#14 - Star skill!

11 December 2020

Skill Description Competition Problem Solving

Winners announced!

We were blown away by the standard of your responses this week and it’s fantastic to see that you all understand how important our key skills are.

By the way, there was no correct answer as to which skill is the most important - we just wanted to see you using some good reasoning in your answers! The winners this time are…

reasoning_honeydew of Allerton High School, who assessed each of the skills before explaining why creativity was the most important for them


neat_situation of Preston Manor School, who creatively described the skill of creativity as “light in the darkness”.

Great work! Well done!

It is impossible to predict exactly what will happen in the future of work - but one thing's for sure... skills are going to be very important! Throughout this Issue, you have been looking at the importance of our key skills for workers. But for this week's competition, we want you to answer the questions...

Which ONE skill will be the most important for the future of work: speaking, listening, problem-solving or creativity? Why did you choose this one over the others?

You could think about which one might be the most important for your dream job OR you could think about which one is the most important for workers in general. Don't forget to give reasons for your choice!

The best entries will use examples of jobs and workers taken from the Issue sessions. Need to refresh your memory? Look at the session recaps here.

Here's a sentence structure to help you get going:

In the future, I think that (insert skill here) will be the most important for workers because (insert reasons here).

The deadline for entries is Friday December 11th at midday. PLEASE ENTER ONLY ONCE . Good luck!

Comments (98)

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  • my name is nice_keyboard and I think speaking is the most important because i most jobs you normally have to talk, for reference a person that accepts job applications, or a lawyer and/or a teacher and pretty much every job.

  • in the future i think it is important to listen to your boss

    1. Hi fascinating_technology!
      How might listening be important in jobs?
      From buzzing_grapefruit.

  • In the future, I think that problem solving will be the most important for workers because they can help find vaccines(such as the recent corona vaccine),problem solvers can invent new things like floating cars or a completely new way to travel!,and if a other pandemic strikes we will find a cure sooner and it will be over as quick as a blink,jobs such as scientists,builders,cleaners,taxi drivers in fact most jobs are solving problems every day! and most people are try to be problem solvers every day. 7.8 million people are Researchers due to a study in 2013 (0.1% of the worlds population) i think more people should be problem solvers because they will over all make the world better.

    1. Could you share where you found your statistic, calm_fish?

  • in the future I think that the most important is going to be creativity because everyone would get bored and you can make new shop's and new games and PS6's.

  • in the future I think speaking will be the most important because you can give your on opinions on several things that you could change , improve , stay the same , ask people on how to do several things that you mite not know about , you can motivate people to be the best that they can be and if you don't speak to people or when you are in work and you don't talk to your colleges at work when you come to talk to someone one day you probably wont communicate well and mite end up in a argument

  • In my opinion, they are all equally important. But, I think that problem-solving is the one that is mainly needed in a work space, this is because problem-solving would have to be used by bosses to figure out how to keep their employees safe and in work. But lets say that Covid-19 no longer existed, there would still be a lot of problem-solving skills needed. Problem-solving may be needed when trying to figure out how to balance family and work, figure out how to do something e.g Figuring out how to write something out for a work reason while also having time to do your other work if you are part of the Gig-Economy, or finding a way to get enough money to buy a machine to do work that lower-skilled jobs that people can do. Another reason why problem-solving is useful is if you have someone you work with often that you can easily disagree/argue with you would have to find a way to either avoid them or find a way to stop arguing with each other and have a sort of truce. Problem-solving during Covid-19 would have to include businesses trying to find a way for people to work at home and scientists finding a vaccine for Covid-19. Thank you for reading.

  • Hello,i am sensible_city.I think speaking🗣 in the most important because in most work places you will have to make phone calls and go to meetings for example a teacher👩‍🏫 a delivery driver🚗 or a lawyer👩‍⚖️ have to take phone calls and talk to lots of people. bye! thanks for reading📘 -sensible_city

  • In the future, I think that creativity will be the most important for workers because you need a lot of creativity in you to build new inventions/buildings like Care homes etc, for good needs.

  • Konichiwa I'm secure twilight but call me secure! So, I think that creativity will be an important skill because in the future entertainment will be very important because if there's no entertainment people will feel sad, deppressed even crazy, that's why we should do everything to entertain people. My fellow friend responible artist wannted to be a animator and that's good because she could give laughter and happiness and youtube is a entertainment centre its full of funny, sad & happy stuff. gaming is the main trend its proven that 3.1 Billion world wide. which is 40%of the world population

    1. Could you share where you found your statistic please, secure_twilight? And Is creativity just about entertainment?

  • In the future, I think that creativity and problem solving will be the most important skill. The reason I think these will be the best skill is because that a lot of things in the future will require a heaping of creativity. And also, things in the future will malfunction and have problems, which is why problem solving would be a key skill.

    1. Which do you think is most important out of the two, crafty song? Why?

  • hi outgoing_fox here. I think that the best skill to have is common sense, as it can guide you through doing something you think you cant do but you really can. it also helps you know weather or not something is necessary.

    1. Interesting thought, outgoing_fox! Which skill do you think common sense would link to the best: speaking, listening, problem-solving or creativity? Why?

  • I think that speaking and problem solving are the 2 most important skills because speaking can help with if you have good ideas or if you have a suggestion in the lesson. Problem solving is another one because in the BNC you have to do a lot of thinking and problem solving in lessons and in the final piece.

  • I think creativity is the most important because when you make something you can make it into something else. You can also create stuff that has never been created before. Also not happy and bored you can get creative and make something that no one has thought of this before. If your in lockdown and feeling depressed you can ask your parent if they work from home can you help me make something, and if they say yes and they get you a materials you can make something better. And if your doing your job and they can't think of something don't be afraid to say something creative.

