Competition #2 winners

02 February 2024

Change your mind!

Welcome to this week’s competition! Every Monday we’ll open a new competition. Winners will be announced on Fridays. If you win, you’ll get three stars and your entries will be pinned to the top of the discussion!

When you learn about the news, it’s important to stay open minded. This helps you to form opinions based on real information, rather than on what you already think.

Changing your opinion about an issue in the news should never be seen as a weakness because it shows you have been learning.

For this competition, your challenge is to find one comment from another student on the Student Hub that made you change your mind about something. Then, come back here, share the name of the student that made you think differently and explain how.

  • loving_lychee | Brill CofE School | United Kingdom 30 Jan 2024

    I was originally thinking that in the case of law enforcement AI couldn't replace a Judge or a police officer because they need to make decisions based on the context and understand how the law applies. For example, a hungry child stealing food might be more acceptable than a rich person stealing that same food. Though the act is the same, the punishment might differ. AI can understand the law but maybe not use good judgement to apply it fairly.
    However, reading charming_synthesizer 's comment I reflected that the perspective might change depending on where you are in the world. This morning in Newsround, I saw that Beijing in China is testing AI powered police cars; I don't know if that would work in the UK, but it might in China where they have a stricter surveillance policy. So I think charming_synthesizer has made me rethink my opinion on where Humans are better than AI and I can see that from their perspective, it's important to have a fair police system. So thank you for opening my eyes.

  • mindblowing_radio | STEM Red Sea B | Egypt 31 Jan 2024

    I recently engaged in a thought-provoking discussion with happy_squid, that significantly altered my perspective on eco-anxiety. Initially, I held the belief that eco-anxiety was solely a negative emotion, causing stress and despair without any potential benefits. However, happy_squid presented a compelling argument that made me reconsider my stance.

    During our discussion, happy_squid highlighted the idea that eco-anxiety, when channeled effectively, can serve as a powerful motivator for positive environmental action. They shared personal experiences and stories of individuals who, driven by their eco-anxiety, became advocates for sustainability and played pivotal roles in community initiatives to combat climate change.

    This perspective challenged my initial assumption that eco-anxiety only leads to negative outcomes. happy_squid's insights made me realize that acknowledging and understanding our anxieties about the environment can fuel a sense of responsibility and inspire proactive measures to address ecological challenges.

    In conclusion, my conversation with happy_squid reshaped my understanding of eco-anxiety, emphasizing its potential to drive positive change when harnessed constructively. It taught me to view emotions not just as challenges but also as catalysts for meaningful action in building a more sustainable future.

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  • The students that made me think differently are some from a school close to my locality. They decided to start a community service within the locality. They made sure that mobilised the little funds they could put together so as to pay people to dig holes where waste could be properly disposed and when full it could be closed. These waste when decayed could serve as manure to the soil. This is because burning waste is harmful to the environment.
    It got me thinking because, if people who were conscious about their environment could come together and form a close interaction group where they could meet to discuss and put their ideas together, in no time, there will be a great change and in no distant time people will try their best to resort to using materials that will be eco-friendly.

    1. Thanks for your entry, optimistic_cymbals! Please be specific about the students that have changed your mind by using their Hub name and school name.

    2. Your comment really fascinates me. But the reality is that not everyone would positively agree to cleaning their environment in a community or town.
      Some people tend to give excuses while some tend to avoid coming across the planners of the environment. Furthermore, they may also be provided with the efficient equipments for public environmental sanitation.
      There should also be provision of refreshments for everyone so as to follow the saying which says"No pain, No gain". Whereas in this situation there would be gain contributing to the fact that they did their best.

    3. Hi I am Poetic_road and what you said I agree with you. People always burn decayed stuff like food or other stuff but, we can use that decay for the plants and the environment. We can make a foundation suitable for plants and we can use the materials instead of burning them. Like you said we need to put our ideas together to make sure that the environment is eco-friendly.

      1. I agree with Poetic_road because it is true that people always burn things we need for our environment and plants, etc. Also like Poetic_road said "We can make a foundation that is suitable" so that means we need more and more people to stop hurting the environment so it can be healthy. We need materials to use more than actual burning things so our earth can be great and good and suitable enough.

      2. i agree but you can only reuse the fruits and vegetables because random trash would not be good for the environment because plastic takes years to decay and it is artificial we can use unused veg and fruits for compost.

    4. I strongly agree because burning rubbish which can be reused is just one of the causes out of millions for climate change. Here in England we tackle littering and the use of vapes with children which is bad for the environment and us. In our school we have compost bins and also have a pond to be more eco-friendly.
      So,the student that made me think differently is optimistic_cymbals for making me realise that everything has a positive side and now they have a nice community service. I hope this makes others think that everything has a bright side. Thank you!

  • I used to think that not caring about our enviroment and keeping it clean is a normal thing it’s not until a close freind came up to me and was like “im ur friend i want to give u a peace of advice keep ur enviroment clean its so important to watch were you throw away the garbage and more on” i realised rhat what he is saying make sence.
    It even got me thinking if people who were conscious about their environment they would come up with a plan and make a group to clean the enviroment!

    1. Hi, thanks for your contribution! It's great to see that you have been able to understand something important from your friend's words, and that you still remember those to this day. Why is that some people are not conscious of the environment and others are? Have you ever tried to answer this question in your mind?

    2. Rational_salak, I agree with you because a clean environment is important for the well-being of our planet. Everything we do, big or small, has an impact on the environment. One of the ways to help keep the environment clean is to reduce, reuse and recycle. This includes using fewer materials, better waste disposal, and alternative recycling methods. By implementing these behaviors, we can save energy, reduce pollution, and reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

      Another important aspect of environmental cleanup is sustainable practices. It uses materials in a way that does not damage or harm the soil in the long run. For example, instead of relying on non-renewable sources such as fossil fuels, we can turn to renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy. In addition, sustainable agricultural practices such as organic farming and crop rotation can help preserve soil fertility and prevent water pollution with harmful chemicals and fertilizers the edge By making these choices, we can ensure that the environment is healthy and supportive of life.

  • The students that made me think differently were my 5th grade beta club members. We did toys for tots and we got to donate toys. We mainly donated toys that were new. We then went to Publix to put all of the toys into the bin. It was fun. I'm glad we did that because now other kids get to have toys. At first I did not want to do it because I did not think so many people would donate but it worked. A bunch of people donated. I am happy so many kids could have toys that year.

  • A comment from another student on student hub that changed my mindset about A.I. in the workforce was bustling_cliff. They made a good point about how A.I. could possibly malfunction and cause other issues. Not many people seem to talk about how susceptible A.I. and robots are malfunctioning and breaking. Making A.I. taking over jobs and education is less possible than I originally thought.

    1. Yes, I agree. AI cannot always be trustworthy and should be brought up more, especially their disadvantages.

      1. Hi there! Thanks for your contribution - I agree that we should definitely discuss the disadvantages and risks that AI could be bringing into our world. What do you think those are, if you had to point a couple of those out? Why do you think people are not talking enough about the disadvantages and risks of AI?

    2. I agree. I totally understand where you are coming from because my classmates and I discussed A.I. malfunctioning and other topics pertaining to A.I. Say for instance you needed surgery and your doctor is an A.I. bot and out of nowhere you start to bleed. The robot won't know what to do because they aren't programmed to suddenly stop doing what they are doing to stop the blood. Maybe we could find ways to fix A.I. I'd love to hear more opinions on this topic.

  • It's great to hear that strong_sheep had a positive impact on your perspective. Engaging in open-minded conversations can indeed lead to meaningful change. Keep the dialogue flowing, and you might influence others too!

    1. The student that made me think differently is fantastic plantain on school anjuma -l-IsIam'sbegum sharifa kalsekar Girls' English School |India they made me change my mind about,had a positive impact on your perspective, because, is keep the dialogue flowing.
      Thank you.

  • "The student that made me think differently is non other but intelligent_orchard." They made me change my mind about everything because that person always sends brilliant comments and most of the the time I agree with it and I think they changed my mind to think differently so that's why it's intelligent_orchard. THANK YOU!!

  • The student that made me thing differently is marvellous_hedgehog by
    The Mayflower Center in Romania. They made me change my mind about what kind of news should be presented about the environment. Firstly, I though that it was negative kind of information that had to be shown in order to sensitize people to take action. However, as it turns out it also should be positive news concerning the environment because it is important to show people that there is still a chance in saving our future, that there are others who have tried and made important changes and that they should get the credit they deserve for their achievements.

