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01 March 2024

Numbers in the news

Welcome to this week’s competition! Every Monday we’ll open a new competition and the winners will be announced on Fridays. If you win, you’ll get three stars and your entries will be pinned to the top of the discussion!

The news is full of numbers and statistics, so for this week’s competition, we’re asking you to think creatively about them.

Each of the statistics below are about different issues – linked to our Festival topics – that are in the news at the moment. But what are they about?

  • Asset 160

    95% of teachers…

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    Less than one tenth of people…

  • Pie-chart

    One in six…

  • respectful_song | Bomas Academy | Nigeria 29 Feb 2024

    I think that the statistic one in six represents gender inequality because some women don't have access to education and this will greatly impact their future. In many communities, women are viewed as carers and homemakers since men are viewed as superior to them. In other cases, women are even treated like property that should be possessed. Because certain communities hold the belief that men should be revered, women's access to education is frequently restricted, which makes it simpler to govern women. Some people still have the belief that men are stronger and more diligent than women because of their gender bias. Think about this In Nigeria for instance, seafarers who are male receive a larger salary than those who are female, even though the requirements for qualification and licencing are the same.

  • talented_nature | St Cenydd Community School | United Kingdom 29 Feb 2024

    I believe that the statistic 95% of teachers represents that they are being underpaid or treated unfairly because in the UK 100,000 teachers were on strike in 2023, the unions were calling for better pay and better working conditions. The BBC News stated that the government offered a 4.3% for most teachers in 2023 but only for the teachers that have a salary starting with £30,000 in the UK. Teachers have been taking sick day because of the stress and coemption that they work is forcing.

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  • I think that the statistic less than a tenth of people represents gender equality because women in the workforce are given less of a chance at anything. It is extremly rare for a woman to move up in society by how they are stereotyped and identified. In the world there are only 77 women have been in power since 1960 - 2023 compared to men who have had hundreds to thousands throughout history. Women are also payed less with nly having less then 32 percent of women earning more than men but even that is small. Gender euality has been all around so that is why I thing this statistic is for gender equality.

  • One in six every person believe that Climate Change doesn't exist, it might be an exaggeration, but many people don't believe in climate change and the number is very large and many of these people are either not affected and live in first world countries like the US even though many people there care. Some people usually think that their government is hiding something and don't believe whatever information that is provided mostly because they have not had a first person experience. One in six presents how small this number is, which goes to show the amount of people who think about the climate.

  • Hello fellow friends ,
    I think that the statistic 95% of teachers represent female teachers . So most of us know that the society thinks that a female's job is in kitchen or if they do manage to come up in life they should become a teacher . Even in my country india the percentge of female teachers are more than male. As men are expected to work in a job which is more dangerous or more hard . The topic that i am gussesting is happens to have a negative and positive side . So I am very eager to see all you guys comment on what you think about this .
    Thank you .

  • I want to guess two statistics, not just one. I think that thr statistic (95% of teachers) statistic represents how many teachers might not be needed anymore because of AI in schools. AI can help teach lessons easily now, so maybe we won't need as many human teachers.

    And about the statistic (One in six) represents how many released prisoners in poor countries have mental and health problems because they might not be treated well or face problems even after they are released because of how society sees them.

    1. Hello, talented chemistry!
      I totally agree with you that AI is very commonly used at the present time, in addition to making the educational field easier than the traditional way of teaching. I frankly and sincerely respect your idea in all aspects. However, I believe that this could also be the percentage of real teachers , as still AI is spreading but not everywhere. There are plenty of school that aren't qualified or aren't fully educated about AI, so they don't rely or depend on it. On the other hand, there are some neutral cases, as for example, there are some schools that are on the neutral side of this case, so that means they often can provide AI-themed educational essentials or resources but this can be uncommon.

    2. Hi talented chemistry,
      I really agree with you on the statistics '95% of teachers' and a cording to my own opinion, I think it also mean that 95 tea hers are not paid well and then because of that, they agreed to go on strike. Also, I think the teachers has also been intimidated I can also remember the protest that happened last two years in my country when some couple of teachers with banners marched to the government house seeking for the increase in their salary I think this is what brought about the 95% teachers statistics.
      In conclusion, I think teachers' salaries should be increased for a better result in the ways they teach students to understand.

  • I believe the statistic "Less than one tenth of people…" could be related to gender equality, particularly concerning women's representation in leadership positions. It might indicate that less than one tenth of people in high ranking positions or decision-making roles are women,this points to a problem where men hold most of the top positions This statistic highlights the continual gender gap in leadership across various sectors, including politics, business, and academics. It underscores the need for greater efforts to promote gender diversity and inclusivity in leadership positions to achieve more balanced and fair distribution.

    Thank you!

  • 95% of teachers probably disagree with Ai . I say this because it could take their jobs. But the main reason is because students use Ai for their work. This means they are cheating and aren't learning which makes it look like teachers aren't doing their jobs.

    1. It is wrong that students use ai to do their work it just goes to show that some kids don't pay attention in class so they have to use ai they use it in math reading and a lot of other but at the same time it helps but it

    2. I disagree. I think AI is not really helpful because teachers explain to you the work step by step, but AI does not. It just gives you an answer. This really does not help because you won't understand it. If you have a test, you're not going to know what to do. Also, AI can't express feelings. Teachers can see how you feel as you are learning. That's why I think AI should not take over.

      1. Hello radical_clarinet,
        I agree with you because it's true that teachers are more helpful than using AI. Like you said in your comment Ai only gives you an answer, but they don't explain what you have to do. But we all know that teachers give us step-by-step directions for us to learn and they clarify what we are learning. Also, like you stated in your comment Ai doesn't have emotions like teachers do. Ai just wants you to pick the answer because they say so, but actually, sometimes the answers that Ai gives you are incorrect. On the other hand, teachers know what they are teaching and have the minds and feelings to help us. I agree that Ai shouldn't take the job from the teachers.

  • I think that less than one tenth of people think that robots are better than humans ,because they tell you humans are better than robots ,because robots can't be teachers because they don't have feelings , and children need their teachers to feel happy ,sorry and angry for them. I think that many agree on that , but it is really rare to find someone how think that robots are better , actually I am one of them , and when I entered topical talk I found that no one said that he think that robots are better , so I think that less than tenth of people think that robots are better than humans.

  • I think that the statistics "one-sixth of people believe climate change isnt a thing because they may have not been educated on the topic most likey people who haven't been taught about it maybe because people around them don't think its that much of a problem" just to give you an idea on how many people that actually is that's about over 1 billion people

  • I think the statistic "95% of teachers" represents gender equality because it shows that 95% of school teachers are women. It is not uncommon to find male teachers, however, most of the teachers are women. I think this statistic aims to show that even today some jobs are stereotyped for women, like being a teacher and some are stereotyped for men, like being a pilot. Even in our school, the number of female teachers is very high compared to that of male teachers. Even on the hub, most of the adults are women. Gender inequality may not always be visible directly, sometimes it is hidden in small examples such as these. So, I think this statistic represents the prevailing gender inequality in our so-called modern society.

    1. This Is a very good way to put it, I also think this is true!

  • The "One in six..." stat means that out of every six girls or women, one may have been hurt badly, like being hit or touched when they didn't want it. This info comes from the World Health Organization, a group that studies stuff like this all over the world. It's important because it shows that some girls and women aren't treated fairly or nicely. The #MeToo movement talks about this issue too, to try and stop it and make things better for everyone.

  • I think that the statistics "less one tenth of people" represents 'gender equality" because I feel there is a lot of gender imbalance. I mean that ,as compared to men, women have less opportunities, resources, powers and rights . Sometimes women are deprived of education because of society. there's alot of challenges that women are facing day by day . For eg: sometimes she's not safe at her workplace, the girl child is being killed before there birth , they are not allowed to go outside for educations etc . Also , women are targeted by their looks and appearance instead of focusing on their careers . I feel that we should make efforts to promote gender equality and eradicate the problems and challenges that women are facing today.

  • Well, looking at the statistic '95% of teachers...' I remembered the recent protest that teachers ran about not being paid enough money, and that they wanted their salary raised. That got me thinking, maybe it means 95% of teachers don't get paid enough, which would make sense because I am pretty sure that most teachers were involved in the protest, one being at my school, when we had one day off. I'm sure a lot of people can relate to that, and I myself agree that teachers should be paid more, because they not only teach us, they also look after us, help us and sooth us when we are stressed or panicked. Although some protests were a little over the top or violent, I do think that teachers had the right to stand up and speak out their opinion.

