#19 - Concept Comments

17 February 2020

Speaking Up for competitions

Winners Announced!

Thank you very much to everyone who took part this week. What a range of thoughtful answers!

Our Primary winner is positive_juniper of The Sherwood School, who outlined how responsibility connected to so many aspects of their learning both in the BNC and beyond. They also suggested interesting questions it made them think of

Our Secondary winner is balanced_singer of The Ruth Gorse Academy, who also focussed on responsibility and divided their answer into how it is represented in school, and in politics, with plenty of detail and references to back up the points made.

Well done to both of you!

In this Issue of the Burnet News Club, you'll be focussing on 4 big concepts (ideas):





These concepts are often seen in the news, especially to do with politics and politicians!

For this week's competition, pick one of the concepts and explain what it means to you.

This is your own meaning, so its up to you how you write your entry. However, you MIGHT want to write about:

  • What you think of when you see this word
  • Examples of it you have seen in the news and in your club
  • Questions it makes you think of

The deadline for entries is 10.30am on Friday 24th January.

Stars will be awarded after the competition closes.

Good luck!

Comments (138)

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  • Democracy is a equal thing because over 18 years old can voet

  • I choose democracy. What it means to me is giving all the correct age for adults to vote in the house of Parliament.

  • do mp`s have the power over the pollution.if they do why is nobody doing anything about it? it means to me that if people have the power to save millions of lives why can they not help?

  • Responsibility,Hmm what does that mean.Responsibility,means to do something yourself like cleaning your room or making your own food, everyone has different responsibility's and it is good to have them because it makes you see your future life, what you will do when your older.

      1. That has a lot of importance in this project.

  • To me, democracy makes me think that when people vote with democracy it seems really fair, and gives the country more strength and courage, and makes it better. I think this because democracy is when the most votes on something happens or doesn’t happen and that gives everyone in the country a feeling that they are actually making a difference, which they are, and the leader of the country or the government aren’t dictating over what happens in the country.

  • Loyalty; to me, this means being able to stick to your word, and having your peers' back. An example of this in politics is that the people would like to have a leader that is LOYAL and will not back down from the responsibilities that the general public give them. In addition to this, loyalty can reflect the type of person they are. If they aren't seen as loyal, they could be seen as a person with malicious intent, whereas people who are seen as loyal from a local citizen's perspective could be known as a better suited politician for the public.

  • The word my power makes me think that people have the strength to get involved and speak their mind and to people, they could be someone that they count on to help them and get them what they want. This is mostly because people don't think they have any power to speak up for themselves and do what's right so they rely on people who they think are important.

  • Power-
    The ability to change someone's opinion, or influence their decisions. However, this can mean through kindness, or by force. So with me, this raises the question of whether people should be given power, or whether it should belong to beings who can't be corrupted?

  • Democracy means that everyone has the freedom to decide anything that could change the country. This promotes equality.

  • I would pick justice. To me it means that you have the power to get justice such as receiving a punishment or consequence for committing something wrong or someone else committing a crime or something wrong. If someone does not receive some sort of punishment if a crime was committed, this means Justice has not been served. Furthermore, many things have happened in the world where someone receives too much of a punishment or receives too less of a punishment, this is an example of justice not being served.

  • I choose power because around the world there are so many politicians and presidents that take power to themselves. Silvio Berlusconi who told people who were homeless after an earthquake to sleep out in the cold and 260 people died. This is because he did not want to put money into putting up houses for the homeless and called the homeless to have a camping trip out on the streets. I think people like Silvio Berlusconi should be charged for whatever he has done this is due to his immaturity in the public eye.
    This is why I chose power.

  • Justice means that if you do something terribly wrong you have to have a punishment.Britain sometimes dish out lenient punishment. For example when John Worboys. He got released earlier.That is not good justice because the people who were affected were protesting for justice.He was one of the worst rapist.People who have fallen victim have not had justice like the lady whose son died the killer mocked it.

  • Power. It can mean a myriad of things, ranging from both positive to negative things. I personally think the definition is that you have control over someone or people. Some people also take advantage of it, such as Donald Trump as the latest death of Qasim Soleimani didn't seem to bother him; his 'followers' as well agree with him. Or maybe, in my opinion, Boris Johnson, who has dared to ask the Queen to suspend Parliament for five whole weeks! Probably because HE'S in charge. Power can make ANYBODY misbehave. It can get to your head and compel you to think that you are the superior one. You can lose your respect because of power.

    1. I agree because just because you have power over your country (E.G. royalty, politician, president, priminister) it doesn't mean you can choose what you do, you still have the same rules as anyone else and you still have the same rights as everybody it is just they make the decisions for your country. so it doesn't mean they act differently.

  • Justice;It makes sure that laws are both rational and proportional. It provides some predictability for things that are beyond our control, so that we can plan our lives and live with some peace of mind. Put another way, justice is important because it makes life possible in our complex, civilized society.

  • In my opinion , responsibility is the most important of these 4 traits of a politician because when you have such a status as a Prime Minister, you have millions of people who look up to you to make changes and improvements to the country. You may have people who are against you but othe es will support what you want to do to the country. You will have to listen to people's requests before they turn into riots, but if you disagree with what they say , then you will have to have a really good reason . Since you have the rights to change the country , you have to think about ever decision. " With great power , comes great responsibility. "
    Spider Man

  • I wouldn't consider that being a politician gives u more responsibility it just give u a different tipe of responsibility

  • Justice, to me is the right to be treated fairly/equal. For example, in some places in the world their country doesn't have equality and the don't get a fairness in everyday situation, like in court, in the shops etc. Also this isn't a present issue to, because in the place during the time of the Jim Crow Laws, Apartheid and racial segregation people where being discriminated for who the were, the colour of their skin, and what they believed in. In addition, there are many words that branch of the word justice like justify, justification, injustice and many more. However, in all of the incidents that I have explained justice wasn't shown, neither was in justified because it was done by prejudice.

