Nepotism: an epidemic that must be confronted

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When principles, values, and morals are absent, what is forbidden becomes permissible and what is prohibited is permissible, and human relations become governed by interest and the control of the forces that help many in facing their life situations, but in return they threaten the safety and development of society.

Favoritism is defined as a form of administrative corruption, as it is the preference of relatives and personal friends because of their kinship and not their competence, in the phrase “I am on the part of so-and-so” as if it is the key to nepotism.

And the wrong person has become in the wrong place, as job work is assigned to a person who does not deserve it and is not commensurate with his capabilities and experiences, so we show results that have a negative impact on the institution, including: (negligence at work, repeated mistakes, tense relations between .employees, weakness production)

We find that there are several reasons that lead to the use of nepotism, some of which are:

_ The influence of prevailing social values ​​(family loyalty)

_ The spread of poverty and difficult social and economic conditions, and thus the scarcity of the necessary resources to create job opportunities.

_ The inability of the institutions to provide the services related to them, which prompted the citizen to search for a means to obtain services

_ Some employees gain from performing their job duties. The prevalence of unemployment among young people.

_ The absence of clear regulations and instructions for the public and their lack of awareness of them.

_ The lack of trust between the citizen and the party to which the complaint is submitted, and the social control agencies, and the lack of integrity of the judiciary

After these reasons that have been mentioned, there are definitely effects, including: The loss of the rights of the talented members of society _ the drain of brains and competencies _ the strengthening of poverty and marginalization in society _ the loss of confidence in the socio-political system _ the concentration of the country's wealth in the hands of a specific group, which increases poverty and contributes to the flight of investments.

Therefore, it is necessary to surround and combat the problem of this type of corruption and control it by adopting decisive laws, holding accountable and prosecuting all those involved in it and not being complacent, as well as continuous awareness of the disadvantages of nepotism and educating citizens that regulations and instructions are capable of ending their interests. Easily

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  • Yes, this talk is one hundred percent true, so we must boycott everyone who tries to spread favoritism, as favoritism is not a small thing, so putting the wrong person in the wrong place is a crime that is supposed to be punished by law. This great preference can cause a bigger problem in the company. And to be one of the active people in working to eliminate nepotism, I found solutions for you as I knew the reasons, and these solutions are
    Raising the level of salaries and wages for employees; this improves their standard of living, and reduces their need to get involved in nepotism or accepting bribes ,Allocating a financial reward for those who report cases of nepotism in government departments, as this encourages the detection of this phenomenon, and fears those who practice it, Educating individuals about the harms of nepotism on society and the state, as this instills in them the values of belonging and loyalty to the homeland, and raises the level of their culture and morals.

  • Favoritism..... It is the preference of one person over several persons because of kinship, not competence. This phenomenon is widespread at work, so you will find that the boss is not fair among the workers. You will find him giving a high position to one of his relatives, although sometimes he does not deserve this position. He does not give it to him except because of the existing kinship between them, but this is not fair at all, as it increases corruption in societies.