    1. I solidly agree with you jazzed snow and because one of the most stressing job is teaching.
      According to my own understanding, I think the statistic '95%' of teachers also mean the same you said about the eir salary. I can also recall the days when teachers where on strike and we didn't have lesson for about two months which was a great disrupt to we the students and I got realize that it was because of their salary was not enough to meet up their need and wants. We do go places to places just to ensure that we learn but did you have to blame them? No, although they casted a protest to the governments for them to increase their salary.
      Like you mentioned earlier the teachers also take care of use the students additionally, the teachers also tried his/ her possible best to ensure that we grab what ever is been thought in class, the teachers also interact with students to share some lives experiences with us so that we don't make the same mistakes which they have done or for us to become a better person in future. I think one of the best way to appreciate our teachers for their wonderful works on us is by increasing their salaries because, one good tenor deserves another.

  • I think that the statistic one in six represents the number of prisoners that reoffend after their original crime. This is because most countries don't use a reformation system so prisoners tend to commit more crimes after their release As they haven't been taught what was wrong with their original offense, to then not allow prisons to prevent their further issues with the law

  • There are many combinations I can make with my mind. One safe assumption I am going to make is that 95 percentage of teachers believe that schools will exist in the future.
    Of course they think that education will change rapidly over the years and technology will be a basic tool into their teaching .
    But I think that they believe that schools will always be there for their students alongside any innovative educational tool.

  • I believe that the 'One in six...' statistic could be referring to one in six people's jobs being performed by AI/ robots rather than humans in the future. This is because the amount of AI that we use as well as the rates at which new AI is being developed, it seems that AI will be replacing humans when it comes to certain jobs in the future. Recently, we have seen many of these developments or experienced them first hand such as AI taking on customer service roles. In 2023, the BBC also reported that AI could replace the equivalent of 300 million jobs, which to me sounds like a statistic that goes, quite closely, hand in hand with the 'one in six...' one. Therefore, I believe that the 'One in six...' statistic represents the AI topic because it seems very reasonable to me that that is approximately how many jobs will be replaced by AI in the future.

  • I presume that only 1 in 6 teachers receive fair pay. I have I assume this because I've observed many teachers leaving their jobs to teach in other locations. Additionally, I believe that only 1 in 6 students receive a proper education. Although this may only apply in America, I have noticed a shortage of educators in my state, and I have seen fifth-graders who struggle with basic multiplication. Now, to bring it back to the topic of AI. I think it can help educate students especially since the education system does not have many teachers nor are kids learning what they need. This is what I believe about 1 in 6 of teachers and students.

  • The statistic "one in six" could represent gender equality. For instance, the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report of 2021 stated that, at the current rate of progress, it would take another generation for women to achieve gender parity in areas such as economic participation and opportunity. In my opinion, this statistic states that about one out of every six women might face challenges in accessing economic opportunities or funding compared to men. Also, according to Global Internet Usage Fact Sheet 5, about 260 million more men than women were surfing the web in 2022, revealing gaps in accessing digital resources. This can affect women's ability to access various jobs and economic opportunities.

  • I can infer that the image that shows one in ten people has something to do with gender equality. This image probably is mostly referring to women who are in positions of power or influence. I believe it represents a low number of women in these positions. It also shows that we need more women in these places. I think that this satitic should inspire people to start advocating for women to be in high places. We could not make change if we can recognize the problems in our society.

  • I think the statistic 1 in 6 people represents the number of people who will have to work in the future. This is because with technology making major advancements in our society the majority of jobs will be took over by machines or AI. This would put the majority of people out of their jobs as their tasks in the workplace are done more reliably and cheaper by technology. The only people who would still be working are those who make the robots and program the AI but even that may be able to be done by technology further on in the future.

  • I think that the statistic one in six represents gender equality because women are given less chance to prove they are worthy of a job.Yet men are given more of a chance to prove they are worthy of a job.For example a women is trying to get a job as a taxi driver she has the same skills as a man who is also trying to get the job the person that is trying to hire someone is most likely to give the man over the women. The reason being is because most people think men are the ones with more power yet many women are powerful. I mean look at elizabeth the 2 she was extremely powerful.

  • I think that the statistics less than a tenth of people represent gender equality because women in the workforce are given less of a chance at anything. Also gender equality has been all around the world so that is why i think that this statistic is for gender equality and it's not fair for women. In addition,women were paid less and men were paid more and that wasn't fair for women. Some men even thought that they were better than women and are more important and that they should earn more money. Today men may think so too. I think that women and men should be treated fairly and should always be to make their lives fair. In comparison, there are only 77 women who have been in power since 1960 to 2023.

  • Hello fellow friends
    "I believe that the statistic95% of teachers' represent the critical issue of teacher retention. This figure suggests that a significant majority of teachers leave the jobs ,likely due to factors like low salaries,excessive workload, and inadequate support. This high turnover not only disrupts students'learning experience but also burdens educational institutions with the constant need to recruit and train replacements. Addressing teacher retention is paramount for upholding the quality and stability of our education system." I am very excited to see what you all guys think.

  • I believe that first statistic is talking about the fact that 95% of teachers in the world are women while 5% of teachers are men. This is true because it is believed that women are more patient in listening to students than men that is why more people think women can teach more than men.

    1. You mention patience but do you think there might be other reasons why women might find a job in teaching might suit them better than other careers?

  • I think that the statistic "One in Six" represents that one in six prisons are good in a way because in prison there are multiple people in there that have done something wrong in society, and I think they regret what they did wrong, but.. In prisons, it helps you learn to think better and to get your mind straight for the long sentence. Also in prison there are times where they have free time, and get to work out everyday, even though you can't see you can't see parents. But what I'm trying to say is, you get to have better than ever, and you get to work out more! And so this is why I think that the statistic "One in Six represents this.

  • I think that the 1 of 6 represents prisons because sometimes only 1 of 6 people go to prison for their crimes and the other 5 don't because there is no proof that they did the crime when they did do the crime but with the court system without enough proof the court will dismiss thecase and the person who did the crime will roam free and probaly do it again the court needs enough proof to put somebody in prison and that 1 out of 6 was probaly blamed on something he didn't do but the court had a enough proof to put them in jail for a long time and maybe no way of them to get probation and heck they can they get life in prison for somthing they didn't do but like I said with enough proof they can be put in jail meanwhile people who stole something vauleble or had hacked thousands of coumpters but without enough proof these people can be free again or only get 5 years in prison but the ones who did nothing get 25 years in prison or 50 years in prison or life in prison and they can give no way of probation meanig that the court system relies on proof and they is a deeper layer to this lying witnesses we all know witnesses people who saw the crime and could give big information to the police and put the people in prison but they could lie lets say a man is getting charged for stealing money from a bank and the witness is his wife so she lies to get the case dismissed or another 1 is when a witness lies to thorw somebody in prison because they are jelaous or they just want money for their own well you see at the end of the court system helps us because they do justice forever and they put people in prison that need to go to prison and sometimes they put inocent people in prison but courts are the Justice Of America .

  • In my opinion I think teaching is a challenging profession, and nearly 95% of teachers or 300,000 teachers on average do go unnoticed or unappreciated. Many have quit or been fired due to budget cuts, creating a shortage of qualified teachers. Lots of teachers quit but between these two years its sad to see how teachers just leave like that. I know how the teachers feel though, the students are careless they say harsh things but that's not just why teachers quit. It can be because of their mental health, stress, and ect. But just remember teachers have worked just as hard as the students. Teachers work 53 hours a week and students work for and estimate of 30 hours. Despite this, teachers remain committed to making a difference in the lives of their students. They work hard everyday for you to learn and to get better, so next time you see a teacher just wave at them for appreciation because they did not quit like many of the teachers around the world.

  • I think that the statistic 95% of teachers represent the shortage of teachers in schools because They are paid less than what they think they should be paid and the society at large. So that this shortage of teachers can stop, I think they should give teachers more money for their job.

  • Based on statistics, about one in six of the human population throughout the whole world represents evil while about 5 in six of the human population are good because, although there is evil in the world it is common and okay to let in the emotion of evil to your emotions. This is okay to let people know if you are mad, but there is something that takes effect on your body if you take madness forever and ever. I state this because, however madness takes effect on your body, realize that your health is in danger from this effect. I know this because, if however madness takes effect on your body, you may do something that may not be good like destroying a precious item belonging to a friend or parent (or sibling if your however more mad). Although this is bad, madness can take over your whole body if you don't control the emotion. Being mad is partial to life but if however mad is in your emotion like right now, you can damage your health by madness and I know this because, if however you were mad, this damages your health by not only making you have more more chaos in your life but that, if you can't control it and continue this pathway, your emotions of good will turn only more harder to get (or get rarer to have) and that, by bad you don't have fun or have greatness. As this continues please don't try not to control the madness. And remember, be mindful, be happy all the time, be a friend to another, love another much, and make wise choices to make goodness. Thank you for reading. (I wish you good luck of winning.)

