#24 Numbers in the news!

05 March 2021

Skill Solid Numeracy

Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who entered our competition this week - you have all clearly been watching the news very carefully to pull out the important numbers. Our winners this week are:

easygoing_contribution of Lyons Hall Primary School, who used numbers from the news to clearly explain how covid-19 cases are decreasing


wonderful_photograph of Rogiet Primary, who took a more personal approach and explained why going back to school on March 15th is important to them.

Excellent work!

Throughout Issue 5, we will be giving you lots of opportunities to talk about some of the numbers in the news surrounding the infodemic.

Numbers are very important for understanding the news. Without them, it would be very hard to understand the full story. For example, what if you couldn't figure out how many people were involved, how much something cost or how long something's been going on for?

For this week's competition, we would like you to tell us about a number in the news that is important to you.

It can be about any news story you like - all we ask is that you explain what the number shows by answering the following questions:

1) How does this number in the news make you feel?

2) Does this number show a good thing or a bad thing?

3) Do you hope that this number will change in the future? How?

To be more likely to win, make sure you explain your answers clearly and justify your opinions with reasons.

Finding it hard to get going? Use this sentence structure:

The number I have chosen from the news is...(insert fact from the news with a number in it here). This number is a good/bad thing because...(insert reason here) so I feel (insert how you feel). I do/don't hope this number changes/gets bigger/gets smaller in the future because... (insert reason here).

The deadline for entries is Friday March 5th at midday. PLEASE ENTER ONLY ONCE and make sure your work is your own. Good luck!

Comments (31)

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  • The number that is important to me is how many people are being vaccinated, when the numbers rise it makes me happy to know that the U.K might soon be out of lockdown so far 19 million people have been vaccinated so that's 25% of the population!

    This number is a good thing because with that many people vaccinated most people won't get infected by Coronavirus which is always a good thing!

    And lastly, yes I would hope the number of people getting vaccinated will rise in the future because then we will be free do go outside and do things to improve our mental health!

  • the number i have chosen is the death rates because i like to see where we are on the chart to see if we have gone down but i do hope that we come down from the top of the deaths per million i dont think it is a good thing when i see were at the top i kinda feel sad because i want to me my friends outside again even tho i still see them at school (key worker) i hope it changes one day because i really want to see my friends and family agan.

  • The number I have chosen from the news is 21. The news is about 21 June when we can meet each other outside and go to each others house and have pupil parliament meetings at schools. This is a good number because on 21 June people will have their vaccine and no one will die of coronavirus so I feel very happy and hopeful and excited. I do hope the number gets smaller to 6 because it is my birthday to I can celebrate with all my friends.

    1. It's not certain that everyone will have their vaccine by then but you're right - it's definitely something to look forward to!

  • Hello shining_journalist here and this is my opinion of the number one important news😃
    The number I have have chosen is 22 because as of now schools are said to be opening as education is very important for all students to achieve their goals I also think the reopening of school news is important so then parents and carers are aware of how schools open and when schools open because as of now the government has said that as of March 8 2021 schools will re-open
    Now, you might be thinking why I choose this well it’s because education is important as the student’s teacher is the person who can really say where should the student should improve on if the teachers didn’t say where should the student improve more then, child wouldn’t accomplish their dream/what they wanted to be when they get older.
    Also, the child will feel depressed because they wouldn’t be able to see their friends, classmates or teachers many children find their classroom like a place to learn and have fun too.
    Yes the coronavirus is still a thing but it would be at least better for the children and they also need to take their exams right?
    So I believe that the 22 news was very important for everyone in England.

  • The number that I have chosen is the amount of vaccines go into each country. This news is reported on the 24th of February 2021 where the news had told us that the first vaccine is to go to any country was Ghana Since I complained Ghana that has really cheered up my day as there they were struggling with the coronavirus and they had no clue on how to solve it but one thing that hit me was that or the UK sending in the vaccines to every country for example here in the UK we need vaccines but for us to give access to other countries and for us to not have enough maybe could have an impact because as is reported now the Pfizer vaccine has a 95% effective in preventing the virus. And the fun factor is that the Pfizer vaccine is actually very hard to store as you have to keep it in a very very cold refrigerator even colder than the ones you have at home and for it to be shipped to another country could be really dangerous as they could melt or they won’t work as effectively. So I believe that it would be really tricky to send the Pfizer vaccines to other countries as it might cause damages to it therefore you are losing a few vaccines that could be really helpful!