    Remember this and don't forget you can call me jovial here this is jovial_eel speaking

    1. How could creativity help you in the future of work, jovial_eel?

  • Hi there, my name is decisive_redcurrant and this is my comment
    In the future, I think speaking is very key because without speaking. The job could easily be destroyed, there will be no communication and how will you know what to do.With speaking you can also solve problems because you’re communicating with others and putting your own thoughts down With speaking you can also solve problems because you’re communicating with others and putting your own thoughts down I think speaking is very key in a job. I think speaking with the help of jobs such as shopowners, café owners and people that own place, also police stations would need a lot of communicating as if there is a very important case and the person needs emergency they can all come together in one car and drive to where the case was supported. This is why I think that speaking would help us in the future. Hope you agree with me decisive_redcurrant

  • When I am older, I would like to be a astronaut so I would have to do a lot of problem solving to work out things like: What would I do if there was a shortage of food? and Why didn’t the system not work?
    However, for work in general, I think speaking would be the most important because if you knew how to solve a problem but you needed help with actually putting it into action, then you would need to speak in some way to get the help. Also, if nobody spoke, there would be no one to listen to and you cannot share your creativity without speaking.

  • I submitted my comment for the Extinct Jobs competition on Thursday night, but now it's not there

    1. Sorry to hear that discreet_drum! Please don't let that stop you from entering competitions in the future.

  • All the Burnet News Club skills are equally important so I can't really choose. So I will choose, in my opinion ,the skill that stands out to me the most.

    I think a skill that stands out to me a lot is listening since if your in a business meeting and you are not listening and only speaking you will miss all the great and creative ideas your partners or workers have. If you worked for someone and you were just slacking off and you had a main part to play in this mission or case or what you would like to call it. If you never listened it would cause chaos for everything since one little job can affect a lot of others and your sturdy job could be not so sturdy and this could affect your family and life giving you a bad report or reputation in the company or community. It could also affect the people you are working with and their families what would they think of you? Listening is a useful skill to gain knowledge and skills as well as speaking up and everything else. This also shows respect. This is why you have 2 ears and 1 mouth since when you listen it should be double your speaking (use of the mouth.)

    So these are the reasons why I chose this skill,
    Thanks for reading!

    empathetic_brain 😊

  • I think creativity is important because if you have creativity you can build a machine for example alexa. Alexa is buit by a human.Did you know means is somethink that makes a human beings life easy to operate. A machine can talk and listen. but a machine can not solve problems. for example if your computer is brokern a machine cant fix it fully you would need a human to finish the work as well. Also creativety is very important because if you dont have any creativety you would not have any ideas of your own. You would have to copy other peoples ideas. Furthermore, that is not good because if you work in ashop or factory you would need to make up your own ideas otherwise your products would not sell and you would get in trouble for coping someones ideas. which is ot very good.

    by brilliant-song

    1. Are you sure there are no machines that can solve problems, brilliant_song? What about computers?

      1. why creativity is good:
        .you don't have to copy other peoples ideas
        .if you work in a shop and you have your own product it will sell better
        .you might have ideas that people don't understand which could make the life of work easier
        .being creative helps share ideas

        why creativity is not good:
        . you can have ideas which are really hard to make or do
        .you might be lazy
        .you might not have the courage to do it
        . sometimes sticking with the rules is better

        by brilliant_song

      2. some machines can solve problems while other machines can not solve problem.

  • I think that for all jobs listening is the most important. Even for a mathematician because they listen too their inner voice because their listening too their inner voice saying try this method or do this to work calculations out . Listening is also good for artists because they have to listen to their inner voice to see what goes where and what to do.
    That's what's I think for all jobs .
    Thank You for reading

  • I think creativity is the most important because for technology and the world to evolve, people need to be creative to find ways for that to happen. If nobody was creative, then nothing would change. Things need to upgrade because then we can live on other planets and create new food and entertainment.

  • In the future, I think that all of these skills will be important but speaking and open-mindedness will be the most important. I think this because you need to be open minded and listen to other people's reasons and explanations and also see where they are coming from, their viewpoints. Speaking is important too as everyone deserves a chance for their voice to be heard and we all have the right to say what we need and want to say. It's better to say too much than never to say what you need to say again. Back to when we were on the voting competition, people were inferring on things famous people had said and quoted and they talks about how everyone's voice needs to be heard. this i another example of speaking.

    1. Nice thinking, impartial_shark! Open-mindedness comes under listening because it's all about hearing what others have to say before you make your mind up. So which do you think is the most important: speaking or listening? Why?

  • My name is bright_independence . I think the best skill for this issue is speaking because you can speak about your opinion and have your say in the current affairs that are happening in our world \ or planet.

  • In the future, I think that Problem solving will be the most important skill for workers to have. I think this because, if there is more devices used daily, places like a Lab, Pharmacy, doctors office, or/and a shop will require technical help to solve problems. This skill can also be used during the Covid-19 Pandemic when there isn't enough space or materials. For example, in a cafe there is a man who has opened again but needs to still follow the coronavirus rules. In his shop, there is not enough room to space everyone out 2 metres. However, he can usethe problem-solving skill to work out how much space he needs, and to find somewhere to expand from. Thankyou for reading,

  • I think they are all really important but I think that Problem-solving is the most needed skill in a working environment because if you can problem solve, you can be able to solve the problems of the world. There are so many problems in the world around health and around climate change and so much more. Also, if you think about it problem-solving links to creativity because you can be creative to resolve a problem like Cancer. Cancer is a major problem that nobody has been able to solve up till today. To create a cure to the long- standing problem you need to problem- solve which includes being creative. Another example of problem-solving and creativity being linked together is Covid-19. Covid-19 is a horrid disease that has claimed many lives but thankfully the vaccine has been produced through creativity and problem-solving .
    Problem-solving is also really important because if something goes wrong in your work place, you can use your problem- solving skills to overcome the problem.