  • Power is a element which can mean a myriad of things, from both positive to negative news. The reason I believe this is in fact because as a example Boris Johnson( the prime minster of England) used his power tosew parliament for FIVE WEEKS.How bonkers is that? Power is a massive fortune which can help people but also it can command them to go the wrong way. This can also make you lose fans or supporters . Power is a puzzle no one can solve or fix.

  • I think responsibility is the most important to me because if you’re a prime-minister, you are responsible for not of the things when you’re running the country. You are most responsible for making decisions for the country and making no problems in the country. It’s also your responsibility to make everyone healthy. You have to be very responsible because Donald Trump, the president of The U.S.A, had killed a Iran General who was important to Iran . Well he didn’t kill but he sent someone to do it for him. He is now facing a trial if he is to carry on being president for his country. Boris Johnson is the prime minister of our country and he suspended parliament for 5 weeks and many people didn’t think this was suitable. He made many of them unhappy. Politicians are in parliament, making decisions for the country not relaxing for 5 weeks.You have the responsibility to make things right for your country and the duty for it .

  • I have chosen RESPONSIBILITY. To me, responsibility means to be in the position to be accountable for something. For example: Tony Blair made the decision to go to war with Iraq to therefore, in my opinion, he should be held responsible for his mistake. However, to me, it also means: something you need to do in relation to other people and other things like: your job or if your teacher trusted you to deliver an important note. When you live in a country you do not just have rights, you also have obligations, a duty to do what is right. In my opinion, trust and responsibility go hand in had, I think this because, if someone like your teacher or Mum asks you to do something like tidy your room/ the classroom then it is your responsibility to do that, the person who has given you that task has trusted you to carry out the task to the correct/expected standard.

  • I have selected the word 'justice' since it has always stood out to me. Justice means balancing out the suitable punishment for the violation. It's like scales, for example, you must punish someone for the wrongdoing but need the appropriate discipline. It could be a minor crime, such as a parking ticket or littering, or a massive crime, such as murder or shop lifting. If you give a minor offence an unfair punishment, for instance, lifetime in jail, this wouldn't be justice. The same goes for if you give a massive offence an unfair punishment, for instance, a fifty-pound fine.

  • Responsibility,being not only invested in your self but invested in others like family,friends etc.Having responsibility as a leader is very important as now you are looking after the country and making sure it is happy and healthy. Times people have shown responsibility is in Martin Luther King Jr in his I have a dream speach where he wanted the children to be together whichever race.How did he show responsibility you may ask?Well,he wasnt thinking of himself but the next generation and he made an effect.
    Thank you for your time,methodical_ocean

  • Democracy. This word makes me think of equal rights and the power to speak up, like all of us are doing now. The questions that democracy make me ask are 'How did it start?' 'Will China ever live in a democratic way?' 'Will democracy ever stop in this country? If so, how?' The BNC posts that have used the words Democracy, Democratic or Democrats are almost all of them; especially the recent ones : Politicians and Power. Democracy also has the power to change the country through votes, making the results fair and equal. In China, where they are not living in a democratic way, people are getting upset with their leader, Carrie Lamb. The people most affected by this are the people of Hong Kong who desperately need our help as I'm sure you are aware of because of the Hong Kong Crisis posts.

  • I chose justice because when I look at justice and what it means is quite important to me because if someone has been seriously injured whilst playing out with there friends and there parents couldn't see them so the parents of that person would want justice for there member of family whether its son or daughter or there brother or sister then they would be really upset.

  • Responsibility, in my class we have our rights and responsibilities so one of our rights are we all agreed on is that everyone has a right to learn in a peaceful enviroment but to make those happen my teacher says we need responsibility and that is true if you do not you may struggle in life and not achieve that much grea stuff in life.

  • Just a little help to people who are doing justice.
    Justice means,just behaviour or treatment,the quality of being fair and reasonable and judged in the houses of Parliament,the house of commons and the house of Lords.

  • Responsibility. This is because a Prime Minister would have to handle a lot of things. Like if there was going to be a war (hopefully that doesn't happen) and Borris Jonson had money to buy guns and bombs and he spent it all on chocolates and sweets he wouldn't be responsible. When I think of a responsible person I think that their a good leader and they wouldn't do something immature, they would be a good influence to little children. Also they would show people the right thing and make the right decisions if they were having a debate . I think being responsible would be good for a debate because if the labor party and conservatives each wanted a different thing like more people on the NHS or get less people smoking since the cigerate buts get in the ocean . A responsible MP or PM would think hard about whats more important , which they could accomplish easily and think about the pros and cons . Then and only then you can see if more people like the idea or not ,and if no-one could decide what to do than you don't do any .

  • In my opinion, power means the most to me. I personally think this because when you speak you do need to have a lot of enthusiasm so then the people who are listening to your quotes or your speeches that you want to change, they need to sound interested in what you are saying because even if you have really good statements, people want expression. When it comes to speaking, that is what people want to hear from, yes people do want good statements but it also takes expression. When you speak and you do not have the power inside you to express yourself, the other candidents or people in the local community will not vote for you for in the way that you have presented yourself in or spoken. The people will then look up to you as a bad role model and will not be chosen as a priminister.

  • The word 'Power' to me means to me that you can rule over what you are told to look after. I think that it means people have the right to look up to you and know that you are the right person to talk to and that you are the right person to discus issues with to deal with them quickly. I have seen examples of power in the news when I see people and governments fight for their rights, people and what they need and love. A question this word makes me think of is does everybody in the world have their own power?