  • I think that 95% of teachers represent teachers that are helpful. Most teachers are always amazing, just like my gifted teachers, yet sometimes students don't give respect to the teachers because they don't wanna work, or they just refuse to do it. Even when this still happens, the teacher doesn't quit, but some do because of those particular students. In December 2023, about 64,000 teachers and other educational staff quit teaching. Most public schools have a teacher shortage because of the misbehaviour of students and others. The percentage is about 86% of public schools struggling to hire educators. Nearly 9 in 10 public school districts have also struggled to hire educators, and most future hires were deterred by the low salaries. Most causes of teacher shortages are mainly low wages, high workloads, and also students.

  • I think that the statistic 95% of teachers represent that most female teachers would actually help us. Teachers are amazing and also wise, there are a large number of female teachers but they are slowly decreasing by a little. I believe most teachers have a low salary, the teachers and school also lose their money whenever a student is absent, which would lessen their salary. Despite the amount of female educators, they can deplete due to the misbehavior, disobedient students, and a shortage of their wage. In most schools, there are barely any male teachers except for female teachers. Teachers have a lot of potential, they can mostly get so stressed and get so much pressure that they can reach their breaking point. Educators deserve more respect, due to the misbehaving it is hard to hire more educators for the school or district.

  • Hi
    In my opinion I think that the statistic that around many teachers are quitting represents the budget cuts and how much money they're getting. And that's wrong because teachers made a change in many people's lives and they shouldn't be paid that little. Teachers get paid probably $36,258 a year, but they spend all that money buying stuff for their class and paying bills. But they should be paid a lot more, like for helping the person who made amazon,
    walmart and target. People are praising them and not the teacher who basically made them, and they have to work 53 hours a week for $19-39 an hour. So in my opinion teachers a very very unappreciated,but to change this you can always do something nice for them. Like making a card or drawing but if you want to you can buy something for them.

  • Heoll,👋
    I am from Vishwa Joyti Secondary School (Nepal).
    When people imagine women in the media we often imagine women playing a negative role. As our media sources grow women continue to establish a negative stigma to them. Research shows that women in the media should ether have bodies that may not be attainable and play a role where they have to find a man to obtain success and happiness. Although, women have extensively roles in every characteristics of life, the extended list of in human behavior given seems to never end. Sources such as the grovement and social action groups are taking helpful actions to supply women true pride in economics, social and personal areas. I attempt the mass media have a critical role reporting misleading actions, using public opinions, bringing social change and emphasizing positive improvement. It shows that the mass media has not done their dusty as a successful mechanism in the development of empowerment of women. Women are used to sell any item such as soap, towals, and beauty products. Several years demonstrated a daughter winking at her father.
    Mass media includes Tv, radio, cinema, newspapers, magazines and technology such as the internet and e-mail. The media is a source used to inform and entertain the public. Media carries information, ideas, thoughts and opinions out to the public.

    😊Thank you 😊

    1. I agree with you appreciative_panda, but could you give some examples of some times that women face inequality?

  • Hi everyone 👋.
    In schools it should be 90%of teacher of women in schools if women Will feel happy, the discussions of women in Media international women's day women's should work any job of their choice.women should be able to do the work well not weak they said that women are weak but it is not true women's are strong , women's sometimes men insult them that their weak but they are not worthless.thank you for listening to my comments 😊.

  • I think the statistic "Less than one tenth of people..." represents the issue of gender equality in the workplace.
    Gender equality refers to providing equal opportunities and rights to each individual of any gender. The statistics implies that less than one tenth of people experience gender equality.
    One significant explanation is that women are holding leadership positions less than one tenth of men holds. In business, politics and technology gender inequality is happening. Women are often underrepresented in executive and board position. These are happening because of gender biases and stereotypes. The statistic highlights the need for increased efforts to promote gender equality in leadership roles.
    This statistics can also suggest that one tenth of people have access to equal pay to all gender.
    This can also mean that one tenth of people are experiencing harassment in their workplace mostly women.

  • I think that the statistics ONE IN SIX represents SPECIES on earth that are currently facing the risk of EXTINCTION due to climate change!
    It's estimated that out of the millions of species on Earth, around 1.5 million could die out. That's a huge number, isn't it!?

    Right now, there are already 882 species listed on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's Red List, and 77 species have already gone extinct in the wild. It's really concerning to think about the impact this could have on our planet's biodiversity. The polar bear, which is listed as vulnerable, is losing its habitat because of the melting Arctic sea ice. This is causing a lot of problems for them and increasing conflicts with humans. It's not just polar bears, though!

    Animals like Asian elephants, sharks, whales, bumblebees, penguins, green sea turtles, and corals are also in danger of going extinct.
    It's really important for us to take action and do our part to protect these amazing species and preserve the beauty of our natural world.

  • Hello everyone,
    I think that statistics one in six of people believe that the purpose of prisons is to secure ( people can't get
    out ). For example: In this talkative talk festival too, most of the talketive talker weren't including the point secure as purpose of prison and the talketive talk have also annunced that reformation as the purpose of prison is explained by most of takers. In my opinion too , the purpose of prison is reformation not to secure.
    and Reformation because it is to improve the skill or talent of prisoners, to trains the prisoners , to push prisoners toward positive works. Thankyou.

  • I think that the statistic "less than one-tenth of people "engages the understanding that less than 1/10 of prisons give prisoners a type of punishment because of a mistake that they made in society but they don't judge them to be punished psychologically or by over- punishment like quelling them to have their rights such as food, for example or being hitting violently and they also include that these countries offer them to have a knack or a skill at something to have a work after getting out of prison but other 9/10 of behave with them cruelly so no one can learn anything from this punishment because you beat him psychologically, by hitting badly or even stop them having their rights so after he gets out of prison he doesn't learn anything so he doesn't have a problem to rob again then crimes keeps increasing, same prisoners make harmful crimes and you won't learn them anything.
    As a conclusion, giving all the humans their rights even prisoners need their rights but the problem that most prisons do the opposite so we need to include this part which is giving people their rights.

  • I think that the statistic "less than one tenth of people..." represents climate change.
    The full phrase may be "Less than one tenth of people follow the protocols to prevent climate change.
    This may be true because most people hear about climate change but don't take action to prevent it, then in the end they would complain about how hot or cold it has become suddenly not knowing that it is because they are not doing anything to prevent this occurrence.

  • I think thatthe statistic 95 percent of teachers represents the topic AI and the future of work because I think that 95% of teachers would be making use of AI in the near future. I say this because artificial intelligence can offer personally tailored instructions to students and reduce administrative workload on teachers. The use of AI in schools has wider been embraced as it us time saving, efficient and easy. Yet the use of AI could be a major downside because it will greatly be abused making students as well as some teachers alike to be lazy.

  • I agree because.. AI is better than humans and they are way smarter than anything . just like A AI car it can park by itself and will help the little ones at school . about 95 persent of teachers disagree with AI being used i say this because it can it might destroy there jobs. robots can not be teachers because they do not have feelings for children i rather want more robots than humans in work. looks like AI will be replacing humans in cirtain jobs.

  • I believe only 1 in 6 teachers receive fair pay, based on my observation of many leaving for better opportunities. Also , I think only 1 in 6 students receive proper education due to a lack of educators in some areas. AI can help educate students when there are no teachers , and the students are not learning.

  • I believe that 95% of teachers are not paid fairly and also demand fair pay. I mean, who can blame them! They have one of the most vitally important jobs in the entire world, work hard to teach well, help students fairly, and cope with students messing around, and all they get is a very low salary to compensate for it. Many people here may have enjoyed teachers striking as they got less school (me not included) but you have to think about the reason they're doing it! I for one support the thought of teachers, and indeed many other workers across the uk, to have a higher salary and as a student of my teacher, I believe he, and many other teachers across the uk, thoroughly deserve it.

  • Well when i saw the 95% of teachers statistic I immediately thought about the online teaching. As you know technology now is improving day after day. So teachers now prefer online teaching.
    In my own point of view i think that online teaching is so good thing because it saved time and effort for students and teachers. And now we can learn everything online. We can obtain international certificates from the online teaching. The university students can also obtain a master’s and doctorate from different countries via the Internet. For instance: I

  • I think in the future 95% of teachers will use AI to assist them in teaching. Using AI alongside teachers will make learning fun and easy. However teachers cannot be replaced by AI because they understand our emotional instability and can read when we don't understand something and guide us towards doing the right thing. AI can also assist us in breaking down difficult subjects into simpler ones making them easier to understand. With teachers and AI walking together the teaching profession will reach greater heights and it will help teachers achieve their objectives with ease. Learning will be fun and enjoyable for children which will make them go to school without hesitation.
    So in the emerging world 95% of teachers will use AI to help them teach in a more professional and better way.