  • Hey,
    The student that made me think differently is tidy_photograph from Vidya Sagar English School from Nepal. They made me change my mind about why age restriction is important.I used to think how person of any age should be able to do anything and age restriction is unfair until I found the comment of tidy_photograph.This topical talker explained how age restriction is important.They gave example how license is assessable to certain age criteria and it is for safety.As we are discussing, we all know that in this generation from grown people to teenagers to even kids who hasn't even hit puberty have a ideal idol in their life maybe a athlete,actor/actress,singers, wrestlers etc.And they can try to have similar lifestyle like their idol.For example:A teenage boy's idol is a celebrity who is an adult and who smokes.The teenage boy will see that and try to be like the celebrity which will cause trouble in this body and in his future.So age restriction is obviously important for our safety. Sometimes for something we are mentally ready but not physically this is where age restriction play a great role. If there is no any age restriction we would take the risk and put our lives in danger, while with age restrictions we can wait for ourselves to be totally ready.Which is way safer.
    I would like to thank tidy_photograph for their comment.

  • "The student that has made me think differently is contemplative_ fly. He made me change my mind about eco-anxiety because, I have been always thinking on how to meet those in politics to ask them on how they are preparing in other to stop this climate change,but as a student I knew it not that easy, so when I raed what he said in his comment, he said that for us stop this climate change, that we not have to go into all this stress. Here are some of the things that he said that we need to engage in.
    1: Ditching plastic bags
    2: Talking public transit
    3: Using less fossil fuels, and probably planting 9f some trees.

    1. I agree yet disagree on some part of your comment. I agree with 1. Ditching plastic bags this would definently help the environment because alot of people have bags at home they could take along with them which would even save them money however I'm not entirely with you with 2. Taking public transit because some people have special classes they need to attend to at specific times and they have a different routine than others and some schools are on roads that the public transit doesn't follow.

    2. The student who made me think differently is contemplative_ fly. I really liked his comment when he said that prisoners should be held accountable for their crimes and jailed, even if the conditions are poor. This is actually right, because if prisoners complain about their living conditions, it's not like we will put them in a 5 star hotel, right? They need to stay in jail no matter what!
      What's more, with all the heinous crimes they have committed, they don't even deserve luxury. So the next time this happens, the prisoners will start a full-on riot. I can't say I am sure of it, and neither is anyone else. Who knows? maybe there will be a riot, or maybe not. We will just have to wait.

  • The student that made me think differently is curious_octopus from Bangladesh. They made me change my mind about being worried about the future of AI.
    I was scared for the future of the world as AI usage is continuously growing, I thought that human would be slaves. But curious_octopus made me realize it is better to ask questions about the future instead of jumping to conclusion.

  • The person who has changed my mind is beloved_octopus because he said that AI is impossible without humans and some things we have right now is because of AI. So if we get rid of AI the world would be surprisingly boring but if we got loads of AI the world would go crazy cause you wouldn’t be able to do anything by yourself. So I think that if we had to much AI the world would be crazy but if we didn’t have any the world would be all boring so there has to be a level were we have lots of AI but us humans are still doing a lot.

  • The student that made think differently is centered_lynx from IB Arthur in Ghana . His statics about made me
    understand that on average a human gives up about six times before achieving something which made realized even if I am failing at something, after a few tries, I will be able to achieve it. He also stated that almost every human causes 4 tons of carbon footprints, which made me make up my mind to not continue to do the things that will produce green house gases such as burning of rubbish but instead resulting to recycling the rubbish.

  • One student that has made me think differently is marvelous_hedgehodge from the Mayflower Centre. The student made me change my mind and perspective about negative news posts, because I always believed that once the negative new posts come out, there is nothing that anyone can do about them after several attempts until marvelous_hedgehog educates me. The student convinced me that just because a negative news post comes out doesn't mean there's nothing to be done; in fact, there is so much that can be done, so that's why you are aware of the news and others worldwide have already found solutions to the problems, and I completely agree with the student that people trying to solve such problems should be equally recognized as the negative news. After the marvelous_hedgehogs post, and now after reading negative news, I tried to find solutions similar to that problem in my country and community, then try to solve them. I encourage others to do so too! It starts by forming a team.

  • I always thought I was doing the right thing using AI to not waste paper but actually from what I have seen from the comments is so true that phones, laptops are bad because of all the plastic and metals that are in those devices all go to waste I’ve been so amazed from what I’ve learnt about AI.I really think whoever gives a great attitude in this will win this competition.

    1. According to my class and what jolly heart from St Thomas' Catholic Primary A is saying I agree because computers, phones, and laptops all have metal and plastic in them. I have a phone and I'm using a laptop and whoever makes the laptops they are using a whole bunch of plastic to form and make the laptops.

  • I was recently interested in a discussion with a student named steady_lynx, who made me think differently about climate change. This student pointed out that climate change is a global problem affecting all parts of the world. I used to believe that climate change was affecting larger areas more quickly than smaller ones, as islands and archipelagos usually have better air quality than larger pieces of land. However, steady_lynx's argument convinced me otherwise. I now understand that climate change is caused primarily by carbon dioxide and the greenhouse effect, and that it affects all parts of the world equally.It's mostly because of carbon dioxide and the greenhouse effect.

  • The student that made me think differently is Intelligent_orchard .He changed my point of view because his comment about AI:jobs of the future showed me that it is true that AI can excel in certain tasks,but humans still have unique skills that can not be replicated by AI. His comment showed me that humans bring creativity,intuition,emphaty,and critital thinking to the table,which are qualities that AI can't fully replicate.

  • The student that has made me think differently is loved_thought. They made me change my thought about the hearing impaired people. I used to think that the cost for their treatment must be very high and the poor ones are not able to afford it. But their comment about Transcribe glasses changed my view. Through the comment I came to know that now even the hearing impaired who are financially weak can afford these as they are cheaper than most hearing aids.
    I would like to thank loved_thought for such an informative comment.

  • The student that made me think differently is fantastic_plantain. S/He made me change my mind about schools because I used to think that school is merely a source of knowledge, but s/he opened my eyes to let me understand that it is much more than that. It is the place that that opens one’s intellect and a place which helps us to think critically. School is not a place, it is an emotion which cannot be replaced by AI. S/He explains that AI cannot perform the functions that a school can. AI sets our mind in a prison, a prison that cannot be broken once you are trapped into it. It makes us dependent on it and takes our freedom. Schools not just open up our creativity, but helps any human to make his/her abilities shine.

  • the student that make me think differently was optmistic_cymbals about our environment because we need to save our environment and someone wasting the resources make the future generation how can we make our future generation better if we keep wasting resources today we will be vanish stop wasting resource can make a big change in future.

  • The student that made me think differently is fantastic_plantain. They made me change my mind about Covid-19 because as he mentioned about an important standpoint on vaccines and as he also mentioned about the global challenges. At last , thank you for such an important information.

  • The student that made me think differently is smart_goji. They made me change my mind about AI because I always thought that AI can take over the humans and there is only one solution i.e stop using AI but they made me think from other prospects. They wrote “Implementing restrictions and regulations on AI can prevent it from entirely taking over human roles. Ultimately, the decision lies with humans, as we willingly allow AI to replace certain job sectors due to their advantages.” It is very important to place restrictions on AI as future is in the world of technology and development and AI will be they most important part of it. AI is a topic surrounded by controversies and debates but it depends on us that how we confront it.

  • the student thand made me differently differently think is
    optimistic_cymbals because the students proved they were not like others dependent on the government, and I really loved the thinking of the students as they want to keep their country clean. i also liked that the students can burn the waste but as they knew it is really harmful for environment so instead of burning the waste, they thought of throwing the waste into the soil so it can be decayed.

  • First i was used to think that climate change is not a big problem then my close friend came proactive_musician and made me understand that climate change is not a small problem she took one hour and made me understand how climate change is a big problem then I started strongly agreeing that climate change has effected the economy and environment and it has become a serious problem but we can solve it I know that it will take decades to fully reduce it but if we will start from now then it will be good for humanity also and environment also . The UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, closed on 13 December 2023 with an agreement that signals the beginning of the end of the fossil fuel era by laying the ground for a swift, just and equitable transition, underpinned by deep emissions cuts and scaled-up finance . This was a global decision made we can also help the environment by planting more trees and reducing the use of plastic and reusing them . Special Thanks to proactive_musician! .