  • Responsibility - it means doing things yourself and taking ownership of what you are doing. for example in the news when a prime minister after being elected accepts responsibility of bringing in positive and good changes for the country and people, they are taking responsibilities to make better changes. But how much of what they say is true? and how much of it do they actually mean. Politicians and prime minsters truly only do things that suits them better and not much for the peoples benefit.

  • I chose the word democracy

    What do you think of when you see this word?
    When I see this word I think of human rights, by which I mean the ability of all humans to have and share their own opinion and be treated fairly. In a democracy, the people have authority to vote which means that the government is chosen by the people who will be most affected.

    Examples of it I have seen in the news and in my club
    The first example I thought of was when we were discussing the general election. Everybody above the age of 18 was eligible to vote, which is not the case in every country around the world. I think living in a democracy is a great thing because we can vote for the issues that are important for us.

    Questions it makes me think of
    Why doesn’t everybody have the right to vote around the world?
    What is it like to live in a country that is not a democracy?
    Are there any disadvantages to living in a democracy?

  • I chose the word responsibility

    What do you think of when you see this word?
    When I see this word, I think of leaders who have responsibility over a country and the citizens that live there. It is often found in conjunction with the word ‘rights’, because often when people have rights they also have responsibilities.

    Examples of it I have seen in the news and in my club
    I have seen the word responsibility across the news and throughout all our Burnet News Club sessions. Leaders have a responsibility to consider how they act and what they say because of the influence they have over others. In our work on Hong Kong, we talked about Britain having a responsibility to support Hong Kong, which meant supporting them and helping them to sort out their issues.

    Questions it makes me think of
    Who do you think has the most responsibility within the UK?
    Do celebrities have more of a responsibility to behave well than those not in the public eye?

  • I chose the word justice

    What do you think of when you see this word?
    When I see this word, it makes me think about equality and the importance of treating everyone fairly. In my BNC we have talked a lot about Martin Luther King and his fight for justice and equality of black people. I believe that all leaders have a responsibility to ensure justice for all.

    Examples of it I have seen in the news and in my club
    I’ve seen in the news that Labour values equality, solidarity and social justice more than anything else. Social justice means distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society and this is something that the Labour party say they feel passionately about.

    Questions it makes me think of
    Why do some leaders value justice more than others?
    What is the difference between ‘justice’ and ‘fair’?

  • I have chosen responsibility because people have not been owning it and some don't care what happens they just want it for personal gain . For me responsibility means taking care of something and making sure nothing happens to it. When I see this I see the responsibility people have for their country and how they need to take responsibility for what they do a country or what they have responsibility over. Some questions that it makes me think of is why aren't people taking the responsibility for what they did and why aren't the government taking responsibility. Examples of responsibility are looking after your country properly.

  • I chose the word power

    What do you think of when you see this word?
    When I see this word, I think about a person who has a lot of influence over others. If someone is powerful, I imagine them to be brave, strong and confident. Powerful people can stand up for the rights of others and can effectively represent the people.

    Examples of it I have seen in the news and in my club
    I have talked about power a lot in the current issue of ‘leadership’ as many leaders are powerful. I have also seen it in the news, particularly in the run up to the general election where the debates between party leaders were essentially a way for them to demonstrate their power.

    Questions it makes me think of
    Can power ever be a negative thing?
    Do leaders always have to be powerful to be effective?
    How can a leader abuse their power?

  • I think that justice is really important to me because every action has a consequence that suits what has been done. When I see the word justice, I think of people being treated fairly based on their actions. It then makes me think: Is the action treated fairly? An example of justice is for the people who voted for Brexit, to leave, as they are finally getting their way but, it is also injustice as those who voted to stay have to leave as well.

  • Responsibility. It can be many different things to many people. It can be the jobs you have to do or it could the responsibility to look after a country. When a responsibility is neglected it can have a lot of negative impacts if it is a big thing, but even if it's a small thing it can still have a negative impact. An example of responsibility in the news is Donald Trump demanding NATO take over more responsibility in the middle east. This would mean a lot more work or NATO. Another scenario would be England going into debt with another country and Boris Johnson spending the money on something unimportant like ringing Big Ben for £500,000 would be him neglecting responsibility. In parliament we need responsible MP'S to keep our government on the right tracks. Without responsible people in our government and our everyday lives what would happen to people? Would we be able to decide on the right option? Would we be able to save our money or would we spend it on useless junk.

  • Power - Personally, power means to me that you are the person who is supposed to lead others and to be a good role model. You should be the right person for people to tell you their issues and you should take them in to account. IF you have power, that means that you should respect that power and not overuse it as people will always disagree with people who use their power for their own advantage. If you are the one in power of a country you should only use your power to help people and fix any issues that people tell you.

  • To me democracy means to be free. For example, it provides you the rights to control what happens in your country. It means that you are able to change laws and make new laws for the bettering of the general public.

  • Justice. This word can be misused and misunderstood, most commonly in law and democracy. i say this because it is true, in some trials people are wrongly accused of a crime that they did not commit, this is called 'justice' but is not

  • Democracy is the word I am choosing because I believe that democracy makes Britain a better place and makes elections fair and reasonable . I think this because if we where not run by a democratic system we would be broken in two with one side debating about one thing and the other side debating about the other. I also think democracy is important because some people like the Conservative party and others like laybour this is why I chose democracy

  • When I see the word justice, I also think of the word power. This is because, you need to have power to have justice. Power is used by, making sure it happens with being strict. Responsibility comes in here since, you are responsible for your actions, if you make the wrong decisions then you will be put into justice from the Power of Law. It makes me think about some questions of how judges don't feel the pain for other people in prosecutions.

  • Democracy means that people don't have the right to vote till the age of 18.

  • China is taking our democracy, that is affecting us can't you see.

  • Democracy to me mean that you get to vote for thing you want in your community and what you can improve.

