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I benefited a lot from the topical talk and learned from it topics that I was not aware of. We... The Festival is coming to an end… 23/5/23
I agree because... Yes, I agree with you, and a painting of artificial intelligence achieved a... Is AI an artist?? 22/5/23
To critics of the monarchy it is an anachronism, to its supporters that if a king could... Does the modern world need royals? does America? 18/5/23
On top of the challenges awaiting the new British king, which observers agree are unprecedented,... The Coronation Of King Charles III 18/5/23
In Topical Talk, I learned a lot and developed a lot of my skills, such as analyzing all the... Tell us what you think! 17/5/23
I want to talk about merging artificial intelligence and metaverse. The integration of... Is AI an artist?? 17/5/23
Devices and artificial intelligence develop artistic skills for humans. An algorithm cannot... Is AI an artist?? 16/5/23
Artificial intelligence lacks the emotions that fuel art. After all, art is classified as a... Is AI an artist?? 16/5/23
Artworks generated by artificial intelligence are an evolution of art and society. Digital art... Is AI an artist?? 16/5/23
But on the other hand, favoritism is required at times, but due to its frequent use and... Does responsibility deprive others of their rights? 15/5/23
I agree because... Yes, for example, a good citizen always expects that his sincerity in his... Nepotism: Is it good or bad? 15/5/23
If there is an actual problem that weakens the individual and social sense of the importance of... NEPOTISM OR DESTROYER OF LIVES? 15/5/23
I agree because... Artificial intelligence will work in place of some workers, but after a... Will artificial intelligence affect other professions? 12/5/23
Thank you wonderful_fruit for your question. What are the most effective strategies for... "Fairness in the Workplace: Understanding the Impact of Favoritism and Strategies for Promoting Equality" 12/5/23
I like to think far from the field of thinking, until I find newer ideas, and I have already... Is AI an artist?? 12/5/23
When I shared this with my friends, I asked them why would people use artificial... Is AI an artist?? 11/5/23
I agree because... Some artists are protesting against artificial intelligence, why?? Because... Is AI an artist?? 11/5/23
However, there are some questions raised by the artwork generated by artificial intelligence,... Is AI an artist?? 11/5/23
I agree because... I believe that artificial intelligence is a technical tool and a source of... Is AI an artist?? 10/5/23
I disagree because this results in a lot of negatives, even if it has positives, but its... AI poll results! 09/5/23