  • Hi I'm reasoning_honeydew, and here are my views on this. Personally, I think that all of these skills are equally as important as one another. However, the skill that I think would be most important for the future of work is creativity. True, speaking and listening are both very important skills, and not just in a workplace. But the world of work is constantly changing, and in the future, will those skills be as important as they are now? As current times have shown, a lot of unexpected problems have appeared out of nowhere, and solutions need to be found. But is basic problem-solving going to be this solution? I think a spark creativity is needed to find a way to solve these kind of unexpected problems, thinking outside the box to recieve the best possible outcome that will benefit everybody.

  • I think the most important skill in work is being creative with your ways, when making a presentation you must be creative with the ways you do it in. Not an ordinary presentation you have to think different, it makes it more enjoyable! Creativity in thinking new ideas also, you must be creative with ideas to keep people safe during lockdowns.

    1. Can you give an example, unconventional_bat?

  • This is really hard for me because they are all so important but I think it is speaking because you can be an activist and speak out, you can speak about your ideas or plans in a lot of jobs and if we didn’t speak to each other it might end up in havoc because you won’t know what the decision of something is or you might be speaking out about something urgent.

  • Hi, eager_ honeyberry here. In the future, I think that problem solving will be the most important skill for workers as managers have to keep their employees safe and they can do their job comfortably in any situation. Problem-solving skills are skills that enable people to handle unexpected situations or difficult challenges at work. Organisations need people who can accurately assess problems and come up with effective solutions. This is crucial because if the job doesn't run smoothly, it could create stress. 83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress*. US businesses lose up to $300 billion yearly as a result of workplace stress- stress causes around one million workers to miss work every day. Only 43% of US employees think their employers care about their work-life balance.
    *Source: The AIS (The American Institute of Stress)

    1. Fantastic use of statistics to support your opinion, eager_honeyberry! And well done for sharing your source too - that helps me to see how trustworthy your stats are.

  • I think in the future the most important skill would be 'Creativity,'because if we have no creative people there would be no entertainment to keep us happy and occupied for example if we are in 2024 there might not be anybody creative enough to make a circus or a ZOO,then there would be no people happy people and learning would just be 'DO THIS NOW ,look at the video, They would be strict. (This is a add on because I forgot to finish.)

  • I think the star skill is listening because if you listen you will know more and if you listen you can write more this is why it stands out to me. It is also because all I've really every got a star for is for the listening skill. It is also paired with speaking out because if you listen before you speak you have a more better advantage of saying more and providing more information that is why I think that listening is a good and very appropriate thing to be doing to others.

  • Problem solving is good as well because it can help in the future of work, you could solve problems if the has been a breakthrough or if some thing is wrong. We need problem solving because it has help us when we have a job, police use problem solving when there is crime do an booming.

  • Hi I am willing_radio and this is what I think, I think the best is problem solving, reasoning behind this is, problem solving can play a great role in life and because without problem solving it’s likely nobody will get anywhere and we would all just be stuck! And during the pandemic the UK showed great problem solving for a example, they decided to move work online to keep everyone safe and (we could potentially use this in the future)! And problem solving could be many things, for example it could be able to adapt to something different and new such as working from home! To conclude all of it problem solving is used a lot and it is likely going to be used the most and forever!
    By willing_radio!

  • I think in the future it is important to listen because if you don't listen then you will probably lose your job which then you wouldnt be able to get money if you didn't have any job . Also it is good to have ideas because you could make your work a better place to be.

  • I think out of all jobs listening is the most important skill. Even for scientists because they have to listen to their inner voices to tell them which experiment goes in the place where its meant to go. They also need to listen to their inner voice because they might do things wrong if they don't know which one or which experiment goes where if they don't listen to their inner voice or brain.
    That`s what I think of all jobs
    Thank You for reading.

  • Hello,I'm engaging_planet and I think the listening is important for the future of work because you have to listen to your boss,co-worker/colligues,inspectors or visitors that come and maybe make a speach about you,your work or were you are at the place they have made the speach.But other people may think diferent to what I think and that's ok,this is what I think.

  • I think problem solving is important because during covid - 19 the government had to choose which shops got closed down . We also had to stay safe and we needed to problem solve where we it is sensible to shop

  • In all jobs in the world I think that speaking is very crucial n a job. The reasons why I think this is because when you speak you can pull out all your thoughts, You can tell other what you think about something. Speaking is very good for you as it allows us to form connections, influence decisions, and motivate change. Without communication skills, the ability to progress in the working world and in life, itself, would be nearly impossible.Also Effective public speaking skills can help with career advancement, as they indicate creativity, critical thinking skills, leadership abilities, poise, and professionalism, qualities which are very valuable for the job market. This is why I think speaking is the main skill needed for a job.By decisive_redcurrant

  • hi im artistic_piano and my dream job is a singer and the most important thing for being a singer is speaking, listening and creativity. You would need creativity for you lyrics, you would need to listen to fans, you would need to speak for interviews and concerts.
    by artistic_piano!

    1. Which one do you think is the most important?

  • This was a hard choice to make, however, I am going to go for Listening.

    Listening is important because (as empathetic_brain said) ''if your in a business meeting and you are not listening and only speaking you will miss all the great and creative ideas your partners or workers have''. You could even speak about your own ideas and merge you and your colleagues ideas together.

    Listening can problem solve because when you listen you might suddenly get an idea from what your associate is saying eg. someone is talking about their problem solving idea and by listening to them, you understand what they are saying and come up with your own problem solution which could be based on their one!

