#34 I used to think, now I think...

18 May 2022

Winners announced!

Thank you for sharing all your reflections on something about politics that you've changed your mind about on any of our topics! There have been some great comments! But there can only be two winners... and this time they are:

gracious_climate of High Lawn Primary School in the United Kingdom, who’s opinion on the far reaching effects of the war in Ukraine has changed.


willing_imagination of the Marka Prep. Girls School 2 in Jordan, who now believes that refugees need more than material support to continue their lives.

Fantastic work!

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The Competition

This week's competition gives you the chance to reflect on something about politics that you've changed your mind about on any of our topics.

You might have changed your mind after hearing something said in your classroom, or something from another student or expert on the Student Hub, or something you read or watched.

Top Tips

Structure your entry like this:

I used to think...

However, now I think...

I changed my mind because...

Try to write in developed sentences, fully explaining your thinking.

Comments (37)

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  • I used to think that only a small-scaled amount of soil isn't suitable for the growth of plants and seeds.
    But now I realize that 89% of the soil around the world hinder the growth of a seed and prevents it from getting enough nutrition.
    What changed my mind is a comment I read on Topical Talk "Improve the Innovation" by the fellow student "fiery_reality".

  • I used to think that the refugee issue was a purely humanitarian issue in the first place, however now I think it is a political issue governed by laws and agendas, my opinion differed due to the different policies and dealings on the ground...

  • I thought that the refugee needed only material support, but through the discussions, I began to believe that the refugee needs other things to continue life, such as participating in international sports or integrating into societies, which is one of the things he needs most. I think he would give more and be useful if given the opportunity.

  • I use to think that Russia and Ukraine's war was just a war the they can talk about but now , however now when I when I heard from the news when I sat down and think about it was an issue that the governor can talk about it

  • I used to think that at the beginning of the Corona crisis there was no virus, and I thought it was a political game, and that there was an exaggeration in the number of infections and the ways they spread until one of my relatives was infected and I saw how much he suffered from Corona symptoms here. I realized that there was a virus and began to adhere to health guidelines to maintain my health and the health and safety of my family and those around me.

  • I used to think that the Russia-Ukraine war is a little popular, however, I think now what is occupying the world today is the many wars and conflicts especially Ukraine and Russia at the moment, these wars are causing the destruction of people and the displacement of refugees who are made homeless. It is one of the most important issues facing the world at the moment, I changed my mind because at the moment what wars cause is the destruction of people, the displacement of refugees, etc.)

  • I used to think that Boris Johnson would have been the great prime minister of the world however I changed my mind because Boris Johnson had a party during the pandemic while we couldn’t social with other and made us look bad while he broke a rule that even the Queen knows not to do that and children in primary schools too.
    I say he is still important in day to day life ,but the rule he broke can’t make up in sociality today.

  • I used to think that only women can cook and men cannot go into the kitchen and do the cooking, but after taking a lesson on the distinction between men and women, I searched for the most famous men in the world of cooking and after reading famous names and the best chefs men, I changed my mind and I learned that men and women appreciate That they do the same business and thanks to TOPICAL TALK who put us the title of sexism that helped me a lot.

  • I used to think that refugees issue on the host country comes with devastating outcomes on it and leads it to economical disruption with absolutely no positive effects for it.
    However now I think and believe that refugees can make up the flourish for economy by refugees productivity and skills, which I learnt from the post " Are There Benefits of Hosting Refugees".
    I changed my mind because I found it logical about these benefits, and I found out that what people in the society talk is just mislead for the actual truth of refugees' effects and outcomes on host countries.

  • I used to think that scientists should not experiment on animals, but I realized that if scientists don't experiment on animals. They would all be extinct.

  • I used think that Brexit was a good and progressive thing that will help the government of Britain and the people of Britain however now I think it wasn’t the right decision as their are many cons to it such as no free travel,GDP decrease and a worsen life style for the average Britain citizen. I changed my decision because of my classmates who are British and are affected by this decision which had changed my opinion.

  • I used to think that Russia and Ukraine's conflict did not affect the other countries.But the news shows me otherwise that some countries are struggling from this conflict.

  • I used to think that the the land belonged to Israel and Palestine were people who wanted to take the land but now, after some research, I can see why the Palestinians thought that Israel invaded their land.

  • i used to think that animals were not as endangered as they are now but after this lesson i realised that way more animals are endangered and that we need to raise awareness and help stop animals' endangerment

  • I used to think that the war between Russia and Ukraine was horrible and Russia's fault but now I have rethought my decisions and found out that both sides of this war have their side of the story.

  • When the Russia and Ukraine War started, I didn't really think about it that much. But now that it is all over the new I understand why it is going on and who I stand with.

  • I used to think that if our government get back kashmir from India so there were no cruelty on kashmir people and they will live a happy life.However, now I think if there was easy to get back kashmir so we can get it on 1947.I changed my mind because there will be war with india to get kashmir back and number of people and kids will be die because of it and all the things will destroy.

  • I thought the results. The wars and their remnants are damage and suitability for agriculture, but I became certain that it is possible to reform the arid lands agriculturally and benefit as we see in Egypt how they carry out projects to reclaim desert lands for agriculture

  • I used to think that only adults were in charge of making the world a better place.
    However, now I think that everyone can make the world better including kids.
    I changed my mind because I watched the news and realised, I can make a difference.

