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I believe Karl is saying that Rishi Sunak has the potential to be a great leader, but the odds... What does the cartoonist think? 02/12/22
The doctor's words make me happy because the government and other stakeholders are finally... A doctor's words 02/12/22
No, I do not believe healthcare should be free because when the service is free, its quality... What should be free? 02/12/22
The capacity of medical schools and their limited numbers, particularly in developing countries,... What causes doctor shortages? 22/11/22
Yes, world leaders should be allowed to make mistakes like everyone because it seems unfair to... One rule for everyone? 18/11/22
The seabin invention will make the biggest difference to the world. In my opinion, the SeaBin is... Get creative, save the planet! 11/11/22
The most important space innovation for me is the CAT scan. The CT scan also known as A... Space innovations: what do you think? 03/11/22