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The earth is like an egg, if you drop it will crack, it will be almost impossible to fix it to... #34 Caption this! 13/5/21
I would invent plastic that doesn't take lots of years to bio-degrade. It would slow climate... #33 Invention test! 07/5/21
In my opinion 2) is the most interesting because its the most relevant to the world right... #28 One can win! 29/3/21
1= Is to stand up for the eviroment ,since the enviroment can talk , it doesn't have a say so... #20 Ranking reasons 29/1/21
I would like to ask Peter Tatchell , what inspired or encouraged to campaign for Human... #18 Don't miss out! 15/1/21
On a street near me , there is a barber shop and a hairstyle supplies shop. I think the... #12 - A street near you! 26/11/20
Work hard so in the future it will pay-up and you can enjoy it Our parents do it every day to... #9 - Acrostic Poem 05/11/20
sorry for repeating the last part #9 - Acrostic Poem 05/11/20
That you don't have to be the candidate to be famous and to have an important job. All of these... #7 - Listen to learn! 21/10/20
I think that the candidates should at least last in a debate half an hour. Although , if the... #6 - Debate Decisions 15/10/20
Hi, my question is : Is fake news legal, if not can you get a fine or go to jail for it and ... #4 - A matter of facts 29/9/20