  • Well I think that the statistics Less than one tenth of the people represent gender discrimination. Women's are treated less capable than men's in many fields like politics, Engineering etc. More than 80% of man feel shameful if women's earn more than them. According to the news by Royal Academy of Engineering’s Enterprise Hub on 14 December 23. The news tells that Less than a tenth of UK deep tech companies are founded solely by women. This news is very disappointing as women's are not treated equally as men's even in the developed country. This tech company is dominated by mens and only 7.5% of Uk tech companies are founded by all-female teams. The reason is because there is more gender disparity in the deep tech sector than the wider high-growth ecosystem. There are lower proportion of female candidates studying STEM because of which less number of investors support women entrepreneurs. Well this why I think the statistics Less than one tenth of people represent gender equality.

    Thank you.

  • We believe that while a drug free Olympics is a more fair way to compete in sports, however, it may not be completely safe for the athletes, especially those who cannot afford the highest quality products and could cause health complications further down the line including premature death.
    Overall, we think that the best solution is to keep the current Olympics in its current format and keep sport drug free to support the long-term health of athletes. Also, more money should be invested in drug testing to ensure that sport is as fair as it can be.

  • We do not think that the enhanced games is a good thing for athletes. Firstly if athletes continue to take too much performance enhancers, it could negatively effect their health. Secondly, different athletes could take different enhancers which would still make the competition unfair due to some drugs being more effective than others.
    Although legalized doping may create a fair competition, we feel that genetics still plays a part in sports. We feel a naturally faster sprinter taking the same drug as a slower sprinter would still maintain an unfair advantage due to doping on top of their genetics.

  • Hello,
    I think that the statistic "less than one tenth of people" represents the number of people actively engage in environmentally sustainable practices or initiatives that is the people who are actually working towards the mitigation of the climate change issue. Given the urgency of the situation and the need of serious actions, very few people are coming forward and working to solve this issue. A low percentage of people actively taking action and are participating in mitigation efforts.
    The reason I believe this is that this statistic aligns with the trends in environmental behavior. For example, a survey by the Pew Research Center found that in the United States, only 21% of adults say they make an effort to live in a way that helps protect the environment "all the time." This indicates a relatively low level of engagement in sustainable practices among the general population as I mentioned.
    Another example that I would use to support my claim is that According to a report by the United Nations, only about 8% of the global population lives in countries that have achieved a high level of sustainable development.
    For this, It is necessary that we all work together in larger numbers to engage in sustainable practices and save the environment
    Thank you.

  • I have two ideas regarding one statistic. The 95% of teachers i believe it is either 95% of teachers are females or in the future 95% of teachers will not be needed for ai would be able to do the job just as well. For my first point it is because usually especially in the uk it is a sterotype that women are teachers . Then for the second one many people believe ai is getting close to taking over jobs that humans usually do.

  • We think the statistics of 95% of teachers is regarding the government policy on mobile phones being banned within schools. We think teachers are thinking about banning mobile phones because it will make students concentrate better and avoid distractions in lessons. How to make the ban fair? Students could still carry their mobile phone to school, however, on arrival they could lock them in a box during morning form time. This box can charge the devices at the same time so at then end of the day when students collect their phone back, they have a fully charged device to ensure they get home safely.

  • I think that the statistic 95% of teachers represents teachers that embraced the AI because they need it to do their various jobs and they also use it to help assist students who are non-English speakers by encouraging them to use the AI tool for translating, proofreading, and even practicing conversation by role-playing with the chatbot. This can help; them to learn how to speak english faster and more fluent. Chat GPT also offers teachers multiple options to improve the learning process & build an engaging environment. So I think that some teachers have embraced the AI to reduce stress and too much workload that they would have wasted time on e.g spending hours, days and even months researching on particular topics before carrying out the actual teaching. This is what AI provides in seconds or minutes at most.
    On the other hand, 95% usage of AI by teachers is the course because it makes other teachers lazy. They depend on it too much and most of them are no longer creative enough to engage the thinking capacity of the students.

  • I think the statistic "95% of teachers..." shows how many teachers will soon be taken over by AI. I think that one day, AI will unfortunately take over schools and lots of teachers will loose out on their jobs.

    I think the statistic "less than one tenth of people" shows the amount of women who are paid the same as men. This is because this number is very low, as the gender pay gap is still prominent.

    I think the statistic "one in six" shows how many prisoners' mental health has been affected due to being in prisons. This may be due to lack of funding or lack of staff.

  • I think that less than 1 tenth of people actually care about gender equality because there are women and girls are facing most of the worst effects of the global crises. Like, take Afghanistan for example, the Taliban banned women from attending secondary school and uni/college, pushing the world farther away from achieving their UN Global goal 5 of gender equality. Another example is, South Sudan for having the highest rate for forced maternity and marriages. My third example is, Chad for having child marriages and reducing girls education. In conclusion, I believe that less than 1 tenth actually care for gender equality.

  • I believe that the statistic 95% of teachers represents that 95% of teachers fear what AI will do to education because I have a strong standing on the use of AI and whenever i have a discussion with my teachers about AI they have all confidently said that it is a threat to peoples understanding of subjects and a real danger to teaching

  • I think the statistics are 95% of teachers are worried about their job because of ai. 1 tenth of people believe in the Rwanda policy. I think 1 in 6 people believe climate change is the biggest issue.

  • I think that less than one tenth of people believe that AI should be used in schools full time.

  • I think that 95% of the teachers disagree with the use of AI for homework and in school

  • 95% percent of teachers think that in their students lifetime the Earth will become unlivable due to climate change . 1 in 10 people believe that their jobs will be taken over by AI. One in six believe that electric cars are the best mitigation solution to climate change.

  • I believe that the statistic less than one tenth of people means one tenth of people actually recycle out of ten.Since a small percentage people actually recycle it would make sense that less than one tenth of people recycle out of ten people.According to google alone "A survey found that 94% of Americans support recycling, and 74% say it should be a top priority. But only about 35% of people actually recycle."If only 35% from America recycle then it makes sense for less than one tenth out of ten people recycle.This is my opinion on what the statistic less than one tenth of people means.

  • i think that less than one tenth people represent the debt of us debt has increased from 403b to 33.17t .Meaning less than one tenth adults have no debt in the us cause statistics show, that the most debt in america is mortgage debt being 12.25 trillion in 2023 .and only 23 percent of americans don't have debt which means 87 percent do have debt. Average 40 year old has 135,841$ of debt .in my opinion this is why I think that less than one tenth adults have debt.

  • I think less than a tenth of people statistically represents how many out of ten people are equal with race because I have experienced myself someone being racist telling my father in a store you have no rights to be here and that person called an employee and security on my dad but we were lucky that the employee and the guard were race equal because the person was threatening me and my dad that they should call the police but someone stopped them so I have experienced it and I'm sure no one likes it so me and probably many other people want help in stopping it.

    1. Thank you for sharing the experience and I'm sorry you have experienced racism.

  • I think that the statistic 1 out of 6 refers to AI. AI has been becoming more popular than ever in recent years. For example, people don't use AI as much as we do now. Medical care and factories are mostly done by AI with assistance. With all of these advantages, AI has proven to be useful, but some people are skeptical about AI. They say that it could work over jobs. This is a reasonable thought because AI is more efficient, one-time payment(Except if it breaks.), doesn't need to eat or sleep, and is better than humans. In my opinion, I don't agree with this, because 60% of jobs that exist today didn't exist in 1960. For example, content creators didn't exist in 1960, because there was no content to create. YouTube was created in 2005, so the content wasn't there.

  • I think that the statistic that says 95% of teachers represents the amount of teachers that may lose their jobs due to AI inside of school. I think this is because AI can easily teach students just like how a human teacher can and sometimes better. AI can now efficiently teach students and help them grow their knowledge. AI can also provide personalized learning pathways based on how smart the student is. Teachers can teach a class only based on the grade level and what they were given to teach the students. AI could also boost motivation for students by letting them know that they are doing really well just like iReady when you get questions right. AI inside of schools are the reasons why I think the statistic that says 95% of teachers is about teachers losing their jobs to AI.

  • I personally think that the statistic "less than one tenth of people" represents the gender "equality" between men and women. The treatment with men is usually more positive than with women. Every day, in every country in the world or maybe every state, women are confronted by discrimination and inequality. Women usually get low pay because of women's labor. Ex: an employer not hiring a woman because they think she won't traditionally fit into the male's workplace and not getting less pay usually shows discrimination. Women are faced with domestic and sexual abuse, lower pay, lack of access to education, and inadequate healthcare. This is usually called misogyny when women are treated horribly. During the 1800s-1900s, women were not able to vote or hold office in any state. Women were expected to work in the kitchen. This shows why I think that the statistic "less than one tenth of people" represents the gender "equality."

  • I believe that 95% of teachers are stressed because of the bullying, harassment, and underpayment that they face. In this brave new world, they aren't respected and students don't even see them as role models. Students don't even study or care about their academic performance, they just use AI to write for them.

