Is the voice of youth heard ??

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Young people are of great importance in the world, and they also have many needs in the world. If you are a role model in the Arab world, 60% of the population in the Arab world is considered to be young and they are the most productive category, so they should have the biggest say, right?

The United States declared August 12 as International Youth Day, and what proved to me that it really is youth is what I saw at the Climate Summit in Sharm El-Sheikh, where there were protests for the environment, and there were many youth activities. at the meeting site. I think they had a big part in making some of the decisions because they cared deeply and they were there.

I think young people have a right to talk about the governance of states as well, and what explains that is the protests that we see from time to time, like the one that happened in America during the elections a little while ago. They have the right to vote, to stand for election, and to stand for office.

In the end, young people make up a large class in society. They have many needs to be satisfied which are different from the needs of the elders or rulers and officials and must be met. Therefore, they must have a spokesperson for them, and there must be a ministry representing their applications. They are a productive and creative group, so their skills must be developed and refined in order to become future leaders, teachers, doctors and engineers.

What do you think about establishing a ministry or an international youth organization or not, and why?

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  • I believe an Internation Youth Organization is a necessity for today's world. If there can be International organizations for women, health, education than why not youth. I believe a country is defined by how it respects the views of the young people. An international organization where young people can give their ideas, talk about their problems, find their solutions is a much needed thing today. We need a place to express our views. We can together fix world problems. Young people from different backgrounds (engineers, doctors, polticians, actors, scientists, artists) should all come together and work for a better world. Youngsters are changemakers not complainers. And an international organization for all the changemakers across the world is a great solution indeed and can take us closer to building a stronger, prosperous world.

  • According to me, young people should be considered in all political discussion. Because, we young people have good and world related ideas for the nation but are never heard. Young people are the next generation of development and so have to be heard. There are many young people who are interested in global affairs but don't have a say and this sometimes leads to the current world problems.

  • The important of youth organization that Youth organizations offer opportunities for leadership that young people might not get otherwise. And Young people involved in organizations can receive information on staying safe and healthy from their peers or adults they know and respect. They then pass on this information to other young people. You should Give youth an opportunity to contribute and offer their input. Allow active collaboration between adults and youth—integrate youth into committees with adults who can act as mentors. Form relationships with teachers who engage youth in community concerns to increase youth involvement. Example Children and youth can learn what community is, how communities are built, where community development and planning fails, and what roles they can play throughout the processes. Stories — Young people can become motivated and inspired to create change through community development with stories.Youth will be part of the future local development and assume important roles in the resolution of conflicts within their communities. Thus building their capacity as peacebuilding actors is key to strengthening democratic governance and solving problems at the local and national levels.Also there is a significant role of the youth in the development and future of our society,Youth are expected to advance the current technology, education, politics, peace of the country. On the other hand, youths have also to maintain the culture of our culture, all good values in the societies, development projects, etc. Youth is the backbone of any nation.