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In my opinion, idea 2 is the best idea that works to stop the phenomenon of nepotism, as... What should be done? 16/5/23
You are right, societies do not understand the meaning of equality, justice and... Favoritism and Equality - A Delicate Balance 16/5/23
Yes, this talk is one hundred percent true, so we must boycott everyone who tries to spread... Nepotism: an epidemic that must be confronted 16/5/23
Nepotism is considered a crime because it goes against the principles of justice, equality, and... Does responsibility deprive others of their rights? 12/5/23
First of all, we must understand the concept of a strike, which is a deliberate and collective... Can everyone strike? 24/4/23
The answer can vary from country to country and industry to industry. Here is some basic ground... Working conditions 19/4/23
Two reasons for employees to have a strike when the productivity, profitability and turnover is... Suggest a discussion! 19/4/23
I think what s/he means is that governments should not force people to do or not do certain... Suggest a discussion 17/4/23
I think that creating laws and regulations has both positive and negative aspects. These laws... Earth Day poll results! 14/4/23
A few days ago, it was the Palestinian Earth Day, and we discussed it in class. It became clear... Classroom spy... 14/4/23