  • The student that made me think differently is contemplative_fly. They made me change my mind about the climate crisis. This student's news story was about how more than 200 countries agreed to battle climate change in Paris. This made me think differently because until now, I thought that combating climate change was something that different countries individually work for. I did not know that collective action had been taken or will ever be taken. This student made me think adversely and changed my perspective of viewing the world! I never imagined that more than half of our world would come together to combat a problem like this. I believe I was too rigid in my opinions but now I'm able to see the bigger picture.

  • I think Ai should start helping with the enviroment by getting rid of plastic and anything else we can recycle which can help the planet.

  • The topical talker that made me rethink my opinions and have an open mind was enigmatic leopard, who suggested a discussion about animal rights. Before then, I believed in treating animals with care, whether they were going to be eaten, used as beasts of burden or used to obtain skin and furs. What I didn't know was that animals had rights. I didn't even know that my country had an association known as Animal Protection Organization of Nigeria dedicated to safeguarding the welfare, rights and health of animals. Enigmatic leopard has made me realize that I need to do more research and pay more attention to what happens around me. Thank you, enigmatic leopard, for helping me to widen my horizon and learn something new.

  • The student that changed my mind was belivable_solution and the comment they made: If I had an AI robot I would want it to be a doctor and help all the people that can't afford to pay for someone to help them, that way they can have a doctor without having to pay. Also I would want the AI robot to be able to pick up all the litter on the street so our world could be a bit cleaner.
    Now I agree with them instead of thinking that AI would always be bad and make the world worse.

  • The student that made me think differently is marvellous_hedgehog. They made me change my mind about different people's approach to Eco-anxiety. Before I used to think that there was only a distinction between those who have experience and information and those who only have information, I thought that those who only had information would take it lightly and those who have experience would be in trauma but what he said would forever change my ideology He said, and I quote "I can't pretend that my Eco-anxiety is at the same level as someone who has experienced a natural disaster. However, that doesn't mean that I don't care. Sometimes people with a high level of Eco-anxiety are in need of someone to calm them down, explain to them how things are getting better and make sure they actually feel better." this was beautiful and changed my view on the whole issue of experiences it made me see past just saying and made me to put myself in their shoes and when I did this I realized that there are a lot of things we can do to help them. Honestly speaking Marvellous_Hedgehog thankyou.

  • The student that made me think differently is victorious_eagle. They made me change my mind about why people don't change their ways to combat climate change. I used to think that people just weren't that aware of the real situation or could not grasp upon the gravity of the mess we have landed ourselves in but victorious_eagle's perspective on the issue highlights the lack of concern among people towards the consequences of climate change. They emphasize that people are too comfortable living their lives and do not fully understand how badly it will affect them. The lack of regard from individuals is a significant hindrance to addressing climate change. However, victorious_eagle also acknowledges that even if people are aware of the issue, it may not lead to significant changes unless people with greater influence take a stand to raise awareness and drive action.

    To address climate change, it is essential to understand the root causes and take action on both an individual and collective level. victorious_eagle emphasizes that it is crucial to hold governments and policymakers accountable for their actions and decisions as they significantly impact the environment. His moving comment made me realise that people are indeed aware of the impacts but they JUST DON'T CARE. And the only way they will actually start to care about the direness of the situation is when someone they look up to talks about it or when it actually hits them in the face.

  • The student that made me think differently is giving_snail they made me think of AI taking over jobs in a new light and in a more positive way than negative because I thought that if robots started doing human jobs that it would be a bad thing and make humans lazy and overly dependant on robots but giving_snail also made me think of it a little differently that if robots started taking over jobs then humans would be less stressed which I didn't think of before and is a great way to think of it.

  • The student that made me think differently is fantastic_song.They made me change my mind about schools existing in the future because of the information that he/she put behind the comment. For example I thought that rapid evolving of technology would make school go extinct, because we already have waitress robots. If we start having teacher robots, what is next? Student robots, because if that were to happen humans would not be needed for anything and hypothetically robots would take over the world.But when I read fatastic_song's work he/she made me now believe that no robots could ever replace us humans because of our curiosity and our need to learn.

  • trustworthy_music Caleb British International School | Nigeria says

    Let's consider the opinion of Icon-B: "A bad prison can make crime worse instead of better." How can it make me think differently?

    This is an interesting question that challenges me to reflect on my own views about crime and punishment. From my understanding I think Icon-B is trying to say that prisons should not be places where people are treated harshly, unfairly or inhumanely, because that could make them more angry, resentful or violent. Instead, prisons should be places where people are given opportunities to rehabilitate, learn new skills and prepare for a better life after their sentence. This way, they might be less likely to reoffend and more likely to contribute positively to society.

    I can see some merit in this argument, but I also have some doubts. On one hand, I agree that prisons should not be cruel or abusive, because that would violate the human rights and dignity of the prisoners. I also think that prisons should offer some form of education, training or counselling to help the prisoners address their problems and improve their prospects. On the other hand, I wonder if this approach is realistic or effective. How can we ensure that the prisoners are willing and able to change their behavior? How can we balance the needs of the victims and the community with the rights of the offenders? How can we prevent the prisons from becoming too lenient or indulgent, and losing their deterrent effect?

    These are some of the questions that Icon-B's opinion makes me think about. I do not have a clear answer yet, but I appreciate the opportunity to explore different perspectives and challenge my own assumptions. I think this is an important topic that deserves more research and debate.

    Thank you for making me understand better.

  • The student that made me change my mind was supportive_wildcat. He/she had a comment on AI and the planet and it actually made a lot of sense, their comment was short but it was straight to the point and made me change my mind as to how AI can also be good for the planet. They talked about how AI can also work to monitor the pressure system in an oil factory, that was the example that got me, it made alot of sense and it went simply into how AI can limit the use of polutants in factories or oil rigs. It was simple and straight to the point and once again, it did make alot of sense. Although I could see many people countering with the fact that AI will still use up many materials and a lot of energy, it could still add limits to not completely stop pollution entirely, but to decrease it as much as it can.

  • The student that made me think differently is enlightened_tiger. He/she made me change my mind about an AI lesson about working at a place called Tech solves but an AI robot malfunctioned and hurt someone. We had to pick who caused the incident. I thought that it was the other company's fault because they made the AI robot that malfunctioned. I agreed with enlightened_tiger because he/she stated that Tech solves, the company we work for, is the one to blame, and making sure the coding was correct for the AI not to malfunction. He/she also stated, the company that made the AI's fault because they should've made sure the AI was safe to work nearby and wasn't harmful to humans, other AI robots, or equipment. They finally stated, the worker should not be blamed for the incident. After reading their comment I changed my mind to think it was both of the company's faults instead of just the one other than Tech solves.

  • The student who made me think differently is creative_personality. They shifted my perspective on Prisons: Emergencies in Ecuador by spotlighting the importance of security, punishments, and informative measures in a prison setting. I used to believe that prisons were solely about confinement, but creative_personality has broadened my understanding. Additionally, they highlighted how isolation in prisons can harm mental health. I used to think isolation could help inmates become better citizens, but now, thanks to creative_personality, I see things differently. Thank you for opening my eyes to new ideas.

  • A comment from another student on the student hub that changed my mindset about A.I. in the workforce was flowing_moose because how could they malfunction if they are being made and controlled by the people who make them program them to know what to do and not malfunction and its not like there getting hit by water or anything.

  • The student that made me think differently is fantastic_plantain. They made me think differently about joining. At first I didn't want to join because I thought it would be boring and difficult. But they made me change my mine. I think AI can do some things better than humans like be a artist, and help with your banking

  • The student that made me think differently is constructive memory from Kali Gandaki Academy A | Nepal. They made me change my mind about age restriction because they explained how it's important for safety, using the example of idols influencing younger individuals. Their reasoning really made me see the importance of age restrictions.

  • The student that made me different is flowing_moose they made me think differently about A.I they made a good point about A.I about malfunction and cause many issues because maybe if they had company about something really important and what if A.I/robots malfunction and didn't do what the code says and end up messing up the company. So that's why i feel like flowing_moose's comment made me feel differently.

