#8 - Three Words And Why

01 November 2019

Reasoning for competitions

Winners announced!

It has been great to read such a marvellous range of words used to describe Space. This makes us very excited for the Issue ahead.

As always it was very hard to pick winners but we are happy to announce...

Our Primary winner this week is outstanding_turkey of Hammond Junior School. Their three words, and following explanation, were simple and effective. This was a great example of how you don't need to write a lot for competitions - but to make your words count!

Our Secondary winner is creative_sparrow of The Ruth Gorse Academy. Creative_sparrow made original choices and in their reasons, reflected on the impact that space has on us and these theme ran throughout the answer. Well done!

Thank you to all who entered! There will be another competition added this afternoon. Also, have you ever wanted to ask an astronaut a question? Now you can! Click here to see our experts who are ready to take your questions!

It has been called '"the final frontier".

Douglas Adam described it as "hugely mind-bogglingly big".

...and astronaut Christa McAuliffe says it is "everyone's business".

Your next Issue is all about SPACE! 2019 has seen the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, the discovery of water on a habitable planet, and possibly the first crime in space. This term you'll be tackling the big questions around 21st century space exploration. You'll hear more about it in the coming weeks from your teachers and here on the Hub. We can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Some of you might be back at school, some of you might be on half-term. Whichever is true for you, this week's competition is open to all!

This week's competition asks:

What 3 words would you choose to describe 'space' and why?

Try to think of three separate words - they don't need to make sense together or form a sentence. They might be describing what space is like, or how it makes you feel, or be looking at space from another angle. It's up to you!

We're looking for original ideas, with thoughtful reasons.

The competition closes at 10am on Friday 1st November. Good luck!

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  • colossal , interesting and different. I believe this because it is colossal which means big , interesting for it makes humans curious about it and different because it is different to our life on Earth.

    1. I agree with you active sheep space is quite interesting so many things to explore and so much to learn like learning if he a planet b to escape to or if you could live in a black hole.

  • Empty but full; as we don’t know what’s out there but there must be something and I think those three words fulfil the meaning of space

  • Cool , unique , intriguing space is all about very interesting thing. Some which is an awe to see . It is a very unique place there is nothing else like it.

  • And its empty but full; as we don’t know what’s out there but there must be something and I think those three words fulfil the meaning of space.colossal , interesting and different. I believe this because it is colossal which means big , interesting for it makes humans curious about it and different because it is different to our life on Earth.

    -By balanced_chemistry

  • Spectacular, empty and curiousity. Spectacular because it is different and unique. Empty because no one lives there. Curiousity because i do not know a lot about space and wonder what its all about.

  • Exhilarating, exhilarating because it is amazing to be in space. Immense, because space is huge and has no boundaries. Constellation-filled, because it is filled with stars which space is, it is filled with stars, 'the milkyway' and planets which is all wonderfull

  • Infinite space, the heavens and the galaxy.The infinite space because it is outer space the heavens because it is so high up in the sky, the galaxy because you have different patterns in the sky and you have the color and what links with galaxy is the spiral galaxy which I have heard is a good sight.

  • Unknown, spacious, and unique. I have chosen unknown because the fact that people were watching Neil Armstrong many years ago was good so that they knew a little about the mysterious and unknown in space. I have chosen spacious because it's full space and unique because there is no other place we know (yet) that is as spacious and beautiful as this. I think these describe space well because they are all linked.

    By spirited_insect.

  • Infinite, confusing and unexpected. I chose the word infinite because we haven't yet discovered the so called edge of space and I believe there to not be one. Also, there is an infinite amount of possibilities with space. For example, this is in the post, we have found water on a habitable planet and, with that knowledge, there could be anything, e.g. ALIENS. I chose the word confusing because we are finding out so much information about space it is hard to take in it all and we're not sure what to believe and what to think wrong. My final word is unexpected. I chose this because we really don't know what we can find in space and it keeps surprising us. We are also already finding out lots of knew information that we didn't expect.

    1. We actually do not yet know if space is finite or infinite but I also- even before reading your comment- thought that too.

