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I think the most important NHS fact is that there aren't enough beds. This is because there are... #26 - Fact Findings - Winners Announced! 13/3/20
In this Issue, the hardest thing to make my mind up on was if politicians who have done a... #23 - I Can't Make My Mind Up - Winners Announced! 21/2/20
I choose democracy. What it means to me is giving all the correct age for adults to vote in the... #19 - Concept Comments 17/1/20
Something I think WILL happen is that something else might be sent to space because lots of... #15 - Will, Might, Won't! 20/12/19
New satellites to help us understand climate change because we all have been causing global... #13- Breaking News Reaction - Winners Announced! 29/11/19
Motto: "Space can be a dream" Reason: I did this motto because space can be like a dream that... #11 - Make a Motto for NASA 22/11/19
Brexit is like wind because the first piece of wind blows sounds like it's saying "Stay" and... Weekly Competition #25 14/3/19
I never thought, then thought that there should always be a leader when it came to making... Weekly Competition #24 07/3/19
'Hockey Player Revives Teammate Who Didn't Have A Pulse For 5 Minutes' This also makes me... Weekly Competition #21 15/2/19
'Hero Dog Breaks Out Of Home And Saves Family From Gas Leak' This makes me happy because an... Weekly Competition #21 14/2/19
Shall crime be banned from the government? Weekly Competition #20 07/2/19
To protect society from the criminal because that criminal can kill society without protection. Weekly competition #19 31/1/19
Policemen Gather Around And Arrest A Criminal Who Killed An Innocent Civilian Weekly Competition #16 10/1/19
Yes but a little bit no because they might give you money and might not. Weekly Competition #14 13/12/18
Banking can be dangerous Banks can take your money But some banks don't Weekly Competition #14 13/12/18
Profits through knowledge: Hire strong branch managers or Invest small fortunes? Weekly Competition #14 13/12/18
I really don't understand what you mean. Weekly Competition #12 29/11/18
Oh, the most helpful thing. Weekly Competition #11 22/11/18
The most valuable thing is a bottle of water Weekly Competition #11 22/11/18