    Listening could be a way to be creative. This is an idea, but, you could be creative in the way you are listening to another person. For example, you could disagree with someone but be creative and see what they are saying from another perspective (like the brain-stand competition a while ago). You could also be creative with your idea from listening (a little like listening and then problem solving).

    Again, this was a hard choice, and other skills could relate to speaking and creativity, but listening is important too.


  • My dream job is a technologist because I LOVE inventing and creativity.

    For my dream job I think the most important skill would be creativity because to invent new "inventions" you must create the idea and create it with different materials.

    I also think problem-solving is important so there is a meaning to your invention.

    You CANNOT do my dream job if you cannot create or what you create has no purpose.

  • It was really hard to choose so instead I will be saying why each skill is important. Speaking- The skill speaking is very important as you need to be able to express yourself and share your opinions. Listening: It is important to listen so you can see how you can improve your ideas and work. Problem Solving: In work, there can be a lot of problems they will face and they need to make sure they keep their employees safe. Creativity: Work without creativity would be dull, you need ideas to boost your job. Fashion designers, artists you may think that only they use creativity but they are not the only one. You may not know but you are using creativity most of the time. From buzzing_grapefruit

    1. That's great thinking...but on this occasion we are challenging you to choose! If you really had to narrow it down, which skill would you say is the most important?

      1. I would say speaking because you need to be able to share your opinions and great ideas. You need to express yourself and state what you think.

  • I think that problem solving Is the most important burnet news club skill because you can use it in your learning . When you use problem solving than you learn more about the topic or the main focus in a lesson

  • Hi,
    My name is blissful_analysis and I
    think that all of these are important! This because if we can not solve problems then the whole world will be hectic and everyone will be against each other for example if we were to have a fight because someone crashed your car,we can never be able to solve this problem if we dont have the skills to talk confidently and sort it out together.We also need really good speaking skills because if we are not able to speak english fluently and correct our grammar then we will not be able to get to our jobs that we like for example if I wanted to be a doctor I would need an interview1so they know me but if I can't speak fluent english they won't let me work which will be hard to find another job. Creativity is also important because using the same ideas are boring,everything will be the same but if we have some creativity we could think outside the box and create something cool. Then you must listen to grab some ideas and magpie and use it in your own piece of writing. You would also need to listen so that you know what your doing for example when your cooking if you don't listen to the video then you might cause a fire so that is why you listen, none of us would want a fire!!!
    Thanks for listening I hope you enjoyed and good luck to everyone else,
    I hope I win because I have never won before :(

  • I think two things, listening and problem solving! I think listening because the government needs to listen to the community! So they can actually do what people ask them to do; I also think problem solving because the community needs to find a way to make things smoother again!
    By: articulate_consept

  • In my opinion I believe that problem solving will be the most important skill for workers to have. I think this because with many jobs you have to face problems and find a way how to solve them. For example if you work in a shop since lockdown there may have been a possibility that they would have had to close down. However, this would also give you other opportunities to expand of redecorate but this would be a risk that you could take or not take. Another problem for shops is complains and rude customers , I think this would be a problem because a lot of disrespectful people who go into shops (what I have heard about online) they will go damaging the property. Complains can also be a problem because if someone complains about something about your shop you have to fix it or change it. Another job that could have problems is of you work in an office. I think this could have some problems because if you had fellow work members that just didn't care about their job and were just rude to everyone, this would cause problems because of they happened to be rude to one of your best customers it could end up to you loosing a lot of money for your business. I think it could also be a problem because if they are rude to the other people around in their surroundings it would just ruin their day and that is just mean. I think there could also be problems working in an office because if your surroundings are really messy this could cause distractions for the other workers thsi could result into them not producing the best piece of work that they can do.
    I understand that all of these skills are all important but this is just what I think.
    Thank you for reading :)

  • I think that problem solving is the most important skill in life. I think it is because as you progress in life a lot of challenges are going to be thrown in your face and you are going to need to know how to handle it. Take how the UK handled the pandemic as an example. The Prime Minister knew that the second wave of the pandemic was escalating so he had to make a decision. He knew that people were going to meet up for Christmas anyway so he decided to make a shift of plans. People can now meet up with two other families at Christmas for a few days. If he hadn't found a way and a system people would not be able to see families. This is why I think this is the most important skill.

  • I think listening is more important because if you want to create something new you, have to listen to someone who knows how to create and you can learn how to create and design what you want to create, if you want problem solving skills you have to listen so you know what is causing the problem and how to cure it and if you want to speak out you should listen so you will have confidence on what to say. If you want to be the best you should listen so you can have the confidence to speak out.

  • Problem solving is also going to be useful in the future because we do not know what is going to happen, if we want to get ready we need to start solving problems so we will just be prepared.

    1. Please enter competitions only once, crafty_panther.

  • In a job, I think listening is the most important. If people never listened in a job then no one would get any where. People need to listen to understand each other, as well as working on projects together. You wouldn't get any where in a meeting if you didn't listen would you? Not only is it important in the world of work but in everyday life. You need to listen to find out information and you cannot ask for help if you are not prepared to listen. It is an essential skill. You cannot problem solve if you cannot listen, you cannot speak if you can't hear your own voice, and you can't be creative if you don't listen to other peoples' ideas. In my opinion this skill is the most important in working and everyday life.

    However, the other skills are important to. Problem solving is key in any sort of situation to get you out of it (or you want to be Sherlock Holmes). Creativity is important to make work as exciting as possible and try things new and speaking is essential for communication of ideas and thoughts as well as helping others. I think that all these skills are essential but overall (by a very, very tiny amount) I think that listening is the most important.