  • My chosen word is RESPONSIBILITY. I think this because the prime minster has the responsibility to make good decisions that will benfit the country. They also have the responsibility to set a good example to all ciztens. Without responsibility the prime Minster will not do the work that is needed to run this country properly.

  • I choose responsibility as responsibility is a big part of life.If you really think about it.Responsibility is used in everyday things.You need to be responsible to get a job,to go on school trips etc and trust is formed from responsibility.If you misbehave all the time and mess about you will accomplish nothing.

  • The first comment I am posting you this: Voet does not make sense is "vote" or "voted"

  • For this competition I have picked the word 'power' I have picked this because this makes me think about does everyone have the same amount of power than a president or polititions? Why I think this is because a lot of people have presidents or priminister have a lot of power but most of that power can be decided by the locals of that country,city or even the whole USA. So do they have the same amount of power?

  • My chosen word is POWER. Power can mean lots of things to different people however in my eyes it means the skill to take control. To take control and make good decisions for our people, the control to take on the responsibility to do the work that needs to be done.

  • i would personally pick power. I think this because the government and politics have a lot of power over the country but they don't seem to care on things like the environment and what could happen. For example if the government and politics where discussing on building a new house so parliament and they needed to wipe out hundreds of trees to do so, they don't seem to consider how this effects the environment. So I think that having power is ok but with power you should always have responsibility.🙂

  • Responsibility personally means to me knowing you need to do something and doing it at the appropriate time, place and way. At school one of our values is responsibility. We are responsible for our own actions and the people and equipment around us. Sometimes it's hard to make the right choice considering the circumstances you can be put in. For example, at school if someone is messing around it can a teacher's attention and then it tempting to also to also mess aro

  • (Continued) around because the teacher isn't looking. However if you are responsible you will make the right choice, even though it may not be what you want in that moment. We also talk about collective responsibility. For example if lots of people are talking we all lose some break time - even if it wasn't everyone. This is because we all take collective responsibility for the way we behave. This also applies when we are tidying our classroom and doing similar activities - we are all responsible whether it is our mess or not.

  • To me democracy means for people to be able to choose laws and the country's future. It gives people rights to food , hospitality and more. Responsibility means to be a role model for other people. Being responsible can rub of on other people and can even rub of on people.

  • I choose democracy because without democracy nobody would be able to vote. This makes me wonder .What would happen to our country ?🤔The members of parliament would decide everything for us and like me I'm guessing you've heard on TV all about BREXIT . In my opinion I DON'T trust them much . Since we have democracy we can make our own decisions 😀

  • Responsibility- It means that you have a duty to do something, where people trust you to do a job for them or to help them. Personally, I believe that responsibility makes me think about the job all the time, and I have to make sure that I do it well, otherwise it will be handed to someone else and that would break my confidence.

    I have seen lots of responsibilities in in public eye as they have trust from people to be good people and do the right thing.

    If you have a responsibility, do you always have to be responsible or can you sometimes make silly mistake without it being taken away.

  • I have chosen democracy because it is all around us, when we vote as a group of friends for 'who gets the final cake slice!'
    We are all voting- which is in short form, democracy. What does democracy mean to me? It means everyone gets a fair say, this allows people to decide on things together or as a group. Which is really important to me!

    1. Redo of my last entry:
      I have chosen democracy because it is all around us, like when we vote as a group of friends for ‘who’s the leader!'
      We are all voting- which is in short form, democracy. What does democracy mean to me? It means everyone gets a fair say, this allows people to decide on things together or as a group. When I see this word, I think of justice too, because of ‘innocent till proven guilty’ and the way you vote in court to see if the suspect is guilty. Some questions pop into my head too, about democracy like ‘shouldn’t children vote?’ and ‘whether there should be child representatives in Parliament?’ To finish off, Democracy is all around us when we:
      • Vote as a group of friends
      • …as a class
      • Voting for the best painting in the village
      … and so many others…

  • Responsibility must be the most important because most people in the world use this like the Prime Minister (Boris Johnson) uses great responsibility because of him ruling the country; and people around the world (including you) are responsible for their actions and other things.

    The word responsibility means the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone. In my opinion, I predict that responsibility means your actions are your own (or) doing the pertinent thing.

    When I see the word it often makes me think of...
    Doing the right things.
    Being a good role model.
    Looking after something or someone.

  • When I hear the word “responsibility”, the first thing that comes to my mind is that people are working hard on whatever they are working on. Also when I imagine the prime minister in large crowds, I first wonder “will I ever be ‘this‘ responsible one day?” But at this age I don’t think I will receive any info on that...😅. I don’t understand how shocking it is to be saying a presentation in front of parliament. I dream I could be like one day though.

  • I choose power every politician to ever have lived has thrived to have 1 thing power not only this but the magority, now this isn't always bad it's ok to try be the best but some take it so far to the point where there lying to millions of people and that's were it becomes to far the point of a politician is to help the country now this doesn't all easy mean rule it means work with the country not try take power of it. Not all politicians do this some do it for the greater good such as Obama he helped America by lowering tax getting a NHS nearly working then Donald Trump ripped all he did apart

    This has been excellent_brain

  • When I hear the word power, I think of kings, queens and prime ministers, because they have many responsibilities and thy have to keep things running smoothly across an entire country.

  • I choose democracy because I think everyone should get a say in a debate. It can be really rude when you leave someone out of an conversation/debate and it can be frustrating for the person that you left out.

