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  • I scored 11 out of 15 questions. From the quiz which I participated in, I learnt about the increase in the number of female prisoners to 33%. It made me wonder why! Could it be that the females have suddenly resorted to crime as a best option to survive? What type of crime could possibly make the number so high?
    With all those questions on my mind, it has made me see more need to grow up as a different citizen of my country who will not want to be involved in criminal activities because they are not healthy to the nation. I resolved to make a change where I find myself because I cannot bear to find myself in a confined space with my freedom taken away from me. I would want people to be law abiding and stay away from crime.

    1. I scored a 10 of 15 while I didn't know much it taught me a lot more about prisons and the situation . Can you believe 33% of women prisoners have increased in the last 20 years! I can't help but wonder what women that have been imprisoned, have been doing. Out of the 11 .5 million prisoners 33% have increased and of that percent are women. Maybe people could investigate the most common crimes that prisoners have done and ways to stop the crimes that are most common, people could carry weapons or pepper spray . The crimes they have done, are probably from mental health,depression or alcohol problems. Many citizens can't control it and need serious help.

    2. ... Fabulous, I totally agree with you on this,I scored 9 out of 15 but believe me, the quiz really make me understand more about how a prison is being operated and how things are being done and as how the amount of people who get into prison most especially the FEMALE which has increased to 33%.
      One more thing i totally agreed to is about the fact that prisoner don't have the right to vote during election.
      And i really thank God Almighty for making my country a big one because for that i know that in small numbers of some countries prisoners are allowed to vote for example:Sweden, Denmark e.t.c.

      1. In all honesty I completely agree because if prisoners were allowed to vote they would probably route for someone who they were in cahoots with, in order to get out, and if that happened it would cause complete chaos causing a massive amount of corruption.

      2. I understand your curiosity about how prisons are operated and the increasing number of people, especially females, being incarcerated. It's important to have a better understanding of the prison system and its impact on society. Regarding the right to vote, it's true that in many countries, including mine, prisoners are not allowed to vote during elections. However, it's interesting to note that in some countries like Sweden and Denmark, prisoners are given the opportunity to vote. Each country has its own laws and regulations regarding the rights of prisoners. It's always fascinating to learn about different approaches and practices in different countries.

        1. I agree with you. I scored 13 out of 15 .. I was not aware of few questions but I got the opportunity to learn .. today I got to know that there are some countries who allows prisoners to vote in election.. it shocked me ..In India , prisoners are not allowed to vote. And I was amazed about the women population in lockup .. The number of females in prison has increased by 33% over the past 20 years... It suprised me ..

      3. I agree because... prisoners will try and encourage bad ways of running a country especially one that has democracy. Let's say they allow them to vote I suspect that they will vote the candidate that will favor them and ruin the situation in the country. I feel like they should be allowed to vote after they have been taken through a proper process of rehabilitation.


  • I scored a 6 out of 15 , poor though but I have acquired more knowledge based on prisons . In my point of view , I feel a prison should be more of a rehabilitation center not a chastising center , because to some people who may have been reprimanded for crime may take the punishment of a prison as an opportunity to become hardened criminals , which will bring more harm to a society and even a nation .

  • I scored 11/15 in this quiz and have come to learn that prisons have many purposes and are even made to allow prisoners to be at ease. I strongly disagree with this point because prisons are meant to make prisoners receive redress and become better citizens not to make them feel at home, because some of them will see prison as a second home, which even makes poor people to even commit crimes because they see prison like a place where their needs of food,clothing and shelter can be met. Please don't get me wrong and say that prisons are meant to be terrible places but places that are not too harsh or too comfortable.

  • I got 10 out of 12 and I learnt that there are approximately 11.5 million people in prison all over the world.and I also learnt that the number of female prisoners has increased to 33%.

  • I scored 7 out of 15, well I partially agree with the fact that prisons should be a sort of rehabilitation center and not a punishment ground or something. I feel prisoners are supposed to be corrected and not over punished or beaten to death. I'm not saying they should be shown so much love and care or made to feel at home, because some people might see it as a place they can go chill and relax and eventually get free just as in the case of Fito (who was said to have stayed in a cell that had more electric outlets than a hotel room). Yes prisoners should be reassured of their safety and made to feel a little bit comfortable but not too comfortable because they may take it for granted.
    Prisons shouldn't be seen as a death ground but a correction/rehabilitation center.

  • I had 10 out of 15 in the quiz. I learnt that the president of Ecuador has declared fito missing as at January 7th and called for a state of emergency on January 8th. Prisoners are capable of escaping because of the freedom given to them, they could make use of their cell phones to contact people who will help in their escape.

  • I scored 12/15, and I’m actually surprised and worried about the number of people in prisons like 11.5 million people are locked up for committing crimes ,I am amused at the number and the fact that a lot of people are locked up to ensure that others are safe and yet the number of crimes keeps increasing. To the extent that the prisons are over full.

  • The increase in rate of female prisoners was so surprising,but also true there are so many females engaged in so many criminal offenses. I managed to scale 10/15 which was surprising, I taught the number of prisoners would be more than 11.5million because crime rate are increasing in so many nations, some of the criminals have made that a form of living which is a bad idea. The government officials should please do something about the increase in crime rate because so people fear that they would ba a victim. My point is that prison is a good place to change a person's mind set and make a person good.

  • One piece of information that shocked me was about prisoners' voting rights and out of curiosity I did some research and found out that Yes,indeed only a few countries allow prisoners to vote.For instance, in Spain,prisoners serving sentences of less than 2 years can vote,while in Sweden and Denmark,all prisoners are allowed to vote.However in the United States,prisoners are not allowed to vote in federal elections and the rules vary by state.In India,the high court is currently reviewing a request to change the law that prohibits people who are waiting for their trial or are in jail from voting.The court will decide whether this law is fair or not...I believe that prisoners should have the right to vote because doing so keeps the principles of democracy and human rights.Advocates argue that taking away the voting rights of prisoners opposes the democratic notion that every person, regardless of their legal standing, should have a voice in their nation's governance. They argue that denying prisoners the right to vote is a form of punishment that goes beyond just taking away their freedom.

    1. I totally agree with you, before this I thought prisoners weren't allowed to do things that normal citizens can and I was shocked when I found out that prisoners can vote in some countries. During my research I found out that Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Ukraine allow their prisoners to vote as of 2012. I feel that prisoners should be given the right to vote because they are still citizens of that country and are still entitled to their rights as citizens. This test has really broadened my horizons as I also learnt that prisons are now being overused and I recommend that governments of countries in the world should make efforts in building more prisons because an overfull prison can lead to violence and bullying between inmates which is not what the prison is meant for.

      1. I agree because... I was shocked while I was reading that there are estimated to be 11.5 million people in prison worldwide today! I was not expecting that such a great number of peoples are there in the prisons.. it's very shocking !!

    2. In the quiz I got 8 out of 15. I learnt a substantial lot from the quiz like how worldwide there are over 11.5 million people in prison and this got me thinking why there are so many people in prison and I conclude that one of the major causes of crimes is illiteracy and poverty. Shockingly the poorest countries in the world are in Africa and there are lot of crimes and prisoners in Africa yet there is only one African country that among the top twelve countries with the highest amount of prisoners which is Rwanda. I think that this proves that just because a country is poor does not mean that crime will be rampant. Rather a substantial amount of these countries are in South America. In recent years a lot of drug related crimes have been linked to South American countries such as Colombia and Ecuador. The amount of crime in South America is alarming as crime rates are increasing and more people are moving to a life of crime due to poverty.

    3. Well done for doing extra research on this topic - I found this information really interesting. What would you say to people who argue that losing the right to vote should be part of the punishment for a crime?