  • Bedazzle,pulchritudinous and supernatural.I have pick Bedazzle because when you look up at the night sky you never know whats out there and the stars twinkling making constellations is just deeply admirable and it feels like you could stay watching the midnight sky all your life.I have chosen pulchritudinous because the way stars make they're constellations,what also made the zodiac sign,is so weird and people through time have wondered what those constellations are and how they got there.Finally, i have picked supernatural,like i said for the previous description:it is so fascinating and mysterious,You never know whats out there all of the things we know,all of the things we havent discovered yet.Maybe while your looking at the stars,something catches your eye..something unknown..something mysterious?you could never know.That is why i have chosen my 3 words bedazzle,pulchritudinous and supernatural.

  • I think space is breath-taking because it's just stunning how everything works and I just love the stars and the planets. Did you know the hottest planet is Venus which is maintained as 462 degrees Celsius? I also think space is astonishing because space is so amazing there is no place like space it's mind blowing. Another fact would be that there is 1 quadrillion stars. For my final word I think unpredictable because it's a mystery what will happen next like did you know people are having debates on whether we have found life on mars?
    I hoped you enjoyed reading this.

  • Curiousity, Special and Glowing. Curiousity because we want to know what is on all the other planets and in different galaxies.Special because it is not things we see every day and space is unique like everyone is. Glowing because it drifts you of in your imagination of what other planets might be out in different galaxies and what colours are out there.

  • Infinite, unknown and scary. I chose "infinite" because it is forever expanding and no-one knows the true expanse. We also know that there are millions of other galaxies and dimensions, not just our own. This leads me to "unknown" as we are always so focused on our own lives that I find it can be hard to take time to think about what is out there. Many spectacular men and women have found evidence that life forms can exist but no-one knows yet if there truly are. Besides, if there is life out there and they have the technology then, due to them living many light-years away, they will be seeing us in the iron age latest. I also think it is incredibly "scary" because there could be anything beyond our planet, solar system, galaxy even that could be out of our wildest imaginations.

  • Supernatural, Surprising and Merciful

    I chose this vocabulary because space is able to provide us with the sources we need. Space even managed to contain 7 billion people on one planet. It also takes care of us as it also kills us. That is why space is supernatural: it can make impossibilities possible.

    Space is surprising because small things have big meanings behind them. Like when Einstein found out that a black hole was actually a massive, fallen dying star or that the universe is made out f 95% invisible particles that join our universe- dark matter- and a source that spreads through the universe which is an opposition to gravity -dark energy- this is why you float in space.

    The universe is merciful because for over 5 billion years it has bee with us and has never given up on us. It makes me have an idea that the universe is our mother in a kind of way. When we do something bad it tries to repair itself. 5 billion years is a long time and it has been through our mistakes so who are we to make it go through that trauma again? Our Universe isn't just a thing it is a person it's like a Father Figure to us. When the ice age ended wasn't it a warning to us, so why are we reacting now, why not then?

    Thank you for reading.

  • vast , infinite and gargantuam because space is full of mysteries and it never ends.

  • mysterious,desolate and remarkable. i think space is mysterious because no one knows what other secrets lie in the deep depths of space. desolate because there is no life on any other planet.[or is there?]And remarkable because it is unique ...And its just Amazing

  • The vocabulary I would use to describe ‘space’ would include ‘inter-galactic’, ‘three-dimensional’, and ‘extra-terrestrial’. I would use ‘inter-galactic’ because this describes the journey through space into other galaxies, which may one day be possible; ‘three-dimensional’ because this is the term that astro-physicists use to describe how space appears; ‘extra-terrestrial’ because this implies ‘beyond the earth’ such as other planets, moons, stars and suns, and even aliens, like in the film ‘ET- the extra-terrestrial’.

  • ocean of emptiness. An unknown ocean of emptiness waiting for its secrets to be unraveled,the possibilities of what we may discover are endless

  • free because there is a lot of places there but no one lives there. colouerful because all the planets are different coulers . awe because there are loads of things that is like you cant believe your eyes

  • Threatening , Degenerate, pure.
    I chose these words because I think they describe space from multiple ideas so you can get a wider context of space and how it can be pictured.

    Threatening (having a hostile or frightening quality or manner) Space is an unknown abyss of danger and trying to explore it could lead us to an early extinction or to a new utopia of which we can sustain our species and any species which might live there. I also chose threatening because the questions and curiosity space brings up can be frightening because so far our space travel hasn't brought space anything it has polluted its once untouched areas and people still have ideas of increasing pollution in an area, witch can be argued, is not ours and should be kept that way - not to say earth is ours but we can thrive there and cant thrive in space. So in some way we pose as a threat to space just as space poses as a threat to us.

