World Cup: The Legacy of Big Events

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  • The game of football is exquisite and not over hyped.
    There is the beauty of the goals scored - through free-kicks, open play and out-witting several defenders single-handedly - as well as the artistry of the build-up play, the final pass, the link-up of players combining together to put it in the back of the net .The manner in which fantastic goals are scored are also part of its charm - volleys, chips, lobs and headers . Football's unpredictable nature is also a reason why it is considered the beautiful game. It does not matter how many goals a team has scored, or how expensive an assembled team might be, or even how much possession a side has in a match - the only statistic that truly matters in a game is the score line at the end of the 90 minutes.
    And the world cup has that. Through out the world cup we have seen records made and some big names go out . In this grand stage you see supporters reacts to their country - be it the jubilation and ecstasy of a win or victory or the devastation or sadness that comes with a loss - are shared .It doesn't matter if you are a fan supporting a European country from across the world, or a supporter having grown up two streets away from the ground - everyone reacts the same when it comes to loving their country.
    Thus grand stage teaches people about other people cultures, traditions , religions and way of life. every kick , sweat and tear unites supporters.
    The actual World Cup size and dimensions of the World Cup gold trophy is 14.4 inches (36.5 cms) in height and consists of 13.61 lb (6.175 kgs) of 18-carat gold. It stands on a base that consists of two layers of malachite and is 5.1 inches (13 cms) in diameter. And a nation will get to lift such a trophy.

  • The world cup has been the topic of nations world wide. It has also been a lot beneficial to people for example the tourism sector, airlines and food business sector. The world cup is one of the largest events world wide and slot of resources have been used for it to take place so this calls for great attention to these big events which bring people together.