just cheating with chat GPT. AI can already do a lot of jobs and this is making some people redundant eventually humans might not even have to leave the house as AI will do their work for them.In conclusion i think AI should be handled with more care than its being handled with now,humans get excited when AI gets smarter but i think we should be more wary.

  • In my opinion i think that the news near u and the Ecuador prisons news links because in every thing that happens there is some news attached to it so i think the they link. now to the Ecuador prison brake out. in my opinion i think the prison officers are trying their best but should put in more effort because firstly the walls in their prisons are short .secondly i think they some how treat the prisoners bad that is why the also run away. i did a little research and got to know that 48 prisoners escaped and only 12 were captured but they are still researching more about those left. and also think they treat the harshly that is why the also got the idea to run away.
    1.why people are sent to prison.
    people are sent to prison so that they learn their mistakes and and learn how to be a new person in their community when they are been released but some of the prison officers do not treat them well but treat them harshly.
    2. why visitors visit prisoners
    visiters visit so the prisoners do not fell lonely

    THANK U.

  • I think the topic on climate change and business link the most, they both help me see the bigger picture on just how many people care about climate, business and the betterment of all people lives, basically business tells us how such large business are fully supportive about the climate, and how many millions of dollars are being put into this investment. We have on many occasions talked about climate, and how businesses don't care or are to greedy to help, but now I fully understand that many of them do care and just how much they do.

  • I think that 'Eco-anxiety' and 'News near you'. To be more specific the discussion 'Climate change in your country' under 'Eco-anxiety' and 'Responsible citizens' under 'News near you'.

    I think so becuase 'Climate change in my country' talks about the condition of my country and 'Responsible citizens' match the fact that the local new about the climate change in my country was the only source that made my county's citizens realise the harm they are doing to their mother nature and also made them reduce their harmful habits.

    And I don't think this is the case only for my country. I think that this is the case for a majority of the countries throughout the years of progress they have made or are trying to make. This is due to the fact that the citizens of the country are not responsible enough to think about this themeselves or are not aware about this as only 0.53% of all articles in a given month focused on climate change, meaning there is a need of spreading the knowledge about the bad condition of the climate with steps or ways to solve this. This can lead the country to the path of development eventhough the process maybe slow. Also a small amount of work from everyone will pile up and turn into a great amount of work, helping alot with a little that can bring back the happy and healthy mother Earth we had a long time ago.

    Thank you for reading this conclusion that I got from trying to link News in the bigger picture to get the idea, just like the suggestions from the journalists of The Economist!

  • I think that (Eco-Anxiety) and (Businesses) are connected. Most businesses put in an effort to be more eco friendly. Using biodegradable products, minimizing the damage to ecosystems is all a reflection of that. Businesses are also a major contributor to eco anxiety causing the majority of the pollution. All in all its very known that businesses do damage but its nice that they are helping it get better.

  • I think that "Business and politics" and "Prisons" topic link. i believe that these two topics link because the main purpose of the business and politics topic was to find out what students thought about the combination of business and politics. When combining these two very important things, there tends to be monopoly in one of the areas and this leads to lack of focus in the other area. In Fito's case, his escape has led to disrupt in the normal activities of the government. Also, because of the declared state of emergency, the principle of check and balances can be altered and money can easily be laundered by corrupt politicians. when putting AI into the big picture, we find out that AI can be used to keep track of resources when the government is busy handling issues such as Fito's case. With the aid of AI, people can be alert and well informed about the actions of the government concerning the case. In the prisons, AI can help to better the prison and how secure it is. Concerning Fito's case, two prison officials have been caught using the CCTV cameras in the prison. In the year 2013, Fito escaped prison but was captured 3 months after. If the prison officials were well informed about this, they should have taken precautionary measures to ensure that Fito does not escape again.

    1. I agree because...Political prisoners are defined as individuals that are convicted and incarcerated in politically biased trials (or executive decisions in absence of any trials).Throughout its history and into the present, the United States has held political prisoners, people whose detention is based substantially on political motives. Prominent U.S. political prisoners have included anti-war socialists, civil rights movement activists, conscientious objectors, and War on Terrorism detainees. Yes the link because the former political member that stole the citizens money and use it for their self without improving our country they will go for prison for their crime they have committed especially Fito's case.

  • The topics of "Business and politics: what could go wrong" & "News near you" link with each other , because In business and politics news and media are the key players in influencing the people towards someone or against someone. And this helps me get the bigger and broader picture of what's happening In world as companies and politicians might lie to people just to profit themselves either diplomatically or financially but because of the media these groups think twice before disclosing any fact or fake news in front of us.
    But , I think many will disagree with this point and might bring out the point that if the business and politicians and political parties are so strong and well connected they could buy out the media and make it bring out news in favor of them only . And this point is actually right , for example in China the government controls the media thus the Chinese media never ever says anything not in favor of the country .
    So what I think is that this dependence and transparency will always help the public know the actual truth and find out the true and honest ideal to support or follow.

  • Hi Topical talkers!
    I think that AI advancements can fuel eco-anxiety due to concerns about environmental impact, while also offering solutions for sustainable business practices.

    In Ecuador, local issues like justice and human rights connect to global themes, such as indigenous rights and environmental justice struggles.

    Thank you!!

