#20 Ranking reasons

05 February 2021

Skill Description Competition Problem Solving

Winners Announced!

Last week you really stepped up to the challenge of explaining which reasons for protest were the most important - and we thought all of you showed excellent problem-solving. But there were two entries that stood out from the rest... and they were:

ambitious_blackberry of Preston Manor School, who used statistics and examples to support their opinion


delightful_effort of Michael Faraday School, who explained that to help people and animals, we must first help the environment.

Great work both of you!

As you've been learning from this half-term's Issue, people protest for lots of different reasons - but which is the most important?

For this week's competition we would like you to order the following reasons for protesting from the most important to the least important:




Don't forget to give reasons for your decisions!

Need some help to get going? Use the following structure:

1 = (insert a reason) This is the most important reason because...

2 = (insert a reason) This reason is in the middle because...

3 = (insert a reason) This is the least important reason because...

CHALLENGE: why else might people protest? Where would it go on the scale with the other reasons?

The deadline for entries is Friday February 5th at midday. PLEASE ENTER ONLY ONCE and make sure your work is your own. Good luck!

Comments (37)

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  • 1= Is to stand up for the eviroment ,since the enviroment can talk , it doesn't have a say so we people need to do for them.
    2= To stand up for animals because like I have said before they cant talk and animals are what most of us are living on since sadly we eat them , therefore there should be some type of type of justice.
    3= To stand up for people , this is because humans can talk , humans in most countries can have their opinion, but with that said it is still important that we do it for the people who can't .

  • 1) To stand up for the environment - This reason is the most important one because the environment and climate affects both humans, and animals and the way we live. Not caring for the environment can destroy habitats for animals, and lead to extinction. eg. the poles melting. And for humans, not caring for the environment and not making a change can cause harm to us too, by polluted air, global warming, which could make our own planet a dangerous place to be.

    2) To stand up for people -- I believe standing up for people is in the middle reason to protest for out of the three. This is because it's our own kind, and we can make a good change for us all if the protest is successful. It also allows us to focus on other things if it is successful, to make things the best it could possibly be a step at a time.

    3)For me, the least important is standing up for animals. Of course, animals are important to us all, but they won’t make as massive of a change to many things as much as standing up for our own kind and standing up for the environment.

    Thank you for reading my challenge entry along with my opinions!
    - flowing_strategy

  • (I put my key points in capitals)

    1 = Standing up for the environment
    I think standing up for the environment is the most important because if we don't stand up the the environment, there won't be anything left. If we don't act fast for climate change, (Which is a big problem for the environment) the problem could grow and grow and whole world could change forever! The quality of the air is getting poorer, there is less fresh water to go round, the forests are being chopped down, The population of fish are getting fewer and fewer everyday. These are problems on a large scale and the world is changing quite rapidly. Because of these reasons I would say this is very important plus if we didn't take care of our world IT WOULD AFFECT PEOPLE AND ANIMALS.

    2= Standing up to People
    We need to stand up for humans because if we do this, it means we have the skill to know what's right and what is wrong.
    I think standing up to people is more important than standing up to Animals because we have to defend human rights first before we can defend animal rights. This is because if humans are not free, we can not help animals to become free because we can defend animals but animals cannot defend us. WE CAN DEFEND ANIMALS BUT ANIMALS CANNOT DEFEND US.

    3 = Standing up to Animals

    As I said before, we need to make sure we are alright before we can make sure animals are alright because we can help animals but animals cannot help us but at the same time, we NEED animals. Just Imagine a world without animals! They are very important in our lives but I think standing up to humans is more important than standing up to animals.

    Overall, I think they are all very important because without these three things, our world would not be complete!

  • 1 = it stands up for the environment-in order to protest we don’t need to encourage the environment and say that I would like you to protest because of this reason?

    2= I feel like for the middle one it should be to stand up for people because as us humans we have a mindset there fore we can make changes in the world we can sort our problems and work things out as a country and as a planet

    3=I think the leats important reason is It stand out for the aminals because as i said aminals are a huge part of some peoples lives and not such a big deal for others.
    Also they can really do anything because they dont have the same mind that we humans have.
    Another thing is they cant stand up for themselves because imagine if a dog eat something and and you said no no dont eat that and they get said you cant tell how they really feel compared to a human you ca share your feeling with others and tell others how you feel.

    Thank you for ready my entry
    Hope you agree and disgaree
    Stay positive and safe!!
    Signed out by decisive_redcurrant!!

