Do not draw a veil over inequality!

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Women in Iran are being killed because of not wearing "their hijab correctly". The protest in Iran I believe is the most important topic on the platform since it’s one of the few topics that not only hurt people mentally but physically as well.

Women but as well some men have been protesting and risking their lives to be free again and not to have to live with the constant fear of dying. I’ve looked through other opinions on this situation and I’ve found this comment written by daring_cherry “Take an example of George Floyd, a Black man in America who was killed by policemen. After the public spoke and protested against this act, there were several police reforms enacted in relation to protection of human rights.” and I got to say I kind of disagree because the incident with George Floyd happened in America. America is a democratic country that is all about freedom and lets people choose, whereas in Iran they are a really fixated country and really isolated from everyone else. It's not a democracy, but rather a form of tyranny. Killing is in any circumstances unjustifiable, let alone killing in the name of religion, which is supposed to make humans more tolerant and accepting of others.

Another reason why I find it so important is because this topic is connected to discrimination towards women since it appears that in Iran you’ll barley hear anyone say anything about what men are not allowed to do but for women there’s even laws that punish them with prison. I think that women should have the right to choose whether they want to wear the hijab or not. I know people that are muslim that wear and others that don’t wear the headscarf and are just as religious. So it's not the religion in itself that is harmful but rather its interpretation. In my view, the men in Iran are using religion as a justification to subjugate women and to deny them the equality they deserve.

In conclusion, the Mahsa Amini case is yet another proof that we have a long way to go in our pursuit of equality between men and women.

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  • These days, women are made to follow all sorts of traditional beliefs that are not fair because men are allowed to have jobs, but not women, men are allowed to move freely but women in places like Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and many other countries, are not allowed to move in the streets freely unless they have their husband, brother or son by their side. This is topically unfair and is discrimination. So, in conclusion, I urge the Iranian government to upgrade to the current mind set of the world.

    1. I agree because
       man has freedom of choice, all religions are different and their rulings are different Our Islamic religion commanded us to wear the hijab after puberty, and there are other religions that do not require the wearing of the hijab Some countries have wrong beliefs and deviate religions This is an attack on the right to freedom of opinion and an attack on religions

  • Exactly I mean to be honest it does not even make sense the fact that we are still struggling for this much equality is sickening, I mean with all the rallies and the movements we are still stagnant do we need a near death experience to realize that we need equality