Politics and Youth- Exploring the Connection

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

“If Young People are not always right, the society which ignores and knocks them is always wrong.” –Francois Mitterand

India- the largest democracy in the world also has the largest number of young people in the world. Politics in India has been largely impacted by what the youth thinks. Political parties leave no stone unturned to influence the young voters of our country. There are numerous examples of young leaders in our nation and throughout the world who have led their people through the toughest times. Yet young people are not considered political by many.

Politics is not always a dirty game of diplomacy. It is a weapon to bring change. However, there is a common stereotype that exists among many people: “Anything that involves politics is bad.” Parents try to keep their children away from politics. However, I am of the opinion that however bad politics might be in some cases, young people should get involved in it as it is only, they who can bring the change just like Thanathorn Juangroongruankit from Thailand, Syed Saddiq from Malaysia or Anil Shetty from India who all joined politics to bring change.

In India young politicians have undoubtedly played a major role in nation building right from the Independence Movement or even before. At that time there were strong patriotic emotions among the young Indians. They were determined to see India free from the shackles of British rule. Khudiram Bose, Bagha Jatin, Binoy, Badol, Dinesh are only few examples of young leaders who gave up their lives at very young ages only to see India free! In fact, Baji Rout was martyred only at an age of 12 years while fighting for India! Such is the determination of young people. Eventually the combined efforts of all these people led to our independence. Throughout the world we have examples of young politicians like Chloe Swarbrik (24 years) who is constantly raising her voice against climate change, Jordon Steele- John (25 years) who is fighting against discrimination towards disabled people, Neha Joshi (34 years) who is fighting for women rights and many more. They all are changemakers not complainers. Young people have more ideas. They are innovative and adaptable to change. They can accept change and also bring change. They have the capabilities of execution and ambitions to do something good. They are energetic, relentless and fearless. Hence young people are political.

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  • I see what you mean, I feel like we are political, but people do not want to accept that fact and they try to shut us up.
    Although perceived to be apathetic and incapable by most adults, youth political participation in many countries is on the rise, with young people expressing optimism about their capacity to achieve positive social change and their ability to play a role in how their countries are governed, people are still trying to shut us up, I mean these things are done with style, new laws are developed giving flimsy excuses on why youths should not be allowed to participate, I find it fascinating how much evil a person can develop, I mean social media the only way youths freely and anonymously express themselves are now being restricts, I mean it is the creativity for me, it is the ability of leader to ruin our countries and still finds way to blame us, anyone who believes that youths are not political and still finds a way to blame us in my opinion is the reason for our problem.

    1. Exactly the youth should be allowed to speak. That is how we can progress. If there can be forums, meetings, organizations about women, the elderly then why not the youth? I believe that shutting up the voices of youth is the worst thing a society can do. We should be allowed to speak, raise our voices. And an International organization for this purpose is the need of the hour.