  • Hi,
    I would want to talk about the "AGE and MATURITY" that was talked about by jubilant_accordion. This student changed my mind completely on this aspect and truthfully I was amazed and I really got a lot of enlightenment. Age limits in countries never bothered me till I saw her suggestion and the different perspectives that students on the hub have , It was also shocking to find out that age played a very important role in the determining the fate of people, like admission into schools , getting jobs and many other activities that have a specific age to be done. It also opened my mind to see that people consider the age more than the capabilities of the person, people's capabilities. During some more research I found out that one disadvantage of age limits is that it can be discriminatory, age limits can be utilized to exclude people from opportunities based only on their age, regardless of their exceptional talents, qualifications or abilities, one of my guardians was once victimized by these age limits because he applied for a job and he was more than qualified for the job but he was declined because he was one year older than the age limit and that is how he lost such a good opportunity that could change his life and this was rather heart breaking to realize that people who are more than qualified for certain programs and activities are rejected just because they are too young or too old , and I feel that these concepts of being "too young" or being "too old" should not even exist because after I saw a greater horizon on this topic I found these terms irrelevant and useless, I am not trying to come out to harsh but this is what I feel and this is the best way I can express myself. Another disadvantage is that age limits are often based on or derived from social or cultural norms or legal requirements, rather than factual data. People are create differently and no human mind or heart is the same so if a person is unable to do something and the person is ten that doesn't mean that anyone ten years or below will be unable to do it too and though it baffles me , I have decided to have a positive mindset towards a future change involving our age restrictions and limits. And I really want to thank you jubliant_accordion for highlighting and sharing your thoughts and feelings on this topic, you have really made me see differently from what I thought I knew and I know I am not the only one, I just hope that we as students will continue to learn from each other.
    Thank you!

    1. Wow, I can totally understand why you were amazed and enlightened by the discussion on age and maturity. It's fascinating how age limits can have such a big impact on people's lives, like admission into schools or getting jobs. It's unfortunate that sometimes age is prioritized over a person's capabilities and qualifications, leading to discrimination.

      I'm really sorry to hear about your guardian's experience with age limits. It's heartbreaking when someone who is more than qualified for a job or opportunity is rejected simply because they are too young or too old. It's true that these concepts of being "too young" or "too old" can sometimes feel irrelevant and unfair.

      You're right that age limits are often based on social or cultural norms rather than factual data. People are unique and have different abilities, so it's important to consider individual capabilities rather than just age.

      I'm glad that the discussion opened your mind to different perspectives and made you question the relevance of age limits. It's important to have these conversations and challenge existing norms to create a more inclusive and fair society. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings on this topic!
      Thank you!

  • I was originally thinking that in the case of law enforcement AI couldn't replace a Judge or a police officer because they need to make decisions based on the context and understand how the law applies. For example, a hungry child stealing food might be more acceptable than a rich person stealing that same food. Though the act is the same, the punishment might differ. AI can understand the law but maybe not use good judgement to apply it fairly.
    However, reading charming_synthesizer 's comment I reflected that the perspective might change depending on where you are in the world. This morning in Newsround, I saw that Beijing in China is testing AI powered police cars; I don't know if that would work in the UK, but it might in China where they have a stricter surveillance policy. So I think charming_synthesizer has made me rethink my opinion on where Humans are better than AI and I can see that from their perspective, it's important to have a fair police system. So thank you for opening my eyes.

  • The student that made me think differently is trustworthy_music. He made me change my mind about the function of prisons and government actions. I changed my view after reading his comment on the "prevention or protection" topic. Instead of focusing on protecting the public, I thought that the government ought to invest more resources in preventing crime. But he made me reconsider. He helped me realize that taking a balanced approach would be a smart move. His comments are always unique, stuffed full of examples from real life, logical thinking, and his own viewpoint. He also helped me change my perspective by making me understand that before making any comments on a topic, we must do good research on it, analyze it from different perspectives, and then draw a conclusion. His "Freedom vs. Safety" comment drastically changed my perspective on restrictions. I always considered restrictions to be negative, but his comment made it clear that we occasionally need restrictions in order to protect ourselves. I was astounded by the exquisite way he summarized everything in an easy-to-understand way. I appreciate trustworthy_music's insightful and original comment. Keep going.

  • The student that made me change my perspective was @commitedwriter. At first, I believed that AI is the future of the world as they are an efficient way teachers and students get answers quicker and easier. Although, as I was reading the comments under, "People vs Robots," I stumbled across @commitedwriter's responses, their comments stood out to me and that changed my perspective. In their responds, it states, "While robots can provide a more personalized learning experience for students, they lack the emotional intelligence and creativity that human teachers possess. Human teachers have the ability to read social cues, inspire children, and be creative. They can also establish authority and maintain discipline in the classroom. On the other hand, robots can accelerate the schedule of teaching based on the lesson programmed or formatted well in their system In conclusion, while robots can be useful in certain aspects of teaching, they cannot replace human teachers entirely." This part of their response really stood out to me, changing my perspective on, "People vs Robots." All in all, robots cannot replace humans as they lack a sense of emotions, creativity, flexibility, and teamwork. Teachers connect with their students in a way AI cannot. Doctors, teachers, psychologist, lawyers, and more all have an important part in society. They help people in a way AI cannot as they are programmed to a limited number of things like to calculate math problems quick or to get answers for your homework. Even so, being smart isn't just about who can solve the math problem quicker.

  • The student who managed to make me think differently about why people don’t change and do something about climate Change is victorious_eagle from the U.S. At first I thought it was only because of LAZINESS but after reading his/hers comment my opinion changed immediately and made me come to the realization that it’s all ‘cause of SELFISHNESS or let’s just say of CARELESSNESS, IGNORANCE as well.
    • Reasons that’ve made me think differently are the following :
    REASON and proof no.1 : is that some humans don’t realize or even care that the water ( long showers, pranks that require water…) , oil..etc they overuse literally everyday are going to run out someday .
    Note: the whole reason proves my conclusion right that some people don’t care about saving the unrenewable sources for necessities.
    • REASON no.2 : is that some people aren’t affected by the horrible consequences of their own careless actions which led to climate change, so those who aren’t affected don’t care because they don’t suffer or die from all the natural disasters that occur because of the incident .
    So now we have another reason that proves that some people are selfish, careless and ignorant and that’s unfortunate ofcourse .
    I genuinely hope these kind of people realize that what they’re doing is so wrong and that they aren’t only ruining our planet more but are putting millions or maybe billions of people and animals at risk.
    • thanks for your eye opening comment victorious_eagle !!!!

  • The student that made think differently was the student from talk festival i don't know the id but the comment that write was very interesting that student wrote in topic of AI and future work the student says that AI is the technology which is the best technology ever invented it is the most powerful technology by which we can give the life and take the life also that student wrote that Ai are invented to help us not to be our slaves and also he\she wrote that if scientist know that it can be proved worng to invent of Ai /robots the why they invented them that line made me think differently but i want to say that if something is invented then it always have the way to control it like humans take birth and die it is universal truth no one can change it and no one can be immortal .

  • The student that made me think differently is forgiving_goat. They made me change my mind about AI. I used to think that AI destroys the creativity of students. But after looking at their comment, my perspective changed completely. They said that AI can also be taken as a form of challenge for the students which will motivate them to be better than AI. AI will hence, no longer destroy the creativity and originality of the students but it will rather motivate them to do better and better until they're able to beat AI. And we all know that students like challenges or we can say that they like winning, and for them to win they must work harder and harder until they're able to beat AI.

  • I recently engaged in a thought-provoking discussion with happy_squid, that significantly altered my perspective on eco-anxiety. Initially, I held the belief that eco-anxiety was solely a negative emotion, causing stress and despair without any potential benefits. However, happy_squid presented a compelling argument that made me reconsider my stance.

    During our discussion, happy_squid highlighted the idea that eco-anxiety, when channeled effectively, can serve as a powerful motivator for positive environmental action. They shared personal experiences and stories of individuals who, driven by their eco-anxiety, became advocates for sustainability and played pivotal roles in community initiatives to combat climate change.

    This perspective challenged my initial assumption that eco-anxiety only leads to negative outcomes. happy_squid's insights made me realize that acknowledging and understanding our anxieties about the environment can fuel a sense of responsibility and inspire proactive measures to address ecological challenges.

    In conclusion, my conversation with happy_squid reshaped my understanding of eco-anxiety, emphasizing its potential to drive positive change when harnessed constructively. It taught me to view emotions not just as challenges but also as catalysts for meaningful action in building a more sustainable future.

  • We feel that in the past. It has been common to not think about the impact that our actions have on the environment. We Agree with optimistic cymbals because actions taken by the community helps raise awareness of current and ongoing issues.
    Genuine Alligator makes a good argument that not everybody would make a positive contribution. However we feel that a lot of change can make a big difference to peoples mindset and that that should not be "personal gain" when it comes to looking after our environment. It should be a collective effort.

