Food crisis in besieged Gaza

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The discussion of food crisis topic here gives me a chance to be aware of it as a global issue. Today, I am going to talk about the food crisis in my city Gaza. It's internationally known that Gaza is under blockade since 2007! But the worst is not known!

The 16-year-long blockade on Gaza many times prevents the entrance of medical aid, animal food, and food supplies to Gaza, which is resulting in death of farm animals, and an impending food crisis in Gaza. They are kept held at the borders of Gaza until all those supplies expire. Palestinians in Gaza have now been hit by a growing food crisis with price hikes making basic necessities unaffordable for the poorest like bread, meat, and eggs which have madly rised. Nearly, 1 million people in Gaza rely on UNRWA food parcels which only enter Gaza four times a year! Moreover, Farmers face restrictions on importing fertilizers and seeds to farm their land. Also, Fishermen face restrictions on importing fishing equipment and tools.

Power outages in Gaza can last 10 hours a day affecting every aspect of agriculture and food production. Gaz and electricity shortages make it impossible for families to cook and bake food, leaving many eating uncooked food, raw vegetables and bread to get by. Markets and bakeries are often unable to provide cooked goods and can't use refrigerators to preserve food.

We have to feel the pain twice; the global food crisis afecting us and the effects of the blockade! Sadly this is the situation in Gaza! Thanks to make this heard!

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  • But the blame does not lie with those besieging Gaza only, but inside Gaza there are many disasters that cause a food crisis, such as the coups that occur, as they negatively affect the salaries of people, the poor, and farmers in particular, so there is what the farmer may need to do, so the municipality comes and Destroy it under the pretext that it will be used for something more important such as building a hospital, but in reality this farmer may belong to another party and they want him to back down from it.

    And had it not been for UNICEF, which helps us refugees who have been displaced from their country, we would now be sleeping on the street, as there would not be enough money for us to build, buy a house, eat, or learn, so being Palestinian, I suffer from hunger, but this has not appeared yet, because UNICEF is sponsoring us

  • I feel your pain currently my dad is in Gaza, and we are seriously worried, we heard that Isarael supplied your food but because of the blockade thy could not supply you anymore, it is actually sad that the situation worsens as the Ukraine war worsens. According to the prices of simple things like bread have increased while the prices increase. Shaer said Before the crisis, I used to buy one chicken a week for my family of six. Now I buy one chicken every ten days. The unemployment rate in Gaza is roughly 50.2 percent and more than half of its population live in poverty. As the conflict in Ukraine drags on into its fourth month, the economic crisis it has caused in Gaza seems to have no end in sight. But a solution has to be found quickly, Madhoun warns. Bread is the main element of any meal in the Palestinian community. We can't do without bread," he said. No matter how much its price rises, we have to figure out a way to afford it."

  • The cause of the food crisis in Gaza is poverty
    A people needs shelter, clothing and food for himself and his family. If he cannot get these things, he is poor. poverty of this kind is a terrible thing and makes life hard but of his circumstance It is sometimes the result of laziness. A person in a poor family cannot get education. He remains poor all his life, struggling to get simplest needs. If the poor are women or children, they have to beg for their daily food and drink.