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An interesting extinct job is a 'pinsetter', someone who used to set pins back at a bowling... #13 - Extinct jobs 03/12/20
My dream job would be a veterinarian, as I want to help save animals' lives and roam African... #11 - You're hired! 19/11/20
Our robot (hardworking_apple and outspoken_planet's) would be called Bot The Builder. He would... #10 - Design a robot! 09/11/20
Voting in the presidential election is important! Your one vote could change the future of your... #5- Three Sentence Speech 08/10/20
Do you have any tips for identifying fake news as average people, like just as someone is... #4 - A matter of facts 02/10/20
I don't think it is a democracy because of the electoral points system. Fewer populated states... #3 - Power to the people 22/9/20