      1. Hi,Marie
        To me,the topic of whether convicted individuals should be denied their right to vote is a complex and contentious one with like valid arguments on 'both' sides...However I think that voting is a fundamental civic right and its denial may interfere with the rehabilitation and reintegration of individuals into society...Did you know that some critics have raised concerns about how the criminal justice system tends to impact minority communities more harshly?They worry that this may lead to disenfranchisement along racial lines...Its a important issue that has been the subject of much debate and discussion in recent years...To me it is alarming to know that several studies have shown that there are racial differences within the criminal justice system like policies related to the "War on Drugs" have had a severe impact on minority communities...The cash bail system and school disciplinary measures can also have an unnecessary impact on minorities and in certain neighbourhoods with mostly minority populations,there may be an issue of over-policing which leads to further discrimination...I also want to share a story which made me support my statement even is the story of Jamal,a young African American man who had a run-in with law enforcement during a routine traffic stop...his encounter with the law quickly took a turn for the worse due to racial profiling which led to his arrest and conviction for a minor infraction...Unfortunately this conviction resulted in the loss of his voting rights and privileges..i feel like this example underlines the need for increased awareness and action to prevent discriminatory practices that negatively impact marginalized communities and to ensure that all individuals have equal access to their fundamental civic rights..While it is true that those who break the law have shown a disregard for the social contract that underpins democracy but denying people the right to vote may not necessarily serve as a deterrent to future criminal activity and as I mentioned..denying individuals the right to vote may undermine the principles of inclusivity and representation that are fundamental to democracy...It is essential to ensure that all individuals have equal access to their fundamental civic rights and policies are in place to prevent discriminatory practices that negatively impact marginalized communities..Thus,I believe that convicted individuals should have the right to vote as i feel it is a more just and equitable approach...Thank You!!

      2. I would actually disagree with such people because right to vote is a fundamental human right and we do not have right to take such rights from others no matter what they do because we too would not like when our rights are taken from us. Another thing is that, they are other formal punishments for crimes other than refusing others of their rights. Feel free to tell me your opinion on this Marie.

      3. I actually experience mixed feelings on this topic. On one hand, I feel that prisoners shouldn't be allowed to vote because they are serving jail time for the crimes they have committed. I analyzed it like this; "Not every crime earns one incarceration. Some punishments for crimes are minor. So, should imprisoned people be allowed to vote? Their crimes are obviously not negligible." It seemed to me that prisoners may not pick a person suitable enough to lead. And I also had this thought; What if an ex-convict that still possessed a criminal mindset connived with prisoners to get majority of the votes? Would the country then be ruled by crooks?
        On the other hand, I remembered what I learnt on the Hub. I learnt that prison could reform some people. So it would be wrong to stereotype all criminals, assuming them all to possess bad behaviour. I'm at crossroads here. Any ideas?

    4. Criminals are denied their right to franchise so we can be safe and free to vote and be voted for. Denial to this right is a punishment for criminals and a safety measure for the public. Criminals have a wrong view of success so letting them vote is a very risky idea. They may have collaborated with on the contesting candidates to be released if he or she votes for the candidate. Criminals may invade campaigns of their rival political parties or forge votes or the results of the election, to make sure their desired candidate gets the political office desired.

    5. You said that prisoners should be allowed their right to vote for their country but in the United States and other countries where they are not allowed to vote, why do you think they are not allowed to vote?

      1. In the United States and some other countries, the decision to deny prisoners the right to vote is based on various factors. One argument is that voting is a privilege that should be reserved for law-abiding citizens. Supporters of this view believe that by breaking the law, individuals have forfeited their right to participate in the democratic process. Another perspective is that denying voting rights serves as a form of punishment and a deterrent to future criminal activity. However, it's important to note that opinions on this issue vary, and there are ongoing debates about the fairness and effectiveness of these policies.

  • Scored 13/15 but it's surprising to learn that prisoners do have the right to vote in some countries, even though it's not the case in others. It raises the question of whether prisoners should have a say in who governs them, or whether their rights should be restricted due to their criminal history. Additionally, the fact that most countries have overcrowded prisons is concerning and highlights the need for better criminal justice policies and prison reform. It's important to ensure that inmates are treated fairly and humanely and that they have access to the resources and support they need to successfully reintegrate into society after their release.

    1. I agree because the survey showed me that in some countries, prisoners can vote. I initially thought a prisoner's rights were completely restricted, including the right to vote. This information has broadened my understanding. I've also learned that prisons serve purposes beyond punishment, acting as correctional facilities rather than just places for lockup or jail.
      Thanks 😊😁

      1. Well said, industrious_shark.
        This survey has taught me a lot, including the surprising fact that prisoners are able to vote. I previously thought that they were restricted from all rights while in prison. It's important to recognize that prison is more than just a place for punishment; it's also a place where individuals are taught to reform and change from their negative behaviors to become better people in society.


        1. Good one! active beetle
          A prison is a facility where criminals serve sentences according to their respective offences. Citizens think that the prison system is used to punish and torture criminals but no, it is used to help them become better people and citizens after their sentences.
          I recently found out that in most countries prisoners are allowed to vote. That is a big development by the government. But even though they have the right to vote, prisoners don't have the right to movement and speech.

          Having said this, I see that prisoners still have a lot of opportunities in the prison. They include:
          -Skill Acquisition:Some prisoners could learn skills in prison such as robotics, sewing and even baking which could reform their lives from stealing
          -As said earlier, some have the right to vote.
          - They learn the power of teamwork
          - Rehabilitation and societal contribution
          - Personal growth and development
          -Structured Routines
          -Access to basic needs: Inmates enjoy shelter, food, clothing and healthcare
          -Legal resources
          -Educational opportunities
          - Peer support
          -Time for reflection
          -Counselling services
          Many more!!

          Prisoners nowadays have a lot of opportunities in the prison.
          However, my advise remains DON'T COMMIT CRIME!!!

          1. I kindly agree with you spirited concept because"The evolution of our world is indeed marked by a fantastic and spirited concept – the transformative shift in our approach to prisons. Notably, granting prisoners the right to vote reflects a progressive step, but the positive changes extend beyond mere political participation. In contemporary prison systems, initiatives are emerging that empower inmates to acquire new skills, instill valuable morals, and cultivate discipline.These transformative programs not only equip prisoners with practical abilities but also contribute to their moral and ethical development. By providing opportunities for skill acquisition, such as vocational training and educational programs, inmates are better prepared for a successful reintegration into society upon release. Moreover, instilling morals and discipline within the prison environment sets the foundation for a more responsible and conscientious community.
            This evidential and valuable change in the development of prisons not only benefits the incarcerated individuals but also has far-reaching positive implications for society as a whole. Rehabilitated and educated individuals are more likely to contribute meaningfully to their communities, reducing recidivism rates and fostering a safer, more productive society."
            Thanks 👍😊

  • it's important to remember that escape from prison is still considered a crime. Even if someone manages to escape, they are still breaking the law and putting themselves and others at risk. The justice system is in place to ensure that individuals are held accountable for their actions. It's important to respect the rule of law and work towards improving the prison system instead of encouraging escape.
    . While it's understandable that some may sympathize with the desire for freedom, it's important to remember that prisons exist for a reason. They serve as a means of punishment and rehabilitation for individuals who have been convicted of crimes. Allowing prisoners to escape would undermine the justice system and potentially put innocent people at risk. It's cruciald to prioritize public safety and work towards improving the prison system in a lawful and responsible manner.
    I understand that you may have a different opinion, and I respect that. It's essential to have open discussions and consider different perspectives. However, it's important to remember that the legal system is in place to ensure public safety and hold individuals accountable for their actions. Allowing prisoners to escape would create chaos and potentially put innocent lives at risk. Instead, we should focus on improving the prison system to promote rehabilitation and reduce the likelihood of reoffending.
    But I have to stick to my stance on this one. While it's understandable to feel sympathetic towards the desire for freedom, it's important to consider the consequences. Allowing prisoners to escape would undermine the justice system and could potentially lead to more crime and harm to innocent people. It's crucial to prioritize public safety and work towards finding alternative ways to address issues within the prison system.

  • If there were no prisons, the world would need to find alternative ways to address crime and ensure justice. Without prisons, other forms of punishment or rehabilitation programs might be implemented. As for Lebanon, it would depend on the specific laws and systems in place. Justice could still be achieved through different means, such as community service, restorative justice, or counseling programs. It's a complex topic, but exploring different perspectives can help us understand the possibilities. Let me know if you need more information or have any other questions!