  • The word responsibility makes me think about how people try take responsibility over the world but just make
    them self ' s selfish ,arrogant people😈who think because they have control of the '🌐world' , or at least part of the world, like a town , city , or even continent.But when I think of this issue , I think about world leaders and how they are trying to tackle things like preventing 'WWIII' , and riots in Hong Kong , and politicial things going on , and knife crime over discrimination , and much more things that should be tackled before it is too late. One thing that barely anyone is dealing with is climate change apart from people like Greta Tumburg , and schools all over the UK are debating on it

  • Responsibility because i think that if no one was responsible people would lie in the Houses of Parliament and we woudntlob ;/.lghygklog

  • i think power is the most questionable¯\_(ツ)_/¯🤑🤑

  • I would say democracy because everyone must have a say. However small they are. Everyone is equal.

  • Donald Trump has to much power then anyone in the word. he hast to be stop now😈. he wont help people and it is sad. but why is he doing this😭.

  • a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.a state governed under a system of democracy.
    plural noun: democracies
    "a multiparty democracy"
    control of an organization or group by the majority of its members.
    "the intended extension of industrial democracy"

  • i choose the word democracy because that's really important that you give people freedom and when i see the word i think about one of our old topic Hong Kong and if that happens to any more countries or if it happens to Hong Kong again then more people will get hurt and no one wants that to happen .The question i have about democracy is why does it happen because i always thought that our world already had freedom and if it doesn't then what can we do too solve that . i know this is important and any one can do that because we have achieved it so every countrie can do it if they try

  • I chose power his word makes me want to ask lots of questions about who has the most power out of the Prime Minister and the Queen. When i see the word power i wonder if I could have the same power as Boris Jonson or the Queen and i think that being able to have the same amount of power than them and being able to create new laws would be such an awesome job.
    Hi hope you have enjoyed my comment #industrious cranberry

  • As much as people like democracy, it can be a bad thing because the more freedom we get thing like knife crime can get bigger because people have too much freedom so they get to do more things politics do not think about and problems get bigger and bigger and causes the Country to be in trouble until they can sort it out.

  • I hope that he will be nice or not. but he must help people🤔.

  • Well i think that responsibility is amazing but terrible so a leader has to use it in the right way because if a leader uses responsibility in the wrong way it could create a war between two countries.If a leader uses justice in the wrong way it could lead to revenge and start a war looking at Donald Trump he is putting bombs on Iran which could start World War 3 since Saudi Arabia is paying President Trump to bomb them it could make our allies endangered which could start a war since England wont be happy about Trump almost bombing our allies
    Thank You for listening

  • Politicians shod not have to much power because then when they do something bad then no one can tell them what to do😫.

  • democracy because no matter who you are you should have a saying in debates i think its rude because young people want to make a change in our world and our life. Even though people say that we might be silly but we are not so this needs to change. People like Greta is making a difference in climate change so are other schools and its not fair that you have to be 18 i hope this will change

  • The word power makes me think of somebody in charge or maybe somebody with lots of capability over others, others view a responsible leader such as a politician, queen/king . 👮🏻‍♀️🤴🏾But power can sometimes be used in the wrong way such as not including the public's view, using selfishness as past prime ministers not just in the UK have done by doing things for themselves and not for their country. Giving a leader too much power gives them tempting opportunities, yet they need to do what's right not just for their country but for the world.

  • My word is responsibility. It means taking care of everyone and accepting your actions. For example, you could put litter in the bin and look after your environment.
    why can't we all take care of our surroundings ? and do are bit ,spread the word.

  • The word Democracy makes me think about freedom and happiness across the world.🆓
    The word Justice makes me think of winning or sucsseding. 😁
    The word Responsibility makes me think of being sensible, kind and caring.❤
    The word Power makes me think of a powerful person or ruling something.🤴🏻

  • I choose the word power because it can be used in the wrong way and the bad way the good things are like.. lionizing to your contrary's o pinyon and bieng kind.

    1. i like your idea. next time work on your spelling
      ps I am not being rude

  • I chose democracy as my word. To me this means not making decisions, but leaving the public to make them.

  • I choose responsibility because it is the word which tells you how much control on something.
    For example, if you are a teacher you have full responsibility over your class.

  • Responsibility,when I see this i think of Great Leaders like Donald Trump or the Queen because they have so much responsibility, they literally have their own countries in their hands.In The BNC i have seen it used by people making sure they don't offend or upset anybody with their own words which is a huge responsibility.It makes me think of questions like ,Do you feel you have enough authority to be responsible/ or Are you responsible for this? and Did you know that you are responsible for your own actions?

  • The word power makes me think that it can be used in a bad way and a good way but it depends on the person who has the power.

  • Democracy goes on forever just like Brexit. David Cameron set up the vote most people then voted to leave so he set up a date that we were going to leave and he then quit. Theresa May came along she set a date twice it never came for us to leave. Boris Johnson came along set a date twice on the second time it was so confusing that we kids don't know what happened. but all together it's just confusing.

    hello my name

  • To me, POWER means control and the amount of it that people have. By control, I mean what they can do and their ability to use that strength to control. When I hear or see this word, I think of politics and how they work and what is happening and has happened recently. I think that power has a lot to do with politics today and when said, it makes me think: Do politicians have too much power or can they control the power they have?

  • I choose power because power is interesting to think about is power something you can measure? is it based on wealth, how many supporters you have or how strong you are. in short power is a man made concept that people use to inflate there ego.

  • The word power makes me think that it can be used in a bad way and a good way but it depends on the person who has the power.

  • The word democracy reminds me of voting and freedom in the world
    The word power makes me think that something uses their power to do something and gets away with things
    The word responsibility makes me think that you have something you HAVE to do and it may also be important
    The word Justice makes me think of getting your way in a time were people may not believe you

  • The word I chose was power. I chose this word because power can be interpreted in many different ways, for example, a superhero could have a power that benefits them physically, like super strength. However, the government has lots of types of power, one being executive power - the ability to execute and enforce laws.