  • I believe that all parts of society must be included in political systems, I felt grateful when this idea was proposed by easygoing_ cockatoo the the young people should be engaged in political process as they represent a significant portion of the the population. This is important to build stable and peaceful societies.
    I also believe that young people like us must know their rights first and be given the necessary knowledge to participate in a meaningful way.
    I also agree with giving_ snail who made me think about the obstacles and barriers that young people are facing today. These obstacles make us feel disempowered and many of us tend to believe that their voices are not going to be heard or taken seriously if they are heard.
    I strongly agree with the inclusion of young people in politics is crucial and can bring democratic values to life and lead to overturn authority practices and decreases the conflict between countries .
    We as young voters care about all the same issues that any other voter would care about . We even can start with the elementary and middle schools to practise voting and these exercises will teach the students how powerful are their voices in shaping the impact of voting.
    New generations have new ideas and initiatives that can truly change the future of the countries on the long term and adults need to listen to young people more than this as politics affects them directly.
    I watched a short documentary before about a blind boy and a girl that pick dandelions and ride bikes and the girl tries to understand why the bot can't see what she see . I learned that role-play can create opportunities for closeness and exchange.
    There are many ways to involve young people in politics and bring them closer to the political environment, we can give them chances to meet local politicians , ambassadors and attend council meetings which are useful for them to get a glimpse of how decisions are made. I think also youth councils will be effective by organising campaigns to attract young people. Youth for the youth which means we as young people would understand other young people better.

  • I agree with zestful artic fox and how accurate their work was. They really thought about humans and how they have evolved and become more lazy. People will trust and rely on AI way more than they used to and become less independent. I think here zestful artic fox makes a great point . I have read other comments but only this person’s answer really stood out to me . I think that this person should be very proud of themselves for all of their efforts and accomplishments in this years topical talk.

    1. I agree because people really have gotten lazier over time and can't be relying on AI all the time.

  • The person that inspired me is lively_emotion and their comment which was : If I had an AI robot I would make it able to do any job. To help all the needy people. The robot would do the job then the person will receive the money and hopefully eventually have enough money (along with the money from their own jobs) to buy food and clothes.

    1. Can you explain why this comment inspired you?

    2. I agree because AI was made to rethink decisions for humans and do the things that humans can do. I am not saying that humans can't do the job equally or better , but every day AI is evolving and can eventually become more intelligent than day to day humans. At the same time humans can forget something so that AI can start to malfunction. So I think that the cons on AI and humans are equally balanced, but the pros are imbalanced.

  • Hello,
    The student that made me think differently is jubilant_accordion. They made me change my mind about age restriction. And I will be speaking with regards to my country. Firstly in the aspect of school and education. Here in Nigeria the proper age to start preschool is at 3 years old, primary school at 5 years old, middle school at 12 years old, high school at 15 years old and eventually university at 18 years old. For children who develop early and start school at 2 years old, primary school at 4 years old, middle school at 10 years old high school at 13 years old and is ready for university by age 15-16 years old is most often held back or not given admission into the university, not because they didn't pass their Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSCE) Examinations but because of their age. does that then mean that if we are not of age we cannot achieve what we want to?.
    secondly let us look at the aspect of politics. In Nigeria the legal age for voting is 18 years old. I feel like as teenagers the one thing we cant do to change the world is to vote and as teenagers we don't have a voice when it comes down to politics. from my point of view the leaders elected today will play a big part in our future. If we are the leaders of tomorrow why can't we take part today in electing those who are going to help us to shape our tomorrow. According to Laurence Steinberg, a professor of psychology at Temple University in Pennsylvania. “Unfortunately, when it comes to electing lawmakers these teens lack any real power”, we need to change this mentality, we need to be given a chance to show that we are actually capable of doing what they think about us.
    Thank you!

  • The student that made me think differently is crafty_river. They made me realize that no one is enough in this world. Human beings aren't satisfied with what they have ,like if a student fails their exam,they wish to be pass. In other hand,the student who has been passed, wish to get more better score. It is a human nature but we should never think we aren't enough.
    Thank you

  • So victorious_meaning from Mary N. Raptou School opened my eye. In today's world where everyone is busy in their own ways our environment is facing pollution. Reading the comment made by victorious it meant a lot to me because as a student its our job to keep our surrounding clean and make effort for the future. I feel like our planet earth or in Hindu religion also considered as mother is undergoing through lot of pollution which is not accept by me so, after reading this comment I along with my friends cleaned our neighborhood and I also request all you reading this to help protect our Earth.
    Thank You

  • The student that made me think differently is spirited concept. He made me change my mind about AI because he wants to show how deep the relationship between humans and AI is. He said AI is a human invention. His words influenced my thinking. Then I thought a lot about AI. Think how much AI has really made our life easier. People are now getting jobs very quickly through AI. Those who were poor are now finding jobs close at hand. Day by day the scarcity of the poor is decreasing. Changing the way people think. Now computers are seen in people's homes. Which they are using very easily to cooperate economically in the country and outside the country. Earlier, people used to go there to do a work because there were distant offices, but now they can do it sitting at home. New technologies are emerging day by day using AI. AI can save human time and complete tasks very quickly. We used to have many poor families in Bangladesh, but now it is decreasing day by day. The only reason for this is the success of AI. If people continue to work like this day in and day out, their relationship with AI will only deepen. You can save time and discover many things very quickly. I think AI has made our life very beautiful.

  • "The student that made me think differently is smart_goji. She made me change my mind about how AI is going to have freewill in the future because I always thought that humans would be in full control.”
    The concept of free will traditionally hinges on the idea of consciousness and subjective experience, attributes that are considered uniquely human. Initially, I dismissed the possibility of AI obtaining the luxury of free will, assuming that the lack of consciousness in machines precluded such a complex human trait.

    However, your statement prompted a reassessment of my perspective. I now recognize that the notion of free will in AI is intricate and open to interpretation. While AI lacks the depth of consciousness found in humans, the remarkable progress in machine learning and advanced algorithms has introduced a nuanced viewpoint. These algorithms enable AI systems to adapt, learn from data, and make decisions autonomously, mimicking a semblance of decision-making that, in certain contexts, appears to be independent and self-driven.

    This shift in thinking acknowledges the evolving capabilities of AI, recognizing that even though it may not align with human free will in its truest sense, AI can simulate decision-making processes that exhibit a level of autonomy. This realization raises philosophical questions about the nature of consciousness, free will, and the potential for AI to navigate complex scenarios without explicit human intervention. It underscores the importance of distinguishing between genuine human experiences and the sophisticated simulations that AI can achieve.

  • It still amazes me how tidy_photograph from Vidya Sagar English School from Nepal talked about this age restriction content that is leading teenagers to the wrong and very regreatable side of life.
    Most teenagers that aren't controlled when its comes to age restriction content that has to do with sites, pictures, videos that are not for their ages, but the curiosity of teenagers could cause them to go to such sites and become addicted leading them to a big hall of self destruction. And these teens start to imagine them selves in the shoes of world stars that has already destroyed them selves innerly and showing the world the shining side .
    These teens wish to be like these stars and are blindly led to the hub of self destruction. To avoid this, Parental controls are to be enabled in teens devices and parents and guardians are to be having constant discussions about the future of their children. This way the increase in the percentage of self destruction of teens would be reduced.

  • The student who made me change my mind is honorable_wilddog because I think that the person who got hurt in an AI accident should not be responsible of their injuries because it might be an accident. But after looking at their point, I changed my mind and agreed with that point. It is that person's injury, they should also be responsible for it.

  • The student that made me think from another perspective was marvellous_hedgehog. They helped change my view on the negative news surrounding climate change.
    Before I believed that the only news surrounding climate change should be negative, due to negative news helping people act on issues.
    But now they made me think about the balance between both negative and positive news. They made me realise that some people won't watch the news due to the high amount of negativity and that is we shared both good and bad news people will continue watching to see the good news, but also watch the bad news to help call the to action in the fight against climate change.
    So thank you to marvellous_hedgehog for considering both sides and coming to the decision that balance is the key to this matter. I think that your comment not only changed my mind and helped influence my views around the news, but many others opinons too.