  • I scored 12 / 15. I learn many things about prisons after attending this quiz. I am just amazed to know that the rate of female prisoners increase to 33%. I think that several factors can contribute to an increase in the female prisoner population. Economic challenges and limited access to resources can contribute to criminal behavior. Systematic issues such as gender based discrimination and inequality may impact the legal system can lead to the increasement of female prisoners. Understanding these complex factors is crucial for development effective strategies to reduce female imprisonment rates.
    Thank You

  • Greetings.
    I score only 4 out of 14. It's very poor but at least I have learned more things about prison. The increasing rate of female prisoners was so surprising but also it is true because females are also trapped in a criminal offense.
    Prisons is not a punishment ground or something else. I feel prisoners are supposed to be corrected. I'm not saying they should be shown so much love and care or made to feel at home, but to motivate and improve them to be a good citizens prisons must be strict. Yes, prisoners should be reassured of their safety and made to feel a little bit comfortable but not too comfortable because they may take it for negative benefits.
    Prisons shouldn't be seen as a death ground but a correction/rehabilitation center.
    My point of view is that prison is a great place to change a person into a good citizen. To change their mind set and develop good relation prison is helpful.
    Stay away from crime and criminals.
    Thank you.

  • I scored only 7 out of 15. This quiz helps me to increase by learning level. One thing that surprise me is about the voting rights given to prisoners. In Nepal, there is no voting rights for prisoners, but I think government should give equal rights to all the citizen of the nation. I believe that prisoners should have the right to vote because doing so keeps the principles of democracy and human rights. Advocates argue that taking away the voting rights of prisoners opposes the democratic nation that every person, regardless of their legal standing, should have a voice in their nation's governance. And I also get surprised by knowing the increased rate or prisoners. I want people to be law abiding and stay away from criminal activities. This quiz changes my mind by knowing the different purpose of prison too.

  • I scored 10 out of 15. The fact that most surprised me is that more than 11.5 millon people are in jail. This made me think about that there are many people who are doing crimes against law. But there are many people outside the jail too who are doing crimes as every criminal is not arrested by police. Another fact that shocked me is thet 33% female prisoner is increased in last 20 years which is more than male prisoners. It means that nowadays female are doing more harmful crime than male which is causing problems to the society more than ever.

    One information from the quiz that can be used to change people’s mind is that prisons are not just to torture the criminal. Prisons has to make sure that criminals are safe in the prison, they are making their life normal like law - abiding people. They are going to lead a normal life like before. Prison also has rehabilitation so that the criminals can make their healthy and happy.

  • I scored 15 out of 15 and the major point/lesson I learnt is that the number of female prisoners have increased by 33%.

  • The significant increase in the female prison population over the last 29 years is a concerning trend that merits attention and analysis. The rise in female incarceration rates highlights complex social, economic, and systemic issues within the criminal justice system.

    Several factors may contribute to this increase. First, changes in criminal justice policies, including harsher sentencing and the war on drugs, have disproportionately affected women. Mandatory minimum sentences and sentencing guidelines have led to longer prison terms for various offenses, contributing to the overall growth in the incarcerated population.

    Second, the intersection of poverty, lack of access to education and employment opportunities, and substance abuse issues can contribute to women's involvement in criminal activities. Addressing these underlying socio-economic factors is crucial in developing effective strategies to prevent women from entering the criminal justice system.

    Addressing the issue of the increasing female prison population requires a multi-faceted and comprehensive approach that encompasses policy changes, social interventions, and community support. Here are several strategies that can contribute to addressing this challenge:

    Reform Sentencing Policies:

    Advocate for sentencing reforms that prioritize rehabilitation over punitive measures.
    Consider alternatives to incarceration, such as community service, diversion programs, and treatment options for non-violent offenses.

  • I achieved a score of 13 out of 15 on the quiz, and I want to share my reflections on the information I gathered. Throughout my research, I looked into the staggering statistic that approximately 11.5 million people are incarcerated globally, with the U.S.A and China leading with 1.8 – 1.69 million prisoners each as of 2023. This led me to think about the various factors contributing to these numbers, ranging from legal systems and policies to crime rates influenced by urban environments, socioeconomic factors, and drug policies.

    Further research prompted me to question whether committing the same crimes in different countries would result in similar punishments. This inquiry made me think about the potential for criminals to choose where to commit offenses and how foreign perpetrators might be treated compared to citizens.

    Another eye-opening revelation was the prevalence of overcrowded prisons, particularly in the Republic of Congo, which boasts the highest prison occupancy. Contrary to assumptions, overcrowding isn't solely a consequence of increasing crime rates but is also caused by issues such as over-sentencing, delays in justice delivery, and a lack of adequate reformation facilities, notably in Nigeria.

    Lastly, I encountered the surprising practice in some countries, like Spain, of allowing prisoners to vote. Initially, I found this concept unfair and unethical, but Spain's rationale revolves around humanitarian rights, preserving civic rights, and facilitating the rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners. This approach aims to instill a sense of belonging and responsibility in prisoners, recognizing their humanity despite their restrictive circumstances.

    In conclusion, my exploration of these topics has deepened my understanding of the ins and outs within the global prison system, shedding light on the multifaceted factors influencing incarceration and the diverse approaches countries take in addressing these complex issues.
    Thank you

  • Hi,
    I scored 12/15 on the quiz but through it I learned something new and also something that I researched about. I will list them below.
    1. There are more criminals than prisons in many countries. To me this is unbelievable and frustrating that the criminal rates in these countries are so high even the police and government ran out of space to detain and punish them. And with this in mind their governments aren't taking immediate and powerful actions against it.
    2. The country or area with most criminal rates is Venezuela. And this to me sounded interesting as right now Ecuador and Venezuela are the most criminally affiliated and both are in South America. Could this indicate in criminal groups now spreading throughout each continents? If so, what is UN doing to prevent it? These are some questions that came to my mind.
    3.The rates of female criminals internationally increased by 33% over the past 40 years. This shocked me and made me question what is it that made them commit these crimes? What is bothering them or pressuring them even to commit these crimes?
    All of these things seemed intriguing, saddening, fearful to me. But with it came a sense of responsibility, awareness. And it made me thinking what is it that I can do to help reduce these crimes even if its a small step. And in my opinion its best for governments to act fast on crimes committed and should increase the amount of police officers on patrol and have them armed to protect the order of peace, safety and justice. As the saying goes, "Fight fire with fire."
    Thank you.

    1. Did you come to any conclusions on point 3, diligent_emotion? What do you think the reasons for this increase might be?

      1. Hi Marie,
        I am not sure of my arrived conclusions but I do have some hypothesis on point 3.
        1. They are committing these crimes either because they have a child to protect and feed. While currently, women are on jobs and are being paid its not the same amount in accordance to a man this leaves a gap between the earnings to feed their child and the amount they're earning. Therefore, instead of walking on the light path they chose to turn to the path of darkness in order to meet their ends meets.
        2. Although its rare my guess is that they are also doing these due to blackmailing from bigger criminals or gangs. Its common for any wanted gang to use subordinates that are easy to target and were not affiliated with crime before to commit crimes as drug trafficking, illegal arms distribution, or even robbery.
        Currently these are my guesses to why these women are committing more crimes. Its a bit dark of a theory but in my opinion these may be the best reasons of female affiliation with crime.

  • There are a number of purposes of prisons. They include security, comfort, punishments, reformation and safety in the sense that nobody is in danger. In many countries prisons are at over-full, which means there are more prisoners in them than there should be. This can lead to an increase in violence and makes it harder for prisoners to rehabilitate themselves. But one piece of information that I believe can really change a persons mind towards prisons is the fact that it serves different purposes.
    I learned a lot from this quiz and scored 7 out of 15.

    1. I corollate with you because people's environment affects them a lot. If prison was built for reforming people into better persons, then I think it's a failed system. I tallied 15 out of 15. The information I received here is quite shocking. Inasmuch as I heard that there are more criminals in the world than prisons, and other research that after Fito's escape, there was a sudden record of 119 killings of inmates in the cells. I believe that your environment affects the way you behave towards people. If it's said that the prisons are overfull, then it's probably because of competition it's like survival of the fittest. I think that there should be creation of more prisons and even if they have restrictions to some rights, not all their rights should be taken away. And also, prevention is better than cure. Whatever the citizens need should be provided. And everyone should be treated equally. And justice should be served.

