Doctor Shortages

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Doctor shortages, as a general issue, have now brought the world's residents to their knees. The trend of doctor shortage could be due to the high rate of doctor resignations in the healthcare industry.

Since the year 2020 alone, eighteen per cent of the total world's healthcare workers have quit their jobs, with many surveys indicating twenty-fifty per cent of physicians and nurses anticipate quitting by next year. I, as an individual, think a good way to stop the problem of doctor shortages, is to increase the fund given to the healthcare sector, increase medical technological infrastructure, expand the care team and boost diversity and equality in medicine and many more. In addition, we are aware of the fact that the number of insured patients is growing: As recently as 2015, the number of people who led an insurance plan through their employer was north of 177 million (that’s 177 million US adults) that have supported access to the healthcare system, nearly half the population of the United States. Another well-known team is the OBAMA CARE DEMAND: Because of increased demand for medical services, it is estimated that an additional 17000 more doctors and physicians will be needed to fill the gap in demand. By the year 2025, there will be a projected 61,000-94,000 shortage of physicians. In fact, about one-third of the United States is already suffering from a physician shortage.

As mentioned before, other ways of solving the problem of doctor shortage are as follows:

New systems and advanced technological medical infrastructure are required; hospital and healthcare administrators must act quickly to implement new systems and leverage emerging technology to combat the shortage in the short term. For example, leveraging team-based care has been shown to improve patient satisfaction rates, and there are numerous other causes for a variety of reasons. Introducing artificial intelligence (AI) into the medical sector to advance medical technology is a good way to boost productivity. Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool for addressing global issues.

With these few causes and reasons for the doctor shortage, I hope I have been able to highlight key means to solve the problem and answer the global question. I am deeply apologetic to those that have been affected by this issue.

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  • Why is there a global shortage of doctors?
    Developing nations often have doctor shortages because of limited numbers and capacity of medical schools and because of international migration since doctors can usually earn much more money and enjoy better working conditions in other countries.