  • The number that I’ve chosen from the news is the number of people in hospital.

    I feel pleased that the covid 19 rate has dropped from what it was since the beginning of December and January where nearly 40,000 people were in hospital due to covid, but now there are fewer than 15,000 people in hospital, so there are now 14,808 people in hospital, which is why the restrictions are slowly lifting because the numbers have gone down and everything can get back to normal slowly. Although, I’m also sad that thousands of lives are lost because of this virus.

    This is a good, positive thing because it shows that hundreds of people are recovering from covid and most people have been following the rules, again, which means that we can slowly get back to our normal lives, before covid happened.

    I hope this number gets smaller because the fewer people in hospital means that there are less people getting seriously affected and dying.
    In addition more things will open; all shops and businesses, restaurants, cinema, hairdressers, venues, gym and sport centres, clubs, leisure centres and fun kids recreation places like play centres and theme parks.

  • eager_reflection here,
    The number that I have chosen from the news is that the UK has the 5th highest deaths due to Covid-19 in the world. This number is a bad thing because it shows how many people have died from the disease. There are so many countries in the world, and for the UK to be 5th means that we have been hit by Covid-19 harder than most countries and makes us think whether the government have made the right decisions during the numerous waves of the virus. This makes me feel sympathetic to all of the families who have lost a loved one, as there are so many deaths. I do hope that this number increases in the future because the less deaths there are, the more likely we will no longer be the 5th highest or even drop lower down. Then, we can come out of lockdown with the current vaccination program and one day life will return back to normal.
    Thanks for reading.

  • The number that is important to me is the amount of people that are being killed by the deadly coronavirus / covid-19. This number can be a very bad thing, however, if in the case it goes down, it can be reassuring to some people. When watching the news, I see stories about how much someone meant to their family and friends, and it reminds me that every one of those 123K people had a family, and friends, and people who loved them. It makes me feel sad, watching others being upset because someone has died, and so I do hope this number gets smaller, and soon, we become a Covid-19 free country.
    clever_iceberg :)

  • I have chosen the number 21 because we can see are grandma, grandpa and we all can see are friends and family members and I can play with my friends in my house because it has been so long sins I have seen all of my friends and seen my family who live the fares in my whole family.I can’t wait to see them.

  • A number that is important also 21 as careful_moose said. This is for variety of reasons but the most important is that when everyone will be vaccinated, I could go outside with my friends as it will be summer. Assembly’s would also take place in your school so that you could learn some things out that your school teachers wanted to tell everyone. I’m glad that I chose this number as people might be but not everyone should be vaccinated but most of the population would of have been vaccinated; most people would be safe from COVID-19 and there would be no potential deaths happening. I just hope that I could see most of my family and friends so that they could celebrate my birthday with me and my sisters, dad and my mum

  • The number 21 makes my feel happy because I can see all of my friends and family and on that day it is my cats birthday who sadly died.

  • An important number in the news (to me) is COVID-19 deaths. It’s important to me because a lot of people have or have not witnessed a family member dying due to this pandemic.

    This makes me feel upset. I feel this way because this virus may be getting sorted with vaccines, but it still kills people every day and the thought of that makes me more worried my grandparents will die sooner since they are over the age of 65.

    This number doesn’t show anything good because millions of people are dying and that isn’t good.

    I hope it gets better because they are coming out with vaccines for everyone and the number of deaths should decrease at some rate in the future

  • An Important number in the news to me is the vaccinations because when people get their vaccinations it means that they cannot get Covid-19 or if they do, their impact would be less severe. This is important to me because once everyone gets vaccinated, hopefully things can go back to normal. I hope this number increases so that we can see our family and friends who don't live with us. This would also mean that people's lives could be saved.

  • A number important to me in the news is 21 because, on the 21st of June, the Government said that if everything goes to plan and everyone follows the rules, everything will go back to normal. This number is good, and I hope the number gets smaller, so school is back to normal. Also, if my grandparents live, it doesn't get better, they will be safer with us.
    From buzzing_grapefruit

  • An important number to me is the number 8 because it told us when we were coming back to school.8/03/21.Numbers are very important in news as a lot of information is based on numbers or how much something has happened.Example-Sir Tom Moore,I really wanted to know how much he raised so what do we use-NUMBERS.30 million approximately.Numbers can tells us,dated,quantity age height and much more in news.