    2. That's a great point, original_robin.
      Prisons indeed serve multiple purposes, including security, comfort, punishment, reformation, and ensuring safety. When prisons become overcrowded, it can lead to increased violence and make rehabilitation more challenging for prisoners. Understanding the different purposes of prisons can definitely change one's perspective on the topic. By learning more about it, you're gaining valuable knowledge and expanding your understanding. Scoring 7 out of 15 on the quiz shows that you're actively engaging with the subject matter. Keep up the curiosity and learning!

  • I scored 11 out of 15. I believe that the one piece of information from the quiz that would alternate someone’s beliefs about prison is that prison secures safety from many criminals. The provided information would alternate someone’s beliefs because the person might have thought prison was useless or unhelpful. The information shows that prison helps everyone worldwide by keeping them safe from criminals. Prisons have plenty of resources to ensure people’s safety and there are plenty of prisons for highly dangerous people. The information informs people the benefits of prison such as safety being ensured for citizens.

  • I got 11 out of 15. Overall I think that prisons need to make prisoners good people so everyone can be safe.What's happening in Ecuador right now is ver sad because if prisoners broke out of jail some of them may start doing bad stuff again. Prisoners need to understand that being in prison is for them to calm down so when they are set free they won't do badstuff again and be happy people. May peace be in Ecuador and hopefully no one gets hurt.

  • I am really glad that I was able to score 14/15 in the quiz about prisons. 11.5 % of the world contains people in prisons .
    This has made me understand how important prisons in our present day society due to how the rate of crime has increased in our environment.

  • I got 10 out of 15. The quiz was very knowledgeable and helpful. I came to learn a lot about prisons and its actual purposes. Prison is not only for punishment but also for reformation, security and safety. I become astonished knowing that today almost 11.5 million people are in prison. It indicates that the crime is increasing day by day. Not only that the number of female prisoners has increased 33% over the last 20 years. Now people don't think about gender while committing any unlawful act. So, for this reason the law should also be same for both man and women. I also came to learn that prisoners in Spain, Denmark and Sweden have the right to vote which is actually a good thing I believe. It shows that though they have committed a crime, but we should not neglect their rights. They also have the right to get their basic rights. The quiz has created a kind of curiosity in me to learn more about prisons and the life of prisoners in different country. Overall, the quiz was helpful and great. After learning things about prisons and Ecuador condition, this quiz help me to recall all the information I came to know so far. I actually enjoyed it.

  • Basically, I was able to score 15 out of 15. But the score doesn't matter to me because the things I got to learn are more valuable for me than the scores, my knowledge was enhanced. It was amazing for me to know that the number of female prisoners has increased by 33% in the last 20 years’ time. Also, the part of quiz which took my attention was that the prisoners are also able to vote in small countries like Spain and Germany.

  • I scored 13 out of 15 questions from the quiz.
    To change someones mind, i will let them know that the number of female prisoners is also on the increase, because the view i had previously is that the prison is mostly for men.
    I will also change someones mind by telling them that, the prison is a reformation center where people are helped to become better people.
    From the percentage of people in prison, we also need to know that the government will be overwhelmed with taking care of the prisoners. thereby making the prison an uncomfortable place to be due to congestion/over population. So citizens need to stay out of trouble and anything that will lead them into becoming a prisoner.

  • The fact that Men's Crime Rate has risen by 25% Women's by 33% is concerning. It does make us raise questions about the education system and culture of the places. In most areas, crime is being considered cool. Like the "Gen-Zs" are into committing crime, because it makes them seem grown up. The easiest and quickest way of relieving mental stress and pressure is fighting or attacking any object or human - The Cortisol (Stress Hormone) levels in the human body drop significantly in a prolonged fight.
    The easiest escape to the emotional stress is Crime. Increased crime rate does not raise questions on the personality of the criminal but on the structure of our society as a whole. If crime is rising, maybe the best way to reduce crime rates is to reflect on our personal attitude and the behaviour of those around us. Maybe, it's time to restructure our lives and societal dominance on our lives as a whole.
    Another solution would be familial upbringing: Families must raise their children with a deep sense of moral responsibility in them. They must be taught to respect their responsibilities towards a civilised society. how children are raised can make all the difference. The ideologies rooted deep in their soul, the imprint of their experiences.. Maybe in the future, with the right upbringing, we might succeed in eradicating crim as a whole.

  • I think people should be watching more of the news to know about the answers to the quiz, and you can even research on it, and if you think you can't rely on one site, you can simply go to another site and compare the two to make it easier for you to understand and to know if your research is reliable. If you compared the two sites and the words don't sound familiar you can watch other news channels to help you with the quiz.

  • I scored 8/15, I'm not happy about the grade but it's a good thing to learn every day, I learnt that there are 11.5 million prisoners in the entire world and how the female prisoners have increased about 33% that are some facts that I learnt!

  • The parts of the quiz that I think people can change their mind is the fact that women in prison have increased 33%. Honestly I thought it was by 1% but when I didn't see 1% I picked something in the middle and I figured it was 33%, it surprised me to hear that was 33%, I had to search after the quiz whether I was not seeing well.

  • I made an excellent result in the answering box and I scored 15/15 in the quiz. according to my own opinion, the purpose of prison is to ensure that the offensive are been corrected from their ways of life so that they don't be a pest to the people in the country. Therefore, prisoners been reformed by teaching, or informing about their ways of life.
    Also, prisoners are not supposed to be given more of comfort instead, they should be given more of reformative. For example, Fito was been given more of comfort in the prison because he was been allowed with a phone which he is not supposed to because he might likely going to pick up the phone and call his gangs to rescue him.
    had it been Fito was been educated in the prison, he will not have any intention to escape.
    that is some of the things i have to say about prison. Thank you.

    1. I solidly agree with what nice_eagle mentioned about prison. According to my own opinion, a prison is a place where people who committed crimes or offensives in the societies are kept for reformation for them to become a better citizen in the country or society.
      Prisons are not supposed to have more of comfort or punishment instead, they should have more of Reformative, safety and security. I agree with him/her because if the prisoners are been given about 80 percent of comfort and maybe 5 percent of Reformative, they can't learn or be able to become a better citizens if they are been released from prison.
      Thank you.

  • I scored 8 out of 15
    One question that particular caught my interest was
    What is prison meant for,lots of individuals assume that prison is a bad place,a place where u get killed and maltreated,where human rights has no stand etc.
    I believe this is why when an individual commits an atrocity they would do .everything humanly possible in order to escape the arm of the law and not go to prison.
    I suggest that the government should enlighten citizens what prison really is
    I believe prison are correctional facilities where Justice prevail and where prisoners are taught how to be useful citizens to their country.

    Most inmates in prison are innocent, one could imagine the fear their relatives would feel because of the news told about prisons
    I also believe, government should occasionally film prison cells in order to reassure people prison is not a dangerous place.
    All in one prisons, first of all is a safe place for all,a correctional facility where inmates learn to change their ways and personality.
    I believe panic would be reduced if enlightenment of citizens is made.

  • I scored 9 out of 15 and I learned that in many countries people are at overfull , this means that there are more prisoners in them than there should be . In some prisons where there are more prisoners than the wardens anything can happen and the prisoners can escape .
    I also learned that prisoners cannot vote in elections . I also learned that prisons can be used for many things like correction and for reformation . Meaning that a prison is for changing the bad lives of some criminals .
    What surprised me was that there are estimated to be 11.5 million people in prison world wide today . Now my question is that world wide , are there more prisoners than civilians.

  • I scored 10 out of 15 on the quiz and discovered that female prison population has increased by 30% this information never changed someone's mind about prison because without the prison the criminals would become threats to the society. I'm not surprised by this trend, I believe the courses of this rise includes social economic factors such as limited access to education and mental health issues. The latter may stem from drug use among our female youths which has become wise spread in my country Nigeria.