  • Power

    Power - the ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way .There are normally 2 types of people when it comes to power:
    Person 1 – To influence people in a good way, to change for the good, to help others, etc.
    Person 2 – The amount of power gets to your head or you think you are doing something good, but others see the complete opposite.
    In my opinion, person 1 could be a person like Barack Obama or Winston Churchill, a caring, respectful man, a man that takes into account what his/her public want.; and person 2 could be a person like Donald Trump or Kim Jong-un , a person that doesn’t think about what they do before they do it, or someone that hates admitting their mistakes.
    In short, power is a mighty thing; if you abuse it, you could get abuse; respect it and it will respect you.

    I hope none of this offended anyone, sorry if it did.

  • The word I have chosen as my topic is responsibility because it comes under a variety of choices and other titles such as democracy which allows you to get involved and shows what the public think best. The votes are for our future and that's the big responsibility we have to take. Everytime I see this word it makes me think about power as well because
    the Queen and parliament have a big responsibility on controlling this country and keeping it in shape. So over all, responsibility is everything in one it is needed.

  • Democracy,
    To me democracy means a situation where the people have a say in decisions that may affect them. And have a right to vote when they are over a certain age. It is something that over the last 120 years has evolved massively, from the suffragette movement, when women campaigned ruthlessly for the right to vote. Now in 2019 anyone over the age of 18 can vote. It is the ability to have a say in your future. This makes our country so equal and different from dictatorships. A dictatorship is the opposite to democracy. For example in North Korea Kim Jong Un is the dictator. His decisions do not go through the people of North Korea.

  • Power to me is a way to control or manipulate people and is unequal by definition

  • it means this to me the ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way.

  • Power to me is a way to control or manipulate people and is unequal by definition

  • The word Responsibility makes me think of a person who can be trusted to do what they need to do without constant reminders. I think of a person who can be relied on to do the right thing and be sensible.

  • I think democracy is a when decisions in a community, society or group are made with a say from everyone to make the decision as fair as it can be.

  • I would choose responsibility. I would choose responsibility because you have to have responsibility in your life and everybody will be responsible for something. That something could be anything maybe feeding you're pet, doing the washing up or looking after a younger brother or sister. so responsibility is a very important part to you're day today life.

  • I chose the word responsibility. It means to me as being responsible for something, like if you tell someone that you will do something, you have to be responsible to make that true and not to let the people you promised too let down. People who are responsible in my opinion is The Queen and Boris Johnson. Responsibility also means to me as being understanding and caring but being in control of everything.

  • I chose democracy as it is a big thing in the news at the moment. Was Brexit a democratic decision? This is a very important time in the history of the UK. If this is discussed further, it will escalate and people will start to question the current situation, was it an undemocratic vote? Democracy means a lot to me as I do understand the country's current situation, and I would like democracy to be a worldwide concept.

  • I chose the word responsibility. Responsibility is a very important word today in the world today because it means a person can be trusted to do something without being reminded. When I see the word responsibility, I think of someone who is important and can be trusted to do their job.

  • To me responsibility means that you have a role to follow for example John Prescott had a very important role in 2011 were he was actually a Deputy Prime Minister In A Labour Goverment.

  • Power means that you can choose what to do - most of the time - and not cower out

  • I choose POWER. Because power is in daily life but many people easily mistake power as authority, authority is what I think someone you can look up to or follow but power is different. If you have the element of power you can sometimes control people in a way. authority is not always followed or respected but with power you are 75 % of the time. People don't remember with power comes great responsibility and people abuse that gift.

  • Democracy was invented by the ancient Greeks. The word Democracy to me means power of which every person owns, not just one. It means respect and dignity too. Having this makes anything that our country will go into fair,as the majority wanted it.
    However, this may deem unfair for some. The majority may be happy, but the others that voted for the opposition will not be happy. Their decision soon was outnumbered. They do not get what they wanted.
    I still believe it is fair and has respect, however, these qualities are not immensely strong.

  • To me democracy is very important because without it, if the Prime Minister could do everything the country would be in a crisis because they would do the best for themselves not the country,linking back to the Hong Kong crisis where China stopped them from having a fair democracy and ever since the country has been in an uproar.

  • I chose responsibility because the politicians should be responsible because he is chosen to be a responsible leader.

  • power as world leaders are using their power incorrectly

  • I choose responsibility because as an MP or the Priminister or any other important leader you must use your leadership for good and not in vain. This means not using your power to get revenge on someone who wronged you but to benefit others.

  • I chose responsibility and smartness because if you are responsible ,you will make a great team leader and hear what your peers have to say because it may help you later but being smart can also help because if you get in a argument or while you are in a general election you know what to say when you need to stand your ground to protect your points against your opponents to be a prime minster and a mp if you want to become one but I’m also spectical because you may be a good listener and magpie great ideas that you may use in your own speech’s or you may be hardworking and persisting which will help in Parliament.

  • I choose democracy and it comes from the Ancient Greek words for "people" and "rule". People rule

  • I decided to present my idea of justice, because it is effectively subjective. In public, the majority of people will have a similar opinion on whether or not something is acceptable, but some people will feel differently. This means that justice is defined by what individual people feel is right. Upon thinking of the word justice, I immediately thought of a court of justice, because that is where many people believe there is always justice. However, there are people who have been imprisoned wrongly by this supposedly superior idea of justice, so does justice ever truly prevail? I bring our attention back to historical definitions of justice; didn't people believe back then that slavery was acceptable and homosexuality wasn't? So if justice is a fixed thing, how can our view of it change over time? ?Despite the initial task, my question for this entry remains, 'What is justice?' because I think it is something completely different to everyone who contemplates the question.

  • The word I chose is power. When I think of power, I also think of the responsibility it comes with it. When used correctly, power can be a thing that can influence peoples' lives forever. On the other hand, when used incorrectly, the consequences can be very severe – like wars. Along with power comes a lot of pressure. If, for instance, you were a company's boss, you would be pressured to have a good impression on people.