  • 1)To stand up for the environment because as global warming is affecting all of us also that millions of plastic waste appears in the beach very so often and plus Mother Nature can’t do it all and our main priority is to take care of our world properly and we humans are more than to be doing nothing to safe our world.
    2)To stand up for the animals to think this because as we know if a animal looses its environment it’s going to extinct and every animals habitat gets ruined ever so slightly also animal’s habitat is their homes like lions they are being targeted for their beautiful fur.
    3)The least important to humans and I’m not saying that humans aren’t important they are but we think about our actions for what we do because if we throw something in the floor we more than smart enough to think about what we did wrong and plus we are the people to ruin our environment.
    Thank you for reading about my thoughts and opinions!!!

  • 1.To stand up for the environment because Healthy ecosystems clean our water, purify our air, maintain our soil, regulate the climate, recycle nutrients and provide us with food. They provide raw materials and resources for medicines and other purposes. They are at the foundation of all civilisation and sustain our economies. Without the environment we would be sick due to hygiene issues, starving and we wouldn’t survive.

    2. To stand up for people because people can make really big, good or bad changes and decisions so it’s up to others to stand up for themselves or others who can’t or too weak to speak up for a responsible reason and make this world a better place.

    3.In my point of view, I choose to stand up for animals least out of the three because, I admit that without animals we wouldn’t have essential things like food and plants but they aren’t a major e.g. they are not capable or intelligent like humans to make big changes.

  • eager _reflection here,
    1) I think that to stand up for the environment is the most important because climate change is a crises is that is happening now, and is happening on a global scale. This can eventually lead to various dangers such as rising sea levels, melting ice caps, and various extreme weathers. The environment is an emergency and therefore should be put first. We only have one Earth, and climate change could mean that we have nowhere else to live. This is why Sir David Attenborough and Prince William launched the Earthshot Prize last year, giving a prize of £1,000,000 to people with innovative ideas on how to slow the rate of climate change.

    2) I believe that to stand up for people is second most important because it takes humans to actually take action to change the inequalities in this world. If we don't stand up for ourselves, then we would all live in an unequal world. Also, we are fortunate that we live in a democratised society and should help others who are less fortunate. There are so many issues in the world that we should be able to openly debate and discuss problems. The power of our voice can help others who are suffering silently - people who live in a country where they cannot express their views and opinions.

    3) I think that standing up for animals is the least important, but doesn't mean it is not irrelevant. I put this in the last spot only because I thought that the other two were more important. By standing up for the environment, this can have a huge impact on animals because of climate change ruining their habitats. Without animals, humans cannot survive as some of them are essential for life. We live in a world where we are all interconnected. Without animals, we would have no plants, and therefore no livestock. Finally, animals give us enjoyment, such as pets, and humans are fascinated by them, so standing up for them is still important.
    Thanks for reading.

  • In my opinion I think that to you should stand up for the environment more than anything else because if you don't stand up for the environment than there would be no one to stand up for

  • 1. In my opinion, I think the most important out of all of them is looking after the environment because right now we are destroying it and after caring for us and giving uss all that we need, the least we could do is actually care for it . Because we do not look after the environment, a lot of people are asthmatic and have health and breathing problems. The environment does not have a voice of its own so we need to stand up, help and protect it. We need to stop taking too much because there will be no more left if we do. People like Greta Thunberg try to do all they can to care for the environment.
    2. I

  • Hi
    I think that it is not fair to say all police officers are good or bad.
    Protesters should never be allowed to break the law nor protest during a pandemic like covid-19.
    It is a good thing that protesters get challenged with other ideas so to put everyone's opinions on the table.

  • Hey BNC-ers and people like Tom working at the BNC, this is my thoughts for this competition:

    1= TO STAND UP FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - I think this is the most important reason for protest because without the environment we (all humans) would be... dead, never created, an extinct species. You know why we would die without the environment? We can't survive without trees, and they can't survive without us. They give us oxygen - WHICH WE NEED TO BE ALIVE - and they don't need. We give them carbon dioxide - WHICH THEY NEED TO BE ALIVE - and we don't need. So we help each other by breathing oxygen (trees) / carbon dioxide (humans) out, as we don't need it, and the other one breathing it in so they can survive.

    2= TO STAND UP FOR PEOPLE - I think this is the second most important reason as sometimes... we need to think about US. We love animals, but we need to KILL them and EAT them to survive. We are thinking of ourselves. Think about it like your friend is in trouble at school. They are getting expelled for setting the school kitchen on fire. You are thinking about pretending YOU set the kitchen on fire, as you can't bare to see them upset. You don't even like school anyway so why not... you need to think about YOURSELF sometimes. You would regret getting expelled, maybe because your parents were REALLY mad at you, or maybe because it turns out you really miss school.