  • Hello fellow students ,my name is willing _ engine .Inspiring_ anteater made me think differently he or she said that people many not change for several reasons .The one that they said is that they may not fully understand the gravity of the problem , or they may not know what will happen if they do such things like litter, not carpool ,and pollute.They think that climate is serious and I agree. Both of us are trying to do good for the environment .I am sure that you are wondering how inspiring _anteater made me think differently . When I looked at their writing it made me think about very different ideas.This is willing_engine signing off.

  • Hello,
    The student that made me change my mind about humans being better at the occupation of a teacher rather than robots was outspoken opinion because I thought that robots would have been better because of its intelligence but that student made me open my eyes to something I never thought about the student talked about how humans feel sympathy for a child and understands truly how they are feeling and from our understanding AI and robots do not feel sympathy or emotions no matter what.
    So that showed me a new perspective from that.
    Thank you.

  • My mindset towards the purpose of prisons was altered by the comment of my friend fun_ant. This comment convinced me that the main purpose of prisons was not completely for punishment but rather for reformation which I now believe. Since the beginning of the discussions about the emergency in Ecuador, I thought that the escapee was the kind of person who did not like punishment but that comment made me realize that his escape might have been a product of poor reformative process which could have allowed him to escape out of a lack of change in mindset due to poor reformation. Prisons in Ecuador have Fewer than 3,000 guards are in charge of more than 31,000 inmates in 36 prisons around Ecuador, many of them overpopulated. Corruption is rife, and inmates are able to lay their hands on weapons and other contraband with relative ease. In essence I believe that having a good reformative process for inmates should be the top priority of all prisons. Such factors must have surely contributed to the escape of Adolfo Macias. I think that organizations and other recreational events such as sports leagues of their own could contribute to a better reformative process also events similar to the topical to the topical talk festival among prisons could change inmate's mindset from that of a criminal to that of a constructive member of society.

  • The student that I thank for helping me to think differently is lovely_cymbals. They made me change my mind about AI by showing me that it is not just a bad thing but also a good thing . I never used to deeply look and think about the good aspects of AI but I always thought about the negative aspects of AI . I always thought of AI as just being a robot that has the same aspects of humans just that it has no emotions nor feelings and if I had an AI just for myself, when I would be sharing my feelings with it, it would be weird as they would just be staring at you the whole time and it wouldn't be showing any emotions .This would make me feel very weird. I used to think of AI as just a negative thing as AI has started to replace a lot of jobs , like in Japan AI have already replaced waitresses and shopkeepers. Can you imagine being served by an AI waitress or being helped by an AI shopkeeper? This will not end good because by the future it is believed that AI will be replacing all jobs ever created meaning that people will get fired as the owner will hire AI as they believe AI is more intelligent than all of them combined. They also think AI will not be distracted as much and they will just get on with work. This is why a lot of owners are considering firing all people and making AI work for them instead. This will be horrible if this happens, people need a way to get money and if they don't then it will not be good. Another way that I used to think that AI is not good is if people buy AI for themselves or they partner with AI at work they will start to become lazy as they would make AI do all the work for them. This is not good as AI is there to help you not work for you.

    But now thanks to lovely_cymbals I now realise why AI is such a great help to the world. To show what I understood about the good things of AI I will explain them right here. AI is a great help to the world not only digitally but in real life as well! AI has : helped improve access to education, healthcare, and clean water, and can also aid in the fight against climate change, poverty, and hunger. AI has also powered technologies such as natural language processing, image and audio recognition, and computer vision has revolutionised the way we interact with and consume media. Also, with AI, we are able to process and analyse vast amounts of data quickly, making it easier to find and access the information we need.

    This is why I thank lovely_cymbals for helping me to see that AI isn't just a negative thing but also a positive thing too.
    Thank you,

  • Hi all,
    I first thought that AI could come to a conclusion where it would end [ apart from the things we have today] , and I thought that was a good thing. But then I read a comment from believable_solution saying all the benefits to having AI. And then I changed my mind because all those good things can be affective in our lives. They're things that are useful and maybe NEEDED I our daily lives. At first, I only thought about the negative things AI could bring if it develops, but I knew the things in the comment that I read would bring a difference to our lives. That's why I changed my mind and also, started writing comments about the advantages of AI.

  • According to a recent comment by inspiring_anteater at Choithram School, it is crucial to address stress and negativity during difficult times. The student proposes a dedicated hub for discussion, emphasizing the need for community support, sharing personal experiences, and coping strategies. It is suggested that stress management techniques like mindfulness exercises, physical activity, and seeking professional help be discussed as well. Furthermore, the idea of sharing uplifting stories and positive news is put forth as a way to combat negativity. This comment underscores the value of a supportive platform where individuals can unite and build resilience together when facing challenges. In conclusion, it advocates for a proactive and collaborative approach to overcoming challenges as a community. and anothr comment Triumphant_beaver, a student from Choithram School in India, brought attention to the impactful efforts of Vidyut Mohan, also known as the Seed Man of India. Mohan, a farmer hailing from Odisha, is the driving force behind the revival of over 100 indigenous rice varieties that were on the verge of extinction. He achieved this feat through his initiative called the "Vriksha Raksha" seed bank. Mohan's approach is rooted in reclaiming traditional knowledge, learning from tribal communities, and preserving seeds with distinct characteristics. He puts great emphasis on promoting community resilience by freely sharing seeds and knowledge, ultimately promoting biodiversity for climate resilience. Mohan's own home serves as a sanctuary for seeds, attracting the attention of researchers and students alike. His inspiring story serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving traditional knowledge and highlights the significance of indigenous practices.

  • The student that made me think differently about AI is rhetorical_goat. They made me change my mind about AI because they made me reason about AI in which most individuals are ignorant of, which was AI was built for human's aid and not to take over humanity completely. They also made me agree that individuals are also ignorant of the fact that laying more importance on AI rather than on human skills or abilities can be a disadvantage coming to the aspect of employment.
    It's true that AI was created to assist humans and not to take over. And they're right, sometimes people underestimate the importance of human skills and abilities in the workforce.

  • The student that made me think differently is giving_snail from Rhemaville Christian Academy through a two-star comment. This is because giving_snail opened my eyes to the human part of teaching, giving_snail highlighted things a teacher is capable of that AI isn't capable of therefore exposing the beauty in imperfection of humans.
    After I read this user's comment repeatedly, I began to see things differently, I began to see why a human teacher would always surpass an AI teacher and I made sure I replied with a comment worthy of giving_snail's.

    I learnt that the support, care, guidance and time a teacher gives to the students is something priceless. It also made me wonder about the possibilities of a hybrid teaching system which is the AI way and the old school way at the same time, won't this improve education on a large scale?. I appreciate the organizers for this opportunity to see magnificent opinions of my colleagues and granting me the opportunity to express mine too.
    Thank you!

  • "The student that made me think differently is amusing_ocean . They made me change my mind about AI related incidents because at first we felt that the user/worker has an equal share in the fault however after considering their comments we agree the fault should lie with the developers.”

  • The person who made me think differently is lively_ emotion she or he made me realize that AI can be used for other causes such as helping the needy or disabled instead of thinking AI as a weapon or source used to wipe out humanity. They changed my mind in a way that makes me think AI as a good thing that will improve humanity instead of destroy it because in novels the make robots and AI sound a scary or demonic thing when really you can programme an AI to do anything you wish

  • The student that made me think differently is poetic_road.They made me change my mind about littering on the ground(even though i don't because you are talking about the environment and can help people change from littering. that changes the way people think to stop polluting the planet and make a change for the economy

  • The inspiring_anteater commentary highlights innovative environmental initiatives in India, showing how individuals and organizations have creatively addressed issues such as plastic waste, deforestation and urban green conservation. It emphasizes the impact of these initiatives on both environmental conservation and infrastructure challenges. Overall, it provides a positive outlook on India's efforts in environmental protection, potentially influencing a more optimistic view of the country's commitment to sustainability. It encourages us to protect our own environment and solve our own environmental problems.

  • Even though people recycle, only 10% of plastic packaging actually gets recycled in the UK. We ship most of our plastic waste to other countries to be recycled. But does it actually get recycled? What needs to happen is: the UK needs to stop sending plastic abroad and then deal with the plastic waste crisis. We need a plastic deposit return scheme like countries such as Australia to encourage people to recycle and companies to do their part.

