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Today, I want to talk about the global food crisis and how every country contributes to bringing food to your table every day. Now, I’m not saying that some countries can’t sustain themselves if they have the resources but here’s where I’m going with this…

Many countries have lots of resources but instead of actually using them, they sell them. And it doesn’t stop there. After they sell them, they still have the means to be a sustainable country but they buy the same things from bigger countries all for the sake of a “better” image. This is how waste starts. Then, waste becomes rubbish and rubbish becomes pollution. And, because of all of this waste, we have a global food crisis (The money spent on this year's World Cup could have helped solve around 4 months of world hunger, by the way).

So, for all of you reading out there, I am here to tell you how the global food crisis is still not being solved because of ignorance. A lot of countries are affected by this crisis. South Sudan and Somalia are probably the most affected by world hunger. But why? First of all, climate change is making these countries unable to grow any food or animals. Second of all, these countries have less money and don’t have the possibilities to import a big amount of food in their countries. 7.8 million people are starving just in Somalia, so with that we see that this crisis is a serious problem.

I saw that @supportive_strawberry said that many countries cannot afford much food now and just go into hunger because of the prices that have been rising since the war between Russia and Ukraine started this year. I think this was an important point because as I was saying, every part of the world contributes to bringing food to your table.

I honestly couldn’t find someone who I disagreed with on this topic. So, instead I found someone whose opinion I strongly agreed with: @calm_starfish said that a lot of food gets exported from countries, but sometimes the food is poisoned or expired and people die not because of hunger, but because of poison. People still die so this is a problem that the authorities have to keep an eye on.

Now, here's my opinion. The global food crisis is not because we don’t have enough food to feed 8 billion people. Mother nature is able to feed every single little particle on Earth. But we as humans are not satisfied with just what’s necessary, some of us think we need more. We say we need it, but we don’t. So, we throw the remaining food and that causes waste. Waste is the main reason along with political controversies, climate change and some other issues that we this crisis.

Around 17% of food around the world is being wasted.

So let’s do something about it, buy what we need and donate the rest to the poor and those who need it.

In conclusion, if we are going to be more open minded about this topic and think twice before throwing out a plate of food, because we cannot change the past and that’s OK, but we could prevent this crisis from getting much worse and hopefully with time, find a way to solve it.

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  • I agree because... when we really think about it not the whole world is actually experiencing hunger, Today I thought of a concept, how is it that most countries claim to be going through a food crisis, but they can still export food and involve themselves in food related trades well it is simple MAN-MADE FOOD CRISIS, yes, some countries intentionally make food unavailable and export it at higher rates in other to ''improve'' their economy, at the end of the day the both parties tend to suffer, why intentionally deny your citizens food and cheat others because of a lame achievement. In my country marketers do this very well, for example when the season for a particular food comes let us say tomatoes, they buy in bulk and preserve it, when the season changes, they bring out the hoarded material and sell it triple the actual price sometimes, reasons like this is exactly why we have world hunger.