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Hello everyone! I'm from Bucharest, Romania and I learn English at The Mayflower Centre. I'm... Meet our…school communities! 28/11/22
I think the space and The World Cup topics have a connection that is really important for the... Competition #4 Connecting topics 23/11/22
1️⃣ I think that this controversy is a logical one beacuse, first of all, it is the first time... Controversy in Qatar! 22/11/22
1️⃣ Romania imports a lot of fruits and vegetables wich can only be grown in a tropical climate... What's on your plate? And where's it from? 22/11/22
In my opinion, the World Cup or The Olympics can be hosted in Romania with some effort. But... Coming to a town near YOU! Or not? 22/11/22
I joined the Black Panther discussion and replied to Poetics Buffalo's comment from Mayflower... Competition #3 Global discussion 16/11/22
Diversity is important for me and also important in movies. A movie with all the characters... Why is it important to see diversity in films? 16/11/22
As an actress and activist, do you ever have a conflict of interest? For example, influencers... ...Amelie Zilber our activist and UNICEF ambassador! 14/11/22
1️⃣ The information that surprises me the most is the gender pay gap situation because my... Gender inequality: have your say! 09/11/22
We spoke about a lot of problems that our country has so I was amazed that there are so many... Competition #2 Questions for leaders 09/11/22
I think that songs are the best way to share a message with everyone. For example Guerrilla by... Protest songs: what would you choose? 07/11/22
1.I think all people can benefit out of space innovations because, some of them (example:... Space innovations: what do you think? 02/11/22
I think the statistic is that 36% of students think that their parents spend more time on social... Competition #1 Interpreting statistics 31/10/22