AI: does it help or destroy human creativity?

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AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines.It is one of the modern computer software which has affected the society in business organisations,arts and other aspects of life .AI is a wonderful way to express ones self . Though AI can create and immmitate human voices ,it can not immitate human creativity.

Though AI can not replace creativity help humans create and express themselves and AI can help to enhance their creative skills and ideas.It has also many artist to create art which has been seen around the world today.

But AI has also reduced the value of artists and art material creating companies, making artists to stop painting and those companies to run down their business leaving them with no job and causing the problem of unemployment and poverty in the society.So the question is SHOULD AI BE CLASSIFIED AS A DEVELOPER OR DESTROYER OF LIVES.

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  • Your standpoint is really interesting charismatic_ukulele you have mentioned about the disadvantages of AI and the negative impact of it but I have an dobut you have mentioned that AI will cause poverty?but how will it result in poverty??can you explain.

    1. I like your question and I want to answer it now when companies find AI doing their work easily and creatively, they will naturally get frustrated and feel that it has no value in society because when people see something like AI doing creative work and something new, people will go straight to it but it is something maybeA person does it and perhaps he does it better than him, but people are always looking for the source that produced this thing, and this leads to the deterioration and neglect of the company.
      Now, when the founders of artificial intelligence see that people are attracted to anything AI, they will develop it and make it do other things that humans do, thus ending the work of many workers in other fields, and thus poverty will spread easily. There is no work, everything is based on artificial intelligence, which is dangerous and not good

  • In my opinion, I think AI is a developer of lives because AI can be used for many things like making work be done faster easier, and more efficient. Also, AI can be used to learn new things. It can be used in schools by both students and teachers to make learning easy.
    Mario Klingemann is an artist who is a leading pioneer in AI art. He created amazing pieces of artwork using AI and became one of the first AI to sell at auctions. Other famous innovative AI artist include Memo Akten, Sougwen Chun who uses AI, robots and her own skill to create works of art and lots more. These are some of the reasons why I say AI is a developer of lives.