  • I scored 10 out of 15.
    The information that baffled mean on the quiz was that I learned that some prisoners are allowed to vote. I was un aware that in certain countries prisoners are permitted to vote.l find this concerning as it may lead to potential issues such as authorisation, reunion with fellow inmates or even attempt to interfere with the voting process like snatching the ballot box . This information can change someone's mind about prison.

  • I scored 11/15 and that's ok because I learned some facts that I never thought. For example, I didn't know that there was such an increase of women in jail. 33% percentage is really an increasing number and this means that women are involved in criminal acts that previous years may not. Also I didn't know that in most countries they don't vote except in Spain Sweden. I thought they had this opportunity but maybe as part of the punishment is also the ecclusion of voting.

  • I scored thirteen out of fifteen and I also learnt that a prison can also be called a jail,penitataries and lockup. I learnt that prisoners can also vote in a small amount of places during elections. Prisons are places were you keep criminals for rehabilitation,reformation,comfort and safety.

  • Hi, I scored 15 out of15.
    This quiz has made me understand that prisoners should be given a little comfort but not much, before i thought that prisoners should not be given comfort at all in order to reform them. I also learnt that women that go to prison are increased to 33%. lastly, I learnt that some prisoners in the world are allowed to vote for elections. I am so thankful for this quiz because it have helped to broaden my understanding. I pray for Ecuador for God's intervention. Thanks.

  • I scored 15 out of 15. Form the quiz, one amazing thing that shocked me is that the people in prison are about 11.5 million people. I was surprised because, a lot of people who commit crimes end up in jail.
    So I think people try to do what is right and obey rules and regulations. By doing this we can also find ways to reduce the number of crimes in the community.

  • i scores 8 out of 15 on the quiz the facts are verry intresting to know

  • I scored 8 out of 10 in this quiz. This quiz opened my eyes. I learnt that in many countries, there are prisons which have more prisoners than there should be. No wonder why they try to break prison and escape. It is a human tendency to feel irritated and uncomfortable in over crowded places. Such over crowded prisons force them to escape from prison. Government must take steps to prevent this by either reducing crime rate or by building more prisons where there can more prisoners.
    I also came to know that in some countries, like Spain, Sweden and Denmark, prisoners are allowed to vote. This is a good initiative, as it can make prisoners realize that how important they are to the society and encourage them to give up criminal activities. But I don't understand that why such a good step is not encouraged. Certainly, not all of them should be allowed to vote, but those serving short sentences should be allowed to vote.

  • I scored 10 out if 15 . These questions in the quiz make us more interactive with this session. Really it gave a fantastic answers and I also learnt from my mistakes. I made work in some places but I learnt well. This question taught me about the prison. Thank you,

  • I scored a 15 out of 15. I think the part about safety and comfortability could change somebody's mind about prison. From what people think around me the most common opinion is that prison is very dangerous and that the prison wardens don't care about the prisoner's physical and mental health. This is surprising to me because of how prisons are made out to me in the media. They look like horrible, violent, and dangerous places to be in. This makes me question, what more about prison do we don't know?

  • Hey,
    I scored 14 out of 15 and I really learned facts about prison that I never knew. Like how prisoners are not allowed to vote. It was really shocking, even though they're criminals. I still feel they deserve a right to vote because with the introduction of democracy into many countries. I feel countries that practice democracy should permit their prisoners to vote because although they are criminals they still deserve to choose the person he\she wants to lead his\her country. It is unfair that they do not get to have a say in the politics of their country.

    Another fact that caught my attention is the rapid increase in the number of females in prison. World female prison population has spiked up by 60% since 2000 and I decided to do more research on this and I found'' The World Health Organization estimated in a report made in 2009 that up to 80% of women in prisons have an identifiable mental illness. It is really disturbing how the number in female prisons is rapidly rising and I feel a lot of them are suffering from trauma or mental illnesses and instead of being taken to prison they should be taken to mental homes or rehabilitation centers, although prison is a place for reformation and rehabilitation it still does not have the proper treatment for people suffering from mental illness and trauma.

  • I scored 10 out of 15 .
    The survey has significantly increase my knowledge about prison before, I believe that prisoners could only receive Justice within prison and were deprived of various right as citizens. However this survey enlightened me revealing that being a prisoner does not negate one's patriotism
    Through the survey I learned that the global prisoner population is 11.5 million. I also discovered that prisoners have the right to vote in some countries ensuring they are not denied their citizenship right.
    This information overwhelmed me challenging my previous beliefs about gender distribution in prisons. I used to think that the percentage of men was higher than women, but the survey clarified this misconception. Overall, it was a fantastic survey and have gained valuable insights

  • I scored 7 out of 15 questions.From this quiz it gave me a briefer meaning and brilliant idea on what I just discussed with my friends late this evening.Which are best described below:

    I learnt that world wide there are over 11.5 million prisoners in the world.The president of Ecuador declared a state of emergency on January 8th 2024.Ecuador is located in south America.Prisons in many countries operate against their capacity.There are more prisoners than number of prisons in the country.If I was the governor rather than to spend my money on creating prisons I think it wil be better if they encourage the youths I the community in doing good things and to provide education because I think crimes are committed by lack of employment.

    In the last 20 years the global male population has risen by 25% whIle the number of females in prison has increased by 33% .In my own view I think what has contributed to this is the lack of governmental programmes I also advise parents to take their time and discuss with their youths In the house to ensure the safety of their children.

    In countries prisoners cannot vote during elections only a few number an vote in a small number of countries.For example, in Spain Sweden and Denmark.

    My greatest shock is that prisoners are still given the right to vote.I thought they were being cconsidered as someone in the society.
    This is the most important lesson I learnt it still Marvels me up till now.

  • The prison!!
    A prison is a facility designed to hold individuals who have been convicted of crimes and people who are sentenced for a particular period of time. The prison was invented by Jeremy Bentham in the 18th century. A lot of people think prison is a just a place where criminals are tortured no it's not!
    Criminals don't just stay at the prison to serve punishment but they enjoy this in the prison which include:
    - Skill Acquisition
    -Right to vote
    - Rehabilitation
    -Societal Contribution
    -Access to Basic needs:shelter, food and healthcare
    - Mind reflection
    And many more!!!

    1. "I wholeheartedly agree with the spirited concept, but I would propose using the word 'acquire' instead of 'enjoy.' Prison, being a facility for detaining individuals convicted of crimes, aims to rehabilitate offenders and deter others. While incarcerated, individuals have the opportunity to acquire essential skills, fostering personal growth and ultimately contributing to their ability to become better citizens and support their families."
      Thanks 👍😊

  • I got 11 out of 15. what this quiz has taught me is that prisoners are not even allowed to vote and it is true that prisoners have overfilled with prisoners. I think that this may be due that people estimated that over 11.5 million people are in prison worldwide. And I am also surprised that female prisoners have increased by 33% and it is still to my wonder that a lot of people commit crime.

  • I scored a solid 12 out of 15 in the quiz. the quiz was really informative and helped me to grow my understanding about the working of a prison. One piece of information that I feel was very important was to come across that not only the crime rates of men but the crime rates of women are also rapidly increasing. Often there is a misconception that crimes are conducted by men only but to come to know that the increase in the number of female criminals is actually more then the increase in number of male criminals is actually surprising and can act as the perfect example to change this common stereotype about prisons.

  • I learnt a lot from the quiz but the one thing that drew my attention was the fact that prisoners are not allowed to vote.I totally agree with it because prisoners can collaborate with someone out of prison to run for the elections so that the prisoners will vote for him and if by chance the person they collaborated with wins the election,he/she can release the prisoners and promote criminal activities thereby increasing the rate of crime in the country.

  • One piece from the quiz that could potentially change someone's mind about prison is a statistic on the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs in reducing recidivism. For example, the statistic could be: "Studies have shown that inmates who participate in educational and vocational programs while in prison are 43% less likely to reoffend upon release."