    Teachers are bullied and harassed quite often, from students and parents alike. Students may begin getting into fights, then when the teacher tries to intervene, the student will file a report for child abuse then the teacher is fired. This makes it so that teachers are always scared of disciplining their students. They can't even contain fights, they can't do their jobs. Even parents, who are supposed to be on a teacher's side, are harassing teachers, with countless phone calls, threatening to talk to the board, and even using their kids as messengers to harass the teacher while in school. All of that while they're underpaid, it is a miracle that we have teachers at all.

    And even the normal kid from Gen Alpha, doesn't care about school, because now kids don't want to be doctors, they want to be YouTubers, singers, and influencers. They overall don't feel that school is helping them, they feel that school is just a chore that parents force down their neck. Even the system isn't good. The school system hasn't changed since its inception, which means that teachers are always blamed for the faults of the system.

    So in short, teachers are the heroes of an unjust system, that forces them to always be stressed, vigilant, and depressed.

  • I think that less than one tenth of people participate in activism. A lot of people know about the problems that we face in our society but only a few actually take action. Problems such as climate change, gender inequality and poor educational standard are things that we all face but only a few decide to take a stand. This is why we have not made much progress in curbing all of these problems. A lot of people complain about the problems but when it comes to actually taking a stand then they all disperse. Only a few of us actually decide to do something and actually do it.

  • I think that 95 percent of teachers statistic refers to the percent of teachers and their opinion on artificial intelligence. This is because AI will have the biggest impact on education and teachers if developed any further, meaning that it will forever change our education systems including a teacher’s job description.

  • I think the statistic 95% of teachers represent gender inequality. I think this statistic might mean that a whooping 95% of teachers are males which means that only 5 % of teachers are females. For example, in my secondary school block, if you set aside all teachers, only two of them are female and all the rest are male. Also to support my thought, most male teachers are hired than female teachers and I am sure that it is for most schools in other countries as it is in my school and in my country
    Thank you so much!!

  • Less than one-tenth of people in the world allocate the right amount of attention climate change. Nine tenth of the world's population nowadays know about climate change but the one tenth that are still indifferent are a problem. While majority recognize climate change as a pressing issue and something that needs to be dealt with immediately, a small fraction remains indifferent. This is simply because some people feel that climate change is a distant problem. They feel climate change affects others and has no effect on them. This is because climate change does not cause immediate effect. It is a slow but deadly poison and this is what the one third of the world does not get. I think that these people need to be enlightened on the real catastrophic capabilities of climate change.

  • I think that girls and boys should be equal because men get paid more then women

    1. Can you explain why you believe men get paid more than women and how we can change this?

  • Hi,
    I think the statistic less than one-tenth represents how many people help in climate change because even though there are lots of people helping out to stop climate change and its effects the number of people helping out is not up to one-tenth of the population of the world and there and they are several reasons, here some:
    Firstly, lots of people don't know how dangerous climate change can be and how it can affect our environment and surroundings and this can be a problem if there are not enough people who know the dangers of climate change, the number of people helping out would be a small amount.

    Secondly, plenty of people say that they will help in the stoppage of climate change but the amount of people that fulfill that promise is slim to none and this is a problem because we need as many people as we can to help out in the stoppage of climate change but when people say that they would help they end up even increasing the problem of the situation at hand for example in my community they had a meeting discussing how we can solve climate change and many people came up with solutions but the problem was that nobody performs the solutions that were brought up in the meeting.
    Lastly, climate or eco-anxiety contributes to the shortage of only less than one-tenth of people helping out in climate change because people feel that they are not making a difference or feel scared of helping out because they are scared of what would happen to them and humanity if we don't stop climate change now and this can be a problem to the completion of the goal of stopping climate change because of fewer people are helping out the rate of completing the goal would be very slow and it would take a very long time, for example, scientists are now saying it would take us more than 150 to complete the full stoppage and eradication of the threat of climate change in our world and this is a long time and if we don't take action now the time it would take to complete the goal stopping climate change and its effects on the world would increase at a rapid rate.
    So it is time for us to act now to increase the rate of people helping in climate change from less than one-tenth to more than half of the population of the world.

  • Some major areas relying on statistics include government, education, science, and large companies. By doing more and better statistical analysis, we are able to understand the world around us, appreciate the value of analysis, and we are less deceived by numbers. ‌‌🇬‌🇴‌🇬‌🇪‌🇱 ‌🇸‌🇦‌🇾‌🇸(Statistics are important because they help people make informed decisions.)

  • I think that the statistics of one in six people do more than one sport as it is a very enjoyable thing to do some would say. For example, I could do netball and football or gymnastics and basketball. I have said one in six people play more than one sport as things like football are very popular towards some people. These examples are just a few of many different sports you could do. Exercise overall is very important to do. It is good for your mental and physical health and it is said that you need 60 minutes daily.

  • I think the statistic 95 percent of teachers stand for how many teachers leave their schools in which they were working mostly because of low pay. I think this because of the way I watch things in the market increase in price and also because of the way I hear universities are going on strike. I believe we need to start to increase the payment of teachers because with out teachers there will be no future. I think the government should start to notice the good benefits of teachers.

  • I think that the statistics one in six % of people represents the amount of people who really care about climate change. Why i think of this is because a lot of people are concerned about their daily needs e.g foods, money to care for their families and the unending bills to pay.In addition,this makes them carried away that they really don't notice that our climate needs to be taking care of. Mans negative influence on our physical environment ,has caused the climate to suffer. Conclusively, this is a perfect opportunity for the government to create awareness, so we all can stop the activities that affect our climate.
    I honestly hope that this finds you convincing ......
    Until then ,
    Thank you!!!

  • I think that the statistic less than one tenth of people represents gender inequality because approximately less than one tenth of people are female leaders in the world. Only few countries have female leaders which isn't right. People think that women aren't good leaders and with such people's mentality this will stop women from becoming great people and people don't know the great plans women have for the society but if they allow women become leaders women can do great things for the nation. Gender bias isn't right and it should stop. Women should have the same rights as men.

  • I think that the statistic one in six represents gender inequality because some women don't have access to education and this will greatly impact their future. In many communities, women are viewed as carers and homemakers since men are viewed as superior to them. In other cases, women are even treated like property that should be possessed. Because certain communities hold the belief that men should be revered, women's access to education is frequently restricted, which makes it simpler to govern women. Some people still have the belief that men are stronger and more diligent than women because of their gender bias. Think about this In Nigeria for instance, seafarers who are male receive a larger salary than those who are female, even though the requirements for qualification and licencing are the same.

  • I believe that the statistic one in six represents people who have lose their jobs due to AI because nowadays the jobs of people are been taken over by AI. In some well developed countries like South Korea, Japan, etc AI is being used as waiter and people who have been doing photoshop has also lose their jobs because AI does photoshop quicker that the actual person. It has been a great topic for everyone that will AI take over every jobs in the world.
    Thank you!

  • I think the 95% of teachers represents teachers who have felt pressured by school inspections, there was recently a story in the news about a headteahcer who ended their life due to a harsh inspection. This is an ongoing problem and many teachers become incredibly stressed in the lead up to inspections and i think this is what that is about.

  • I believe that the statistic that shows the one 1 in 6 people is something to do with gender equality and how many people in a job are actually woman more importantly in journalism as 39% of woman have actually been the ones writing the articles due to a test conducted by oxford university.

  • I think the statistic 1 in 6 people do not believe in climate change. This is a crazy fact because climate change is happening all around us and to think people don't believe it is just crazy and the way people present it is serious but it might be loads of people are not believing what they see on the news program . it might be right but the fact is just crazy

  • In my opinion, i think the 95% of teachers think that AI will close down schools. I think this because teachers know best about a Childs learning and can observe how AI is taking over the classroom daily. They can see first hand how AI is slowly involving itself into schools. 95% is a high percentage and I think most teachers think AI is not a good idea to be used in school.

  • I think that the statistic for 1 in 6 people could represent the chance for someone to of been an insider for the prison escape, I can support this by saying that there were 2 guards who possibly helped him so it could be showing the chances that there would of been a insider in the police force. There could of been far more than 2 because if he was located in a maximum security prison which could be linked to the security as well as the guard amount which would end up increasing the overall amount of insiders.

    The less than 1 tenth of people could be showing the amount of people who care about the climate because this would be an accurate number because based on real life events it has been proven that not too many people or notable people care about the climate because there has only really been 1 notable person who has cared about the climate which was Greta Thunberg, this can back up my statement because it shows how little communities care about climate and it would also be a real number because of the amount of people who live in the world it would be about 800 million people if it was 10%.

  • I think that the statistics 95% of teachers represents what percentage of teachers are unhappy with their pay because statistics shows that 61% of teachers have spoke out about how unhappy they were with the pay they received for the work and effort they put into their job. But the reason I think that this is the percentage because think about how many teachers haven't spoke out about how unhappy they are. It shows how unhappy they are because they went on strike for it and unionized.

