The most expensive World Cup

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My favourite topic was the World Cup because due to my passion for football I found out a lot of new things, such as the fact that in Qatar some people don't have money for food or that human rights aren't respected for women and LGBTQ community.

Qatar is considered to be a rich country so that’s why it could afford to spend a lot of money on stadiums and to make a perfect tournament. Hosting the World Cup meant a lot to Qatar. So in my opinion the people that benefitted the most are for sure the people in Qatar. I think that is because Qatar will become more popular as a holiday destination, which will create more jobs but also because it will make football more popular for Qataris and other Middle-eastern countries, just like the woman team from England made it popular for girls after winning the European Cup.

I think like in all countries, there are good people and bad people, and everybody should not be punished. I don’t think much will change for women or the LGBTQ community in Qatar after the World Cup, but at least it made a lot of people around the world think of these problems so it gave them a say.

I also think that Qatar did a great job with their stadiums.

fearless_engineer thinks that the Stadium 974 is the best stadium because is environmentally friendly. I don't think so because Lusail Stadium is the final stadium and is the biggest stadium of the World Cup. It has 88,966 places and Stadium 974 has 40,000 places. Lusail Stadium has better things and it's the most important one in the tournament. Maybe it can be used for other future events and attract people to Qatar. It’s a building that Qataris can be proud of.

In conclusion, this is the most expensive World Cup of all time till now. Qatar has a lot of problems but still in my opinion is a good country. Let’s hope that Qatar will continue to use the stadiums after the World Cup, which is a good thing.

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  • According to, "The biggest line items included transport infrastructure ($6.11 billion), stadium construction ($3.45 billion) and accommodations ($680 million). $220 billion: An estimated cost of what Qatar spent over the past ten years in preparation for the World Cup."

    I honestly feel that the money used in building that stadium could have been used to do something else. I feel Qatar could have invested the money in planting seedlings to help reduce world hunger that is occurring as a result of climate change. According to, "19 million people are food insecure. An estimated 21.9 million people lack access to basic healthcare." This money would have helped to plant crops that would have helped to feed a lot of hungry mouths in Yemen. Not just Yemen, there are man other countries suffering from food crisis as we have been discussing on the hub and this money would have gone a long way in helping them.

    Also, the money could have been used to create schools for homeless kids who cannot afford to go to school. According to, "Children out of school (% of primary school age) in Qatar was reported at 1.919 % in 2019, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources." Since educating children also helps to develop a country. The money could have as well been used to educate these out of school children and so many out of school children all over the world.

    There are also a lot of diseases ravaging the world now. Some include Sickle Cell Anemia, Cancer and even Covid-19. That money could have also gone into buying machines, drugs or doing research to discover treatments for some of those diseases. This could help a lot of people in Qatar and the world silently suffering from such illnesses. The salaries for doctors in Qatar could also be improved with that money to prevent doctors from leaving to other countries or quitting their jobs. If that happened, it would cause a shortage of doctors just like we learnt on the hub. The money would help to encourage the doctors in Qatar and even help with the healthcare situation in other countries needing aid.

    All I want to say is that the money could have been used for other things apart from building big and expensive stadiums. Although Qatar might not have the title of country with one of the most expensive stadiums, they would have made an effort into solving problems present in the environment.

    1. Good use of research to support your arguments - and well done for giving sources for the data you used.