    To effectively use this piece to change someone's mind about prison, you could present the statistic in a persuasive way by emphasizing the positive impact of rehabilitation programs on reducing crime rates and the potential for successful reintegration of inmates into society. You could also provide additional evidence, such as expert opinions or success stories of individuals who have benefited from such programs, to support the argument for investing in rehabilitation rather than solely punitive measures.

    By presenting this information in a clear, compelling manner and addressing potential counterarguments, you can effectively use this piece to change someone's mind about the role of prison in promoting rehabilitation and reducing recidivism.

  • I scored 7 out of 15, this tells me that i might not know enough about the prison system. But, there were two things in the quiz that stood out to me, and it was that there are about 11.5 million people in prisons around the world and prisons being overcrowded. I didn't expect the number of people in prisons to be so high and so this tells me that there are a lot of bad people out there but i'm also not super surprised by this information because in the last years i've heard on the news about injustices in the law system and so i believe that some of the prisoners might have been wrongfully convicted. but also i was very surprised to learn about prisons being overcrowded which shows that either there are just a lot of bad people or the prisons are just not working, and aren't helping prisoners become better, and this could make the problems even worse because if prisons are overcrowded then their bound for worse crime and a increase in bad mental health which doesn't help the issue.

  • I got a score of 7 out of 15 on the quiz. The piece of information from the quiz that could be used to change someone's mind about prisons is that prisons aren't just for punishing criminals. They are also places where people can learn from their mistakes and get the help they need to make better choices. So, instead of just punishing, prisons are there to correct behavior and help people build a brighter future.

  • I scored 14 out of 15 on the quiz.

    One of the facts that shocked me was that prisoners could not vote while they are in prison. I think that this is appalling because in most countries they strive for a democracy, which they are not able to achieve if those locked up don't have a say on what is going on outside of their confinement.

    It is important that even if whatever is being voted upon doesn't affect the prisoners in the moment, it will eventually have a later effect on their lives. These people, even if they have done something wrong, deserve a say in how their country is governed. So, I believe that prisoners should have the chance to have a say in whether they would like to vote or not.

    Another fact that surprised me was that most prisons are over the capacity that the prison should be allowed to hold. It does make you start to believe that too many people are being sent to prison for small crimes, where it might be better to have these people do community service or join a support group. Some people that resort to crime are usually in a poor economic state, so to fix this programmes could be set up to help combat their need to steal to feed their families that night.

    I think that if we want to help lower the number of prisoners,then the people and the government need to focus on prevention to help stop people entering prison in the first place. Which will help lower the capacity of prisons, keeping more people safe and decreasing the violence in prisons.

    1. I resolutely agree to what you are saying. Because the main purpose of the government is to provide essential services, ensure our rights, etc. I believe that prisons are to be given the right to vote because they are still citizens no matter the crime committed. I think their vote still counts. But truthfully, I'm actually a bit lukewarm when it comes to allowing prisoners vote. But I think it should depend on the type of crime committed. Because the fact that he is a faulter does not mean he/she should be completely deprived of all the things that Partain to citizens.

  • I.made a wonderful reslut by scoring 15/15 in the quiz and i got to learn a lot about prison.
    In my.own.opnion, prison is an institution, correcruonal.centers or zone where offensive ones or criminals are been kept for repentant purposes.
    prison can also be seen as a place punishment are been given to the ofdensive ones.
    I also learn that Ecuador is in sourthern part of America.
    I also leanrt priosners can't vote suring elecrion because there are been seen as an outcast.
    I also learnt that prison is not only meant for punishment but rather, it is also meant for reformation in the sense tbat prisoners are been corrected, adviced, and educated from their evil ways of life to enable them be a better citizen to the nation.
    in conclusion, i rhink peisoners should not be given more of comfort than reformtion because if they are been given more of comfort they will feel above the law and some will start using mobile phones in the prison like how Fito did.
    lastly it is not advicable for prisoners to use mobile phones in the prison for security purposes.
    Thank you.

  • I scored 13. I really learnt a lot of things. Prison can be called a lot of things, but what caught my attention was the name CORRECTIONAL CENTRES. This means that prisons are not just used to punish but to correct. This simply means that prisons are supposed to provide safe, secure and humane custody for inmates. They are to identify the anti-social behaviours of inmates and their causes, then try to fix these problems. Another thing that caught my attention was the number of prisoners worldwide. There are more than 11.5 million people in prisons worldwide. I think this should be abnormal. Government should find out the causes of all these crimes and try to solve them. So many people in prison indicates a problem. 11 million is almost 1% of the world's population. Yes, there have to be crimes but not so many of them. Apart from that, The number of females in prison has increased by 33% over the past 20 years. This is really becoming a problem and should be a wake up sign. I think this should be corrected.

  • I used to think that prisoners do not vote in many countries, but the quiz has made me to know that in some countries, prisoners vote during election. I also learnt that there are many words we can use to represent prisons, like: penetiaries lock up, jail correctional facilities etc. and there are about 1.5 million people in jail. And there are also 33% of female prisoners in jail.

  • Hello
    I scored 10 out of 15 which I am really proud of myself. By the lesson with my classmates and this quiz I have learned a lot of prisons that I have never imagined. I was very surprised to know that there are estimated to be 11.5 million people in prison worldwide today. I can't believe so many people would had done bad stuff to be in that type of place. Another thing that I learned was that the number of females in prison has increased by 33% over the past 20 years. I was surprised that females have done so many of this things I thought that females were more innocent than males but I guess I was wrong.

    Like I said one piece of information that might change someone's mind is the fact that the number of females in prison has increased by 33% over the past 20 years. It made me look different the way that I thought.

    My point of view is that people should change the person for a good reason in prisons. I would say that prisons are also helpful.
    Thank you for reading what I learned today. :)

  • I got 12/15 questions right, or an 80. I got wrong on the 33% increase of the female prison population, the purposes of prisons (even though I just came from that), and how many people are in prison world wide. I picked 30 million instead of 11.5 million. I thought there would be more people in prison, but that's still a lot of people. It's enough to fill multiple relatively large cities like Los Angeles Proper, Hamburg, and London combined.

    Once piece of information from the quiz that can be used to change someone's mind about prisons is if someone says comfort isn't a purpose or priority of prisons (like me before this lesson), you can point out to them that it is, and give them an example of what happened in Ecuador, with prisoners having phones, even though they are technically banned. In my class, someone said prisoners could have bought a phone for $2000 if they were making money in prison. This shows that even though it's prison, people can still have a somewhat livable time, at least to my opinion of a normal standard of living.

  • I scored 12/15. I learnt a lot of surprising things like female criminals have increased by 33%, most prisoners can't vote, prisons are over-full and such a large number of the population is in prisons!! I thought if male prisoners had increased by such a large number then females would not have been committing crimes but even their number is so large! What surprised me was that prisoners can't vote, I used to think that even if they committed a crime they should still be allowed to cast their opinion as they would one day become members of the society again. Also, seeing such a large number of people in prisons makes me feel bad and guilty for the victims and their families. The prisoners would have harmed so many people so I feel deeply for the affected. However I hope that the number would decrease by a lot and we would be able to live in peace without any fear.

  • I scored 11 out of 15 questions.
    I have learned about this quiz a lot , for example that in the world today there are estimated to be about 11.5 million prisoners in the world, and to me it seems a variety because there are many people who do things wrong, I also know that Ecuador has imposed a state of emergency or something the style for prisoners, and there has been a prisoner who escaped from the prison he was in on January 7, 2024 and many prisoners cannot vote.

  • In the previous quiz, I scored 8/15. Taking this score into account, I believe that I am aware of some basic facts about prisons, but I am sure that there are still a lot of things that I need to be acknowledged of. However, one very important and meaningful thing that I learned from this quiz, is that prisons are not only places where people who commit crimes get punished and penalized. There are places where criminals meet the positive aspect of theirselves, they learn to become more compliant and responsible citizens and they also decide to turn into the right path. Moreover, one more things that I can say that shocked me negatively is that the proportion of female prisoners has risen over 33% over the last few years. Usually, women are victims of some sort of violence and I didn't know that the number of female perpetrators had increased that enormously. So, this fact made me feel astounded and surprised due to my different beliefs.