    Thanks for reading,

  • I think speaking is important because to give out your ideas you need to communicate and if you communicate may be your idea can work so it is important. Speaking out needs to be more used because since we have computers we can message but it is never the same. Listening can also be important because if you are not listening to the work you won't be able to do it. In Future of work, both of them are important because if you have ideas in your mind and you share them you have to listen to things first which would've helped you think of your idea and then you can share it out. From both of these I think listening is the most important because like I said to communicate or think of ideas you have to listen.
    - spectacular_language

    1. Which is the most important, speaking or listening, spectacular_language?

  • eager_reflection here,
    I think that listening is an important skill. This is because if you own a business you need to keep yourself updated with news so that you can help the business evolve, and you do this by listening. It can reduce working conflicts because listening to your colleagues can help generate more ideas. You will be more likely to retain information; that can help you be more productive. If you don't listen to yourself and others, you will become confused. Through listening, you learn from other people, so both of you benefit. If you never listen in work, there will be a lot of arguments, as you could have made a mistake because you didn't listen, and that could cause the company to lose money.
    Thanks for reading.

  • In the future, I think that speaking will be the most important for workers because when we speak we can get our ideas out and if we never learnt to speak, all of our ideas wouldn't happen and we wouldn't be heard.

    Although, all the other skills are really important as well, like creativity because without being creative everything would be basic and not really interesting, so we need to use creativity skills to make everything look interesting. Problem-solving because if there's a problem without this skill you wouldn't be able to solve it, therefore, we wouldn't be any help in solving any problems that you may face. Listening because when you listen you know what you need to do, when you need to do it and maybe why you need to do it, without this skill you wouldn't know what you need to do, when you need to do it and why you need to do it.

    However, I did choose speaking over them all due to it being the most important for workers at this time in my opinion.

  • I believe that the most needed trade is either creativity and problem solving as most of the manual work will be done by computers and most work will also be done by machines what they will really need is quick thinking, open minded and creative people to be able to come up with new and improved designs for new things to be released someone who often thinks too big but has the will power to accomplish it with hard work and concentration. Problem solving will be needed for a quick fix if something ever goes wrong to be flexible to sudden changed that happen just like when the pandemic happened many businesses had to close as they never really thought this would ever happen while some stayed open as they had already put this into the equation of there business.feel free to correct me or share your opinion open to different thoughts and construct criticisms.

  • Another important skill is speaking people need the courage and thought process to keep peoples feelings in mind and still be able to speak there mind without being scared and able to share there opinions with others

    1. Please enter only once to keep things fair, witty_performance.

  • In a job, I think listening is most important. I think this because let's say someone was giving a plan, and you weren't listening, you wouldn't know what to do and you might have to start the project again

  • My dream job is to be a doctor. So in this case I think listening is the best skill as you need to be able to listen to others, and take their information as feedback or just to learn something new!♡

  • In my opinion, listening is one of the most important skills a worker should have. If we didn't listen, we wouldn't know how to solve other important skills like problem solving.
    Let's look at mental health counsellors, judges and doctors. Mental health counsellors take on a vital role when ensuring a patient's mental health is in good condition by listening to their problems/feelings and talking about them. We listen to them to get advice on how we can improve our mental state. Judges listen to lawyers and the evidence given to be able to dictate a fair verdict and a sentence when necessary. Doctors have to listen to the patient's symptoms in detail to give a diagnosis so they will hopefully get better.
    Without the skill of listening, there would be many misunderstandings because if we don't listen carefully to what others have to say, we'll never be able to look at other different viewpoints. Even as children, we are taught to listen to our parents to look for guidance and help. This just shows how much listening can benefit us in many ways, because it enables you to take advice and learn from people who've had that experience.

  • did you know lots of shops and brands started because people had really good creative ideas. Also they were determined to make there dreams happen. that is a reason why creativity is good!

  • In future work, I think creativity will be the most important because if we are going to ensure robots function in the world, we need creativity to help create the robots and other things in the world. Creativity challenges peoples ways of thinking and creates opportunities out of problems.

  • In the future, I think problem solving will be most important because Doctors and Nurses need to solve peoples illnesses or injures. Covid created lot's of new challenges an example is when I play rugby I had to social distance and hand sanitise my hands.

  • I believe that in the future all kids from all around the world would need many skills. Such as speaking, listening, problem solving or creativity. But the most important skill in my opinion is creativity, because in any dull situation theres always that one person to put light into the darkness. You probably think this childish but even adults need that light. And creative people can always think of the right things to say at the right time. That's why we all need a little creativity in our lives.

  • All of these skills are very important and linked to jobs, but if I had to pick one, I would pick problem solving.
    I think problem solving is the most important because problem solvers are able to understand the problems they are facing and how to solve them.
    When you think about it, every profession you can think of tackles a problem. Doctors are problem solvers because they are trying to help people with illnesses, pilots are problem solvers because they are trying to transport people quickly overseas and maybe a boat is too slow, etc.
    If you are a good problem solver then you can pretty much be in any job.

  • My dream job is becoming a Teacher. I think that I will need to be good at all four skills as to be a Teacher they are all essential and here's why.
    Listening, is an important skill as you need to listen to the pupils questions and answers ensuring that you give the correct reply to them.
    Speaking, is an important skill as I will need to communicate clearly to the pupils.
    Problem solving, is an important skill to a Teacher as pupils learn in different ways so a Teacher needs to workout how to teach a lesson to pupils of different abilities.
    Lastly, creativity is an important skill as Teachers need to think up exciting and interesting lessons when they teach.

  • The skill I would choose is problem-solving because if you are working with a different company if they are trying to do something you might need to problem solve so it works and does not break.