  • In my view, news near you and all the topics are related because, in a sense, all the information and content topics are almost what happens every day around us due to technological advancements occurring almost everywhere, environmental concerns occurring almost everywhere, glaciers melting, and so forth. Emergency situations in Ecuador also pertain to situations occurring not only in Ecuador but virtually everywhere in the world, and businesses politics continuing to clash. Together, we are still trying to determine if this is having a positive or negative impact. In conclusion it's link to newsnery

  • I think that "AI technology and World terror" link . I believe this is due to the fact that people believe AI will take over and end the world, but that's not the case whatsoever. This is because our existence is the reason for AI even existing .In other words we can decide what AI can and cant do. If AI does manage to somehow take over the world then humanity is at risk but that's probably never gonna happen. So AI can't cause world terror.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts and responses!

  • Hello! AI is quite controversial in our new eras of life. AI can be very positive with its ways of spreading awareness for boycotts and climate change though should we fully trust AI yet? Ai is connected to our daily task in many many ways! It alerts many weather reports,new gossip, and possible deals. Though its a dangerous side of Ai we have yet to explore. Ai can be used to dox,threat and scam people. This can give out personal information to creeps online. Another dangerous side of AI is if we let Ai take our jobs when anyone can easily influence them then they can be hacked or messed with. That can result in death. It's a very dangerous though interesting topic.

  • To the best of my understanding, the topics that I believe that are closely linked are news near you and the prisons emergency in Ecuador. This assertion stems from observing current affairs, such as the ongoing war in Gaza, which frequently makes a headlines. Similarly, the Seasons situation in Ecuador is a recurring issue that garners attention in the news. From my perspective, these two topics news near you and the prisons emergency in Ecuador, are interconnected, much like siblings.
    The concept of news near you is to keep people aware about what is happening in their national and local areas.
    While on the other hand the prison emergency in Ecuador has been a pressing issue for some time. The countries prisons has been plugged with problems such as overcrowding and violence including lack of resources. This is issues have led to numerous riots escape and death within the prison system. To the extent that the government has declared a state of emergency in their prisons.
    So, how these two topics interconnect? Firstly, the prisons emergency in Ecuador is a local issue that directly affects the communities in which the prisons are located. The safety and well-being of the resident are at state. Therefore, it is crucial for the local news outlet to cover this issue extensively and keep the Residence informed about the development.
    Secondly, the concept of news near you can play a significant role in raising awareness about the prisons Emergency. By delivering news about the condition in this prison, the public can become more informed and engage in finding Solutions. This can lead to increase pressure of the government to address the issue and allocate resources to improve the situation.

  • I think that AI and eco-anxiety link because they both have an impact on Ecuador. I say this because there is a lot of eco-anxiety in Ecuador. Most people struggle with eco-anxiety. Eco-anxiety symptoms are panic attacks, loss of appetite, irritability, weakness, and sleeplessness. Most people ecuadorians get infected with eco-anxiety, and this causes them to be able to assist their job. On the other hand, AI can help with that. For example, an ecuadorian with eco-anxiety is a teacher then they wont be able to assist at school to teach. In this case, AI can help. AI can do the job until the ecuadorian is healthy. This is means that AI is a very good resource in ecuador. This i why I say that AI and eco-anxiety are linked together with Ecuador.

  • I think that topic "Business and politics: what could go wrong" and "eco anxiety" link because business people and politicians are the ones who makes decisions that can easily resolve the problem with our "eco anxiety". We individuals can make change but if big businesses and politicians will make right decisions they will reduce the pollution and we will not need to feel anxiety about ours and planet's future.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize teaching and learning as we know it. By using AI-powered tools and strategies, educators can personalize learning, improve student outcomes, and better prepare students for success in the digital age.AI's ability to conduct human-like conversations opens up possibilities for adaptive tutoring or instructional assistants that can help explain difficult concepts to students.AI can analyze vast amounts of educational data to identify trends and patterns. This is especially useful for school administrators and decision-makers in education. AI can predict student performance and help design strategies to improve outcomes. It can also identify areas where additional support is needed. It lets people focus on more creative goals by automating the decision-making processes and tedious tasks. Artificial intelligence offers great promise to drive businesses forward, automate manufacturing processes, and deliver valuable insights.

  • I believe that the news nearby is related to business, politics, emergency situations in Ecuador, and anxiety related to the environment. However, let me clarify. When we discuss the news nearby, we are discussing current events; when we discuss eco anxiety, we are discussing the anxiety that many people of various ages experience regarding the crisis; climate change is occurring all around us despite numerous attempts to mitigate it; when we discuss AI technology, we are discussing its widespread use, which many people have learned about in this festival; the benefits and drawbacks, and so on When we discuss the emergency in Ecuador, we are referring to the extremely unsettling event that transpired following Fito's escape. So that is the reason why I mentioned that all of these subjects are related to local news.

  • AI is the education and the future of work because Education is a fundamental pillar in our life. Throughout the history, it has been the means through which future generations acquire knowledge and skills to thrive in an ever-evolving world which helps to make our or our future generations more advanced . However, the world is changing at a dizzying pace, and education must also adapt the use of ai. Artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the most powerful tools in shaping the future of education. It helps to do work which we have to get the result by doing it 1-5 times but with the help of AI it can be easily done in seconds.

    AI is defined as the ability of machines to simulate human intelligence and learn from the experience. In the educational context, this means that machines can assist students in learning in a way more efficiently and personally.

  • I think that AI links to business and Eco anxiety because the things going on in AI can be used to help business but it also means it can get hacked by a person and get quite a lot of money like what happened when someone was able to get a expensive car for on£1! AI can also help Eco anxiety because they don't rely on fossil fuels or just stuff like diesel but they actually rely on electricity! Eco anxiety likes to business because the things that are happening at the moment with Eco anxiety might inspire change in the business .