  • The number I have chosen from the news is 5,455 because this how many new cases of covid there were on the 1/3/21. This number is a good thing because it has gone down from 59,537 so I feel as much as love school and want to see my friend that we should stay in lockdown for a bit longer. I do hope this number gets smaller in the future because we can be back to normal
    Many thanks for the videos i realy enjoy them thanks again,

  • This number is important because it's about the the number of people dying and the number of people being vaccinated!

    It will change the future in many ways because this number is part of a new piece of history people might remember this time and this number!!

  • Thank you so so so much for my first star :D

  • Hello,
    The number that matters to me in the news is 20.5 million because that's how many people have been given their Corona vaccine and about 770,000 of those were second doses, which rises the population percentage of people fully vaccinated to 1.1%( 743,710 people).
    These Digits are important to me because the quicker people get vaccinated the quicker restrictions will be released and we will be free again.
    This number is a good because it means less people will get infected with coronavirus and won't be feel unwell.
    In the future I would like this number to grow because we will be able to go on holiday and see friends again!
    Thanks For Reading...

  • For me, it's definitely the rate of covid cases, it has gotten smaller over time, death rise in one day was 326, and case rise was 35,982, which definitely made me think about was I was doing before and now I wash my hands deeply and thoroughly whenever I've been outside, been to the bathroom, and more. Luckily, the biggest 𝘥𝘳𝘰𝘱 in cases (year drop) was over two thirds, which relieves me. In deaths, the biggest drop in England is 31%, which is certainly amazing.
    Thanks for reading my entry of this competition,
    peaceful_raccoon ♩ツ

  • The number that I have picked is 8th of February because it's when people can go back to school and see our friends and see all the teachers and I'm sure that people will be really happy to see their friends again.

  • Dear BNC,
    The important numbers for me is the Covid-19 cases it does change from time to time but it currently stands quite low. It gives everyone different emotions so I am not fully sure what others think but I am happy because the numbers are going down and the government has just put a road map out of how to get the rates even lower.
    Thanks for reading
    Adventurous_raisin xoxo

    1. Could you try to choose a specific number, adventurous_raisin?

  • Hello!
    The number I have chosen is 8. I have chosen this number because as you might know, the government of the UK have said that on the 8th of March we get to go back to school (which is very exciting). Most children are being home schooled currently and I am sure most children are thrilled about going back to school to : see friends, see teachers and TA's and just being out of the house. This is a really good number because most kids haven't been in school since the beginning of December.
    Another number that mean a lot to me is 20.5 million, this means a lot to me and maybe others is because that is how many people have been vaccinated in the UK and hopefully soon everything can go back to normal. This number is a good thing because that means that people who have had the vaccine are less likely to catch Covid - 19. I hope that this number get larger so more people can interact and see each other. I hope that this number can change the future so Covid can not affect everyone's live's. Both of these numbers make me smile.
    Thank you for reading!!!

  • 1.The number that is important to me is 29. This number is key because even though restrictions are being lifted, we will have to look at how many deaths there have been from the coronavirus.
    Unexpectedly, many people have died. Therefore, I do not feel comfortable with lifting restrictions on 29th March 2021.

    2. I think this number shows a negative sign as the more places that open in advance, this date could increase the infection rate which may result in the rise of covid related deaths.

    3. The date 29th March 2021 could not change the date for lifting restrictions in the future, as covid restrictions are lifted and there are fewer deaths. We could use this number in the future, if new viruses come to affect us later on in our lives. The sun could also weaken the strength of the virus. However, the sunny weather could result in more people coming out of their homes to enjoy the sunshine.

    By Dedicated_Starfruit.

    1. Do you have evidence for your statement, "the sun could also weaken the strength of the virus"?

  • Good morning (afternoon),

    The number's that is important to me is 17,554,700 because roughly that is how much people that are vaccinated in England and i hope all states and Country's are doing fine and that the whole world will be vaccinated in the future so that every body will be safe. Also so we can all go outside and and talk to friends and family!