  • I used to think that Ukraine were the only victims in the RUSSIA - UKRAINE WAR but now after researching and watching videos from different perspectives, I now realize that Russia have faced sanctions and therefore have suffered tremendous loss. However, some would argue that Ukraine are the real victims. To conclude we can say that there are two different arguments from either side.

  • I used to think that Ukraine and Russia's war did not affect any other countries ,but now I realise that it could affect many countries especially those involved in NATO and I now realise this because of watching the news and listening to my class teacher who gave an assembly on what is happening in Ukraine.

    I also used to think that Brexit would not really change what it was like before, but I now see (being a citizen of Britain and watching the news) that it has affected how much of some foods get ported into the country and how certain prices have gone up compared to when Britain was part of Europe.

  • I used to think that women are still discriminated in the same way they used to be. But after researching facts and looking at videos. I have recently discovered that women have more equal rights today but that still doesn't mean that they are treated the same as men.

  • I used to think that everybody had some money. But now seeing Russia attacking Ukraine and the refugees leaving I realised that where they go is costing people a lot of money for people they just got to know. So now I know some people are less fortunate than others.

  • Originally, I had presumed that global warming had been a matter that had been solved originally, and little was needed to be done to solve it. However during the COP26 project, I have realised that the environment is at risk and that, in fact, alot needs to be done to secure a planet for habitation.

  • I used to think the homeless people were doing pranks and then I now realise that they weren't joking about the suffering I saw on their faces made me heartbroken and since after that it started to make me help them more.

  • A couple of months ago, I thought the war in Ukraine would only last a week or so as I reckoned Russia only wanted resources but now, in my opinion, I think this could go as far as a major nuclear war. I don't know for sure why Putin is attacking Ukraine, but he I think he probably wants to put Yugoslavia back together. I would love to hear other people's opinions on this topic and whether they agree or not.

    1. I think you might mean the Soviet Union rather than Yugoslavia?

  • I used to think that technology had no role in helping refugees, but I think now, after studying well on several sites, I understand that technology has a very big role.
    I changed my mind because of technological advances and easier health care than ever before, through the use of technology to save health records and archiving of refugee patients, where he did not have most of them health records, but throughout the year and a half, managed a new health project to create electronic records for many refugees, including data on refugee health and medical progress, which can help them more than ever

  • I use to think that refugees where people who traveled around the world.I now know that refugees are people who are in a endanger or in a scary place and go to neighbouring countries and live at people homes. This is really good that people are letting in children who have lost there mum and dad to have and be in a safe environment.It is really kind and caring that adults are helping when there is a war around and just doing a little bit to help this crisis.If you would like to reply to this comment with is you agree or disagree on this topic i would appreciate your opinion.

  • I used to think gender inequality was not going to be dealt with, but now I can see that the majority of girls are maximising their full potential and they have " more steps up the ladder" to climb their way to the top. Fewer girls have faced gender discrimination for more and more girls are applying for jobs. Over the past 40 years there has been rising employment for women and hopefully gender inequality will end.

  • I used to think that refugees were not accepted in any country but when I continued to learn more about refugees and I got to know that refugees are accepted in any countries. And they can be citizens there

  • I used to think that politicians have policies that are bad and may not be in favor all citizens of the land as regards to class in the society, however now I think that some politicians have a good heart and they mean well for their citizens.
    I changed my mind because I have seen how people with political authority have brought development to their countries through infrastructure and poverty alleviation programs. For example in the case of Nigeria where the use of mobile devices was made possible by its former president/head of state, I have also seen how people in political authority have helped to settle the homeless and under privileged people as a result of crisis or other forms of violence.

  • I use to think women can't fit into anywhere in the society especially in politics. However, now I think that politics is not a gender based affair in as much as a man can be a leader a woman can do the same. I changed my mind because I have seen some strong women fight the battle for political positions in their careers even though gender stereotypes have made it difficult for women to have top political offices, I have realized that women also go into politics from videos I watched and newspaper articles I have read online and on print.

  • I used to think that politics brings out the worst in people I say this because I know a person who did a lot of good things for people in the community immediately he went into politics he became a greedy, selfish and proud individual. However now I think differently, people can be involved in politics and still be their best. I changed my mind because not all people are the same based on what I have read in the newspapers and also watched about some good politicians which were backed up based on other people's opinions.

  • I used to think that political positions were held as an inheritance. However now I think that all political offices are open to all citizens of the land as citizens have the right to franchise that is, the right to vote and be voted for and not for people with blood relations with the successor. I changed my mind when I came across articles that made me realise that for one to occupy a political position he/she must be voted for.

  • I used to think that with the Global Conversation it will be difficult to get stars. However now in school we have learnt that we can reach for stars if we work hard enough. I changed my mind as a result of the discussions we have in school and also going through the excellent write up of other students on the hub.

  • when the war started, I thought that it would be over soon and I wasn't sure who I stood with but now that it is still going on and worsening, I understand and I know who I support and that is not really all either Russia's or Ukraine's fault

  • I used to think that Russian people were alright with the war with Ukraine because there were no protests.but now I have realised that Russian soldiers would arrest them if they did anything about it. I learnt this from researching online.