  • Personally the skill that I find most promising in the future is creativity. Creativity also links with problem solving in the sense that when you create something you look to make peoples lives more easy or purely to make people happy. Without creativity we will stay at the same stage doing the same thing over and over again which will not allow us to develop. Creativity is also good because we will be able to think of solutions to things that come up like the Covid-19 pandemic and counter problems like debt and economic crisis. Another great thing about creativity is it lets you show how you think and how your thoughts may be different to others which gives your own voice in several matters and lets you add your personal touch. Creativity also allows you to create things that will help people and it is all down to your own ideas. Also without creativity I wouldn't be writing this because when I wrote this I used creativity to think of my ideas. We should be grateful for creativity because without it we wouldn't have the many amazing inventions like electricity, phone, television and more therefore making our lives easier. All of these reasons are why I think creativity will be the most important skill in the future.

  • In the future speaking would be important because to communicate with others you could learn lots of things for example you could learn how to speak a different language,you could learn how to get to places and you could get yourself a job because a job interview you would need to speak.If you are always shy and you never talk there is a bigger chance of you getting bullied,which we don't want.we would like a strong person who can speak and never be shy because being quiet can never get you anywhere,if you need help and you don't ask for help you will never learn anything

  • I think that creativity is the most important skill because creativity can help you in lots of different jobs for example a inventer you'll need creativity and a imaginationto invent something new 😀

    Thanks for reading
    Ethical Cliff

  • Point: I believe that problem solving skills are the best for the future.

    Evidence: I know ths because in the future without the skills of problem solving we will not be able to get through anything , for example, take 2020, this year in which coronavirus occured, our doctors of england had the skills of problem solving to develop this vaccine and also I wanted to say that in the near future we WILL have to solve climate change , pollution and global warming so it is a must that we develop the skills of probem solving.

    Explanation: This points to the fact that problem solving is a MUST for the near future so we can keep ourselves,earth and mother nature.
    -decisive lion

  • Hi trusting_dragonfly here! In my entry I am going to give a small reason on why each skill will useful in the future and then I will say which skill I think will be the most useful.

    Creativity will be an important because in the future when we might create a lot of new technology, we would need to be creative to invent new things!
    Problem solving would be useful because if we are faced with wars, disagreements, challenges etc we will be able to overcome them.
    Speaking would be important because like creativity, if we want to make new technology people would have to use the skill of speaking to share their ideas to the world.
    Listening would be important because when people want to share ideas with each other they would have to listen to see if they agree or not.

    I think that the most important skill would be speaking. The reason I think this is because when you speak you can share your ideas they would be able to create new things and share their opinion with others.

  • Hello, the skill that I think is the most important is creativity or problem solving. I think this because if you are in the state of natasha, from roman road, and you are extending your work space, then you would need creativity to design the layout and what CHANGE needs to be made and with problem solving, you might need to sort out a problem with money, customers etc. Out of the two options that i selected, I think that creativity is the most important as problem solving is a matter of uncertainty and without the creative sparkle in a worker, then everyone would be the same and you wouldn't have that personal touch that makes you, you. Creativity links to problem solving a lot as you need creativity to think of ways out just like you need problem solving. Another reason why i think creativity is the most important skill would be, happiness. When you create something to help others like your customers then they get that sense of happiness. Thank you for reading😊 - poetic_passionfruit.

  • my name is objective coookie and i think that speaking is important for the following reasons

    it makes the boss more happy and wanting to pick you
    it makes the job more happy

  • i forgot to say my dream job is a doctor

  • The skill that I think will be vital in the future is problem solving. Lots of useful jobs for the future contain it an example of these jobs are; lawyer, coder, teacher, mechanic, doctor, scientist, MP etc. these jobs will be vital for the land of tomorrow. despite the fact that the rest may be useful they wont be as useful as problem solving.

  • personally I feel like the most prominent skill in the future will be problem solving. I chose this because without problem solving chaos would control your life , with problem solving you can find better ways to live and work in the future. Problem solving is also super important because by solving your problems you are improving your life. However I can also see why many other skills are significant, creativity is key as it the only way to move forward . Speaking is also important because without a voice many people are lead through a life they do not wish to lead . And finally, listening can not be taught to robot . In conclusion I think problem solving is most important as it sums up most key points mentioned above.

  • Personally, I think the most important skill is listening because, if we do not have the courage or strength to listen it will be chaos. If we do not listen people won't be able to be kind and compassionate. All of the jobs like the medical profession will not be able to function properly because they wouldn't be able to listen at the customers or family. Also wouldn't be able to help and support them in their time of need. Another reason would be that everyone would be ignoring each other and not taking in any advice or opinions. This would eventually lead to racism, discrimination, sexism and lack of interest in people. This would lead to horror and destruction in this beautiful world.

  • I think creativity is the most important because it will make you unique and the things you do special and stand out because it is ok to stand out from the crowd. If no one was creative then we would not be where we would be today e.g. phones ,x-rays and electricity this stuff is all great inventions to make ours and other peoples life easer. If robots start to take jobs then creativity would be vital because you cannot teach a robot to be creative. Creativity is vital for human existence.

  • In my opinion, I think that problem-solving is the most helpful skill. I think this because, there is no point having a job if you can't solve your own problems. For example, if your boss set you a task and you came across a problem they would be cross if you kept asking them for help or it was not your own work. Therefore, if you can't problem solve then, you cant have a job. If you don't have a job then you can't earn money to pay for food, drink and cover.

  • I think that problem-solving would be a key skill in a variety of jobs. I think this because to me the definition of problem-solving would be speaking, listening, and creativity all together. All of these skills are needed to create the dominating skill of problem solving.