    Degenerate ( noun- an immoral or corrupt person. verb- decline or deteriorate physically, mentally, or morally.)

  • Threatening , Degenerate, pure.
    I chose these words because I think they describe space from multiple ideas so you can get a wider context of space and how it can be pictured.

    Threatening (having a hostile or frightening quality or manner) Space is an unknown abyss of danger and trying to explore it could lead us to an early extinction or to a new utopia of which we can sustain our species and any species which might live there. I also chose threatening because the questions and curiosity space brings up can be frightening because so far our space travel hasn't brought space anything it has polluted its once untouched areas and people still have ideas of increasing pollution in an area, witch can be argued, is not ours and should be kept that way - not to say earth is ours but we can thrive there and cant thrive in space. So in some way we pose as a threat to space just as space poses as a threat to us.

    Degenerate ( noun- an immoral or corrupt person. verb- decline or deteriorate physically, mentally, or morally.) with the ideas and opportunities space brings it also gives room for people to exploit others and room for disappointment of the many who want to travel there. Anyone who manages to earn their way there risks everything they have to expand our knowledge on a place many of us will never go just to benefit a select few people who get richer by the second or for the people who are willing to do anything just to beat the next person. But as a verb, space cannot be destroyed but everything in the vacuum of space can be destroyed, every particle can be destroyed and almost inevitably every time we look for new resources or (perhaps in the future) move planet we will have used up every resource of the previous planet or found a way to destroy it eventually humans will either die out ( therefore we wont have knowledge of space or our knowledge of it will deteriorate and space to us will no longer exist even though it will) or space will be destroyed (then the search will be over and humans will die)

    In contrast to all this, I also chose the word pure ( A work with many connotations and meanings often associated with innocence, of being untouched or unmixed with anything or pure knowledge, good and sometimes even God)
    Space gives wonder to anyone of any age, it is a point of excitement, discovery and also mystery. Space has given billions of people inspiration and memories with countless books containing space or the view of the stars. countless nights spent under the stars with friends and family. S many peoples hearts filled with joy at the mention of a starry nights sky. A myriad of children's rooms filled with elements of space. weather it be glow in the dark stars on their roof or the planets on a mobile over their heads when they were a baby. Young children have the most innocence and purity after all who hasn't dreamed of going to space? But I also chose pure because for years people have wondered about space our ancestors created zodiac signs and pictured constellations as objects and animals it shows their pure curiosity and their devotion mixed with their knowledge of the world.

  • Empty,unique and mysterious since we don't know all about it
    we could be at danger that we can't even explain .

  • infinite, curious and special
    I chose infinite because space is never ending, as far as we know you can't ever reach the end. I chose curious because no one is completely sure what is up in space and we don't know exactly how many planets or stars are in space which is why people want to go and visit to discover more about space. I chose special because everything in space like the planets are special because they are all different and new and not one part of space is the same.

  • Full, mysterious and torturous. I chose full because space is full of wonders. I chose mysterious because there are things that make us think a lot about and I chose torturous because of all the black holes and low oxegyn, which even though we get some from Earth it won't last long.

  • Exhilarating, abstract and fascinating.
    I would describe space as exhilarating because it is a complete wonder. The excitement that must curse through your body as you gaze out to the artwork. It would make me scream with delight inside for the beauty is so shocking.
    Abstract matches a description of space because it is like a piece of art, a back base with sprays of white paint engulfed with the solar system. Large, colourful,droplets of paint indicate planets and white and grey specs create an army of meteorites. My final word is fascinating. The mysteries space holds are impeccable! It is so interesting, curiosity races through me every time a topic is raised on space.

  • Space is giant, unknown and beautiful because it holds galaxys still waiting to be explored and when you look all around you there's not enough words to describe it.