  • I chose responsibility, mainly because the main responsibility for presidents or prime minister is to be responsible. Even though it sounds kind of easy, 'be responsible', there are loads of people in power: Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and many more, that take power into their hands and toy with it, pushing the boundaries of the law. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not very responsible. Responsibility means to not do anything that may be rude or intend any damage.

  • Too me Democracy meens that everyone has a choice of what their oppinuons are and that that they can vote for anyone they want

  • I chose democracy, because the main idea or when people hear the word democracy, most of people think the right to vote and I truly agree to that but , responsibility comes into it to. Being responsible when you vote means not being silly about it , don't take advantage of it and being honest/not lying when voting. This is all very big for democracy ,to me, because if you do then we might all get right taken away from us. So what I am trying to say is don't do anything that you either don't want to do or anything against the law. thank you.

  • Responsibility~

    When I think of the word responsibility, the first thing that I think of is, people in school saying that we need to be more responsible now that we're in secondary school. To break this down in a less literal way, I would say that this means that with age and status perhaps, comes responsibility.
    An example of being responsible in everyday life would be not bickering over little things, such as who gets to use the glue first. This is just something normal that everyone learns not to do. Within school, if you had a higher role I guess ( I don't think those are really the right words to use ) people expect you to be more responsible. For example, if you were a student council or a prefect, normally you would behave appropriately since you are the voice of the people and others could easily identify who you are because most of the time you have a badge or a lanyard to say so. I myself am part of the student's voice at school and a lot of people that I know are as well. I find that people still choose to behave irresponsibly and not do the right thing, knowing that they are representing the year group. Like an election, students vote for which candidate they want, and sometimes they think about how responsible some candidates are. Most of the time responsible people get chosen. I think that the main reason why we still behave irresponsibly is that we are still growing up and it's not really for more of a political reason. People that I know that it's very offensive to be racist etc. And not a lot of people that I know choose to be racist and again we're just people that are still growing up. This makes me ask the question: why do people with higher positions in society feel that they are allowed to be racist etc?

    If I were to think of responsibility but in a more political way, the first thing that comes to my mind is politicians being irresponsible. This is because I don't really hear a lot of news when they are. I don't know if this counts, so sorry if it doesn't. There's a video on youtube quoting a lot of offensive things that Boris Johnson has said and how people have reacted to them ( obviously these are all irresponsible on their own ) however at the end it said "vote labor." The channel was Jeremy Corbyn official. A lot of people might think that this is an ok thing to do. But really it is irresponsible because instead of trying to stop Johnson from doing these things, they are instead using them to gain votes. In one of our BNC sessions, we talked about Justin Trudeau and how he did brown face. Evidently, this a very wrong thing to do. Many people said that he was a student but then our teacher said that he was a teacher. This made us all very shocked because he was already supposed to be a very responsible person. Earlier I asked the question, why do people with higher positions society feel that they are allowed to be racist, etc? I couldn't really find much about why they do it but I think that it's so that people will go onto their side. Why I think this is because ever since Boris Johnson was to have been revealed that he was making offensive comments there has been a stark rise in hate crime. The number of hate crimes reported to police has more than doubled since 2013, according to government figures. The majority of hate crimes were racial, recorded by the police force in England and Wales: 78,991 as of 2019.
    Here is a source I used: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/oct/15/hate-crimes-double-england-wales

  • I will choose the word democracy as it is a highly debated word and many politicians have been accused of being undemocratic. Democracy is where we as a whole or country to decide who the prime minister will be or other things like that. When the liberal democrats said that they would stop brexit, but because the country voted for brexit, people are saying that, without a second referendum to decide if we want to say or to leave, it would be undemocratic. Of course, the against this would be, if the majority voted lib dem, then that would mean that, if we were to have a second referendum, then the outcome would be the same, as the majority voted lib dem that said they would stop brexit. This is just proving my point. This word is a word that has one meaning, but has been debated about, in the commons and otherwise.

  • I chose the word democracy

    What do you think of when you see this word?
    When I see this word, I think of a place where everybody is considered equal. I link these two words together because I believe that, in world where everyone is equal, everyone should have the right to say whatever they thing. In a democratic society like we live in, people can express their opinion by voting for whoever they think will be the best leader. They are able to vote regardless of who they are, regardless of their race or religion and this helps maintain equality.

    Examples of it I have seen in the news and in my club
    We talked about democracy in the Hong Kong issue, where we learnt that millions of people in Hong Kong are protesting democratic deterioration and rights violations amid increasing police brutality. We discussed whether or not China is a true democracy and came to the conclusion that it is not really.

    Questions it makes me think of
    Would you define democracy by the people or the leaders?
    Will we ever get to the point where democracy is a world wide political system?

  • I chose justice.
    When I see this word it makes me think of someone who works at a police station taking a prisoner to jail because they've done something wrong.

    What I've seen on the news that justice can be people being sent to jail, when they have committed a crime. Additionally, people making speeches that bring justice to the world like when new laws come in to make the world a fairer place.

    The question it makes me think of is why don't all leaders bring justice to the world? Why do some leaders have their own interests as a priority, but not care about others? For example, Donald Trump he wanted to build a wall around the whole of America but he didn't listen to other peoples opinion like when people want to escape from a dangerous life and start a new safer one in America.

  • power-
    I think power means to rule over something or to be strong and powerful.
    These are examples of people who have power.
    . Boris Jhonson
    . Donald Trump
    . The Queen
    Why does anyone use this word in particular?

  • I chose responsibility .
    When I see the word responsibility, I think of being sensible at all times and making the right choices even when adults are not watching me. As we get older we are given more responsibility, if we can show that we are trustworthy. Shopkeepers are very responsible because they have to look after money. They must be trusted not to steal. Surgeons have a huge amount of responsibility because they have people's lives in their hands and they must make sure that they look after their patients.