    3= TO STAND UP FOR ANIMALS - I think this is the least important cause to start a protest, this is because we NEED to eat, kill, and 'bully' animals to SURVIVE. As I said in my explanation for #2, we need to think of ourselves sometimes. We HAVE to eat them, to get a healthy diet.

    Thanks for reading! analytical_sea XX

  • Hi, I am daring_whale and this is my entry.

    I think the most important is to stand up for the environment. This is because plastic pollution and other similar stuff are environmental problems. WWF tells us that 85% of the species (a group of living organisms) that are on the RED LIST are mainly threatened by habitat loss. From my point of view, this is because of environmental problems. The environment is important for everything on the planet: humans, fish and animals are all affected by issues such as climate change. This is why I think standing up for the environment is the most important.

    I think standing up for animals is in the middle since the reason for their extinction is mostly habitat loss as I have mentioned above but there are also other reasons, including loss of genetic variation. Animals are one of a kind and it's important to make sure they don’t go extinct. This is why I think standing up for animals is important.

    I think standing up for people is the least important thing since it has already been happening quite a bit in the past. Also, say you were protesting for helping people with cancer, then that already has so many campaigns and companies already working to solve that. I’m not saying that these diseases are bad or that we don’t need to think about them, I’m just saying that it is already being thought about a lot. Also, we are the people who make the choices and we have to take responsibility for our actions.

  • Standing up for people can support them
    standing up for the environment can help us live
    animals can give food like cow=mild and chicken=egg

  • I think the most important is people this is because we are people,we destroy the earth but some also look after the earth.If you see to take care of the environment we need humans-to plan it out,to actually take care of it.The environment and animals is important but humans play a very key role to taking care of both of this.In my opinion the second most important is the environment,this is because if we don’t take care of the environment,how are we going to take care of animals(as they live there) and humans-they live in the environment so we have to keep it clean so both of the other things are good as well.We breathe in the air,we have to take care of the earth or else where will we go.If we can’t take care of the earth then how will humans and animals survive.The third most important for me is animals because we also need them for a lot of thing to survive.I am putting them last,not because they are not important but because the other two are more important.Animals such as cows and chickens give us milk and eggs.Which is vital for nutritients.Thank you

  • Hi my name is objective_cookie and this is my entry

    We should save people because when we save a life we are being very modest

    We should help animals because animals give very good food to help us live

    Trees give us oxygen so we should quit woodcutting.


  • 1. I think that the environment should be the most important matter because we could be living for thousand of years on this planet. The Environment is for everyone not just you so it would be more unselfish to fight for the future of everyone. Animals and humans have to save each other.
    2. I think that the second most important matter is to protest for animals. Animals are sometimes much weaker then humans and it is much harder for them to adapt to a new society. Animals will live on this planet much longer than humans will and groups of animals will begin to be endangered before we do.
    3. I think that the least important matter is to stand up for people because everyone has different opinions about what they want to happen. It is still important though because there is still many problems we need to change that are bad. Not everyone is safe at the moment.
    Although I arranged them in a order, all of them are important and worth fighting to resolve.

  • sorry i did one before this and i accidently pressed enter this is what I ment to write:

    1=Standing up for the environment is the most important because the more you don't care about our environment, the more it will become polluted with contaminants and toxins that have a harmful impact on our health.

    2=Standing up for animals is the second most important because i believe that every creature with a will to live has a right to live free from pain and suffering.

    3=Standing up for people is important but in my opinion is the least important because When you stand up for people, you show that you're "on their side" when they need help. This builds long-term loyalty, trust, credibility, commitment, and morale in your team, and it gives your people a confidence boost.

  • 1)STANDING UP FOR THE ENVIRONMENT=We should stop plastic pollution from hurting animals and humans. I know this because around 100,000 marine creatures die from plastic entanglement. Also approximately 1 million sea birds die from plastic. Plastic degrades and is broken down into tiny pieces which are then swept down in the oceans. They are then consumed by wild life. 46,000-1,000,000 fragments float within every square mile of the globes oceans. Chemicals which are hormone disturbing are polychlorinated biphenyl together with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. We must try our best to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic as much as possible.

    2)STANDING UP FOR THE HUMANS= We should stand up for humans because people can make all types of decisions to help the society like :being helpful, deficient, or make a massive change. If the people of our world can speak up it would help make a change in the world and make the society a better and pleasant place.

    3)STANDING UP FOR ANIMALS: Animal products can improve human nutrition and heart and bone health. Meat, such as poultry, beef, pork and fish, supply many nutrients. These include protein, vitamin B, vitamin E, Iron, Zinc, Magnesium. In my opinion the bad cause of this is that animals are getting killed for humans but animals themselves are not able to live their lives.