  • Vast, intriguing and distinctive. I Chose Vast as the whole space is very big and holds all the planets in the universe. I chose intriguing as space is wide and has lots of things to learn about. Finally I chose distinctive as it is very different because on earth we have gravity and space doesn't and things we have on earth are not in

  • Dark, Infinite and Cosmic:

    Cosmic: The reason why I chose the word cosmic is because, cosmic means relating to the universe, it also means very large. Space is indescribably vast so cosmic would be a great word to describe space due to the fact that it means the universe at large. I also chose cosmic because it makes people want to know more about Space also I would like to say in my opinion that it could probably make people think how people right now in the International Space Station survive when it's that massive and how the Space station doesn't fall apart because there is no gravity in Space.

    Dark: In my opinion I think Space is a dark place because of Stars have not been existed long enough to light up the Universe and because of the Cosmic expansion this is why Space is a dark place. But really inside our Solar System there is light that shines really bright. I also think Space is dark place and a horrible place because of all the black holes, low oxygen, temperature and gravity.

    Infinite: I chose the word infinite because the word infinite means limitless or endless in space, extent, or size; impossible to measure or calculate (Oxford Dictionary). The reason why this is perfect to describe Space is because it's large an almost impossible to study the entire thing. Things like black holes make it harder to study Space since they may go endlessly.I also think that Space has change over time it's now 13.8 billions years old and now it's just endless. Space is endless.

  • painting , family and muderer
    My first word has to be ... a painting! The way the galaxy/milky way is filled with the colours of the rainbow makes it look you fell into a magnificent paintings painted by famous painters. image if you actually fall into the mona lisa! But we know it would never happen unless you owned a top super secret super special invention , of course !

    next, family. i know what your thinking , we aren't planets, But maybe they are our ancestors . well , space is like the mother to all the planets , even the moon and the sun is like grandparent or older . then the daughter earth comes along . we have a mother B ! cool right? But why did i say mother and not dad? well mother nature .

    and muderer because theres NO OXEGYN! space people can suvive up for only 15 sec!

    thanks for reading:)

  • a void above, it is a void above us,perpetually expanding above us,forming above us,to form a beautiful thing which would be incomprehensible to our minds

  • The words that I would use to describe space would be: mysterious, dim and fascinating.
    The reason why I chose mysterious is because there are things that we don't know about and also strange things
    about space too.

    I chose dim because space is dark and it is really dark if you see in some gaps of it.


    There is a reason why I chose the word fascinating is because there is a lot to explore in space and if you do lots of research about it you will see it will be more and more fascinating.

  • Endless,terrifying,lonely i pick these three words because one space could be endless and we already have seen probably not even 1% of what it has to offer. Secondly because the idea of space is terrifying to think about some times and just how small we are in the Universe and thirdly because imagine how the astronauts must feel whilst being in space.

  • Spase is fun and cool because u can flout aroud.But in the vid a person had some infection to spase

  • As I said infection on the man it can kill us

  • I would use the words gargantuan,admirable and bewildering because space is extremely enormous, very beautiful and confusing because we do not no how big space really is or if there is only one dimension or if there is other life forms on other planets!

  • expanding, dark and a hypothesis's.
    I chose these three words because I believe that space is always getting bigger by the second and I also think that space is a pitch black place where theory's and hypothesis's fill the atmosphere.

  • The three words that I would use are infinity,never seen before and amazing

  • I believe that mystical, colossal, and fascinating are the best three words to describe space, because we have no idea of anything outside of our solar system, and there may be many wonderful things that we have yet to discover about outer space.

  • Terrifiying.
    I think this because you can die just by rocket failure , taking off your helmet, or running out of oxygen.
    this is because there are a lot of things that are not discovered in space
    Space is too big to explore within the next thousand million years . That's why I wrote this last word
    This is because there are a lot of things that c

  • My three words would be;
    1.Scary-I chose this word because, in my opinion space is a place where there is no gravity as we all know and without gravity we won't be connected to anything, so if an astronaut was to go to space and the lead connected to him and the ship split a part he would drift of and possible die from lack of food, low oxygen and maybe drifting towards the sun, which is the scary thing about space.
    2.Weird-This is because, in my opinion the things that go one in space is weird in a cool way, for example scientist have a theory called the Big Bang as we are aware of, exploded which scientist say made our universe that thought of that is just amazing.
    3.Mind blowing-I chose this word because in my opinion, space is a mysterious place and no human really know the origin and everything to do about it and every detail uncovered always leads to the biggest question...what is space?

    thank you :)

  • I would describe space as
    I chose those three words because space is an amazing subject to study and it is really beautiful!!!