  • I Scored 10 Out of 15 From The Quiz. This made me know a lot more things about Prisons. I was a bit confused at the increase of female prisoners in the past 20 Years. I just guessed on 33% and It actually was that. I was shocked seeing that the female prisoners grew by 33% in The Past 20 Years. Nowadays Women just try to avoid the cops ( Police ) when they commit a crime and so by that the crime rate of women increased by 33%. That's just what I think but there are other reasons too! So Fellow Tropical Talkers, if you know any more reasons on how the crime rate of women increased so much, You Can Reply to Me !
    I am just wondering how Crime even started, Why Crime Started etc.. I just want to be a loyal citizen in the future and I hope that crime will stop by then. If crime is stopped then the world would be a great place. But because of these wanted criminals like Fito, the world is becoming close to hell! Fito has committed many crimes, he has also kidnapped many Police Officers because he got angry that the Government of Ecuador declared a State of Emergency. The Ecuador Government has even told the Ecuador Army to find Fito and more criminals like him. Fito's Gang is The Most Dangerous in Ecuador. Again, Thank You Tropical Talk Team For Providing us Children a Great Opportunity Every Year!

  • I scored 11 out of 15, and I learned that in some jails prisioners aren't allowed to vote, I think this is a very good idea because if they voted someone from their gang could be president and have a lot of power.

  • I got 9/15. A prison can be known as a correction centre or a jail. Prisons are reformation centres.

  • The quiz provides a comprehensive understanding of prisons and the increasing number of female inmates in prisons. It was also said that prisoners do not have the right to vote during elections in most countries. However, in some countries, such as Sweden and Denmark, all prisoners are allowed to vote. In the US, prisoners are not allowed to vote in federal elections.

  • Hello,
    I scored 7/15, I know it’s a small number but Believe me I understood everything after the test and I knew more information like prisoners don’t have the right to vote and many other things.
    I’m sad of my score but in the same time I’m happy because I understood everything now! 😊

  • I received a score of eleven out of fifteen. All of the question were quite easy from my personal prior knowledge on prisons and the extra facts that come with them. Out of all the questions, the question on the purposes of prison along with the number of females that has increased in prison. I have always known that prisons have more than one purpose due to the fact that few prisons have rehab, better comfort cells, as well as many of the more highly dangerous being bunked with people of their fellow rank. When it comes to the numbers of females in prison, it shocked me since women always talk about how they should be equal or that they are better than men due to society. Yet they still make to choice to commit more crimes than men have of lower or equal direness.

  • I scored 14/15 in the quiz and I learnt alot from the quiz such as where Ecuador is located, another name for prison etc.
    According to my own opnion, i think prison also known as jail is a correctional center or zone where offensive ones are been kept to learn their lessons or for reformational purposes. I think prisoners should not be given more of comfort than reformation for example, the prisoner Fito was been given alot if comfort to the extent that he was using a mobile phone in the prison even though as prisoner. I think the best way to train prisoners is by reformation because, it invovles aquiring skills to help develop the nation ir to earn a leaving, adviced or educating prisoners on how to be a better citizens etc. There is something that always make me think differently. In my country prisoners are been maltreated, discriminated as if there are not also among the cictizens that enjoy equal rights. Some are not even allowed to vote in election which is very bad while some are been killed. I think there shoukd look into this and the government should come up with solutions to this problem.

  • hi
    i heard that on January seventh 2024, police in Ecuador discoved that fito the the leader of a gang was missing from his cell in a maximum security prison. on January 8 2024. Ecuador 's president declared a state of emergency. after fito's escape spared violence across the city in some prisons there were riot more than 200 prison staff were kidnapped and bombs set off.

  • I scored 10 out of 15 questions. I didn't know much but that quiz made me think about what is happening currently in the world. I learned that the female population in prisons increased by 33% in the last 20 years! That made me wonder what went wrong and there was a massive increase! I think that the best solution to decrease the number of people in prisons is to convince all the people of the world to come together and find a solution and stop that number from increasing. Also, I found out that globally 53 countries still use the death penalty. Many of them being Arab countries including the United States of America and 8 countries that still do that without any laws.

  • Hello,
    I made an 11/16 . I learned many things from this quiz, but to be honest I guessed most of them because on them for example I guessed on question I made a _/16. I learned many things from this quiz, for example I guessed on the question, "How many people are in prison world wide?" I picked 1 million, but was surprised to find out that 11.5 million people are in prison worldwide. I also got "What percentage of jobs today didn't exist in 1940" wrong ,and picked 20% but then It turned out to be 60%. After reading the explanation and researching more about the question I realized about how much of a help AI has been to the work department, creating new jobs like Artificial Intelligence Engineer and Data Scientist. "What do you think has happened to the female global prison population?" Was another question that I got wrong. I didn't think that it couldn't be that big of an increase, and I guessed 5%, since it was the lowest number. But I was shocked when I found out that over 20 years, 33% of female prisoners have increased on being in prison. Lastly I got the true or false question wrong "In most countries prisoners can still vote?" I chose yes; I thought that people will still have the right to vote since they are citizens, but it turned out to be false. After reading the explanation that was given after the answer, I saw that only a few countries like Spain, Sweden and Denmark, allowed their prisoners to participate in voting elections.

  • I got 11 correct out of 15 questions answered. According the test I partook in, there had been a 33% increase in the number of female prisoners in the last 20 years, which shocked me because for a long time, I have believed in the stereotype that only men committed crimes and that all women were innocent.
    Furthermore, I discovered that 11.5 million people are in prison. At first, I thought they were not that many before realized that those are 11.5 million are people's; Parent, Spouse, Uncle/Aunty, Niece/Nephew, Friend, Breadwinner etc. rotting in prison.
    To conclude it, I learnt that in most countries, prisoners are not allowed to vote, which I think it's a good and bad thing at the same since its everyone's right to vote. The reason why I think it's a good idea is that this would not allow the prisoners to vote for someone they personally know such as a corrupt leader, who would release them after he/she is brought into power. The reason why I think it's a bad idea is that it would not allow prisoners, who want turn their life around, to vote for a leader of their choice who would guide them into achieving a common goal.

    1. I agree because the use of word is fantastic and has taught me allot about the topic of what he was talking about thank you for educating me.

  • Hey there
    In the quiz I learnt that over 11.5 million people are in the prison

    1. Trust me! I got 15/15 in this survey, I agree with you fiery hyena cause the rate at which people are arrested has increased by far which is drastic to world population and to the society at large. Criminals go to jail to serve their sentences and reform themselves from their old ways but this survey told me that more people are getting arrested day by day which is bad and I think the government need to increase the workforce of this operation.This has also made to to get research on some stuff e.g
      -In Nigeria there are over 77,000 criminals as of last year December
      -There are 11.5 million criminals in the world
      - The rate at children and women go to jail has increased by 58%
      And many more

  • Today i have learnt that prison are not always fare by if you did a small crime and a bad thing you have the same thing and problems by same thing which is not fare also if you didn't pay for a thing that cost 5p you still have same treat mentent as someone who did a serious crime.

  • i got 5 out of 15 in the test i am quite new to learning these questions so that score and i am proud for only studying it for an hour.

  • i got 12/15 and i was surprised on how the word Prison could be could so many things and what prison describes especially comfort and reformation. and what made me the most scared was when it said there are 11.5 million people in prison today! and i did not know that the amount of womens in prison increased by 33% compared to the 22% increase of men.

  • I think prisons are for bad people that have done something terrible or illegal and some people for murder, Prisons are made for people that you don't trust, Imagine life when people can just randomly come to you and kill you if them people do it all the time it would be terrible so now in the rules if you kill someone you will go to prison so they can kill anyone else or hurt anyone else so now if you do something wrong thee police will get you and put you in prison. I think that i will never want to be in prison cause you will not have anymore freedom or see your family and it takes away everything you could have done in your life but if you don't listen to the rules and go to jail that will be your punishment and you have to reflect on what you do if you come out of prison you will have to listen and do not do the same mistake but some people don't even get a chance to leave because they have done something terrible and this is what i think prison is.