  • (1) To stand up for the envioment
    I think stand up for the enviroment is the most important because if we don't then earth will come to extinct and younger people like us wont be able to have a complete life and will not be able to expiriance the things we want to and we need to take care of the enivroment because if we don't then it wont be just us who will become extinct animas will too, insects,plants and other countless things so lets fight for our lives and earth's too.

    (2) To stand up for animals
    I think stand up for the animals is the second most important as we are endangering animals and killing them and animals deserve to have a complete life without the interuption of us ruining their habbitat and killing them for food . I chose animals for second and enviroment for first as an enviromental improvement will help them as much as us and after we help the enviroment we should consider completely stopping the kill of animals.

    (3) To stand up for people
    I think to stand up for people is the least important as helping the enviroment will already help people a huge amount even though we do need to help people with illnesses and raceisim and i still think helping people is very important just not as important as the eniroment and animals.

    challenge task
    i think protesting is very important and on the scale i would put it on (4) as standing up to protest is not as urgent as helping the enviroment, animals and people.

    1. But the animals are bred for meat and other stuff if we kept breeding them then the animals would take over also its the life cycle. In
      the stone age that was the only thing they could eat beause they had to learn the hard way about posion and dangerous plants

  • 1. I think stand up for environment is the best choice because it was here before us and we are destroying it,

    2.I think stand up for animals because it is part of the environment and many of them are becoming extinct because of the poachers

    3.Finally I think stand up for people is the least important because although it is good to stand up for people we should try and think of the environment as the most important thing because in the future the air will be so polluted because of us that there may be no world anymore, some people are already helping though and it is making a difference

  • I thougot to add that yes if its something like dogs there eating then yes we should stop eating them

  • Hi, this is buzzing_grapefruit, and this is my opinion,

    1. STANDING UP FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. Because we only have one planet and we must look after it, or else animals and humans will go extinct, meaning we all die.

    2. STANDING UP FOR ANIMALS. Because without some animals we would die, especially bees, because without bees we die as if they didn't sprinkle other flowers, Polin, on fruits that are plants then the plant wouldn't bloom the fruit, or it would be inedible.

    3.TO STAND UP FOR PEOPLE. I think people should be last as we can look after ourselves, but we also need help to make sure people don't discriminate each other (as in racism).

    From bezzing_grapefruit
    I liked reading all of your opinions.

  • 1) Standing up for the environment is the most important since it impacts all things - people, animals and the earth. In the Australian Bushfires, nearly 15 million acres of land had burnt to the ground. This affected the environment as the smoke released more carbon dioxide which is harmful to the atmosphere. It also affected people as it 1,400 homes were destroyed and 75 people died. It is argued animals suffered the most, with three billion being killed or displaced. Without standing up for the environment, things like climate change and global warming will slowly destroy our planet and the things living inside it.

    2) To stand up for people is also important because it helps them when they are silenced. In the 50s - 60s black people were forced to sit on the back of buses, while the seats in the front were reserved for white people. However, a woman named Rosa Parks decided to sit on the front of the bus, ignoring the rules. This shows if you stay quiet you are adding to the problem because you are essentially saying you are okay with the injustices occurring. On the other hand if you stand up for what's right you are encouraging putting an end to the suffering of others.

    3) To stand up for animals is also important because they are needed for the world to function properly. As a result of human and natural reasons, they are becoming extinct and we need to help save them. They are also beneficial to our planet, for example bees allow plants to reproduce through pollination. When they are being abused, they can't stand up for themselves since they don't have the mindset and ability to speak about their opinions, so that is why we should step in and speak for them.


  • I think that “environmental protests” are the most important followed by “people protest” and then “animal protest”. I have picked this order because the environment is very important for humans to survive but the environment is slowly fading away. The people's protest is important because we should all have rights and we are entitled to all have different choices because we all come from different cultures. Finally, I picked the animal protest last because there are bigger issues but the animal protest is still important because they should not be tested on.

  • 1. SAVE OUR ENVIRONMENT because if we can't do that then we can not save people or animals and we don't want our future generation to have to tidy up after us. It is a big job.
    2. SAVE OUR PEOPLE because the earth would die. :(
    3. SAVE OUR ANINIMALS because what would it be with like pets and birds and WE WOULD NOT GET ANY HONEY

  • sorry I meant to say 3. SAVE OUR ANIMALS because what would it be like with out our pets and wild birds. ALSO WE WOULD NOT GET ANY HONEY FROM BEES.