    My other number would be how much care homes that has opened, because the elderly (vulnerable) people would have a safe place where they can stay and be looked after safely. They get fed and get to meet different people and make new friends and one day i looked at the news and saw in a care home they got to meet dogs it was really heart warming for me to see them laughing and smiling.

    My third number would be how many people who volunteered to be nurses was great because my parents are nurses too and i'm so happy that people wanted to help the sick and the ones that were infected was amazing! I hope more people volunteer and stay safe when they are helping.


  • The number that is important to me is 8th because on the Monday 8th of March 2021 all schools in the UK are reopening and this is important for the children’s education as well as the teachers jobs. When the schools reopen caution will take place which will allow the students to be safe inside of the schools and certain rules will be enforced to benefit the decrease of COVID 19. It will also benefit the students education to get a good job in the future and although online classes were put in place as an equivalent to school, some people haven’t got the learning environment they had hoped for. I think that the schools reopening will be better for children’s physical and mental health as it goes back to the same routine and they get to meet their classmates every weekday. I hope that this date doesn’t get extended because that will make students doubt the news and the methods of the Government. In conclusion Monday 8th March 2021 is a very important date for all the students. This also gives children a chance to socialise with fellow classmates, teachers and the staff. I think that everyone will be exited to go back to school, it will be a big change but it will be a good change.

  • The number I have chosen from the news is, 65.2 million. I have chosen this specific number since it's the number of people that have recovered from Covid-19. This is important to me because it gives me hope that soon the pandemic will get better or even come to an end considering 65.2 million people have overcome Covid-19 in the span of 1 year since it was found. Hopefully everyone struck by the pandemic recovers so everything will return back to normal.

    I have also picked the number 3,000+. This number represents nearly all the anti-Asian attacks nationwide since march of 2020 when Covid-19 was just announced a pandemic. This saddens me to know people are being assaulted and killed because of their race and something they can't change. Luckily, massive amounts of people are speaking out and protesting against racism and discrimination against minorities.


  • The number from the news that I have chosen is 2. This is because that is the average time that the coronavirus has been going for. This number is important to me, because in those two years, there has been loads of things happening. There have been deaths, recoveries, and vaccines. I think that these are very important, as it basically highlights all of the dates so far. From the end of 2019 to the middle of 2021, we've all experienced loads: Home learning, online working, loads and loads of speeches, but at the end we are going to get through this. In these two years, is I have to chose a specific date, it would be the 21st June, in which we might get back to how it used to work. Another one would be the many people vaccinated, as it feels good to know that some people don't have that much of a risk anymore.
    Thank you.

    1. Could you share your source that says the pandemic has been going on for two years, reflective_arctic_fox?

  • The number that i have chosen is 15 as it is the date that i can go back to school, as i am in year 6 I haven’t been able to attend like my little brother, I am very exited to go back as I haven’t seen most of my friends in person since Christmas and i would like to make the most of my last year in primary school.

    This number makes me feel very happy and I’m sure it makes all the parents feel relief, i know not all children are as exited as I am but I’m sure on the inside they have one thing they are looking forward to when they go back to school.

    This number is a very good thing as some children are struggling with the online learning or with mental health issues, so benign able to go back to school and see other people is going to help a lot of people.

    I hope this number does not get pushed back or taken down altogether in the future, as this would be devastating for a lot of children. I think one of the only reasons to push this date back is if cases rise dramatically, which I would understand.


  • The number I have chosen is the number of how many people have been vaccinated. This is because if everyone (or most people) gets vaccinated, the lockdown can end and people can meet their friends and family face to face. Everyone can travel freely without having to wear a mask or distance. Did you know almost 21 million people have been vaccinated for Covid-19 - that's 31% of the population of the whole UK. It makes me happy to know that our country, and the world, is recovering.

    1. Well-explained numbers! Do you think every country in the world is at the point where it is recovering, wondrous_orca?

  • the number for me is people being vaccinated. I think this because I like keeping posotive and I like hearing about acheiving our goals because it makes me very hopeful that all of this will soon end. This number is a very posotive number because by getting higher we are walking closer to the end of the tunnel. My wish currently is everything to end and seeing this just makes me hopefull and delighted to know that peoples lives are getting saved.