#5- Three Sentence Speech

09 October 2020

Skill Description Competition Problem Solving

Winners Announced!

What a fantastic set of three sentence speeches! Choosing winners was incredibly hard because of such a high standard in your entries.

We awarded stars for the entries we thought were most original and expressed ideas in a particularly strong or unique way.

Our primary winner this week is eager_reflection of Cheam Park Farm Primary School, who powerfully expressed why it's important to vote and it be your decision and not influenced by someone.

Our secondary winner is honest_bird of Ormiston Six Villages Academy, who got their point across in a short and concise way - and would therefore have a big impact on anyone listening. Well done to all who took part!

This week, we're setting you a challenge...

138 million Americans voted in the last presidential election in 2016. However, this was only 58% of those eligible to vote (over 18). That means 42% - or 4 in 10 Americans - did not vote.

This can be down to many reasons: for example, some people might not be interested, or feel they don't know enough, or feel they don't like either of the candidates.

Lots of organisations exist to encourage people to vote: like Rock the Vote, and lots of charities help the people they support to vote with "Get out the vote" efforts.

Imagine you have been asked to write a speech telling people why it is important to vote, but you have only 3 sentences. What would you write?

Remember, your speech is encouraging people to use their right to vote.


Example: It is important to vote because...

Another reason is....

The deadline for entries is midday on Friday October 9th. Good luck!

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