  • I would describe the space
    2)multi colour
    I pick them because space is so nice and large

  • unknown,theory and intriguing. I think space is unknown because if you think of the size of space and how we only know about whats around us,we hardly know anything. I think space has a lot of theory's because on the internet i find a lot of theory's like, the moon landing being fake, the earth being flat and aliens. Space is intriguing because the government cant stop spending so much money on space discoveries and there's so many possible and amazing things in space.

  • Three words I would use are
    1: Undiscovered
    I choose this word because it describes how big space can be, and the knowledge most people have of it. According to https://www.space.com/24073-how-big-is-the-universe.html, NASA are beginning to think that our universe is 7-trillion light years long.
    I choose this word because of how space has so many different places, and all of them work in a way that keeps them in good condition. Whether that is the planets we know - like Jupiter an Mars - or the galaxies, like the Milky Way.
    I choose this word because of everything we don't know about space. Our planet is one of over 100 billion, and that's just in our galaxy! This leaves plenty of space for aliens to live, and this can be pretty spine-chilling not knowing that there is probably another planet full of living creatures.

  • The three words I use to describe Space are Astronomical, Awe-Inspiring and Stirring!

    Astronomical - The known universe is so big, even just grasping how far apart our own planets are within our own solar system is enough to hurt your head! The Cosmic space is made of at least 200 billion galaxies and perhaps up to 200 trillion galaxies and knowing that our own Milky Way galaxy contains over 200 billion stars, that is mind-blowingly big. But in reverse, by knowing how big space is, you also realise how insignificantly small Earth is in relation to everything!

    Awe-Inspiring - The awe-inspiring moment has to be the moon landing; going to the moon, and upon getting there, standing there, looking out witnessing the entirety of Earth would have been breathtakingly awesome! And similarly, for many people down on Earth, witnessing the whole event may have evoked our first appreciation for Earth. People would have paused to reflect upon our relationship with Earth and how important and fragile our planet is to all of us. And as it so happens, following the first mission to the Moon, World Earth Day began in 1970 and this was the first celebration to bring awareness to our entire living planet.

    Stirring - Space in it’s entire wonderment is great for stirring up all kinds of emotions and motivation. It has inspired generations all over the world for more space exploration, provoking deeper curiosity about our universe, seeking answers to the endless mysteries of space, and inspiring visionary thoughts of humans going to Mars (we already have spacecraft on Mars). Space exploration also required great innovators to develop amazing technologies and if it wasn’t for Nasa we wouldn’t have many of the important inventions for our everyday uses such as LED lighting, Mobile Camera phones, Satellites, Water purification, Solar panels, Smoke detectors, Memory Foam, Freeze Dried Food, Baby formula, Scratch-resistant lenses, Insulin pumps, Life saving Heart Transplant equipment, Firefighting equipment, Artificial limbs, and so much, much more!

  • I would describe space as mysterious amazing and beautiful because to me space is a wonder of the universe. You don’t know how it got there or how old it really is.It is also a very good way to learn more about solar system and it is amazing because we discover new life, species and planets that have never been discovered or known before.Space is really a great wonder.

  • Big, mysterious and extraordinary. This is because we know barely anything about the infinite plain that is space, all we do know is that space is huge, and unknown

  • Infinite (it goes on forever ), dazzling (supernovas and stars are so beautiful )and eerie ( there is so much out there that we don't know about, and the silence and lack of light makes it strangely scary ).

  • I would describe Space as curious, indescribable and shocking.

  • Infinite, scary and hungry. Infinite because it goes on forever, scary because 70% of the universe is made up of Dark Matter which we have no idea about of what its made of or what it is or does, and hungry because as far as we know it keeps getting bigger and bigger.

  • Introspective - yes, the stars are far away and very certainly not a part of ourselves, but humans from hundreds of years ago joined together stars that are as far away from each other as we are from them, for the sole purpose of understanding the night sky and knowing. I think that space is introspective because it makes us want to know, what is out there and how it works and why it is there, it makes us contemplate things we've maybe never discovered before.

