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thanks for the congratulations ! Standpoint Award winners! 16/12/22
Did cop27 made a change in your local environment? Suggest a discussion! 14/12/22
Thats a perfect point "terraforming" mars or even titan is certainly not plausible for the time... Space exploration an "Ultimate Future Of Mankind " 14/12/22
I think about some solutions which are low cast. 1. Technology of Green houses play very... Global food crisis 12/12/22
The answers from Dr Mamta were the most enjoyable for me the main thing that i learned from her... Competition #7 Expert learning 12/12/22
I am very curious to know how it plays it's role in "fluid dynamics ". Space exploration an "Ultimate Future Of Mankind " 12/12/22
Very impressive and true facts you out forward. Your perceptives are more clear and there must... Food Crisis: You Need To Know 05/12/22
Thank you for the appreciation and regards as well. I am also thankful that you consider my... The food crisis: why can’t we just share? 05/12/22
I agree with some parts of the articles. Plenty of food is producing and wasting and yet people... Hungry stomachs..... WHY? 05/12/22
I think both have their respective role in food crisis, i.e. the shortage of formers is cause of... Global food crisis 05/12/22
We discussed many topics in the class and i found the space exploration enjoyed the mostly. To... Competition #6 Favourite topic 05/12/22
emotional_meaning | Rhemaville Christian Academy I really inspired by the video the merits you... A wider understanding of space 05/12/22
I have always been in awe of the mysteries of this universe. Being an astronaut i think the most... SPACE: THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY. 05/12/22
I think explorations help us to develop new soucres and technology to make outer world safer and... Space: a positive human future? 05/12/22
The diversity in the films is important as it justified that our differences make us more... Diversity, Representation and Equality! 01/12/22
I think diversity not only related to the colour of skin, ethical values , culture and religion... Films that make a difference 01/12/22
No its not right to make decisions on the ground realities of any single country at... Should some voices be louder than others? 01/12/22
think its easy for people to find differences than similarities but it doesn't mean that... Representation matters 01/12/22
The true representation of a woman must be the role in which she must be the hero of her own... REPRESENTATION AND DIVERSITY: HOW ARE GENDERS REPRESENTED. 01/12/22
I think the basics of the democracy is justice on which the whole buiding of nation stands.... DEMOCRACY, PATRIOTISM, EQUALITY 01/12/22