  • I got a score of 10 out of 15, not my best but good enough. And what I learnt that flabbergasted me is the fact that there are about 11.5 million prisoners worldwide. This means that out of 1oo,ooo people about 140 of them are prisoners. This might seem like a small amount but is actually mindblowing consediring the fact that there are still criminals that have not been jailed. This actually sheds a lot of light on the fact that more and more crimes are being commited everyday and more measures need to be taken to prevent such crimes from taking place.

    Another thing that shocked me is that most prisons are overfilled. I mean with 11.5 prisoners it wouldnt be shocking with such a huge number. But what I'm concerend about is what is propmting these prisoners to commit such crimes, is it the money or just the need to survive. Whatever the reason I will forever stay shocked on the number of prisoners worldwide.

  • Hi Everyone.
    I think fito could get alot of help from outside, not only his friends and gang to drug dealing.
    My other point of view is to take away the right of him by not allowing him to not talk on phone , friends visit face to face and all kinds of freedom. That could prevent easily escape.
    I actually dont understand the fact that his mom was on his behalf when the police officers had the evidence.
    Even when the law sentenced him 34 years in prison.

  • Amazing fact! The knowledge I gained from the quiz was astonishing. It's incredible that a president declared a state of emergency because the leader of a gang escaped from prison. This underscores the importance of prisons as highlighted in the hub, as the president recognized that failing to declare a state of emergency would endanger the lives of his people, posing a threat to the entire country. Despite this revelation, my stance on prisons remains unchanged .

  • I scored 11/ 15 on the quiz. I have learnt that prisons have more than one purpose and that Ecuador's president declared a state of emergency because the leader of a powerful gang escaped. People in prison are estimated to be 11.5 million worldwide. Today and in many countries, prisons are overcrowded which can lead to an increase in violence and make it harder for prisoners to be rehabilitated. Prisoners can only vote in a small number of countries. Thank You

  • I got 14. What fascinated me was the purpose of prisons. Prisons have so many uses. I always thought prisons were used to torture and punish criminals but I learnt that that is not the only purpose of prisons. Prisons can also provide security. People can't get in or out of prisons meaning citizens outside the prison are safe from being harmed by the prisoners, and prisoners inside the prison do not have the ability to harm the citizens who are outside the prison. I think this is a major function and importance of prisons. Prisons were designed to keep prisoners safe in the first place. Prisons are also supposed to provide comfort for citizens and prisoners. Prisoners in the sense that they should always be at ease in prisons. Prisoners are in prison also to be corrected. To be corrected, prisoners should be at ease.
    Prisons are also supposed to punish prisoners. People are often harmed by prisoners. These people will not feel like justice has been served unless these rule breakers are punished. Justice is a main function of prisons too.

  • I scored 10 out of 15. I'm quite surprised with myself since I don't usually look into the topi of prisons too much. Now, I want to learn more so I can be better at this. What surprised me the most was the increase of female prisons because it is really interesting how the number is so large compared to the male prisoners. Why is this happening? What is the most common type of crime seen among women that could lead to such a large number of individuals? I have so many questions and I wish to learn more so I can get answers.

  • In this quiz I scored 10 outta 15 which made me get more curious about why prisons are not being enough,are people getting more sinner than sinless,don't people have kindness nowadays and many more.In asian countries womans are worshipped as home's luck and in these 10 years I thought the woman's crime range decreased but it has reached 33%. I guess in the future if we don't do anything now people will start to kill everyone inspite of their selfishness and can be named as a cruel species. We must believe in god and try to provide better knowledge and try to change the world for the future gen" and make a equitable and livable society.
    Jesus once said, "Love your neighbor as yourself." It's a beautiful reminder to treat others with kindness and compassion inspite of giving importance to crime. By all of our effort we can make our world crime free !!!

  • I tried the quiz and gained a lot of information. I did not know women'scrime rates have increased by 33%. I always thought women were the calmer ones. The fact that prisons are over populated worries me it will be harder to keep track of every prisoner so escapes are made easier. I feel there should be more correctionalfacilities built to hold prisoner because over population is very dangerous. I hope prisoners can wait till their release date (if they have one) so they can keep the world safer. I know a case of people who had about 3 weeks of time left out of 10 years but they decided to escape and their sentence was increased.

  • My score is 10/15. But attempting this quiz has definitely given me a lot of knowledge. One piece of information that shocked me most was that I never knew or imagined that prisoners are also allowed to cast votes! In my opinion, allowing a prisoner to vote is a very complex issue because if they are denied the right to do so, then they are being deprived of their basic human rights but a prisoners mind is not as normal or predictable as a regular persons mind so the decisions or votes casted by them may not contribute to the development of a nation.
    According to me, a piece of information that can be used to change someone’s mind is that women and men both are equally engaged in criminal activities. There is a stereotype in many countries which says that males have higher chances of committing crimes and are suspected more often. But I would like to show people this piece of information that the number of women being sent to jail has increased much more than men. Then people would understand that it is important to approach such situations without a gender biased or stereotypic approach as the world is unpredictable, you never who is what and what practices they uphold !
    Thank you very much for this quiz, it was very interesting and has provided me a great amount of information.
    Thank you

  • I scored 15 on 15 in this quiz. Although I knew all the answers, I was happy to revise it across my mind.I just cannot belive that female prisoner have been increased about 33% in the last twenty years . Isn't it shocking? Knowing this, it left me in complete awe that what can be reason behind this? Does gender inequality, trauma, abuse, mental health issues like problem have led to such an increase in women prisoners.
    I think that, if rights of women all over the world are restore ,it will help in declination of women prisoners in the world as women commit most of crimes in order to strive their personal rights!!

  • I actually got 10/15 and the most confusing fact is that female prisoners increased by 33% while I thought that the percentage increased and this made me wonder what are the situations and issues in the community that women face that cause them to commit crimes, no one will disagree in the fact that they are guilty but we should think a little bit on the situations that made them struggle in life and they ended up in the prison

  • For my score, I got 7/15. Turns out I don't know much about prison 😂. I had no idea that the females increased by 33%!

    1. Better luck next time!

  • I scored 11 out of 15.This quiz helped me realize that prison is not just about keeping bad people away from the public it is also about helping people become a better person.

  • One way a piece of information from the quiz could change someone's perspective on prisons is by highlighting the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs in reducing recidivism rates among inmates. If someone learns that providing education and job training to prisoners can help them reintegrate into society successfully, they may start to see prisons as institutions that can transform individuals for the better. This knowledge could lead them to support policies that prioritize rehabilitation over punitive measures, ultimately shifting their beliefs on the purpose of prisons from punishment to rehabilitation. Understanding the impact of such programs may open their eyes to the possibility of a more restorative justice system that focuses on helping offenders make positive changes in their lives.

  • It shows us multiple obsessions that can give a different point of view than what people have about prisons and thus know if they agree with what happens in prisons, the treatment they give to prisoners, their sentences among others.

  • I attempted the test again, 11/15. I got 4 more questions correct. This quiz has made me learn much more about prison. I am still puzzled about why the females went up to 33% in prison. I am also confused about why prisoners can't vote while in jail, I know that they need to be punished but they should still be allowed to vote. VOTING RIGHTS!

    1. Can you explain why you think prisoners should still be able to vote, openminded_language?

  • Wow!!! Shocking. Not to be sexist but I was taken by aback when I heard about the percentage in which the crime rate in females have increased. This is because to be honest I have never in my life heard on news about a female criminal. And I absolutely agree on the fact that prisoners must not partake in an election. Else they would be voting for someone who is capable of releasing them from jail. I am just hoping that this rule doesn't expand to other countries. The crime rate is increasing, and I suggest that there should be a more improved and burdensome punishment than prison. If a solution isn't found, the crime rate would definitely keep on increasing leaving all innocent people in danger.

  • I scored 9 out of 15.This quiz was not quite hard and it opened me to things I never knew about.
    I was so surprised to the number of people in the prisons worldwide which is over 11.5 million. It was so shocking because I never knew that the crime rates were decreasing worldwide. I also learnt that the number of females in prisons have increased by 33% which I think shouldn't be so because previously they were decreasing.