    Problem-solving consists of all of the skills put together:
    Speaking: you need to speak to people to get your ideas across to people to solve the issues presented.
    Listening: People need to listen to then be creative and make a solution to the problem.
    Creativity: Finding any solution in life uses creativity as a major part of solving problems.

    Problem-solving is them all intertwined together. Jobs such as Doctors, Paramedic, Police and Firefighters all need you to solve problems as a team.
    So for me problem-solving is the most important skill to have in any job.

  • In the future, I think that problem solving will be the most useful skill as lots of problems and barriers will appear at some point in your life and you need to know how to deal with those issues in order to improve. For example: if something big went wrong in a job like surgery, the skill problem solving would be vital. Otherwise, chaos could lead to the matter of life and death. Problem solving also helps the future improve. With out problem solving, everyone would just give up on life instead of battling through it's barriers. though I feel this is the most important skill, I still believe that creativity, speaking and listening are very important.

  • i think problem solving is the most important skill for the future. We face lots of problems in every part of life so being able to find ways to solve different problems is important.

  • Hello its quirky_glacier here and i would like to talk to you about automation.

    Atomation will grow bigger as we start to use robots more which will make more people working home which has a link to covid-19 as they both challenge us to work from home. Most of our parents work from home now due to covid, but some of them work at the office, this will decrise as well as working from home will incrise.

    Robots will be helpful but aslo make us grow lazier, it will stop us from exersising or even moving.

    goodbye and have a nice day,


  • In the future , I think that problem solving will be a very important skill .Whether the problem big or small they will still have to be solved.

    If a robot is doing work in a shop or a cafe and malfunctions , someone will need to know how to fix it .

    The bigger the problem to solve could be redesigning the robot to make it more efficient and making sure it doesn’t break down again in the future.

  • I predict that creativity would be the most important.I know this because of covid 19,you will need to be creative somehow.Scientists made the covid vaccine.But, they didn’t look it up on google on how to make it,they used their imagination to create the covid vaccine.We could use our imagination to save the whole world.Scientists now are making more stuff for the future with their imagination and creativity,of course.

    Thanks for reading my comment!


  • Personally in the future problem solving will be the most important skill is problem solving. as it happens frequently and more often so it a skill we all need. During the unfortunate events of covid-19 problem solving was key part etc vaccine and how keep people safe.If there is an economic issue, problem solving is important. For the solving to happen communication is major. This can work in the future because if there was another there pandemic or an overall trouble in the world we need to be able to have a skill to resolve it.My dream job is a Raf pilot there is a lot of problem to be solved all though a lot communication is needed.Other jobs use this skill, how start a structure of a building, how to stop a pandemic there is also example in politics.

  • Hello centered_elderberry here I think the most important skill is listening because, if we do not have the courage or strength to listen it will be chaos. If we do not listen people won't be able to be kind and compassionate, and if you have a good work place and you are really good at it then you would have to listen to your boss and if you do not listen to your boss you could be in big trouble or maybe even get fiered who knows. Next I think the most important star skill would be speaking because if you were really really clever and you knew the answer at school you would have to put your hand up and speak to the teacher to let them know the answer. Also if you wre on the playground with your friends and you wanted to ask them something you would have to speak.
    After that it would be problem solving because when you are in school learning in say your maths lesson and your teacher had asked you and no one else what the answer is you would use your problem-solving skills to work out the answer to say out loud. Me myself is pretty good at maths i know any times table like eight times seven witch is fifty-six. Finally the last star skill would be creativity for in art lessons at school you would be creative in your portrait ir painting your family and freinds. Also when you are outside of school with your friends and you want to play a different game you would have to be creative by making up a fun game that all of your friends will like. Me and my friends will always play a nice game of football because that is what we all like.

    Thanks for reading,
    centered elderberry.

  • I think that listening is the most important skill because speaking over each other is not the way you could sort things. You probably wouldn't be able to hear what other people are saying.If everyone spoke about the best way to figure something out, but everyone would shout over each other So you wouldn't be able to hear the best idea. listening can become a key skill and is one of the most important skills in life you need. If we didn't hear things, like cars or people shouting, that could be a series problem because cars could run you over and people shouting could mean telling you not to do some thing that you are about to do that is dangerous. This is my reason as to why listening is a key skill in life.

    I think that speaking is an important skill in life because when you speak with other people (that speak the same language as you and know how to speak and listen), they will understand you and you could have a conversation. If there was no such thing as speaking we would not be able to contact one another in a quick way, and most of the time we would get a pen and paper or electronics to tell others what we are saying. Speaking is also fun at times when you are having a conversation with your friends and family because most of the time you would enjoy the conversation and there would be no fuss about getting a pen and paper.Those make conversations 10x longer
    That is my reason as to why speaking is a key skill in life
    I think problem-solving is a good skill because it helps you find your way out of tricky situations. We face problems every day of our life form the moment we are born so to solve a problem makes life easier. For things like math problems, we are taught those because they help us in life to be successful and make us get a good job and enough money to feed yourself and your family.Problem solving is one of the most important things we must know. Even if we had a small job like a cashier, we would need to know how much money the customer is giving us and always give them the right change if they used cash. Problem solving is also useful in schools to get your answer right when you are doing work or even as test.This is as to why I think Problem solving is an important skill in life.

    I think creativity is an important skill in life because it is what sets human people apart. Without creativity, we wouldn't have small things like books to big things like shopping centres. Some creations are fascinating, like a game console, whilst other creations are life-changing, like X-ray machines and medicine. Without being creative, we probably would die. Creations can be good for us but bad for others like for example, a car that runs on petrol or diesel would be good for us because it helps us move faster, but it would be bad for others because people that breath in the toxins a car makes if it is a petrol/diesel car could have lung problems, wheezing and even dying. Petrol/diesel cars also contribute for global warming. This makes ice melt which could cause more floods. Creativity is what could even solve the Covid 19 vaccine (If we are even getting one).