    Open - Space is a huge, huge expanse, and yes, it feels very open, covering everything. However, I think it is also very open because of its opportunities. Opportunities in astronomy, physics, space exploration and mechanics, the immediate guesses, yes, but also opportunities creatively. Authors write sci-fi and fantasy about space, like Douglas Adams, who wrote the quote above, who wrote the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, one of the most famous space fantasy books of all time. Van Gogh painted space years and years ago, Ancient Greek philosophers contemplated it thousands of years ago, people have been writing about it since the dawn of space exploration, and before. It is an opportunity.

    Refuge - Lastly, I think, for more realistic reasons and less philosophical, space is a refuge. The world is burning, sea levels are rising, and in possibly hundreds of years, or sooner, if drastic changes are not made, Earth could become dangerous to live on, or even uninhabitable. Here, space will be a refuge. There are planets that we could travel to, and possibly live on, though with some difficulty, space may become our new home and a refuge from climate change and our dying earth, eventually.

  • my three words are mysteries,big and stunning i chose the word mysteries because there are all sorts of things in space that no one has discovered get. And i chose the word big because space is huge.I also chose the word stunning because space is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.

  • Boundless, overwhelming and thought-provoking.
    Boundless because space can go on for billions of years,
    Overwhelming in size (I imagine our solar system as a grain of sand on the beach, the beach going on for miles )
    Thought-provoking as every time I look us into the sky at night, a train of thought comes rushing into my head and I am filled with unanswerable questions.

  • Mystifying, frustrating and diverse. Mystifying because we get perplexed and surprised around the discoveries scientists make about space. Frustrating because there is a lot more things out ther we yet have to discover. Diverse because there are so many types of planets, galaxies, solar-sytems, stars, moons, dwarf planets, asteroids, clusters and more things that are in space.

  • My three words to describe space is...
    1. Mysterious because it seems as though once you learn of one thing, there are still many more wondrous things to know. It's also a good thing to learn more as there are, for example, people who aren't astronauts, but they are still eager to investigate space.
    2. Also spacious; space in itself is monstrous. You may go to space feeling so small, especially with the shadow of its breathtaking beauty. To arrive in space and to become engulfed in it, is a pretty cool feeling to experience.
    As well as that, I'll mention the word limitless. I stated this word since space basically goes on forever! It never appears to end! You could go to wherever you think is the 'end' of space, but really, it's continuous.

  • The 3 words I’d use to describe Space would be…

    Infinite: The dictionary definition of infinite is “limitless or endless in space, extent, or size; impossible to measure or calculate” (credit to Google Dictionary), and I feel that is exactly what space is.
    You look up into the night’s sky. What do you see? A blanket of darkness, and, if you’re lucky, stars. But you don’t dare count them. It would be pointless. You see, according to Space.com (https://www.space.com/26078-how-many-stars-are-there.html) there are “1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars, or a "1" with 24 zeros after it (1 septillion in the American numbering system; 1 quadrillion in the European system)”. Truly mind-boggling!

    Almighty: Much like what I have mentioned above, Space is simply enormous, and can hold many unknown things with it; Space is enigmatic; mysterious.
    Furthermore, it’s quite hard to take in, what with all that darkness, almost coming up on you. Today many of us are going Trick or Treating for Halloween (the time I’m writing this) late at night. Perhaps you’d look up once, and recognize the night-sky – perhaps you’ll see stars…

    Magnifying: Space is a wondrous thing that attracts much attention. After all, what’s NASA dedicated to? If you take a moment to gaze up, you’d find yourself unable to look back. There’s simply so much of it!
    Sometimes, I find, it seems as if it expands. And once I see that, I’m instantly drawn to the visual of such utter darkness.

  • The 3 words to describe Space…

    Never-ending ~ There is no beginning, nor an end. All you see is black darkness, and a few white twinkling things – stars! It feels as if it is coming at you, marching towards you, overcoming you. It really is a magnificent sight.

    Enchanting ~ To merely see the stars grouped together is extraordinary. And to gaze upon the dark, dark night-sky is truly enchanting. As well as that, to think about all the discoveries wondrous scientists have made…

    Spooky ~ Yes, Space is amazing, but we must always consider the dangers involved. Something bad happens when you’re up there – and it’s game over. Not only that, think about it – you’re floating up there, relying on the scientists’ research in hope that they have done everything correctly – your life depends on it!

  • Sheep should go to space that is what i think it means.