    The student that made me think differently is shining_owl. They made me change my mind about the way my country can do things. To be honest, I never actually knew that things were recycled in my country until I read this comment , I later asked my teacher at school if things are recycled in my country and his answer was yes. What this person changed my mind about was the fact that every country needs to try their best to recycle their plastic waste themselves, this person changed my mind because my country depends on other countries for most of it's resources and when I read this post I felt very sorry in a way.
    In conclusion, this person changed my mind by opening my imaginations about the capability of my country, I think that my country just needs to step up and get less dependent on other nations.

  • The student who made me think differently is committed_writer from Rhemaville Christian Academy in Nigeria. He or she made me rethink my belief that AI could never replace human teachers because they are bad at teaching, among other things. However, after reading their comment, I felt satisfied when I realized that AI can be great teachers for higher education. This is because older students do not require as much psychological support as younger students do. Although AI may not be able to teach young minds effectively yet, they might be great teachers for older students.

  • The student that made me think differently is free fish when he talked about the phrase "too old" in the "News near us" because I learnt that is used to indicate something or someone that has reached an age where they are considered no longer functional for a certain purpose which you have said free fish and I agree with it. and also, the quote which you have said " It's never too late to be what you might have been" by George Eliot. Actually, from this I have learnt a lot of thanks for your option of your comment about the phrase "too old ". It made me change my mind about the phrase "too old". Thanks.

  • The student that made me think differently is straightfoward_moon. This person made me change my mind about how climate can be solved, because formerly, I thought that if people come together and influence themselves, there could be lots of mix ups, for example; families, because if a lot of families disagree on the fact that they also contribute to the pollution, they will influence their children on a wrong path too, but now I have realised that if these people see the effects of their carbon footprint on the earth, they will evolve and help the situation, and because of that as their children grow they will pick the same habit from them and it can really be of great help to the climate.

  • the student that made me think differently is committed writer. They made me change my mind about AI because it made me realize that AI can do some thing's more than humans and also the can store more information than humans.

  • The student that made me think differently was storytelling_economics. This person made me understand that the way forward for prisoners is reformation. They made me realize that so many countries have reduced their recidivism rates, which is the rate of how many released prisoners go back to a life of crime, and do this just by making prisoners see the effect of their crimes this motivated me to think differently about why prisoners shouldn't just be locked up, but should be given the ability to be better people than even before the crime, this impact of reformation on prisoners’ minds is something that creates a new set of useful citizens ready to help and build new infrastructure that allows for a better society.

  • The student that changed and improved my perspective is tough_laboratory. This student made me realise the we should change our way of thinking. The student pointed out in a discussion that instead of think about the advantages and disadvantages of AI, we should change how we look at the topic. We should ask questions like what are the ways to use AI in efficient and useful ways avoiding the ways that could result in severe consequences. Also, he mentioned some examples such as using AI in facilities to help students learn with teachers guiding and helping them. I think teachers can help students use AI in ways that could increase their creativity instead of directly finding solutions for them which can make them lazy and they wouldn't be helpful in development process.

  • The student that made me think differently is charming_artist. They made me change my mind about AI with the future of education because I first thought that AI may take over education and take away the current education system. But their comment made me realise that AI could help the teacher's workload and allow them to spend less time planning and writing and more time teaching and interacting with students.

  • A student that made me change my mind is from Nigeria. I read a comment about the prisons in Ecuador and it changed my whole view. They had strong clear points but also went into some detail and they had some influence on my own comment. I am very grateful that I got opened to a whole new branch of thinking that I would never have got to alone. Forgiving goat has shown me a different view on the purpose of prisons. Thank you!

  • The student that made me thnk differently was invigorated_anteater|Rhemaville Christian Academy|Nigeria because I thought that it was good to have mainly positive news about the enviroment in the media because it gave people the recongnision that they deserve and it showed how much people are making a difference but their point of view of having mainly bad news really opened my eyes that perhaps if people were not seeing the worse effect of things then they would not be doing anything about it resulting in nothing being done and the condition of the environment going even further down hill.
    It has really shown me that some people do not do things unless they are shown the effect of their current actions and that people should not just be exposed to the good things because they do not want to hear about the negative effects.

  • The student that made me think differently was charming_artist. They made me change my mind about the use of AI in schools. Previously, I was against the use of AI in schools as it could potentially lead to teachers losing their jobs or students cheating with AI. However, charming_artist made me understand that AI could save teachers a lot of stress and could help them plan lessons and type notes for the class.

  • hardworking_laboratory has changed my mind on creating a better local community. He has taken part in many school events and has recently inspired me to join some activities and volunteer for different events. I have joined gaming club with hardworking_laboratory and i have started to realise what a lovely community we have. I believe more people should take an act in their community and maybe even curate their own ideas. hardworking_laboratory is a role model to me as he always aspires for not only his but everyone around hims dreams.

  • trusting_interaction has made my decision change because it shows that prisons aren't as secure as they think. Here's what they put: I choose b because if a prison is not working perfectly prisoners may take advantage of it. Sometimes if the prisoners learn that the prison is not working well when the police officers least expect it the prisoners may try and break out of jail and the crimes may get worse than better and it may also increase more than decrease. And also this may also cause other effects on other prisons for example, when Fito escaped from the prison in Ecuador, other prisoners tried to break free. So if other prisons aren’t working well it may also affect other prisons that are working well.

  • Namaste,
    Iam earnest _octopus from Shri natesan vidyasala in South Indian
    Artificial intelligence,in education we have benefits . It helps ous to develop our knowledge Eg: GOOGLE and YouTube, voice recognition called Alexa and Siri . Maybe in future Robots may get the job but not ous because when we program the robot to make a work it will do the work perfectly but humans can't do as perfectly as robots . Maybe in few more years it may happen . Then if humans have no job it may affect our life pretty much than we thought

  • The student that made me think differently is resourceful_leopard. They made me change my mind about AI bots on the hub. When I read about AI bots being on the hub I thought it would be cool to interact with machines and reply to them. The machines would have a proper understanding of the topic and reply logically. However, resourceful_leopard commented about how they don't think it would be a good idea because of the lack of emotions in an AI bot. They said bots wouldn't have creativity and make posting and reading comments a boring task. They further said that bots being on the hub would make all of this look like a formal presentation and getting stars from them wouldn't be fun either. Reading their comment changed my mind as now, I feel that AI wouldn't be able to understand any of the students' posts which are filled with emotions. AI would provide stars based on logic and real-life information. It would ignore the feelings behind the post. Also, when the adults ask us questions it feels as if someone is actually reading all of our comments and thinking about it and then replying to it. This makes the students feel heard and included. Hence, this student helped me change my mind about AI bots.

  • The student that made me think differently is Bright_Philosophy. They made me change my mind about why people litter and pollute the earth but the changed my mind because they spoke about why others might think they are bigger or more important than others and the environment. My original thinking was they were just too lazy to throw trash away in the proper manner. But Bright_Philosophy mentioned that they might not be lazy but just don't care at all

  • The student that made me think differently is humble_bat.They made me change my mind about not doing anything to save the earth,to saving the earth because a clean,safe,nice environment will help wild animals,house pets, and us human beings to have a nice life.In order to help the earth thought,we have to reduce,reuse,and recycle.And we also have to stop wasting food,water.And also,we have to stop polluting the air,water,and land,and also to stop using chemicals that harm the soil and land.

  • The student that made me think differently is impartial_desert . They made me change my mind about AI because originally I thought if i had a AI robot that could do my job I would just make it do everything but after reading impartial_desert comment I would only tell,the robot to do a little bit of the work since I might get blinded by money like what impartial_desert said I will learn no real world skills and know nothing about the real world.

  • Hi,
    The thing that made me think about AI is the new inventions by human beings. Yes I agree that AI is changing people’s lives. Yes all works in future would be done by robots because nowadays humans are getting too lazy. So, this lead the future as AI’s future. This leads to unemployment of people. For this the education has to be changed as: how much we learn to create a robot, more than that we should learn how to control it. So, that we can keep it at our control. So, that AI will not do all the works that are done by humans beings in present.
    Thank you.

  • The student that made me think differently is from my classroom.They were stating an opinion about artificial intelligence,whilst listening i heard a story from a different point of view.Automatically after they finished talking i had changed my way of thought because my thoughts didn't make sense to me and i agreed with that student.

  • A student who has made me think differently about my opinion of AI is clever_redcurrent. They made me change my mind about the importance of AI. I used to think that AI was a problem and wasn't a good thing. When I read clever_redcurrents opinion on how AI is a useful thing and how it can help our generation doing basic tasks I instantly thought of the positive side of AI.