  • Hello, this is my response-
    1. (most important)
    Stand up for the environment.
    I think this because humans and animals both live in an environment, and if you save the environment, you could save both humans and animals. Also, if we don't act fast, then ours and animals existence could be both wiped out.
    2. (in between)
    Stand up for animals
    I think that the second one would be for standing up for animals, and I don't want to upset anyone by this, so here's my reason- our planet once lived without humans on it. But, apart from around the Big Bang, I can't think of a time that the world existed without animals. We could also have been evolved from animals as well! Another reason is if you think of the population of the world. We are just a tiny amount of what actually exists. If you think about it, there are loads of animals.
    3. (least important)
    Stand up for humans.
    I know that if we don't stand up for ourselves, then it would be extremely hard to cope. So this one is very close to number 2, but just after it.
    Thank you for reading!

  • we are also in the enviroment

  • 1. Standing up for the environment because, first of all, plants release oxygen and we need oxygen to survive. Second of all, we only have one planet and if we ruin this planet, we will not have a anywhere to live on because there is no other planet in our solar system that people can live on but although the planet is bigger than us, does not mean that it can be destroyed.

    2. Standing up for animals because some animals help us live like for example, ants. When ants dig tunnels, they recycle nutrients and they also aerate the soil. Ants have also been essential the the production of coffee and chocolate.

    3. Standing up for people. This is last because animals and the environment help people live so they are more important than people. Also because humans/people can damage our environment badly and probably a lot of people have already seen the damage that we can make

    Thank you for reading!

  • I think to stand up to animals because people are hunting them and if all the animals such as tigers are existed and what about in the future if your child doesn’t know where the tiger is it’s because they are existed and they are burning there homes and we need the trees where they live to breath.

  • I think the STAND UP FOR PEOPLE is one because rascim is still important today because black people are getting shot because of brutal police not showing them mercy black lives really matter

  • I think the second most important one is stand up for the animals because animals are getting shot every day such as tigers and kakapos they are nearly extinct so it is still a crisis today people should stop.

  • 1 = I think the environment is the most important since everything we use is from the environment and If we destroy it all, what would we have left? We need to be careful with what we do!

  • So pls stop hunting the animals so you can get money you can just try to find a simple job pls.

  • 1) to stand up for the environment- I think this is the most important because if we do not look after the environment then people ,animals and all living things will suffer. This is also important because, if we don’t keep our world tidy, things will get very messy and extremely polluted and that is no good for anyone. Also, we only have one Earth and we must take care of it for it is our home planet and if it is not looked after properly, humans and all living things will become extinct and we will not be able to discover new species. The earth has also been here for us and given us a home but we are not showing respect by destroying gods creation.
    2) stand up for people- I think this is the middle reason because animals are living creatures to and, if we don’t look after them, that means no animals which could also mean so food so we may not survive if we don’t have animals. We also need to look after animals because we must show them good love, care, and respect and, if we do so, they may just do the same to us. It is definitely important to look after house pets as well because we need to show them how much we care otherwise they will not trust us and will not be loyal.
    3) stand up for humans -I think this is the least important because people are much more independent and can take care of themselves, however, it is still important that we care for ourselves properly otherwise people may actually become extinct and there will be no people to discover new things or make new invention or even look after the environment!

    I think it does not really matter what is the most important because all things are important and everything needs to be looked after. Together, we can solve all of these issues ...

  • 1) Stand up for the environment. I think this would be the number one because the environment is getting destroyed and because of global warming it is slowly disappearing. And it can't talk or stand up for its self.

    2) Standing up for animals. i think this would be number two because a lot of animals are either becoming endangered or extinct and similar to plants animals can't communicate with humans. However, unlike plants animals can sometimes show emotions that is why i think they would not be number 1 but number 2.

    3) Standing up for people. I think this would be the third because humans can communicate with other humans and understand each other whilst the environment and animals can not. Humans can also show more emotions then animals. Most of the time humans can stand up for them selves so the majority of the time they don't need someone else to do it for them.

    Thank you for reading :)

  • 1 - To stand up for the environment. In my opinion this is the most important because it affects humans and animals, so it covers up the other reasons. The consequences lead to that thing about our world exploding in about 500 years, making it earlier and not having enough oxygen from trees, if we keep on cutting them down. The environment hold animals homes up, and if we destroy the environment our animals will be gone, and we won't be able to get everything that we eat, like crisps, chips, sugar, broccoli and more. Most of what we eat.
    2 - stand up for animals is next in my opinion. What would we do without most of them. Chickens, eggs, cows, beef, pigs, adorableness and pork, and more, some even provide trees, plants.
    3 - Stand up for people. In my head, we started climate change, and we all die at some point. People suffer more then us, and we need to respect them even if we don't know who they are. People are more independent, and they can take care of themselves.