  • I believe the 95% of teachers represents the amount of female teachers.
    I feel so because going back to a time period such as the 1930's which had women either in the kitchen or as a teacher. And that trend of female prominent teachers as something you can see today. Obviously men can be teachers and some are yet ladies have been brought up to think they could be a teacher because their parent's got it off theirs's and the cycle continues and I feel even today you could count the amount of male and female teachers and it would be primarily female especially in my school.
    Thank you

  • I believe that the statistic one in six represents how many women are treated equally. I think this because so many women are overlooked in the world. People talk about gender equality but some women still don't get the same opportunities as men. Why should people be treated differently because they are women? Women get left out of opportunities or beaten out by other applicants because they are men. Why should only one in six women be treated equally and not all? Do you agree if not, why?

  • I think that the statistic 95% of teachers represents gender quality. This is because statistic shows that currently in the UK, 75% percent of the teachers are women and 14% of the teachers in the UK are men. This all indicates that even during writing up application forms for teaching, women are more likely to get the job than men since there's a high percentage of women in the teaching industry.

  • One in six people are not informed about the gender pay gap or have never been informed about anything like women being given less pay then men even though they are doing the same job. This shows how the world shows views about sexism and the progress of equal rights on are planet. Do you think this is fair?

  • I think that the statistics 95 % of teachers represent women. Why is it so? Is it because it is perceived or assumed that women are better caregivers/teachers, especially in Nursery school since they are mothers or is it because men are perceived not to be able to take care of children of that age? I am wondering why the percentage of male teachers in Nursery schools is less than the percentage of women. It could also be gender bias towards the male because parents might be scared to allow a male teacher to be the class teacher in their children's school. In my opinion, female teachers are also seen as doing a better job than their male counterparts. Working mothers may find the job appealing because it allows them to devote more time to raising their children, and the fact that men are typically viewed as the breadwinners in many societies may also be a contributing factor, as salaries in this sector are deemed inadequate.

  • I believe that the statistic 95% of teachers represents that they are being underpaid or treated unfairly because in the UK 100,000 teachers were on strike in 2023, the unions were calling for better pay and better working conditions. The BBC News stated that the government offered a 4.3% for most teachers in 2023 but only for the teachers that have a salary starting with £30,000 in the UK. Teachers have been taking sick day because of the stress and coemption that they work is forcing.

  • Hi Dear Friends.
    I think the statistics of 95% of teachers should be considered. The old African believes states women education ends in the kitchen. But as everything revolved and women had their education most times their jobs are limited only to teachings, like over here in my country Nigeria the female teachers are more populated than that of the males. So I think that females are inequalitized in the society and there should be talked about. So you see the statistics of 95% of teachers is bringing us down to gender in equality and other factors that should be looked at.
    THANKS, please correct if needed.

  • I think that 1 in 6 people think that summer holidays should be shorter. Recently Rishi Sunak announced his plan to cut summer holidays from 6 weeks to 4. I think that, kids will be very upset about this as a lot of children believe that we need breaks from constantly thinking and working hard. I believe, it is important to relax and have fun so you aren't always learning and can keep enjoying time with family.

  • I think that the 'one in six...' statistic is for the XL-bully ban. I think this because there have been a lot of statistics to do with the XL-bully ban. It could relate to how many people have been attacked. Example: One in six people get attacked by XL bullies.
    The other reason for my thinking is that when you talk about dog attacks, you talk about how many people have been attacked by saying statistics.

  • HELLO!
    I think that the statistic one ten of people represents eco anxiety because it is only one ten of people that are trying to stop climate change

    1. Certainly! Its alarming that such a small percentage of the population is actively engaged in combaring climate change. Tgis dispaeiry in action contributes to eco-enxiety, as the burden or responsibility falls on a minority. It underscores the urgent need for widespread involvement to address this global challenge effectivelity. Thank you for highlighting tgis important issue. 👍

  • The truth is that 95% of teachers beleive that children's mental health is decreasing. A large amount of teachers are worried for the youth of our generation. Children's anxiety rates and mental health issues have been going up rapidly and we don't know how to handle it. Teachers spend lots of time with children in the classroom and it's easy for them to notice what's wrong with the children they are teaching. But there are so many children who are suffering with anxiety and mental health issues that there is no way the teachers are able to help all of them. This also upsets teachers and brings down moods in classrooms making it hard for anyone to feel happy. We need to get more positive outlooks in classroom, not just a rainbow posted on a wall. An actual way to help? We need mental health tests half way through the year to check how people are feeling. They would be completely anonymous, the only way a teacher would see who's test it is would be if they score too high. If they score high then they would be able to get counselling lessons and the teachers could see what they are able to do to make them more comfortable in school. Also anyone who takes the test can post concerns anonymously in a box at the bottom of the test wether it be about school or lessons or even if they are worried for other students. This is a real day crisis that we need to sort out, and soon.

  • One festible talk we had before is when we talked about migration and what it means. For example, my parents are migrants because they move to Mexico to America. That was a fun lesson I had a lot of fun. I felt happy to learn new things.

  • i think that the statistic 1 tenth of people represents eco anxiety because most people understand that the environment is drastically changing and they want to care or try their best to help the ecosystem while people who have eco anxiety care more and make sure that everything he or she does is helping the earth in some sort of way. not many people have/heard of eco anxiety so that's why i think the statistic 1 tenth of people represents eco anxiety.

  • I believe that the statistic less than one tenth of people is representing how some people around the world are still not being treated fairly due to unfair stereotypes and history. Despite how many people are making an effort to stop things like racism and gender inequality, there will always be people suffering from it. This type of thing could potentially stick around in the future, but I hope that eventually it will go away with enough protests and laws that stand up for mistreated people all around the world.

  • I think that the statistic 95% of teachers represents that they will start to use AI in their classrooms and 95% of teachers are females.They will start to use AI in their classrooms because AI can almost answer any question you ask.And teachers will use it to make up questions to give to their students and to give the answer if they don't know it.And i hardly see any male teachers in my school.My whole life i have only seen female teachers.I only saw about 2 male teachers in my old school.And males mostly work a harder and dangerous job instead or teaching.

  • Based on the static, "95% of teachers" most likely do not want A.I. to take over their jobs. Teachers might feel that since A.I. is practically a learning tool that is smarter than most. But one thing a teacher does is that A.I. doesn't provide emotional support, moral guidance, motivation, etc.. Therefore based on the static, "95% of teachers" should not worry about A.I. taking over their years of training to be a teacher.

  • Hello good day I think that in Ecuador eighty five percent of teacher's will use AI. Why ? Well based off learning about Ecuador I know that they have lot's of issues. For example their prisons is abandoned and the place looks like it could break in the slightest momentent . Which that will affect people who live in Ecuador that could also affect the way kids learn in Ecuador . How ? When I say it could affect the kids i'm saying that it could interfere with their education. How will kids be able to learn if their hearing about all these bad things going on in their home town about crimes and murders and the jails not being safe. These kids have to much pressure and worrying about everything which means the teacher would get ten times more of the stress to . I think just because of that it can also make a huge impact on the way the teacher teaches . So if teachers are not teaching correctly these children in Ecuador will not know how to step it up and go into the real world . So I feel that the teacher's in Ecuador will start use AI more than needed but honestly in Ecuador they need AI they need help.

  • I think that the statistic 95% of teachers represents teachers who use their money to get supplies for the school. This is because of the spontaneous nature of teaching. The first thought of a teacher is how to pass down the needed information to their pupils. Most times because the supplies needed for this are not readily available or have to be requested which might take time to be approved, the teacher will end up using their resources to get the supplies needed. Sometimes the teachers get reimbursed by the school but not all the time. This does not stop teachers from doing the needful to get the job done they are passionate about their job, they love the children and would always go the extra mile.

  • I am really torn up about facing the fact about the statistics that 95% of teachers are female while stereotypes are that men should be working in more menacing and vicious jobs. But women say that they should have the same rights and they are equal to men but yet they are still talking about different jobs and that the lady like job like working in the kitchen. I also wanted to talk about the background history of gender equality is lack of women leadership because back more than 100 years ago women could not vote.

  • I believe that one in six people is suffering from eco-anxiety due to the rapid degradation of our environment. Those who are genuinely concerned about our future are feeling very anxious about it. It is surprising to see that some people still do not believe in global warming. Countries like the Maldives are in extreme danger as the water level in the ocean is rising day by day. As a resident of Mumbai, I am also worried because studies indicate that by 2050, several parts of Mumbai will be submerged in the Arabian Sea.

  • I think that the statistics 95% of teachers represent teachers who are hard working, loyal and trustworthy
    Teachers work hard to achieve their goals, which are to transfer knowledge, build confidence and develop the mental and physical skills and strengths of pupils and students.
    They also represent loyalty to both parents and students because they show up daily, have a listening ear and heart and are friends when needed.
    Finally, teachers represent trust. Parents trust them enough to leave their children in their care for long hours. Students also trust and believe what their teachers say to them.