  • What responsibility means to me-
    Now I am older I have more responsibility, such as to feed the cat, or not talk to strangers. To me it means to act more ''grown-up'' and ''like an adult''. When I think about responsibility and the world I think of everyone wearing suits and ties. But as Jeremy Corban is stepping down from the Labour party many of the candidates to lead the Labour party are females.

  • Power means to me someone who is in charge of something or someone like Donald Trump, the president of the U.S.A or the queen of England.The question makes me think of a leader.

  • Responsible means when you have someone or something to look after or do like a politician has the responsibility to run the country equally and fairly.

  • Power means to have control over something for example : a prime minister has power over their country
    This is very important because it means that people can tell other people what to do.

    1. doesn't it also mean that you have more responsibilities if you have more power?

  • i chose the word responsibility

    What do you think of when you see this word?
    When I see this word, I think of leaders who have responsibility over a country and the citizens that live there. It is often found in conjunction with the word ‘rights’, because often when people have rights they also have responsibilities.

    Examples of it I have seen in the news and in my club
    I have seen the word responsibility across the news and throughout all our Burnet News Club sessions. Leaders have a responsibility to consider how they act and what they say because of the influence they have over others. In our work on Hong Kong, we talked about Britain having a responsibility to support Hong Kong, which meant supporting them and helping them to sort out their issues.

    Questions it makes me think of
    Who do you think has the most responsibility within the UK?
    Do celebrities have more of a responsibility to behave well than those not in the public eye?

  • I chose responsibility.
    It makes me think of politicians as they have an immense responsibility to run our country and for it to be run fairly. As some politicians are in the publics eye they will have a colossal responsibility in behaviour or peaple might not like them anymore.

  • I choose JUSTICE. Justice because I think everybody has the right to be treated fairly. Even though we have different personalities, everyone should be treated in the same way. Justice personally means to me, that nobody is discriminated and everyone is accepted. Some examples of a lack of Justice is Malala Yousafzai, she was not having justice as she couldn't go to school why boys could, this resulted in her getting shot in the head. The question the word 'JUSTICE' makes me think of is 'Why is there STILL inequality in some parts of the world when activists like Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks and many more role models have walked the Earth?' or queries like 'Why have we become spiteful throughout our evolution?'. The reason why I think of these questions is that we know about famous people like Nelson Mandela that brought Justice to the world, so he has been an example for us that we should end stuff like slavery, segregation. Justice is what we have too little of and power we have too much of.

    Thank you for reading.

  • Power:the ability to rule or able to get heard . If you have power you have the capability to do or act in a particular way.when I think of power i also think of the massive responsibility that it contains . when used as it should it could have a huge implement in others lives . if you think of power it could be good if you us it to help the people you have power over or you could usenet to overtake and manipulate people.

  • I choose democracy because it links to justice and power. democracy means 'power to the people' and this has been an important part of history since the ancient Greeks. Democracy gives everybody a say, a chance to use their voice and vote. That is why I strongly believe that democracy is the word I have chosen.

  • I chose power because I believe it is not a role but a responsibility to keep everyone who works with them satisfied and happy so that they follow and worship them as a good leader and be by their side. They must be accountable by not lying or hiding from the press or their followers. They have to have dignity and respect. Making sure of what they say because they can get into lots of trouble if they say the wrong thing at the wrong te. It is an important concept because power can mean many things and do many things.

  • Power ~ For me, power means when somebody has the right to certain things other people can't do. For example the PM has the right to create laws but they have to be passed. If someone has power they can use it as an advantage so that they can make people do whatever they want by threatening them or harming them. To have power you must also be responsible and trustworthy because if the country relied on their actions, then they'd have to chose wisely.

  • I have chosen justice out of the four options because I think everyone should have the same amount of fairness and equality. For instance, If The Conservative Party and The Labour Party got the equivalent amount of votes and they announce to the public that Conservatives had won the majority of the votes, it would not be a sincere or honest vote.

    What do you think of when you see this word?
    When I see or hear the word justice it makes me think of how different countries see things in the world. Such as, Australia and Brazil who make voting compulsory at the age of 18. However In England, it is optional at the age of 18. I do not believe that this is justified. I believe it should be optional in every country because not everyone wants to vote or wants a Prime Minister.

    Questions it makes me think of.
    Does justice have different definitions in different countries?

  • Power; to me power is to be able to have authority over something, like a Prime Minister has power over the country, but I think that a person should not have too much power so that they would not dictate. On the other hand, I also think that power means to be able to make decisions over a country, and choose what to do, but a member of the public could also have a kind of power by telling a politician something they want to happen, then that could happen to the country, so anyone could have power, not just people in a high place. Power also means to me that it’s something someone has, and they use it to control the country but they only get this power by speaking up and telling others their decisions and choices.
    To sum this up, I think that power is something that only someone in a high place could have but at the same time it could be something that anyone could have, if they just make a decision.

  • In the weekly competition I will be focusing on power.
    Their are different types of power, power that is forced by scaring others, power that (in my opinion) is fair, by this I mean when you have an election, and the majority votes for them, and power that is felt. By this I mean you feel you have all power, when In real life you may not.
    This is important for politics and MPs. Thank you for reading this.

  • In addition, Justice is related to our first topic, Hong Kong crisis. A big lack of Justice is happening there.

  • Democracy is something everyone in the UK and some other countries should be happy about. Some countries don't have it, like China, and North Korea. They have something called dictatorship which is the opposite of democracy. Dictatorships are run by dictators who don't let the country vote, or who only let people vote for one person. A democracy lets people vote for more than one person. Democracy is something people should be more thankful for.