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Exactly the youth should be allowed to speak. That is how we can progress. If there can be... Politics and Youth- Exploring the Connection 14/12/22
I believe an Internation Youth Organization is a necessity for today's world. If there can be... Is the voice of youth heard ?? 12/12/22
I believe that there is nothing wrong with these messages. Voting is our right and we should use... Mind your language! 05/12/22
Kal, the artist represents England as the sinking ship. England has in a recent few months has... What does the cartoonist think? 05/12/22
I believe government should consist of both young and old people. Young people have the ideas... Older or younger lawmakers? 05/12/22
Songs are a great way to express our views. We have seen it even during the Indian Independence... Protest songs: what would you choose? 05/12/22
One of the major source of food waste is restaurants. People often order excess and do not eat... Expert challenge: what could you do? 18/11/22
Young people are definitely political. In our country, India students actively take part in... Are young people political? 18/11/22
Hosting big events can be very beneficial for developing nations. Events like the Olympics or... Coming to a town near YOU! Or not? 18/11/22
I believe the most important characteristic that one needs to have for being a leader is to be... Would you be a leader? 17/11/22