    Thank you for reading this hope you have a positive day

    stay safe 😊


    (also plz don't tell me off for doing all four points

    1. What a fantastic break down of each skill, magical_message! Of course I can't tell you off, but I can challenge you... so which skill do you think is the most important?

  • I think problem solving is the star skill as it is needed in many jobs. Here is a list of some of them.
    News reporters need it to check their information.
    People who map aeroplanes and their positions need it to solve questions
    Detectives need it to solve mysteries.
    Shopkeepers and customers need it to check they get the right amount of money.
    Archaeologists need it to find where to put points on a grid or a blueprints.
    There are many more jobs where problem solving is required.

  • I think listening is the most important thing you need to do because everyone around the world has to keep safe from COVID-19 so we have to liste

  • We have to listen to the rules so we can stay safe.

    By best_artist🙂

  • Hello and this is my entry for the weekly competition. I think that creativity will be most important as businesses will find more creative ways to keep their workers and customers safe. For an example, a business could of used to have a tap or single hand sanitizer box if a flu was travelling around the office. But now you could have a one - way system, multiple hand sanitizers in every room and mask's to stop the spread. Businesses have probably tried many situations like heaters outdoors in restaurants so people could keep warm and healthy. They may feel that they can take that risk to make more space in the future.
    Also, businesses will have to be creative so that they are better for the environment. For an example, car makers are having to change so that all cars are electric. This will create a lot of problems so they will have to think of create ways to defeat them.


  • I think the most important skill is problem-solving for workers in general because, for jobs like software engineers, forward thinking studio managers, business problem solver and many more, they solve problems whether it's technology or to be prepared for anything. This is important because without problem-solving we wouldn't be able to face and fight problems like coronavirus or wars, and we would still be stuck with it in the future so that would mean that millions of people would be in danger, it wouldn't even be our world anymore, let alone improve it. But, if we continue to problem-solve, then we would be able to fight anything!

    Our world could be anything we wanted it to be!
    I think creativity would be most important in my dream job (which is being an architect) because you would have to design and create buildings of houses/flats and it can be whatever you want it to be. We live, work, shop, learn, worship, seek care and spend our leisure time in these structures, and it's all down to architects that use their creativity skills and ideas to design and plan it to make peoples dream homes.

  • I think that one of the most important skill is creativity because if you were to be in a situation like you're in a competition and yeah you could just go the easy boring route or you could go the creative route if it was a drawing competition you could draw a frog but if you're creative you would make you own animal like a mixure of animals a e.g a sharkyfish (a shark jellyfish ) but then some people would argue saying "that is to risky," but then is it you are being imaginative and that is one of the best things to be.

  • I think that problem solving is the most important because you would not be doing your job properly.
    I also think that listening is important because you would not know what that you were doing.

  • The most important skill I think you would need to have when you grow up is to speak out because if you want a change or want people to listen to you you need to speak out and tell them what you want to change. When you grow up you may be an MP (Member of Parliament) and most laws and changes are made there, so when you are asked if you want something to change and you need to speak out and share your opinion on your idea. But I also think listening is a very important skill because if you easily get distracted you would not be able to listen to others.
    When you are in school you need to listen to what your teacher says so you know what to do. If you don't listen you might not learn what others are learning. When you grow up you need to listen to other opinions about different subjects so you can give a reply.

    Thank You for reading my opinion!
    Hope I win the weekly competition!

  • I think that creativity is the most important skill for any job but it is especially important for the jobs of an author and an actress. This is because to be able to write a book you have to come up with a story line. Creativity is also important for an actress as you have to come up with creative ways to portray the character you are playing. Creativity can be used in any job to give good ideas or coming up with ideas that could create a company and creativity could be use in different aspects of a job like art, presentations, giving ideas and any others. I chose this skill over other skills because it can be interpreted in many ways and can be achieved by everyone. A job that uses creativity a lot is an artist. An artist needs to be creative to produce pieces of art work that will move people mindset and be inspirational.

  • In my opinion, all of them are linked in some way. However, when it comes to the best one, I think that it would be listening. Listening can involve speaking, when you are listening to it. Despite the fact that not all we listen to is voices, it would probably be one of the most important ones. It also involves problem-solving, in a way, since it would be quite hard to actually know what the problem is in some places! Finally, listening involves creativity; the way it is put to you can range in quite plentiful forms.
    Listening is not only about listening to others, it is also about listening to yourself. Some cases that involve listening can be as follows:
    • A conductor (listens to music);
    • A translator (identifying and listening for other languages);
    • A manager (encouraging and listening);
    • A psychiatrist (listening for things such as irregular heartbeats);
    • A salesperson (listening to good deals, and think about making better ones).

    If we didn't listen, that would probably cause great confusion, as no one would know-or maybe, want to know- about what to do. It could result in an entirely independent world, listening only to yourself, which even though we should have at least some independency, we shouldn't be that much self-centred. But then again, you might not even listen to you yourself. Furthermore, we'll never be able to look at other opinions. Many people were already taught as just children to listen, and it has become usually a useful skill for them since. Lastly, listening doesn't always have to be hearing, (although it usually is) it can also be understanding.
    Thank you for reading.

  • I think creativity is the most important skill beause if you business is making a big profit then they could be creative and say let expand our local businesses to get bigger and have a delivery service as well as just a shop.So let's say there is a local butchers who are making a lot of money during lockdown because everyone is shopping locally do they
    a: keep doing what they doing
    b: have a delivery service
    c: expand there shop

    The most creative answer(s) would B and C.
    Thanks for reading