Food Crisis: You Need To Know

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Truth is always bitter and the truth is that enough food is produced today to feed everyone on the planet out there, but the only fact is that the distribution is not equal everywhere; unequal access and inefficient handling leaves millions of people malnourished. Statistics show that approximately 40% of the food produced in America is never eaten and if just half of the potential food waste worldwide were recovered, we could end Food Crisis. But unfortunately the number of people understanding this problem is very low.

In this world, mankind cannot run long until there is one-third rich and two-third hunger. Today if you go open internet and search for food crisis then you'll get hundreds of websites talking about it; but do you know WHY? I will tell you..

Most of the people around this world don't have any idea about food crisis and the few ones who knows about it is only making discussions. The only thing lacking here is ACTION! Writing hundreds of quotes and attaching hundreds of pictures sitting on your chair doesn't fill up those hungry stomachs but fills your website. You must get up, grab some food and set off for Distribution. Even though you cannot give every person a spoon but you can atleast start from your society.

Today the tochnology is so far that we are able to reach and develop space but unfortunately we don't have improvement on our own planet Earth regarding to hunger. And there are many factors which has stopped improvement from happening; this includes conflict, economic conditions, natural hazards, climate change as well as political condition.

The point is that food is being wasted in some places and food is lacking in other places. If this ratio of WASTE and LACK was maintained then we could obviously end the food crisis.

Let me now tell you some points you must know:

1. The number of people who require food assistance is at a record high, with more than 200 million people acutely food insecure.

2. The main drivers of food insecurity are conflict, economic shocks, climate change, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Russia’s war against Ukraine is exacerbating global food insecurity.

4. Countries are at risk of famine:Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen.(It is not all but is extending to various other countries.)

5. The EU is at the forefront of the fight against global hunger.

All these things doesn't mean that we should give anything to people in name of donation but we must also think about safety. Ones who are interested in donation but cannot reach to that place can transfer fund online. This also helps in keeping environment clean as no fuel is used. Not only organizations but we individually can also stand for people's right to food. We must be sure about the expiring dates of food being distributed as it can harm to health of various poeple.

We must move ahead with our own motto:'Donation, Distribution and Action for Starvation.' We must work hard with fellings coming through bottom of the heart. If not now then it is never...

Its not about who need to do more or who can feed more but it is about how many can be fed.

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  • Very impressive and true facts you out forward. Your perceptives are more clear and there must be necessary actions should be made in this regard.
    Online donations are very good idea but how it could be extended to the people in need? I think for it we need to understand the type of food crisis facing any society and country. I mean in order to distribute the food we firstly need to know about the requirements. Just donations and distribution can make alot more incapable to produce for themselves so in this way we are making alot of people dependent. Communities and countries in need could be used and manipulated in name of donations and conditioned loans etc.
    I think alot about food crisis although it seems to me not such practical idea but i think there must be some basic food items must be free for all in whole world. Just like basic medical insurance and facilities any welfare state is offering nowadays. The governments hould offer food security and zero food delivery insurance plans for every country men by using taxes paid by the people. They need to extend such plans to make the poor countries hunger free.

  • There are only 820 hungry people in Africa and Asia for the year 2018, and now the percentage is increasing significantly and noticeably, and the big question here, which everyone must know its solution, is why??
    First, because the percentage of carbon dioxide is rising, this affects a lot on food and plants, and also because of the export and import means of transport that increase the percentage of carbon dioxide, and the solution to this problem is that we solve the problem of climate change by cultivating more Plants and teaching others how to grow plants, place and time, for example bananas need places with high temperatures and other things
    Secondly, because of looking at the profession of agriculture and farming as a profession of the poor and uneducated, so we must appreciate the work of the farmer and give him financial rewards due to the fatigue that makes him tired, whether it is in the summer under the sun, or in the winter under the rain and other physical activity And the fitness of the farmer
    Thirdly, the fact that we ourselves waste food and we do not feed while others are hungry and also food illiteracy is widespread, so the government must spread education about the importance of food and how we can help solve this crisis

    There are many solutions that we can do: Me: I have to buy food only what suffices me and my family in order not to waste food, and also we can use canned, dried and preserved foods to eat and hide new foods for the future, and we can also grow plants such as potatoes, rice and wheat in a place About our home, as it is the pillar of food upon which man relies, and to offer extra food to charities to provide it to the poor.
    The government: jolly_vegetable said "The government can also train some measures that can help to solve the problem of global food crisis for example it can decide to ban restrictions on the international market by allowing its citizens to transport those kinds of foods at a low cost charged on them as taxes and this will motivate them to work so hard since research has it that countries that depend on agriculture are economically stable since they get more income on these agricultural products.” And I totally agree with him, otherwise the government can license food In order for everyone to be able to buy the food they need

    In the end, I want to say that the reason is not a lack of food, as our land is able to feed everyone, but the main reason is that we are the ones who say that this is not enough, but it may be enough and a lot can eat a hungry little child, so let us unite to solve this problem the problem .