worth it or not ?

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my opinion:

when i first heard about cop27 i wasn't kind of excited the reason was that it had been going on like that for many decades governments of many nations come together to sign different agrements they some of them even work to make the environment better but the effects aren't long lasting . but when i was reading the discussion on this topic i saw a lot of optimism too atleast cop27 and many events like that create a lot of awareness in the young generation .

situation in my country:

i think its a great time for me to share that how climate change disturbed my life and how it shook Pakistan as a whole .first we suffered from droughts then came the floods all of this brought a tone of suffering to the lower and middle class families the inflation is at its peak its hard for a person with average salary to sustain him and his family .

current crisis;

in lahore the most air polluted city in the world the smog is everywhere three day per weak off days are are set to lessen the exposure time this is effecting education very badly .

did cop27 made things better around me ?

i know it very clearly that its the job of the countries government to take steps but even after attending the confrence i see no clear work done to make the situation better still tone of cars on the road ,still no actions taken against the people who are contributing to make even breathing a luxury for the next generations all of this because the lack of awareness in the management .

what can make it sustainable :

in my opinion if this system was more robust like if any country was not taking the situation seriously then some steps must be taken to make sure that proper precautions are taken by each nation.

https://youtu.be/3ONXxIxiyh0 (if you want to learn more)

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  • If you ask me, I feel like Africa has been affected the most, I mean the climate of Nigeria has never been so unpredictable and so unbearable. I would like to point at a different perspective of this. The past climate, the present climate and the future climate if we do and do not change our human activities. The past climate of Nigeria was quite stable it was workable, it was cold, but we Nigerians were okay with it, we knew how to cope fast forward few years ahead that is the present, the climate of Nigeria has badly changed, it has become so hot that when I think about the past it kind of hurts me. According to research, several emissions due to man’s actions have been the driving factor of climate change. These emissions emanate from human activities such as fossil fuels use like coal, oil, and gas burning, deforestation and land-clearing, garbage landfills, agriculture, land use, and improper emissions from industries, buildings, and transport vehicles are the main emitters. I mean the question really makes sense is it worth it, all the hurt to the planet and all for what momentarily happiness. The only thing I am glad about is that by 2030 Nigeria plans to change a whole lot of things yes, we cannot wait for the situation to become worse, but we can do much till then we can:
    Eliminate the use of Kerosene Lighting by 2030.
    Increase the use of buses for public transport.
    Reduce crop residue burning by 50%.
    Waste management.
    The future of Nigeria and the world if we do not stop climate change is that wildfires rage across every continent except Antarctica, creating plumes of acrid smoke that make breathing outdoors unbearable, causing an annual health crisis. Ocean temperatures have risen dramatically. After repeated bleaching events, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has been officially declared dead. The extra heat in the ocean has caused it to expand. Combined with water from melting ice sheets, sea levels have risen by more than one meter. Many major cities, including Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro and Miami, are already flooded and uninhabitable. The Maldives, the Marshall Islands, Tuvalu and many other small island nations have been abandoned. Many coastal and river areas are regularly flooded, including the Nile Delta, the Rhine valley and Thailand. Over 20% of Bangladesh is permanently under water. This is just a highlight I mean I could go on; I feel people are waiting to be affected specially before they take any action and that would be worse this is a plea to do sopmething and to do it quick.