  • Hello everybody,
    I think less than ten percent of people in the world today think about climate change. Nowadays everyone is busy with his work. No one gets even a moment to look at the nature around him. Most people spend their free time on mobile phones and computers. Currently there are very few people in the world who are discussing climate change. If you do research you will find that only 10 out of every 100 people in the world discuss climate change. It is also not complete. It is nothing but our failure to me. We live on this planet. But we never think about this planet. Constantly we only think how we can be rich, how we can rule the world, rule the country and abroad. But we forget that if this planet does not exist then we cannot do anything because then we will not exist. We humans tend to think more about the negative than the positive. How many times you have seen on TV that in different films in different movies it is shown that villains want to destroy the world. But no cartoon or movie is ever made to save the world. What do you say about this? You ask yourself whether you belong to such people? I hope I have been able to convey my opinion correctly.

  • I think 95% of teachers use technology in their classroom. I feel this way because in my school i know that a lot of the teachers use technology to enhance their creativity and their education. Most teachers think that technology is easy to use but other teachers are problematic because technology can be good and bad at the same time . The good thing is that technology has more knowledge than teachers for the kids. The bad thing about technology is like for example, kids can be doing their work with some glitch on the laptop and now they do not do their work and that why i feel that way.

  • Hello,
    Less than one tenth of the people, all over the world currently know about the issue called eco-anxiety. Though it is a very common issue it is not widely addressed and people in both urban and rural areas know about it. This news came to me by personal experience as I did not know about eco-anxiety until I came to this festival. Let's take a look at the country of U.S.A, from my data collation I have seen that only 9% of people in the U.S are actually aware of eco-anxiety.
    I agree to the fact that people actually fell the anxiety, but most people do not have information on this, and they do not know how to handle it making it a very even more alarming issue to the world, awareness on eco-anxiety comes from experience and not many people have these experiences, and I think that this is the reason awareness on eco-anxiety is low.

  • I think 95% of teachers represent the eye through which children first see the world and all that it represents because a child at an early stage in life, even while growing into an adult spends let's say 70% of their time in schools or having interactions with their teachers. A child's mind being like a sponge absorbs almost everything that the teacher says or teaches and holds it with high esteem. They see them as role models and look up to them for answers to every question they may encounter with a belief that everything the teacher says is yea and amen.
    Therefore, teachers are the building blocks of society, community and the world at large which requires proper training, orientation of teachers for effective teaching-learning both intellectually and otherwise.

  • Hello ,
    I think that that the statistic of 95% of teachers is talking about gender equality . What I mean by this is that 95% of teachers are female and not male showing that profession is dominated by mainly females .
    A example of this is that out of 468,371 teachers in the UK there is 388,929 female teachers in the UK . This shows that teaching is a female dominated job and may be chosen over men to take the job . This is because employers may think or believe that women have more of a motherly and caring nature to look after children in school .
    This would link to gender equality because men and women have the same capability to look after and support children . Employers still today may choose women and have a higher chance of getting the job .
    We are seeing a slow increase in numbers in all schools over the years .
    Thank you for reading ,
    Good day .

  • I think that the statistic less than one tenth of people represents how many people agree with the payment of women footballers and men footballers. This means that I think nine tenths and a few people disagree with the payment difference with gender in football. There is a massive gap in the difference because, for example, the prize money for the women's world cup is 75% less than the men's - that is three-quarters more for the men. This is really not fair, especially in my opinion. I feel that women's football requires more attention and more sympathy, as well as a lot more fairness. However, I do now feel that more and more people are interested in women playing football and are supporting it.

  • I think that the statistic 95% represents gender inequality because almost every were around the world we go we find gender inequality at every corner so I think this is a complex issue found every were around the world
    So this is why I choose 95% because gender inequality is a huge issue.

  • I think that the statistic 95% of teachers represent the workforce of every country because they can be found in all walks of life, including hospitals, farms, the military, construction companies, schools, restaurants, saloons, media and so forth. Teachers are present in people's lives from infancy to old age and come in a variety of forms and sizes. By fostering their intellectual development and improving their performance on both an academic and moral level, teachers mould, influence, and inspire their students as well as their lives. For the students they instruct, teachers act as mentors, educators, doctors, nurses, correctional officers, transformational leaders, and even parents. I honour teachers.

  • Hello, guys,
    I also believe that the statistic 95% of teachers represent female teachers because in 2016, 82% of primary school teachers in the UK were female. We see a continued gender imbalance throughout all levels of education. For example, 37% of secondary school teachers are male. It is a truly international issue, as research has found that over 80% of teachers in countries such as Canada and India are female. Interestingly, teaching was considered a male-dominated profession up until the nineteenth century. In fact, figures from the Department for Education show that over 66% of teachers in UK schools in 1881 were male. However, the number of male teachers had been declining so rapidly that by 1991, male teachers had become the educational minority. This has led to teaching being labelled as a 'feminised' profession. Some argue that factors such as the industrial revolution, with the emergence of a modern economy and big business, resulted in a separation of men from the nurturing, caring tasks typically undertaken here. However, the gender imbalance can also be attributed to society's conceptions and expectations of the teaching role, as well as how we subconsciously label certain professions as more suitable or preferable to a particular gender. Today, people still hold a firm belief that women, because of their caring and nurturing nature, are more likely to be interested in and better at teaching. In contrast, sports are usually associated with men for their physical prowess. In the Victorian era, teaching was not seen as a proper profession for a man, it was merely an interim job for male teachers before they moved on to something more serious. As for women, teaching was the top employment choice, beside being a maid or a dressmaker. We should get rid of the mindset that teaching is not a place for professions to develop and grow and that the future should be shaped by caring and able women.
    Thank you.

  • I think that the statistic 95% of teachers represents individuals working in government elementary and secondary schools who are between the ages of 30 and 50. This could be the result of unfavorable working conditions, such as pay, a fall in birth rates, longer years spent in postsecondary institutions, etc., which discourage young people from pursuing careers as teachers. Due to these factors, younger people's entry into the teaching profession is delayed, and older/elderly workers are retained for extended periods of time.

  • I think that the 1/6 in the statistics represent the number of prisoners who change for the better good because many prisoners are usually not willing to change. But out of that fraction, there are some who commit crime due to the situations they may be in in life or even because they may be bribed, these people are people who mainly are willing to accept corrections and do not want to have the same experience. This is my hypothesis on the facts given here.

    1. You mentioned a prisoner's willingness to change, what other factors do you think play a part in personal outcomes?

  • Hey,👋
    Did you know that 95% of teachers are like real-life superheroes?
    They're on a mission to save the planet by teaching us about cool stuff like stopping climate change and taking care of nature.
    And guess what?
    They're also fighting for fairness, making sure everyone, boys and girls, gets a fair shot at everything.
    Plus, they're like wise wizards, teaching us the magic of right and wrong, so we can be awesome humans.
    So, let's give a big high-five to our teachers for being the coolest guides on this epic adventure called life!
    Thanks 😊

  • I think that the statistic one in six represents people suffering from eco-anxiety because of concern over the environment and the damage that human activity and climate change are causing to it is making some people tremble in fear. People may experience anxiety and depression as a result of the community's devastation, food loss, and decreased access to medical supplies in the event of severe storms or tornadoes. These factors might impair people's mental health. People start to worry about losing their jobs when situations like this happen. People get shocked, scared, and depressed when they see the media repeatedly covering similar incidents, which does not assist the situation. In addition to having a good education, I think this one in six people has to cut back on the quantity of environmental news they consume and, whenever feasible, seek professional assistance.

    1. How could we ensure people take climate change seriously, whilst not becoming overwhelmed by it?

  • Less than one tenth of people live in hunger. People who are starving find it difficult to focus on a range of activities; youngsters, in particular, may have mood swings, develop more slowly, and be unable to pay attention in class. Food insecurity may arise from various factors such as conflict, deprivation, and climate change, as certain crops that are vulnerable to the effects of climate change may see a decline in production. There is nothing that can be done to alleviate hunger in a population or nation since it will negatively impact the economy and drive them even deeper into poverty and unpredictability. For this reason, we have seen government overthrows in some countries. It is risky to be poor.

  • I think that the statement "one in six"refers to the fact that one out of every six countries has made provisions for immigrants to stay within their borders. This is because various nations have come together to find ways to help asylum seekers by providing them with virtual living conditions, job opportunities and a safe place to stay. Therefore one in every six countries is working towards aiding immigrants in this way.

  • I think that the statistic 95% of teachers represent dissatisfied teachers because there is a significant turnover rate among teachers due to their low retention rate. Since COVID 19, teacher morale has been declining, which is really contributing to the huge exodus. This may be the consequence of low income, an increase in mental health issues, and other factors. It truly takes courage to stay in teaching; it's a challenging profession.