  • A comment from another student on the student hub that changed my mindset about A.I. Educated_harmonica made me realize that AI is good and bad in different ways, For instance AI makes humans lives easier for us in terms of learning, to do our daily activities and in our work arena. In terms of bad ways,it makes students lazy in reading our books, for passing examination and taking over humans in their jobs or occupation. I thought that AI is good for us humans and I don't know that its has effects on humans.
    I thank you people for bringing up the topic for us in the students hub to realize they help AI have helped in human lives and the effects it has lead to us in the coming generation.
    THANK YOU..........

  • The discussion on 'Prison Emergency: Ecuador' prompted a deep dive into the flaws of today's justice systems, with many advocating for reformative justice, a sentiment I shared prior. Then came this big question: 'What if Prisons aren’t Working?' That led to discussing whether first-time offenders should get different punishments.

    Originally, I thought, yeah, first-timers should get something other than prison, maybe a small fine or rehab. But then Methodical_harp from Rex Mill Middle STEM School dropped a bombshell: they suggested hitting first-timers with even harsher punishments. It sounded wild at first, but the more I thought about it, the logic started to click – make them really understand the consequences.

    My take is, reserve the heavy punishments for serious first crimes like homicide – show them the gravity. But for minor stuff like running a red light, I'm with the crew that says, no, let's not go overboard. A more reformative approach makes sense there.

    So, in a nutshell, I'm all for tougher penalties for serious first-timers, but fairness and a more rehab-focused vibe for the minor offenses. Thanks for the awesome discussion!

    It’s good to be open-minded, but also have your own ability to decide what is right and wrong as well as what is the best in every situation.

  • The student that made me think differently is Methodic harp. I was so amazed of what he/she said about protection and prevention. he she said that they should allocate some resources towards prevention instead, as it is harder to protect against could had measures of prevention against it. Prevention should use up 60% of resources towards awareness and prevention, and campaigns of looking for mental health signs that seem to be so risky now-a-days. Protecting should take up 30%, I say this because there are many petty misdemeanors that turn serious if only people were taught how to manage their emotions better, and stringer ethics towards honesty and kindness.
    what made me think differently is the way he/she explained protection and prevention. Now I have realized that prevention comes first before protection. According to my own opinion, prevention is the act of avoiding things especially wrong things from happening. There is a saying that prevention is better than curing.
    It is better that government prevent an action from happening than protecting because, if the government played their role well in the prison of in the Ecuador, Fito wouldn't have escaped from prison.

    In conclusion, I think government should focus their resources on prevention than protection because, it is when you prevent something, it means that you have avoided it from happening so it won't have any side effect but in protection, you have already allowed the event to occur before you start looking for a way to prevent you protect yourself.
    Thank you!!

  • A student on the topic ‘Will schools exist in the future’ (which is discreet harmonica from the Elite Scholars Academy) has made me change my mind. This is because they have replied to me and have given an amazingly excellent argument about my opinion. This person has read my work and talked about where I’m wrong. This was very interesting to read as it was the first ever time that someone had responded to me on topical talk and I also like the fact that they have understood what I’ve said. They’ve added on some other stuff and corrected me on my work also. Additionally, I would like to give discreet harmonica a shout and say that they are very good at making opinions and declaring against other peoples school of thoughts.

  • I truly appreciate the diverse perspectives expressed in every comment, each offering its unique rationale and compelling argument. Engaging with numerous students has been a continuous source of inspiration, provoking different thoughts that I am grateful for. Among the insightful contributions, one comment that particularly resonated with me was from marvellous_hedgehog at The Mayflower Centre | Romania. Their perspective on the hub discussion about the abundance of negative news struck me as impressive and logical. I found their insights not only thought-provoking but also highly valuable in shaping my own understanding. It has been well-emphasized that in the pursuit of attention and ratings we often overlook individuals who make a positive contribution to society. This comment neatly reveals the tendency to ignore those who are actively shaping the world for the better. Furthermore, it aptly highlights the important concept that overexposure to negative news can have deleterious effects on our well-being. This insight resonates, highlighting the importance of acknowledging the positivity in our narratives and being mindful of the potential detrimental effects of an influx of negative information.

  • The person that has made me think differently about AI is zestful artic fox of IB Arthur School. I used to think that it will be nice to have AI responding to our messages but he or she has made me realise that if this happened, stars might not be awarded fairly because the standard of language the AI bot might be expecting might not be provided. Also, the AI bot might not recognise when AI generators are used to comment but will rather give more stars for that comment and at the end of the festival, most topical talkers will not understand or learn more about the current news on the hub because they would have been spoon-fed although they might claim awards. Also, I feel that the fact that adults on the Hub take their time to comment to our replies and ask questions that will make us think out of the box is just amazing and loving but that kind of happiness might not be present when there is no one there to correct us or comment to our replies but only AI generators automatically giving their usual boring and long speech about a topic.

  • The student that really made me think differently is valuable_journalist . he/she made me change my mind on "why people are not changing and taking action to save our planet". I believed that the only reason people are not changing is because they don't really care or don't think their actions will cause any change, however according to him/her the actual reason for it was that people are still delusional and think that they are safe because of the positive news that is shown to us by media and the downside that is kept clandestine. "People still have not realized that they are trying to fix their own mistake", this line really pierced my heart and I was forced to alter my opinions about the topic while my own perspective differed from him/her and I am really grateful for the same.

  • The Topical Talker that changed my mind is fun ant. They changed my mind about the top priority of prisons. I originally thought that the main priority of a prison was for the purpose of Justice (that word has a more meaningful connotation than punishment.) But then fun_ant opened my eyes and explained why Reformation is the top priority of a prison because those who are incarcerated shouldn't just be forced into some kind of 'time-out' they should be able to be trained to be a better citizen when they come out, and they should be able to re-integrate into society instead of being ostracized by the law.

  • The student that made me perceive a situation dissimilarly is undeniably easygoing_cockatoo. To be more specific, this Nigerian asserts that in his country, an enormous part of young people, in order to end police and government's brutality, organised a social protest called EndSars. He also indicated that the youth members of the Nigerian society don't have a voice, can't state their opinion freely and most importantly they are not considered as compliant citizens with individual civilization and liberation of expressing their thoughts in political and social matters. This student's state got me overthinking in various parts. The fact that violence like this still prevails in some countries made me feel shocked and astounded providing this situation is inhuman and outrageous. Before getting to know this person's perspective, I used to believe that nowadays social and political integration had been achieved and inequalities against young people had been overcome. However, this came as an ensurment that there are still problems in our global society which has to be solved urgently for peace to become a certainty for everyone.

  • The kid who challenged my way of thinking is an energized anteater. It's possible that he changed the minds of many people in addition to me. They caused me to rethink my position on the climate catastrophe and the worry that young people are experiencing. The question at hand was whether or not people would prefer to hear good news over bad news. As I read the hub, I reasoned that everyone would prefer to hear good news because there is too much bad news. However, after reading it and giving it some thought, I changed my mind. You are correct—people should hear bad news about the crisis and learn about all the bad behavior. I would like to express gratitude.

  • "The student that made me think differently is rational_salak. They made me change my mind about negative news about climate and weather because I think that we should not prefer anything negative about the nature and the government should try to close the factories which release a lot of polluting gases. And according to me awareness should be increased on this topic
    By majestic_elephant

  • The student that made me think differently was educated_harmonica. They made me change my mind about AI because in his/her post it said that AI can do a lot of things; both good and, bad. Day by day AI technology is growing and getting advanced. It is a privilege that helps us do things, but, in the future AI could be a major threat to us. If AI forgets its primary function which is to help humans and turns against them, then it's like whole humanity is gone. It will turn against humans and cause a disaster. Other people don't think about that, and why? The answer is that everyone is just busy making money and they don't care about the world. This is humanity's problem- Greed is taking over humans' minds and making them do anything for money. In the same way they just keep on making not only tech but also other things to earn more MONEY!
    They are obsessed with money and they don't even THINK about the major disadvantages of using technology
    For example, when any virtual assistant is connected to a car's sound system then the assistant may malfunction and cause a catastrophe!
    My point is that AI can help us, but it can also DESTROY THE WORLD!!!
    Humans need to be conscious about their environment and also be conscious about the future generation.
    If AI turns against us, so then we will not be affected by it because after sometime the current generation will slowly grow old and pass on. But the future generation may have trouble on their hands.
    So we need to be smart and ALWAYS do the best for the world.
    Thank You