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The ball is in your court. Who wants to answer the question. Are young people political? 15/12/22
Why is there a global shortage of doctors? Developing nations often have doctor shortages... Doctor Shortages 15/12/22
I will give a story then ask a question; When Rehoboam became king, the people wanted him to... Are young people political? 14/12/22
When you want people to vote for you, you need the following; 1. Building a platform and team... Mind your language! 12/12/22
I really think that we need to be careful with what we say online because if you hurt someone... Mind your language! 07/12/22
28% of young Americans believe the current government cares about young people like them ,this... Pick a percentage! 07/12/22
The population of the people that watch football is quit large and I am sure that a lot of... Biggest challenge: the World Cup 06/12/22
Lovely but have we ever asked why the leaders do what they do when they are in power? Leaders... Would you be a leader? 01/12/22
Education . To a point education should be free or at least it should be cheap ,places... What should be free? 01/12/22
Yes I think higher earner should pay more taxes. I just think taxes should be charged based on... What should be free? 01/12/22
So you thing low earners should pay the same thing with higher earners. What should be free? 01/12/22
Health care should be affordable for all citizens of a country . 10%-20% should be paid by... What should be free? 30/11/22
Yakubu Gowon, who at the age of 31 became the head of state and compare to the present leaders... Are young people political? 29/11/22
Being a leader is not a bad job but it is not for everyone , it is for the strong hearted . As a... Would you be a leader? 29/11/22
World leaders are human beings too and every one makes mistakes .The only thing we should look... One rule for everyone? 29/11/22
I got 'TV News Presenter or News Podcaster' I firmly agree to this I love talking to people.... Competition #5 Journalism jobs 28/11/22
Yes I would love a big sporting event in my country. yes a lot of mummy will be used to start... Coming to a town near YOU! Or not? 28/11/22
Yes I would love a big sporting event in my country. Yes a lot of money will be used to start... Coming to a town near YOU! Or not? 28/11/22
I believe every one was born for a purpose ,but if they are forced there is now way the will do... What causes doctor shortages? 27/11/22
With that money I would start up a business with something new the world has never tried ,... Money, money, money! 27/11/22