Meet our… Skills volunteers!


This year’s Topical Talk festival has a whole team of people working behind the scenes, including some amazing volunteers.

Topical Talk volunteers are professionals who specialise in things like law, finance and business. They have to use critical-thinking and communication skills in their work and will help you to work on your skills during the Festival!

Over the next few weeks they’ll help you to develop your ideas, by responding to your comments, giving you feedback and asking you questions.

Here’s a little bit of information about the companies that our volunteers work for.


PA Consulting:

PA Consulting is a global team of strategists, innovators, designers, consultants, scientists, engineers, digital experts and technologists. They believe in the power of ingenuity to build a positive human future.

They are experts for news stories about science, engineering, technology and mathematics.


Clifford Chance:

Clifford Chance is one of the world's leading law firms, with more than 30 offices in 24 countries, and over 6,500 employees globally.

They are experts in the law.



KPMG in the UK is part of a global network that offers legal, financial and technology services. They bring creativity, insight and experience to solve their clients’ and communities’ biggest problems.

They are experts at unpicking and understanding the numbers in the news.


The Economist Group:

The Economist Group is a global media and information-services company. The Economist newspaper is known around the world for reliable information and forward-thinking journalists.

Economist experts will help you to understand the most important news stories of our time.

Comments (4)

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  • What excites me a lot about the volunteers themselves is my dedication to helping people and providing them with the great services they need and I prefer working for The Economist Group is a global media and information services company because first I love journalism and in the future I want to become a journalist who is respected by everyone and to provide people with correct and reliable information, and this What I love most about this company and also their brilliant thinking for the future

    1. That's really interesting amusing_wildcat. What skills do you think you could bring to being a great journalist?

      1. Confronting those who try to obscure the truth so that it does not reach the people, intrusion into danger, to take reliable information, and to gain people's trust by dealing well with them.

        1. It sounds like you have put a lot of thought into this, thank you.

      2. I think to make a great journalist you need listening skills to enable you understand and interpret the the different news stories that told by the people you interview such that your able to come up with full compilation of the data your got in a more organized manner,I also think a journalist needs persuasive, expression and talking skills in his job to enable him to easily start conversations on any news topic with anyone even if they are strangers.This will enable him to acquire information on any topic from any one faster.A great journalist needs an analytical skills where he can analyze any situation and come up with effective and relevant conclusions.A good journalist will need research skills,having such skills means that you can go out of your way to ensure credibility of your content froexample ability to tell which content from a website is correct or wrong and filter according to come up with content that credibly backed up.
        Lastly,this my not be a skill in particular but I think that for one to be a good journalist,it takes so much more than just a degree of qualification but rather one must have the passion for his work because only with passion nfor what you do can you perfect it and become the great journalist you want to become.Passion for your job will give the energy you need to do your work and the same passion will also make surpass yourself for a better version of yourself in your job.

  • I prefer to work in The Economist Group, because it works to provide clear facts to everyone, and they work to provide trust between people and gain their credibility, and I am very impressed with their work and skills, and I think the most important skill they should have is listening, the journalist should be A good listener so that he can understand the speech first and then reach the hidden facts, and this will also gain him the skill of solving problems in the future.

    1. voluntary works spread the spirit of love , cooperation and symbiosis among people in any community.So thank you every company or association volunteer to share us with its unique experience.
      I believe PA Consulting is the best choice for me as I am very interested in scientific and digital knowledge.
      Because the digital world is the future of humanity.

      1. I agree because......I agree with you, the world is now working to create a technological future that helps people all the time, and we will need designers and innovators to create this technological world, it would be great to work there

  • I think the best is Clifford Chance company first because I like law as a subject and also because I would like to become a lawyer in the future to defend people's rights and express their opinions, so I think this company is the best because it is also able to preserve rights and because I find it interesting. With her experience in law, she is able to educate people about their basic rights and stand by women who have not been given their full rights. I'd like to work at Clifford Chance

  • Tell us how you think Topical Talk experts use speaking, listening, creativity, and problem-solving in their work. What skill might be most important to employees in each company?
    * In my opinion, the most important skill for employees in every company is: mutual understanding and love among themselves, and each of these two skills is of great importance. Therefore, it is a very important skill for the employees, for example: if one of the families did not have an understanding and mistrusted each member of it, how do you think the family would become with the lack of any understanding between them? The family will be cohesive and strong, so understanding is very important, not only for employees, but for the whole community.
    As for love, it increases the cooperation of employees with each other, and increases the confidence of other employees in you, such as: the ruler whose people support him, support him, and love him. Definitely strong, so imagine if the ruler was unjust and unfair, of course his people would hate him and grudge against him, and therefore the state would disintegrate and collapse, so love is very important, not only the employees but the whole world. Also, I believe that experts use speaking, listening, and problem-solving in their work easily; Because there is love and understanding between them, and all companies must have understanding and love among their employees.