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To err is human. We learn from our mistakes, but making same mistake again and again is... One rule for everyone? 01/12/22
Enough food is prepared to feed each person on the earth today but the only problem is that... Expert challenge: what could you do? 29/11/22
Space is the area directly outside of Earth's atmosphere which is about 100 km or 62 miles above... Money, money, money! 28/11/22
Yes, I would like to be a doctor. Since I was a child I had great interest in being a doctor.... Would you…? 24/11/22
Among both the opinions given, I do not agree on any one of the person. Because I feel that... Pick a side! 21/11/22
In today's situation, there is shortage of doctors but also increase in unemployment; then, Why... What causes doctor shortages? 21/11/22
When you think of something to do and BELIEVE in yourself then there is nothing impossible to do... Are COP events sustainable? 14/11/22
When it comes to the topic of super heroes then it might not always be just the heroes on books... Who could change the world? 14/11/22
Actually enough food is produced today to feed everyone on the planet out there, but the only... The food crisis: why can’t we just share? 09/11/22
Being a student having interest in space I do not hesitate in agreeing the statement that "Space... Space: a positive human future? 07/11/22