  • I think the static One in six represents AI and the future of work because just a few schools have the ability to access AI to make their learning easier. Most schools like the Kenya schools didn't have AI to enhance their education and be like a second teacher. Those having AI have a huge privilege. Using AI is going to help the videographic and audio graphic learners. We are able to access power point presentations and learn them in the comfort of our homes. The only disadvantage is the way students misuse AI. Sometimes students use AI and just find synonyms for the huge words and simplify it for it to seem like they actually wrote it. Schools in need of AI devices must get them to learn effectively-especially ICT since it's about practical's.

  • Hello Topical talkers
    I think that the statistic 95% of teachers represent females who are not allowed to express themselves due to the fact they are considered women who are either supposed to be in the kitchen or performing household chores. And only a few amount of women ae recognised and allowed to do certain jobs ,even with that they struggle to get the job and are most likely to be put in a lower authority than that of males .
    I'm very enger to see your thoughts about this .

  • I think the 95% teachers represents the role of teachers to prevent crime and in making a good human being. We know that teacher played the important role in a child life. They teach a child the life lessons and make them a good human as well as a citizen. The role of teacher is more in building a good citizen. The teacher has the power to change and influence the mind of the children and bring them to the good path. I think this statistic shows the role of teacher to prevent crime and in reformation of a nation.
    I think one in six represents the discrimination of women in workplace. Still in many profession women become the victim of discrimination and exploitation. They don't get equal rights as man. In many professions we see the number of male employees is much higher than female employees. So, I think this statistic describe the ration of discrimination against women in workplace properly.
    I think the statistic less than one tenth of people represent the number of people who have actually experienced eco-anxiety and the people who are remindful of eco-anxiety. Almost everyone is concerned about eco-anxiety. But it varies. The person who has experience it are more likely to take steps and change their behavior but those who haven't face don't take actions. They just show the concern orally. As the people who have experience the eco-anxiety is comparatively less than the number of people who are concern about eco-anxiety, for this reason I think this statistic is the best represented of it.

  • I think the statistic of 95% of teachers represents the percentage of the female population of teachers in school. I think so because I have observed that most teachers in my school and various schools in my locality are women, compared to male teachers, who are only a few in number. Data also shows that 80% of teachers in primary and secondary education in India are women.
    There are many reasons why women would prefer the job of a teacher. Generally, teaching is referred to as a nurturing and caring role, which, due to gender stereotypes, is considered the role of women. Many women also have experience taking care of kids, as they have done that for their own kids, so they are usually good at this profession. Teaching is a profession where you can find a good work-life balance, so it is great for women to take care of their families while being able to work. Teaching professions in public education provide good job security, so women who wish to serve in a job for the long term would prefer this. Moreover, this profession usually offers less income, so many men don't enter here. Though this is changing now and maybe in the future, these data would show that men are also prevalent in this job. One main reason is gender stereotypes, according to which some particular jobs are considered for men and some for women, like teaching. Due to these societal norms, many women chose to teach.

  • I think the statistic less than one tenth of people represents people who work towards the mitigation of climate change because, only 35 percent of people do work towards controlling climate change through some of the following ways:
    1. Creating laws about illegal deforestation and hunting
    2. Do not drive short distances, people can walk or make use of bicycles this is so that the emissions of green house gases from fuels is reduced.
    3. Campaigns and enlightenment programs such as advertisement by use of animations, postcards, billboards and public announcement to create awareness about the harmful effect human activities has on the planet and ecosystem.
    4. People should be encouraged to recycle, reuse and reduce things like plastics and polyethene bags etc.
    People should be encouraged to plant more trees, avoid the use of fuels that emit green house gases and make use of compressed natural gases and liquefied natural gases instead, turn off lights when not in use and so on.
    If all tis is don more people will know about climate change and its effect on the planet and ecosystem and all hands will be on deck to safe the earth.
    In conclusion, we all have a role in controlling climate change by observing these safe practices that i have mentioned above.

  • I think that the statistics are related to AI because of the rapid evolving in teaching and using of it. The 95% of teachers represent that most teacher are using AI and are teaching students how to use it,and less than one tenth people is saying that it is only a little amount of people who are not using it, one in six is telling us that AI has more good than bad effect on humans. Most thing that we do in our lives are really helped by AI and it's advancement some example of all of these statistics like most teachers in the university of Abuja in Federal Capital Territory here in my country, are teaching and improving students in technology aspect and telling the impact it brings.

  • Hello everybody,
    I think less than ten percent of people in the world today think about climate change. Nowadays everyone is busy with his work. No one gets even a moment to look at the nature around him. Most people spend their free time on mobile phones and computers. Currently there are very few people in the world who are discussing climate change. If you do research you will find that only 10 out of every 100 people in the world discuss climate change. It is also not complete. It is nothing but our failure to me. We live on this planet. But we never think about this planet. Constantly we only think how we can be rich, how we can rule the world, rule the country and abroad. But we forget that if this planet does not exist then we cannot do anything because then we will not exist. We humans tend to think more about the negative than the positive. How many times you have seen on TV that in different films in different movies it is shown that villains want to destroy the world. But no cartoon or movie is ever made to save the world. What do you say about this? You ask yourself whether you belong to such people? I hope I have been able to convey my opinion correctly.

  • I think 95% of teachers represent male teachers while the remaining 5% are female teachers. I say this because people think that women should do only house chores like cooking, cleaning their homes, and caring for their children. At the same time, men are recommended to do multiple work like teaching. And even in my country Nigeria, the percentage of male teachers is more than the female teachers. And in my country Nigeria though men are recommended to do very hard and dangerous jobs while women are to only do safe and easy work.

  • I learnt in the live lesson that 129 million women and girls not in school is extremely unfair. I believe this because women deserve an education as it is stated in the children's rights. I agree that women are great at housework, but they yearn for more - as I am a girl and I am going to become a woman when I am older, I do not want to be stuck at home doing chores like a teenager and not an adult! Men have all the rights in the world. I am not saying that women are better than men or that any gender is better than another, I am just saying that women deserve a better future. We learn about the suffragettes and the women in the past, not because we just want to learn about it, but we strive to learn from it.

  • I believe that 95% of educators are able to reduce gender inequality because they can inform their students about the penalties associated with gender inequality in different nations. So they are responsible for this. However, the government have to support them

  • Nearly half the population has about 52% of disbelief or less and don't think the climate change will stay the same and will just get even more destroyed and it could risk more human and animal lives. If we are all working as a team we will be able to get equality for the earth.Farmers help my growing all kinds of food to sell for animals and humans. Gardeners are helping by growing flowers,trees,crops - to feed animals. to stop them from becoming extinct from the world possibly forever.

  • I think that the statistic of 95% of teachers on strike is ridiculously high. I believe this because teachers, teach because that's what they love doing. Going on strike just shows us kids that they just want the money. We depend on them to teach us to be good citizens. They teach us that kindness is not paid for, it's just given. But then they go behind our back and go against everything they want us to do and go on strike. The teachers need to look at the bigger picture here though. While they strike, who will teach us? A supply teacher can't fly to the rescue. So what should we do? Who will teach us how to be the good citizen our teacher tried to teach us to be? I personally am a bit bad at times, but I make up for it. Last year I met my teacher/new best friend and we had the strongest bond. Sure I was a bit bad at times but she never gave up on me. So sure they go on strike and go behind our back but I never gave up on her. I knew she was trying to do the right thing. Sure 95% of teachers are on strike half of the time but I always remember if 95% of teachers are on strike it's probably because 95%of them are ridiculously kind. But always remember don't give up on them just because YOU THINK they gave up on you. So sure they went on strike but it was only for the best.

  • I think the statistic of 95% represents female teachers because when I go to any school there is only 2 or 3 men teachers and the rest are women.

  • I think that the statistic 95% of teachers are women represents that the world is still not a diverse society i hope we help build a better earth and stop all these predicaments.

  • Hello fellow topical talkers,

    I think that 95% of teachers are human. This is because artificial intelligence is improving and people have crazy thoughts about how robots are going to take over the world! For example you get hey siri on your Iphone and you get face and fingerprint recognition. You also get amazing movies as well and behind the scenes and you see how much money and work they put into them and of course you have Tesla auto-drive and flying cars! Technology is truly evolving and is threatening peoples jobs as well. For example business analysts, financial managers, accountants.

    I also think less than 1 tenth of people are gay. I think this because in countries such as Qatar and Uganda being gay is banned! I believe that this is truly unfair and people can do what they want in life as long as they are good people and are kind and respectful. If you do what you do not want in life then what is the point of it.

    And lastly I believe that one in six people are prisoners suffering from mental health conditions because most people think why do they commit crimes and they are just wasting their lives in prison.